1. If you'd like to try building your own land yacht, here are the plans I used: https://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Land-Yacht-Sailing/Construction/Lake-Lefroy-Mini-Plans–

  2. I have so many thoughts on this video!
    -first, "this is not the right tool" was easily the best line in the video!
    -mad skills in the shop
    -mad skills in telling a story that brings you along for a journey!
    -I watched your Anarchist vid right before, so it was awesome to watch you working inside Noisebridge
    -even though it's 20+ minutes long, the pacing felt even better than previous ones
    -if you ever find yourself up in Ontario, Canada, look me up, I have a couch you're welcome to crash on xD

  3. At 8:25 the bushings don't fit: Why not get bigger bushings vs redoing the entire rig or anything else? Just thinking it is easier to lower the water than to raise the bridge 🙂 Very cool project but I would rather fall into the water at 5 or 10 knots than onto the dirt at 45 MPH… You never sleep but hey, which one was faster? Who won?

  4. I know you want to try upload more frequently but i honestly prefer quality > quantity . Not that yr current traveling video vlong us not good, just not what we, ppl who watch yr headphone jack and make iphone in china subscribers subscribed for. I think u can accually create another channel, call Scotty or smthing else. Not that i dont like ur travellibg vlog, just that u started up as a tech channel(sort of) but end up posting mostly travelling vlog. Yr viewers and subscribers are just so messed up now, tech enthusiast and travel enthusiast mixed together, this community will not go well…..

  5. My name Scott aswell and I’m just saying ur like the smartest person Ino I really wish I could help you with a project sometime even tho i think I’m not that good at that stuff but it’s something I’d wanna do when I’m older

  6. always love how to watching you "BUILD" something. so inspire .would like to meet in person and do some adventure as well !

  7. Man,those videos are great,you put a lot of work in every video and its a shame that you dont get more views if iphone doesn't show in the title… keep it up

  8. How did you manage to keep your comment section free from political discussion. That's quite unusual and odd. Good thing though.

  9. You're really just an inspiration for me to go and do things. I've always wanted to build things that I see, and from the build-your-own-iphone video to this, you just plan it and make things happen. Your content is really cool, and presented really well, man. I'm a loyal subscribbler.

  10. You need to put more downhaul on the sails, so the mast curves which will result in better shape of the sail and better gust control! These sails weren't designed for straight masts!

  11. What's the largest land yacht you think could be made, practically? Could a multi crew land yacht be possible? Something like a catamaran maybe?

  12. Strange Parts
    So I am guessing this is not your shop?
    Land sailing looks like so much fun. Unfortunately now where to do it where I am from. There is however Ice sailing.

  13. Just safety stuff. Duct tape extra wheel pins to the inside of the seat or the mast.

    If no cell phone reception in case of wreck with injuries, a cb, sat phone, car based ham radio?

  14. when welding crap it usually pulls towards weld, I guess you might know that though. you seem to know a shit load about everything. Awesome journey

  15. When I watched this video I thought it would be awesome if you would try DIY electric skateboard as next project. Any thoughts?

  16. "There are no speed limits out on the dry lakebed. We can pretty much go as fast as we want here."
    Floors it to 65. You rebel, you!

  17. Ok, been watching your videos for a bit now (kinda binge watch them in spurts to catch up) and I think I know something you could have made (or make yourself, at least the prototype). A Strange Parts T-Shirt, with your logo on the front and "It almost looks like I know what I'm doing" on the back. Because that's kinda your catch phrase for the videos where you are making things.

  18. I'd love to tinker with this beauty. If I won, I'd post back a video showing the makeover I'd do to this video. I was thinking of completing the water cooling even though I haven't done it before!

  19. Your content is some of the best content I have ever seen on youtube. You are a great problem solver and story teller. Good luck!

  20. maybe fit a small battery and a solar panel on it so when the wind dies out you have a reserve of movement. maybe even fit a generator on a tire to power some wicked cool led lights

  21. I love the video thanks, I've got a lefroy mini yacht I built in the yard still. I think I will get it going this summer. So much fun on the beach. Thanks for the inspiration

  22. hacked your prius yet? mine is 05 got it for $1500CAD, battery is a work in progress, terminals corrode because of condensation and can get into the battery ECU terminals shorting them out causing a fire etc…

  23. A single seater is hardly a "Yacht", more a Dinghy…

    For a Yacht make it a sailing party boat… lol.

    Lots of fun

  24. https://youtu.be/tdgtuOTJX4Y?t=486 I personally would have centre tapped the end and placed it up against a dead centre to do that. That amount of bar unsupported is risky.

  25. Freaking love this channel. It's half learning amazing things and half seeing amazing places. Keep up the good work!

  26. So the steering yolk being twisted one way may be down to the weld pulling it to one side. A fix could be setting the tube nice and square in the chop saw. Chopping it in half. Rotating it enough to get back in to line then welding it back together.

  27. Why wouldn't you just machine out the inside of the bushings? Seems to be the easiest and quickest way to fix it at the 11th hour.

  28. Nice Job, but as a Sailor, ya shoulda known more about the weather n wind.. The wind always dies at sunset..
    Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to sail a land Yacht.. I live in Connecticut.. I already have my plans layed out.. I wanna build one today.

  29. I use to live in Lancaster and have been out to El Mirage a half dozen times – much more fun and much faster than sailing a boat. I had a correctly calibrated digital speedo and had my cart going 45 once, often 42

    You have to keep in mind you face is literally 2 feet off the ground so you really get the sensation of speed.
    I'd have an ice chest with a couple of burgers and beer and go ping ponging across the lake all day
    stop to pee and stretch my legs then open another beer and Get Back At It
    I've put 70 miles on in a day
    thanks for this video, I'm going to put together another cart

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  31. That is so rad to see. I used to ride ATVs in that lakebed with my dad in the 90s. Shorter drive for me though since I’m in SoCal. Tons of car commercials and music videos were filmed there.

  32. Well, if you put some pedals on wheels, it's even better – especially when wind stops 😉

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