What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

[MUSIC PLAYING] “I love American optimism.” “They have a
pretty nice flag.” “Are you joking?” – [GASPS] “What?” “That is actually shocking.” “That’s nothing you would
ever see in Britain. That would cause,
you know, riots.” In the U.S., a large drink
in McDonald’s is 77% bigger than in Europe. That’s disgusting.” “Wow.” “Wah. [CHUCKLES] “It’s diabetes to go.” “Many common U.S.
food ingredients are banned in the E.U. Whoa.” “Adzo — what.” “Azodicarbon–” “Azodicar — — bonamide?” “Banned in Europe because
it may cause cancer.” “Mm, cancer brownies.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “It’s so cute.” “We have a baby.” “Yes.” “How long do you get
for parental leave in your country?” “The mother gets 410 days.” “The fathers as well. There’s a paternal
leave that is, I think, it’s about nine weeks.” “O.K., the number of
paid days of maternity leave guaranteed
by law in the U.S. Let’s see.” [NEEDLE SCRATCH] “Wow.” “It’s nothing.” “Oh, my.” “Like, I was right. It’s literally like,
you want to have a kid? Well, you’re on your own now.” “Well, you
de-incentivize people from having kids like that.” “You de-incentivize poor
people from having kids, because if you’re rich,
you can obviously — afford it.” “Yeah.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “You are graduated.” “Oh, thank you.” “These are the annual fees
at major U.S. universities.” “Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, M.I.T., $51,832.” “For a year?” “A year?” “I mean, honestly,
that is a bit disgusting from a
first-world nation.” “I mean, I pay 18
euros per semester.” “Yeah.” “In Denmark, it’s free.” [CHUCKLES] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SIREN] “A woman’s leg got stuck in
the gap between the train and the platform. She begged no one
call an ambulance. It’s $3,000, she wailed. I can’t afford that.” “Coming from the
Bulgaria, which is the poorest
E.U. member state, I’ve never heard about this.” “In 2015, medical bills
led to 1 million adults declaring bankruptcy.” – [SIGHS] “My dad is diabetic. And he gets really
good care in Belgium. And we don’t pay
a penny to it. It’s completely free.” “But what surprises me is
that people are not rioting on the streets, to be honest.” “I know.” “Oh, my god.” “That conversation.” “This is a toy AR-15.” “An AR-15-style rifle was
used in the San Bernardino shooting that
killed 14 people.” “The Orlando nightclub
shooting that killed 49 people.” “In the 2017 Las
Vegas shooting that killed 58 people. Hm.” “Mm.” “Washington, D.C.,
actually banned handguns. But the ban was
overturned in 2008 by the U.S. Supreme Court.” “Whoa, overturned. So somebody had the —” “Somebody thought, yes —” ” — common sense to ban this. And then they were
like, do you know what? No.” “No, we need guns.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “Americans are incredibly
friendly and hospitable.” “I wish we could be that
sort of happy and optimistic about the future.” “And the influence has been
huge, like, and still today.” “Whether it’s food, or music,
or fashion, or art, film.” “The younger
generation in America has definitely given
me hope about —” “Yeah.” ” — the future of America.” “And everyone secretly
has an American dream. So–” “Yeah.” “I mean, you know, we
can still all resubscribe to that.” “In Germany, we
don’t wave flags.”


  1. I got a small ice cream at us ang it was so big
    I didn’t even eat half of it.
    (Sorry for bad English I only been to us once
    And I’m still learning English)

  2. What a stupid video. It’s not even an opinion piece. The host of the video is giving them facts (all the BAD ONES) and then asking them how they feel about the country rather than allowing them to form their own opinion first. Is this supposed to be journalism?

  3. In Romania, by law you have free healthcare, acces to free university (the best universities are state run, not private, and more than half of the students are free of charge), maternity leave or paternity leave for 2 years with about 80% of the salary, vacation a minumum of 18 working days a year, but 25-35 days are not uncommon, plus about 15 legaly days off on various holidays. The total taxes on salary are about 43%. Even if Romania is one of the lowest GDP per capita in the EU, you can live decently because the costs are also lower than in the western countries.

  4. I am from Romania and one of my teachers left teaching for 3 years because she has a baby and it was all payed by the government…

  5. I dont want to live hère anymore either. I'm tired of looking at a nation dividing itself as if that's a good thing. I'm tired of a government that acts like high school based on popularité where one side/party is against everything that isnt their side/party even if they agréé with it or like it. I'm tired of thé hatred of thé prèss and thé entertainment style press. I'm tired of America praising it's rich and walking over it's less fortunate and telling them it's their fault as if they know. I'm tired of all this 'not working together' and hatred.
    If I have a child, probable wont cuz children cost too much hère in America since America puts a fat pricé tag on Babies and children, I've planned to raise em to be open to other nations and not feel tied down to this one as this nation has been and continues to be surpassed in terms of how humaine things are. I dont want them to feel bound to our family here like my GF and I do.

  6. Brazil is a "developing country" and we have free healthcare and the best universities of the country have free tuition. If a student can't afford a living, the university also provides accommodation, meals on the university's restaurant and money for the bus. And we also have gun control.

  7. The USA, is 244 years old. They will improve greatly. they already are the strongest nation on earth, they just need to spend more money on they’re people, and less money fighting useless war’s in the Middle East. Best wishes to the USA, from Germany.

  8. “America” was taken by a white man
    “Made” by a white man
    For the white man…
    They never had any intentions to care for others therefore, this country wasn’t made for others… plain and simple🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. American cars are garbage its unbelievable they made million and japan made million of garbage that do 20 mpg even the new ones lol, europe has 1.2 litter best gas saving engine

  10. Its true that america is bad but we should stop throwing feces at the USA because in 30 years from now China is gonna be the biggest superpower in the world, and once they are, we are gonna be begging for the US…

  11. Oh my god, the amount of Americans in the comments trying to defend themselves by arguing other countries are worse. You've all literally been trained to think what's going on in the US is the norm, it's not, and it shouldn't be.

  12. The reason ppl are ok with living life like that in the US is because they are distracted by the optimism of the future and the fantasy of the American dream that promotes individual wealth over community wealth, which 99% will never attain. They are also blinded by what makes them…enjoyable – culture, music, film etc. Everyone’s too busy being mindlessly entertained to consider they are all in the same boat.

  13. The info cards provided is just the top layer of problems for people here its just sad. Student loan debt, medical debt, car loans, the way credit works, the roads you drive on etc. Americans are working not to get ahead but to stay alive.

  14. My recommendation for people from the US is to ditch their higher education system and go to study in Europe. Once you are graduated you will not have any debt

  15. The reason why Europe can do things the way they do them is because of higher taxation and lower military spending.

  16. This isnt “what do Europeans think of American life” its “what do Europeans think of cherry-picked bad parts of American life”

  17. If you're an American and ever want to be shocked, horrified, and disgusted, leave the country for half a year and then come back. Land whales EVERYWHERE

  18. i would just like to state that even as an American, i have never played with or witnessed another child playing with a toy AK-47 so IDK where they found that idea

  19. To be fair, all questions were about flaws of America, where the counter should be raised to the europe like having poor countries adopt the Euro, forest distruction, slow technological change, and population stagnation

  20. As an American responding to how there aren’t riots in the streets: Speaking for my part, I didn’t realize until I travelled to Spain that other countries have it better in some ways. When my host mom complained about not having enough vacation (when they have, I believe, two weeks off for Christmas, one for Easter, and 3-4 weeks off in August). My whole reality up until then (again, as far as I know, having never personally having had a full-time job that pays on salary) was 1 week vacation, 1 week sick leave, but try not to take all your days off if you can manage to. I never thought about how it should or could be different, that’s just how life was. I think that’s often the case in life, is that we simply don’t know our “rights” or recognize that things could be better. I think it’s so important to travel, to be exposed to other cultures and mentalities, and with an open mind. It makes us aware that there are other realities, which can make us appreciate what we do have, and also become aware when our situation isn’t how it should be, or could be better.

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