What is America? – Foil Arms and Hog

What is America? – Foil Arms and Hog

Hey. Hey. Have you booked your Christmas holidays yet? Yeah, actually I’m going to America. No way? So am I. Oh right well I’ll be in New York. Where’ll you be? Argentina. Thought you said America? Yeah Argentina though that’s… that’s not America that’s South America actually Yeah, but if I’m from South Dublin I’m… still from Dublin. No, but when you say ‘America’ everyone knows that you mean the United States that’s the convention so. Oh well I’ve never heard that. What? I mean… You’re just ignoring all the other countries in North and South America No sorry, I’m not ignoring them But “America” today it just means the U.S. Well, what’s Central America to you? Missouri?? Don’t be ridiculous. I mean you’re just taking two continents all to yourself. I’m not just taking… I can’t say “Hi I’m from Europe” “And I expect you all to know I’m from Ireland.” Well, you do look quite Irish. No no lads , it’s the accepted norm All right It’s like in soccer when someone says United We know that they mean… Newcastle United. Drogheda United. No Manchester United. Obviously. Not that obvious Obviously Hey Jim will you settle an argument? Yeah So I’m off to my holidays to America Oh, which part? I hear Peru’s lovey this time of year Seriously? Peru? No Argentina. That’s a lovely part of America. Okay, so let me get this straight… You’re telling me that when someone says “Buy American” that they could actually mean “Buy Mexican”? Absolutely Quite possibly. Obviously not. It’s like when someone screams “Death to America” You know, they could mean anything… “Death to Grenada” “Death to Trinidad and Tobago” “Death to Trinidad and Tobago”?? What are you talking… Why don’t we just change everything then? “As Colombian as apple pie” “Oh, let’s make Uruguay great again” Oh hey guys have you seen that great Christian Bale movie… ‘Bolivian Psycho’? Because I sure haven’t. You’re being ridiculous now… ♪ I’m singing bye bye… Guatemalian Pie ♪ I actually quite like that. That’s a good version. Enjoy your trip… To “America” Wow Are you off to anywhere Jim? Yeah, South Africa. Oh, which part? Namibia. Nice. Doomdah Thank you very much for watching. We are Foil Arms and Hog Please subscribe to the YouTube channel New video every Thursday at 8am Irish time. Oh sorry I didn’t know there was more. There’s always more. But wait… there’s more (Cheese ~ 8.5) If you want to see us live this is the dealio right now We have our Irish or on our UK tour for 2020. They’re all up on sale now Just let you know… in Ireland and extra date has been added in Limerick and we are sold out on the Friday night in Galway but there is still tickets for Thursday. And… We’re in The Apollo in London on the 21st of March We are also coming to the following places… We should have agreed the tune beforehand. Galway! And Limerick! Doomdah!


  1. "Taking a continent all to yourself" ????

    Guy: How long have you been in America?
    Me: My whole life. In the United States, one year. ?

  2. the "I'm going to South Africa" part really hit home. As a South African currently working abroad, whenever someone asks where I'm from and I tell then "I'm from South Africa" their reply is almost always "cool, but which country"

  3. I like to play with people a lot on this one. They go like "Oh so you're American? Which part of America?" And I say "South America" ?

  4. I don't understand why Latin speaking country put America as one continent eventhough north America and south America clearly separate by Panama canal. By that logic should Africa, Asia and Europe are consider one big continent ?

  5. I'd say "Come to America" but many of my fellow countrymen just wouldn't get it…LMAO.

    Sending love from South Florida, USA. ?

  6. As an Apt. 2G, 236th Street, New York City, New York State, Easter Seaboard, (Manchester?) United States American, I approve this video.
    Music improv at the end was Brilliant!

  7. Until the Civil War an American abroad would identify with his or her specific state or territory (the whole English speaking world also treated "United States" as plural and not singular). When that became uncool they needed a term that applied generally and "American" was the only viable option.

  8. I once met an American in Johannesburg on a Ferris wheel who asked me which country she was in (wtf right), so I say "South Africa", and she looks at me like I'm a bit special and asks " but WHAT country in South Africa?!". Apparently none of us locals could answer her educated highness satisfactorily ?.

  9. If I would say going to America I mezan anywhere but mexico or USA. I I were to visit USA or Mexico. Id just say Im going to the states or Im going to mexico. so America for me is the Southern countries

  10. As a Spaniard from Peruvian parents, this makes me so happy!! We have a word for "USA people" or "from the USA" but Spanish is being contaminated by English and some people are starting to say "American" for "from the USA". I always reply with something similar to this sketch. 😛
    Lovely to see English native speakers bringing it up! 😀 😀

  11. You could even question being from South Dublin, for example Crumlin and Tallaght are south of the Liffey so actually South Dublin. Lucan, Firhouse and Clondalkin are in the South Dublin county council area, yet when people think of South Dublin they are usually thinking of D4 and the Dart line from Booterstown to Killiney including places such as Foxrock which is in fact in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown council area. Confusing to anyone, yet on holidays in Spain, France or Italy we are all from Dublin and happy to meet someone Irish ?

  12. I'm from Chile and my husband is from Argentina and we live in the USA…we can so relate to this video. We have this conversation all of the time, especially me as a teacher.

  13. – I went to France for my hollidays.
    – Great ! In Paris i guess ?
    – New Caledonia…
    – But when you say France… You mean FRANCE ! Europe..
    – No I just say France. New Caledonia is a part of France…

  14. Loooooooool That was me in 2012 trying to explain to an American boy that I am also from America, South America, because I am from Brazil; and trying to explain to him that the US are in North America, and that they are only just part of it as well. Needless to say, it was pointless trying to get that point across to him ?

  15. Hilarious!! So funny that everybody says AMERICA, and everybody knows it's the US, but "AFRICA" – a frekking whole continent!! .is a LOT more than just Gaddafi's Libya..!

  16. OMG! South Africa got a mention!

    That's seriously how I react whenever I hear it mentioned in an international video ?

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