Where in the USA Is Carmen Sandiego? 3.5 – Final Case

I’m glad you’re back with us!
Are you ready for your next assignment? The watchdogs are barkin’ in Arkansas!
Someone dragged off the Dripstone Trail. That half-mile-long underground tunnel is
the coolest hole in all of Blanchard Springs. But now, the hole is history,
till you get it back, bats and all! Good luck! And – bring a flashlight. Big news from the lab!
They’ve analyzed those clues you collected
and deciphered their meaning. Here’s what it means. You’re closing in on Carmen herself,
and she’s used her disguise skills to the fullest. That means she might not look
at all like what you’d think. So look for someone that matches
the description in the poem. Your time window for catching her is very limited,
so work fast, be careful, and good luck! Me? You think I’m Carmen Sandiego? Well… you’re right! But you’re far too late. So long, super sleuth. Okay, RoboCrook, you know the drill. KIM/RENEE: She’s getting away!
IVAN: I don’t think so! This is it! The last word in national treasures,
the Declaration of Independence, is mine! Wow! I haven’t seen headlines
this big since… since, well… Well, I just haven’t, that’s all! And they’re all about you! You’ve done what no other sleuth could do.
You captured Carmen Sandiego! She almost stole the greatest American treasure of all,
the Declaration of Independence.
But you stopped her! And as if that weren’t enough, you even uncovered her secret hideaway,
right under our nation’s capital – well, who’d’ve thunk it, hmm?! Wellllll, it’s a useless bunker now,
because that mastermind is finally behind bars.
Congratulations! You’re the super-est of super sleuths.
And that’s why I’m putting you in the place you belong… … the Acme Detective Hall of Fame. Bask in the glory!
You’ve earned it, every ounce of it. And if Carmen ever does escape to steal again,
we know exactly who to send after her. This is The Chief, signing out!

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