What’s inside The Purple Factory?

What’s inside The Purple Factory?

– It’s amazing. – [Dad] What’s it feel like guys? This is going to be cut down. – Yes! (upbeat music) – [Dad] Welcome to the
Purple mattress factory in this little town of Grantsville, Utah. This place is ginormous and it’s the place where all of the Purple
mattresses are manufactured. So today’s video is
sponsored by Purple mattress. You guys have seen that
we’ve been building a home over the past few months and we want everything to
be perfect in that house, as perfect as possible. We reached out to Purple mattress and they said “Yes, we’ll hook
you up with some mattresses, “why don’t you come see our factory?” And then we’re gonna go try out some beds and pick some out. So, get ready for a factory tour. – Let’s go see some perfectly Purple. – [Dad] I said perfect a lot, didn’t I? – You did. (laughs) I didn’t want to tell you but you did. – Perfectly Purple
– You just told me. Safety glasses on everybody. We’re going in. – [Son] Let’s go. – First thing, this place is massive. It’s 574 thousand square feet, which is seven football fields
or five Walmart Supercenters. It’s huge and there’s
a lot of things in here that I can’t show you
because Purple mattress makes their mattress in a way that nobody else in the world makes it. They have over a hundred patents
to protect their mattress and so we’re gonna show you
as much as we can today. This is the beginnings of the mattress. This right here is hyper-elastic polymer. – It feels amazing. – [Dad] This is all the
ingredients, everything together, before they run it through machines and make it into the Purple mattress. – It feels amazing. – [Dad] What’s it feel like guys? – [Daughter] I can squish it and it feels like rubber if you squish it really hard. – [Son] Yeah, it does feel like rubber, if you squish it really, really hard. (upbeat music) – [Dad] This right here is the mattress that we just saw them cutting and this is before they put a powder on it so that it won’t get all sticky. – It’s weird. I love it though. – It’s really nice. It just came out of the machine too, so it’s really nice and warm. – [Dad] Nice and soft, classic
Purple mattress right here. And if you’re wondering
why I’m filming this way, it’s because everything
around us in this section is the secret sauce of how
each Purple mattress is made, that is entirely unique to Purple and I can’t show any of the machines because they are incredibly top secret. There’s only five of these
machines in the entire world and they’re right here in the building, right next to where I’m at. (upbeat music) So, while every Purple
mattress has those grids, those purple grids that
are on the top of it, the base layer underneath
it can be different in the Purple mattresses, so you kind of want to see which one is the right fit for you. They take this foam bed,
they make it go through here and then over here are the actual coils that they drop down in them but inside of the bed, seal it in, before they put the grid on it. (upbeat music) And then it goes down the assembly line, all the way down to where
they’re gonna do the next step. – When you lay on a mattress,
you don’t really realize how much is going into it. I just think it’s crazy
how many steps there are. – [Dad] This is kind of a thing where, I typically would think this happens in a big manufacturing facility in China or somewhere overseas but this is literally in our backyard. We live in Utah. and this is basically
creating jobs for people in our backyard. Everything from the raw materials to the package being
shipped to somebody’s door happened here in America. That’s kind of a special thing. – Its so cool that’s somebody’s mattress. They will spend thousands
and thousands of hours on that mattress, every one of these. – [Dad] I did not think
about that but yes. – Yeah! – [Dad] Somebody will enjoy lots of sleep on that mattress. The next and final step is to put it inside of this machine that is going to squeeze
it and shrink wrap it down to two inches thick. – [Son] Look how small it is! – That’s incredible. – [Dad] There it is! It’s rolled up in a little ball. (upbeat music) These mattresses weigh anywhere from sixty pounds to two hundred pounds. So they have this vacuum,
alien looking, robot machine right here, that suctions it and grabs it and picks it up. (electronic music) That is one cool machine. Right now you’re looking
at robot number six, and he’s the one that’s in charge of getting this plastic wrap all around it before it is put away
and stored or shipped. (electronic music) You know how Elon Musk is like “Robots and AI are gonna
be taking over the world.” – That was amazing. – I can see it right there. I think we should ask if you can get wrapped up by that machine. I once was in Portland, Oregon and I saw a guy completely
wrapped up in Saran wrap and he was just standing there sweating and he had a whole crowd around him and people were giving him money. I refused to give him money cause I’m like, he just
wrapped himself in Saran wrap in his underwear and he’s bouncing around the streets, why are we giving him money? Do you know what that is right there? – That’s a truck! – [Dad] Go check it out. You’re in the back of a
pickup truck, a semi-truck! – It’s not like an elevator. This thing carries like,
hundreds of thousands of pounds. – This is my family. Where is everybody? No. Right now, we are stuck
in a maze of mattresses before they’re turned into
the full Purple mattresses. You see those videos that are
like 24 hours in whatever, how about 24 hours in a mattress factory? You could make some killer
forts and hiding places. (screeches)
– Hiyay! Where is everybody? Right there, I found you! Oh no, she didn’t get me. (laughs) If you look back to the
history of Purple mattress and where they started from a lot of it was in seat cushions and cushions for wheelchairs
and different things. This is the ultimate cushion for your bum, that’s a tagline. And then the founders were like how can we take this material and make something interesting that would work really well for a bed. It was only like four or five years ago that they started the company and now here we are in this factory that they’re actually outgrowing and they’re looking for more factories. It’s huge. – Is it?
– Pillows and sheets. – Pillows and sheets. Purple sheets, Purple
pillows, purple everything. – Sheets make me happy! – [Dad] Beds don’t make you
happy but the sheets do? – Beds, no beds with sheets. – We’ve got the tallest
ladder that I could find but I’m a little scared to be up here. All right, get up here, come on. Check this out, behind me we have thousands and
thousands of mattresses. Purple is gearing up for
Black Friday right now. Behind me, you’re seeing thousands. I don’t even know how many
mattresses are behind me. I would say five or
six of these mattresses are going to be for our house. We need to actually lay on them and test them out. Think about it, you spend like half of your life on a bed, you might as well have
the best mattress possible that you can get. Hey guys, we have four
mattresses to choose from, Purple one, two, three, and four. The actual squishy purple part that’s the top is different sizes, so the Purple two is two inches, the Purple three is three inches, and the Purple four is four inches. Why would you want the bigger ones? Well, if you’re somebody
that’s a little bit heavier, like me, and you’re a side sleeper you might want the Purple four because it has more of the
Purple material on top of it. It’s a little bit more squishy. But maybe for Leslie, who
she’s a lot more light weight, she might want it to
be a little bit lower, like maybe a two inch or a three inch. – Lights under the bed. – Oh that is so soft. Oh, this is perfect. So we only need to get one
bed for all three of you guys? – No. – We’ve been in this
store for way too long, mostly because we
haven’t decided yet and– – They’re all so comfortable,
like they really are. – And we’re trying to
decide between four beds. As far as which beds
did we actually pick out I think we’re going to
not tell you right now and we’re just gonna wait
until we order them all and get them to our house and put them into the house and then we’ll show you
where we’re putting them, why we’re choosing the
ones we’re choosing. I hope that you enjoyed the factory tour. Thank you Purple for
sponsoring this video. It is pretty close to Black Friday so if you’re thinking of
buying a Purple mattress you’re probably going to get the best discount that you
can get of the entire year right now. So you can check them out, we’ll put a link in the
description to Purple. I’m gonna go take a nap. (laughs) (screeches)
– Hiyay!


  1. This was a very cool video. My wife & I have been talking about a new mattress, & I have only heard good things about Purple… being is Sacramento, CA, we are not going to visit the factory, but I will have my Chinese wife look into Purple.

  2. I’m way proud to say I work for Purple here in Utah. We do have great sales going on (I help manage our Sales Dept) and it’s a FANTASTIC company to work for.

  3. Meet an 18-year kid with Lou Gehrig's disease who had a hard life, abusive father and more times in the hospital then anyone would want. Sleeping on a spring mattress that has the springs coming through the foam and no way he can afford even a used mattress.
    Then I see these vids and all I can think of is why don't people who need the help and have had their life uphill to no fault of there own not able to get a mattress from Purple?
    Don't get me wrong, your family is great, but you are massively rich compared to the 99% of the rest of us. let alone the poorer communities.
    I know the vid is for the marketing of purple so your fan base buys more but I just feel how the world is unfair to those in real need.
    I know many will say to work hard and to make money and buy it, but the kid last week ripped his ACL by walking down the street. So if he could work harder to make more money to buy it then he would. His mom is sick and depressed, Dad is finally out of the picture, bc who wants a mental and physically abusive father in the house. The court case against the dadfor any recomp is years and social benefits don't apply to them bc she makes minimum wage so according to the government she is too rich. Her entire paycheck goes into the apt rental and whatever is left is for basic food. Im rambling, but it just gets me sad when I see the rich getting richer and the poorer dying off without anyone even remembering them. Society is really messed up now

  4. My family and I want Purple mattresses. Just can't afford the nearly $5K it will cost to get a queen, 4 Twin XL, mattress covers and sheets for everyone. At least not yet.

  5. this is kinda sad bc i have a really hard spring mattress that builds up a charge while i roll around in my sleep and i wake up and it feels like a tazer to the hand. i have never slept on a soft mattress except a cheap walmart air mattress. enjoy your new mattresses.

  6. 574k sq ft? that cute! Where I work, we will have more than double that, over 1.35 million sq ft., just for garden furniture storage xD

  7. At 02:17 i see DECLASSIFIED MACHINE but my brain says DE CLASSIFIED MACHINE
    and go through edit system THE CLASSIFIED MACHINE

  8. Purple Matresses are made in a Purple Factory in Utah that may soon be covered in purple slime, And sold everwhere putting the purple tradition into peoples houses that will be purple.

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