Which Captain America Shield is better!? (NEW vs OLD)

Which Captain America Shield is better!? (NEW vs OLD)

Get this man a shield Well it’s that time, time for our
ultimate versus test! Captain America’s original shield versus Captain America’s new Wakandan shield now we’ve had quite a few requests for this video ever since
we released the first footage of the Wakandan shield and we still have some
awesome tests coming out soon including our caption America Street Fighter video
featuring the Wakandan shield it’s gonna be awesome
so make sure you subscribe with notifications turned on you’re not gonna
want to miss it now let’s answer the burning question
which one is better which shield has the most destructive capability and which
one provides better defense both shields are uniquely different in their
style and design so I think it’s gonna be a tight matchup as far as size goes
while the original shield is quite a bit bigger coming in in about 2600
centimeters squared, the Wakandan shield is only 1600 centimeters squared but
there’s two of them which means two wakandan shields are
actually 20% bigger than the original does that mean they have better defense
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details are in the description below Alright how about old versus new alright that was pretty awesome my
all-time favorite is still the Wakandan shield but let me know what you guys
thought in the comments below which one’s better which would you prefer to
have if you had to go up against Thanos? you’re not going with yeah education
turned on you’re not gonna go non-scripted


  1. Black Panther: Get dis man a shield

    Captain America: Ummmmmmmmm OH HELL NO

    Black Panther: Shall I repeat myself GET DIS MAN A SHIELD

    Captain America: FINE ILL TAKE YOUR SHIELD

    Black Panther: here you go

    Captain America: YES I DESTROY YOU NOW

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