Working in Switzerland?! Pros & Cons

Working in Switzerland?! Pros & Cons

hey YouTube welcome back to my channel
my name is Lia and this is my journey from America to Switzerland so today I’m
gonna talk to you guys all about my job here in Switzerland and give you guys a
little life update since I haven’t talked about it at all since I started
so for you guys that don’t know I moved here discipline gosh it’s been four
months already to teach English in an international school and I work with
kids very little kids two and three years old I guess let me start off by
talking to you a little bit more about my job so teaching English to the kids
this is a bilingual school so the kids learn English and German and neither of
those are their mother tongue language so a lot of the kids here are from all
over like Spain Portugal Italy Sweden they’re from everywhere and they come to
school to learn English and German so that has been very interesting it has
been challenging to communicate with them just because not only at this age
are they just starting to develop their language but they are learning different
languages that they’re not used to hearing at home so a lot of them talk to
us in their mother tongue language and suddenly we don’t know what the heck
they’re saying so I’m just like yeah okay yeah sure it’s really super cute so
they’re speaking sentences in their mother tongue language but in English
and German a lot of them can only say words here or there or sometimes they
can say short phrases but yeah so it’s been very interesting I actually love
that it’s been challenging I just got a new girl from Greece she only speaks
Greek so she’s just speaking in Greek speaking in Greek to me and I don’t know
what she’s saying and so communication with her has been hard I like asked her
parents to write down some Greek words for me so I could use with her because
she does not understand any English or German at all so but she is caught on
very very quickly very very quickly so it’s pretty cool I think this first week
she was in my class at the end of the week she was counting to five in English
it was amazing she was just out of the blue I’m even like prompt her she was
just like one two three I’m so cute but so yeah that’s what I that’s what the
job is and so it’s me I am the lead teacher in the class and then I have an
assistant teacher who is the German teacher so I speak to the kids in
English she speaks two of them in German so being able to understand German has
really helped me out with this job because kids are sneaky they’ll go to
her and ask her something she’ll say no they come to me and ask me
something but I know what she said so I’m like hey huh you can’t it doesn’t
work like that so that’s helpful because I know what
she’s saying to the kids at all times so it helps me to reiterate that with them
to be completely honest when the beginning was really rocky which is why
I didn’t really talk about it too much or haven’t talked about it but now it’s
gotten a little bit better and I’m ready to share everything
so yes the beginning was rocky why definitely
the school was not as organized as I thought it was gonna be I’m not gonna
completely throw them under the bus but they were just not very organized so I
was kind of thrown in amongst the chaos and I don’t really like that I don’t
think anybody likes that so it’s taken me about three months to get settled
into the position and to get the classroom set up and organized and
restructure to the way that I wanted it to be so now that everything is
restructured I feel much better and more secure in the classroom and also now the
kids are I know them and they respect me because if you know anything about kids
they will test you completely and they tested me for a good two months
and now that stage is over now they listen so it is great um so I’m just
gonna talk to you about some few differences with working in Switzerland
compared to working in America and also just some pros and cons about working
here so the very first and biggest Pro about teaching in Switzerland is this
salary so the salary in Switzerland is way better than in America in general
anything that you do in Switzerland you’re gonna get a higher salary
teachers are actually I think when I was looking it up it’s like second or third
highest paid in the whole world and it gets higher based on the age that you
teach so that’s how they pay their teachers so if you teach like their high
school some teachers can make up to six digit figures which is crazy
so it is nice I won’t tell you how much I get paid but for example right before
I moved here from America I got offered a position teaching preschool and what
I’m getting paid now is double what they offered me in America and they require
the same credentials and everything like that so it’s been really nice to have a
nice salary for teaching because that’s something that’s not really valued in
America so that’s been a great Pro a con is that here in Switzerland if you’re
full time you’re working 42 hours a week so it’s not a huge difference you’re
probably like oh that’s but it does sometimes it does kind of you can feel
it working 42 hours a week because then you’re not really you’re not getting
overtime so you’re just working 42 hours a week so it’s not a huge deal but yeah
just a difference I don’t know if this is a pro or a con but working in
Switzerland you usually just get paid once a month so that’s yeah it’s not a
pro or a con it’s just something different in America we get paid usually
every other week so so it just makes it a little bit harder
to budget your money Lin but it’s still okay major major major Pro that I love
about this school I don’t know if it’s Switzerland in general or just the
school is that they’re really laid-back like nobody is micromanaging me or you
know leaning over my shoulder in the classroom I’m able to do pretty much
whatever I want I that’s why it kind of took me a while to get everything
organized because I I just wanted my teaching philosophy to be reflected in
the classroom so I had to read you everything and you know that there was
no nobody like with guidelines telling me how I need to do it basically so that
has been very nice also there’s a lot of freedom as well in the classroom so as
far as taking the kids places it’s really easy we go on outings several
times a week like we’ll go to different parks we will go on field trips to the
zoo to other places and it’s really easy to do it like I feel like we don’t even
really need to tell anybody we’re just like okay we’re leaving it’s really
chill it’s not as because it’s you know it’s safe here in Switzerland so they
don’t there’s not too much to worry about with taking the kids places we’re
just able to just go and we take the buses and we take the trams the public
transportation to get there what’s really nice so a con with working in
Suitland is that often you have like training trainees and interns in the
class because that’s kind of how their education system works is that I don’t
know how to explain it but for different jobs they do like a internship slash
trainee before they start school it’s just weird but anyways so that is
it’s not a con too much it’s just difficult because that’s so many
different people in the classroom that you have to work with and then sometimes
it’s tricky with interns because they’re younger and I mean it’s not their fault
but they don’t know too much about working with
children because this is their first experience working in general so it’s
kind of hard because not only are you worrying about all the kids that you
have to kind of worry about you know the interns in your class as well because
you are basically their mentor and that’s nuts just house it’s Linda is
there’s always going to be interns in trainees wherever you work because
that’s how their education system works so that is challenging something I’m not
used to in America that’s not a big thing to intern I mean you do but it’s
not as common as here in Switzerland and so early they start interning they can
start at age 15 so yeah that has been challenging but it has definitely been
an experience that has helped me be a better teacher I think also a really
really really big pro to working here in Sicily is that by law you get four weeks
of paid vacation a year and my job offered five weeks so that is the
biggest Pro working here that’s why everybody is always asking me why are
you traveling all the time how come like they’re like do you ever work and I’m
like yeah and that is Oh something different about working in Switzerland
is that you the jobs here do not pay for you’re in health insurance and that’s
just not a thing what your job does pay for here in Switzerland is accident
insurance so if I were to you know knock on wood get hit by a car they would pay
for that but if I get sick and need to go to the doctor they do not pay for
that you have to get a separate insurance for that so that’s definitely
a con the rest of the experience has been just challenging because this is a
different demographic people I’m used to working with I’m working at an
international school your parents and your children are wealthy let’s face it
they are wealthy the school is not cheap the school that I work in cost too
thousand five hundred Swiss francs a month per child that’s how much they pay
to go to this school okay that is a ton of money they make
tons of money these parents and these parents are usually older most of my
parents are I’d say 35 and up some 40 and up and all
of a lot of them have only one child oh that is difficult to work with because
these kids are definitely not used to being told no and they’re the only child
so yes they are pretty spoiled so that’s kind of different to what I’m used to
working with and also those types of parents there most of them are really
great but you always get a few of them also the cultural difference is with
teaching their children has been challenging a little bit they have
different viewpoints about child development then I’m used to what I
learned in America they do things differently yeah it has been a great
learning experience but I have had a lot of challenges working at the school I’m
not gonna go too in depth about it but yeah it’s been decent so far and this is
still a great opportunity and I don’t regret it all moving here and yeah about
it if you have any questions at all feel free always to leave them below or to
send me messages on Instagram or snapchat I am getting a little bit
behind with responding because I’m getting tons of messages so please bear
with me I will respond to you that’s it thank you so much for watching
and as always if you liked this video and want to see more please subscribe
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  1. The work-life balance in the USA can be rubbish, or even nonexistent. Sure, there are exceptions: There are actually good employers out there that are very respectful and supportive of their staff, so being able to take only two weeks off work yearly really isn't so bad. There are financial investment and tech jobs that require 70+ hours weekly, and you know that going in. However, at the end of the day, most Americans work for cookie-cutter organizations who demoralize their staff, whether purposely or not, and perpetuate very high turnover. It's sad, really, that most Americans are running full speed on such a hamster wheel. Even entry-level staff, let alone management, so commonly work during their vacation time. I worked during my vacation time. I had coworkers who worked seven days a week and on their vacations, sometimes for years on end, only to be fired or pushed out from their jobs so abruptly for reasons that were shady, subjective, arbitrary, and, sometimes, even illegal.

    I'm currently bouncing back and forth between New Zealand and Australia, and have had the opportunity to work various temporary jobs in both countries. Even the worst company I've worked for yet over here still seem to treat their staff like human beings, unlike the typical American company, and that's even before the 4-6 weeks that entry-level, career workers can take off every year (personal and holiday leave). I know you said that the Swiss offer a similar annual leave. I love the USA greatly (especially places like New Mexico, Utah and Texas), but I'm now seriously considering an angle to get a company to sponsor my immigration status in either AUS or NZ so I can stick around for a while.

  2. Thats not to bad. But I know what you mean some times it feels long. I work in a HS for students with disabilities as a Para from 7-2:30 then I work afterschool with 4th and 5th graders from 3-5:30

  3. I teach also, in the States, ย and we only get paid once a month. It's good for learning to budget your money. So you guys don't get the Summer off, just 5 weeks?! Bummer!

  4. Great to hear your experience! I think that the US is probably one of the only countries in the world where professionals get paid more than once a month; most countries I've been in pay monthly. You've done excellently finding your feet and setting things up. I also really love the European holiday policies; in the Netherlands I get 6 weeks!! It is bizarre though, that your job doesn't pay for health insurance. Here it is obligatory that they do.


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  18. Be glad , you do 42 hours a week . Less time to spend , early and decent retirement . Would you rather do 32 and spread it over a week , to find out at the age of 50 , your retirement won't cut it ?

    Keep up the good (teaching) job ! Spend less time on videos and get yourself a man (or woman ) . No hate , no stress , just do it .

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