1. Its maybe time for congress to revisit legalization, and companies to maybe revise their policies. Its 2018… where are the flying cars and rocket packs already! And vacation trips to the moon! Come on people, get to it!

  2. Hate to tell you. You need at minimum 180k to just stay even….

    I would add. This does not include the 10-15 million illegals. That get paid under the table. As they claim max dependents. So they pay no taxes. Ask any tax accountant how it works.

  3. Service jobs = 91K
    Goods-Producing jobs = 55K
    Construction jobs = 30K
    Manufacturing = 25K

    The numbers don't look bad at all. I think by this time next year there will be a significant increase year on end in all segments of the economy. If the middle class regains it's economic strength thats good news for America and the whole world.

    When manufacturing jobs started leaving around 1999/2000 we lost more than jobs we lost the engine of economic growth i.e. the purchasing of daily goods and services by the middle class – things like homes, refrigerators, TV's, sofa's, microwaves, and lawn mowers. Not to mention leisure items like camping equipment, swing sets, and driveway basketball hoops. Technology is great but people have daily lives that require daily needs. That's a huge part of the economy.

  4. Ok what about tenessee ? The jobs here are soo low min wage is 7.50 still here and business are not paying more…and if they are they arent here in andersonville,

  5. hey, wasn't Trump all about trade deficit? Its now the highest since 2012 with 50,5 billion….. and growing fast … but you won't hear Trump brag about this 🙂


  7. Some say, "Get a trade!" Where? Construction? Many of those positions are given to illegal day laborers making bare minimum wage…Machining/Tool & Die? Most of those are offshored now, and whatever is available only pays about $10-$12 an hour… Who's going to devote time to learning a manufacturing trade when you can get a job at somewhere like Costco and only go through 2 weeks of training to make the same money? You want a decent paying job, you'd best know or be related to someone high up, 'cause you won't be getting far otherwise!

  8. You won't find a job unless you have a stem degree and most millennials are realizing they can't find jobs because universities are a system made to produce factory workers and we don't need those any more with current AI,computers and automation and it is only getting worse as time progresses. Fuck you old fuckers you literally ruined the world.

  9. A whole lotta talking but nothing was said!!!!!!!!!!!! The foreigners and illegals have all the jobs, which contributes to Americans being homeless, jiobless, and generally up shits creek!! Now you know where the fucking jobs are!!!

  10. there are no jobs whatever the news is telling us is a big lie and people believe what they say soon robots and automation will takeover and we will be screwed

  11. Automated or given to illegals. The American Dream is dead, and the millenial generation is the ones who are going to suffer the most because of it. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are guilty of causing this labor surplus of illegals through weak and failed immigration policies, and they aren't getting any better even with Trump in the White House. It's too little, too late.

  12. There are more jobs but the issue is that there’s more competition and also the baby boomer generation won’t leave the job market because alot of them can’t retire

  13. …Nobody is going to work three or four low-paying part time jobs with no benefits for the sake of a owning a house, and certainly not for the sake of raising a family… Smart and economy conscious individuals on a shoestring budget opt out of both of the aforementioned… The American Dream is dead for most!

  14. Every company I've ever worked for was understaffed, over worked, and lacked training. Profit is the only focus for most companies. I remember working for a company with a 100-200 million annual revenue and yet they were giving 25 cents to 45 cents for raises which is laughable

  15. pay more – get more .

    certifications – licensing – good transportation – insurance – tools all cost money.

    employers must pay $$$ more

  16. I think it would be a lot better if they explained based on a lot of the conclusions they come to what they really mean. I mean come to a more descriptive conclusion.

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