What Russians Really Think About America

What Russians Really Think About America

(car engines rumbling) (car horns honking) (Russian folk music) (speaking foreign language) – And over in the US, we
hear a lot about Russia. Like, a lot. – I would consider the principal threats to start with Russia. – Prosecutors indict another
batch of Russian nationals in an alleged cyber scheme to interfere in the 2016
presidential election. – Russia.
– Russia. – Russia.
– Russia. – Russia. – And in the midst of
all these firestorms, I’m here while Russia is
hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Which, for now, is giving
their people a chance to be seen in a different light. So while my Russian buddy,
Eric, can’t join me, I’ve luckily met Kristina here to help me out as I explore
the Russian capital. How do you say cow in Russian? – [Kristina] (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks foreign language) What does that say? – [Kristina] McDonald’s. Cool. – [Kristina] You can now break the law. – This is an international
terrorist incident. – [Kristina] (speaks foreign language) – (speaks foreign language) – [Kristina] (speaks foreign language) We’re here in a square. Alright, so we’re at this Georgian place. What’s the name of the restaurant? – (speaks foreign language) – (speaks foreign language)
– (laughs) You won’t manage. – What are things, I guess you think, I should know or be aware of about Russia? – Russia’s a big country, really very big, and it has a lot of people and people are really very different. Some people are open minded. They want to be friends
with all over the world, and some people hate everyone. I think it’s because their life is hard, because life in Russia
sometimes is very, very hard. We have a lot of poor people. We have lots of problems
inside the country, but we have to make our
life better ourselves. No one will help us. Not the government, not the President, only we can make our life better. – To learn more about daily life here, I decided to chat with some locals. (speaks in foreign language) – Hello. – You know, we should trade music, so you know, what’s a good Russian artist? – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks foreign language) – [Kristina] Do you like it already? – I’m digging it, Kristina. (Kristina laughs) ♪ (singing in foreign language) ♪ Do you guys watch or listen
to Western music, media, TV? – (speaking in foreign language) – [Kristina] The Big Bang Theory. – Big Bang Theory? (laughs) – (speaking in foreign language) – Rihanna, Beyonce. – I’m not a big Beyonce fan. – (speaks foreign language)
– Are you not? How come? – Wow, that’s a face even Americans make when I tell people that.
(women laughing) No, I’m more of a Michael Bublé guy. Do you guys like Michael Bublé? – Who is it? – Michael Bublé? – Maybe they know him more
as like Mee-chi-el Bub-lay? (Kristina laughs) How do you say voice
of an angel in Russian? – (speaking in foreign language) – (speaks foreign language) ♪ And I promise you kids that I
give so much more than I get ♪ ♪ I just haven’t met you yet ♪ How do you feel the day has gone so far? – Very hot in Moscow today, but I like the time that
we’re spending together. – When we’ve been filming, you look at me like I’m a crazy person. – (laughs) You’re funny. – There’s a lot of
stereotypes about Russia. I mean, are there any stereotypes or myths you can debunk for us? – In our country and in our
cities, we don’t live in bears. – (speaks in foreign language) – We don’t have bears as pets. – (speaks foreign language) – [Kristina] No bears in the streets! – Everyone keeps talking about the bears. – Look around, look around, where’s? Bears! (roaring) Where are you? Where the bears? – (speaks foreign language) – There may be a stereotype
that we are gloomy and not friendly but we’re nice and we like foreigners. – We are open to different cultures. – [Aria] But how do Russians actually feel about the United States? A country with whom they have
such a complicated history. – I’m in love with the U.S. I’ve been an exchange
student for one year in Utah. – Oh, you lived in Utah? – Yes, exactly. For one
year. I was 16 back then and I used to live in the Mormon family, and it was the best time of my life. – When I think about America, I remember about American Hollywood, American sport, but no negative. No negative. – It depends on the generation. Perhaps for the older generation, they kind of, strictly, they don’t like the politics. – I think it’s politics. – Yes.
– To be honest. – It’s all part of politics. – I know some people, maybe one or two who say something worse about U.S. but it’s not my friends
this is another people, and this is people who never been in U.S. – And if an American is watching
this, what would you hope that they learn or take away about Russia? – That Russian people are very open-minded and they’re kind. – That you are people and we are people. – (speaks in foreign language) – The best in world it’s peace. And you want peace and we want peace. – Guys from U.S., guys from Russia, we are friends forever and
ever and ever and ever. Russia and U.S. forever. – That was really moving, man. – Thank you. (happy music) – [Aria] Russia is
country embroiled in a lot of controversy, and a day
in Moscow is hardly enough to capture everything
about an entire nation. And while this video can
only provide a small slice of life here, I’m glad
today gave me a chance to meet some great people who, ultimately, proved to be no different than you or me or most others on this silly planet. So for now, I’ll just leave you with some wise words from a Russian cat. (Russian folk music) – [Cat] (speaks foreign language) (happy Russian folk music) – [Aria] Do you hug in Russia? (woman laughs)
– Yes. – Hey! Unsolved is on a new
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  1. Россия one love Россия страна невероятных вощмодностей?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????????????????

  2. As an American with Russian parents and family living in Russia, I can testify that both countries have problems. Russia's problems are just more out in the open in their culture while in the U.S, they're behind the scenes. For example, both countries suffer from Ageism: discrimination to people (especially women) older than a certain age trying to find jobs. My aunt, who lived in Russia was 38 when she was looking for a working-class job like being a clerk in a shop, and interviewers told her to her face that she was too old. My mom's friend in the U.S, when she was a similar age, was looking for a job as a Recruiter, and the interviewers told her that they would consider. However, later she heard them whispering that she was "no spring chicken". Both countries have a similar problem but different ways they show it.

  3. I’m sorry I have trouble being friends when your country keeps electing the man who wants to interfere in my country’s election and divide my people .

  4. 4:22 How did no one notice that guy was wearing the same exact colour and shape just like Russia flag.

  5. As a Russian I agree with everyone the people said in this video. Except the Vodka part, many adult or old people at least where i am, seem to drink it everyday with dinner minimum

  6. I’ve always respected the Russian people and especially their military. Some of the most badass and toughest warriors?

  7. Русские девушки почему вы такие красивые? Russian girls are prettiest girls in the world cuka blyat!!!

  8. Glad to find out (some) Russian people don’t hate us because I’m going to be teaching English there next year ??????

  9. I'm tired of everyone saying the Russians are terrible and are gonna kill us all I'm russian and german and both have bad reputations for there history

  10. I'm tired of everyone saying the Russians are terrible and are gonna kill us all I'm russian and german and both have bad reputations for there history

  11. I love this video, It would be amazing for Russians and Americans to be able to explore each others countries more freely I think that would take down alot of the stereotypes from our grandparents, we are more alike than different.

  12. We are all people of earth and I do not let politics get in the way of humanity. I view the great people of Russia equal to anyone else on earth. It is good to see each other for the good people we are when politics do not get in the way.

  13. I live in Germany and sometimes I hear about that Russians like fight with bears and drink vodka every evening.

  14. 2:49 well, do you know who's Maryana Ro? Or Buskov? We are not all interested in American stars. But I know Billie Eilish

  15. If you want to be friends with Americans then throw out Putin and democratically elect somebody who will represent the people's will.

  16. I love Russian people. I have good Russian friends that live hear in Washington and they are cool people. Our people need to open our eyes to the world.

  17. Hi Russia!
    Despite our politics I really think your history and culture is amazing! I hope to go visit some day!
    Love from an American Gal!

    Also, just a small fun fact. Prior to WWII, we were great allies! I believe Russia aided the Union in the Civil War (along with Prussia) and the US helped supply the Red Army with food, equipment, and other basics during WWII! Hope one day we can be allies again! You guys are awesome!

  18. Putin has propaganda for Russians and propaganda for others outside of Russia. Of course inside of Russia there is constant fear of invasion pushed by Putin to distract from national problems. Russia has not been invaded in my lifetime and I’m 73 but still they can’t stop talking about war.

  19. Americans and Russians are only have Rivalry in terms of SPORTS and SPACE. But some media sucks if the topic is anti US or anti Russian Propagandas.

  20. These types of videos only encourages everyone to travel more. That way no one will be dependent on media to determine how we view other countries and vise versa ??‍♂️.

  21. Went to America beautiful country but I was faced with mocking, met a lot of nice people but racism is still a big problem in America.

  22. Специально выбирали кто говорит по английски. Я как москвич говорю, что тут пару слов может связать 1 из человек 300)

  23. Hate between Russia and USA (their governments) still stays after cold war. Conflict is over, but not relations. Also it's because of Syrian and Ukrainian civil wars.

  24. Where have you been? In Moscow? Moscow is not Russia! Russia beyond the Urals. Тут тебе и водка и медведи и "белочка" на утро.

  25. "I lived with a Mormon family and it was the best time of my life"

  26. Why US people don't get it, the cold war is over, Russia doesn't want o dominate the world and they don't export the Marxism. Just leave it alone and stop NATO expansion.

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