Welcome to America!

Welcome to America!

(upbeat bass music) Mohammed Al Farres. Good evening, you wanna get close to the microphone? Get close. I am not speak English, I am speak English a little bit. Okay.
My daughter help me. Hi. (laughter) Now, you gonna help us out with your mommy? You gonna talk to your mommy in your language? Yeah.
Okay. Tell your mommy that she is charged with speeding. (speaks foreign language) Now ask her if there’s anything she wishes to tell me, and tell her to speak into the microphone, and then you will tell me what she says, okay? (speaks foreign language) I am sorry. I’m sorry. Understand, I am live here in three years. (speaks foreign language) She said she doesn’t know what the rules is, so that’s why, she doesn’t understand. All right. Tell her she was speeding in a school zone and if there’s anything she wants to tell me about that. (speaks foreign language) She said she was going fast because I was sick, so that’s why she was fast. That’s why she went fast, ’cause you were sick? Mm-hmm. Okay, come up here. Come on, Marca. Okay, tell us your name. Marca. And how old are you? Eight years old. Where do you go to school? Greystone Tiger. What is your favorite subject? Math. Math, that’s excellent! What do you wanna do when you get big? Be a doctor. A doctor. She’s gonna be a doctor, we’re gonna need her, okay?. (chuckles) Now, did you hear your mother’s explanation? Yeah. You heard it, right. Now, what do you think of that explanation? Was it a good explanation, was it just okay, or was it something you think is worthwhile of consideration, what d’you think? I think it just okay. Just okay. She don’t think your explanation was that good, just okay, right?
Mm-hmm. So if you had to make a decision, you’d have three decisions. You could charge her $50, you could charge her half of that, or you could charge her nothing. Now now based on her explanation how much would you charge her? $50.
(laughing) $50. Hold that. Bang it and say “$50” (bangs gavel twice)
$50. (chuckles) 50! (people chatting)
Five, five dollars. She’s a law and order doctor! Okay, now I’m gonna ask you another question. Would you reconsider your decision because she came in here. Now, is your dad here as well? Yeah. Okay, so your father is here, and your mom is here, and taking all of that into consideration, would you reconsider your decision, or are you gonna stick with the $50? Reconsider. You’re gonna reconsider? Okay. Good evening, sir. Good evening. Okay. So, upon reconsideration, how much do you think you wanna charge her, if anything? Nothing. You wanna charge her nothing? Well then, you have to bang the gavel and say, “Case dismissed.” (bangs gavel twice)
Case dismissed. Wow! (applause)
(laughing) Good evening, sir. Good evening. You have a wonderful daughter here, she’s gonna be a great doctor someday. She’s gonna save a lot of lives, and I’m sure she makes you proud now? She’s gonna make you even more proud. Yeah. But you have done, you’ve both performed a great service raising such a wonderful young child, so God bless both of you. Good luck to you! Thank you for helping me out. You’re welcome. Okay. (laughing) What language do you speak? Arabic
Arabic. Arabic?
Yeah. Well, I wish I could help, I don’t speak Arabic, but– I have family new here. You have family here? Three year in your America. Three years in America? Yeah. I’m sorry. And where are you from? Syria. Syria?
Yes. How many children, just this one child? Yeah.
Yeah. What do you prefer? You prefer living here or Syria? (speaks foreign language) No, here (laughs). Here, huh? Well, welcome to America! Thank you. (applause) Thank you, and I love people here, very much. Okay.
Thank you. (bass guitar chord) Three years ago, our country gave refuge to Mohammed and his family as they fled the terrible war in Syria, and I’m glad we did. They have quickly become a positive addition to our community, they’re learning our language, coming to court to fulfill their civil obligations, and raising a wonderful daughter who someday wants to become a doctor. Study hard, Marca, America needs good doctors and we’re counting on you to become one of them. (bass guitar music) Come on! How cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune in to “Caught in Providence” every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know “Caught in Providence” is also a TV show? Oh, wow! Your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to caughtinprovidence.com, click on your local listings, scroll down till you find your home town, then start doin’ your happy dance. (swoosh) That’s it. Move it, move it. Nice. [Narrator] All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.


  1. As nice as the judge is, the child shouldn't be used as the translator. A court appointed translator should have been present. Maybe for TV purposes we didn't see him/her.

  2. Welcome to American, That’s the best word that I like to hear from American when they tell me welcome to America… welcome to my heart ❤️

  3. ผู้ที่เป็นแม่คงจะกลัวท่านพิพากษา

  4. She doesn't know the rules but she gets a driver's license through the DMV? Sounds like a liberal program at work. Thanks for nothing Obama.

  5. It was all good fun at first but now I'm tired of everyone having their crimes dismissed and all the comments being "omg such a honest/amazing/great judge" when in reality he just lets people get away with crimes….

  6. If you don't know the rules DON'T DRIVE. And stop lying that the child was sick! otherwise you would have called an ambulance if the sickness was so bad and urgent. PERIOD.

  7. I would like to tell what kind of problems my country has with "men" walking to our country, but I don't tell you, because youtube don't care about truth, or freedom of speech.

  8. What a cutie, Syria….my dad fought ww2 so this country could be free, free for ALL people, and to think there are so many beautiful little girls like her somewhere possibly in harm. Its time this world begins to drop borders and we become one….

  9. Its all well and good but rules are rules. You get a ticket and you pay it, that simple. Hardly worth your time leaving the house for $50 anyway…. A lot can happen in 3 years, including learning a new language and I refuse to believe these folks didn't understand every word the judge was saying. You dont get to come into a country filled with rules and play ignorant.

  10. 3 years living in the US and still can't speak it? Come on.
    They make no integration efforts, they come with their cultures and are not willing to embrace ours.

  11. Are they legal immigrants or has their visa run out and now they're illegal immigrants, they got here now they're staying sucking of the free cash cow democrats utter

  12. Virtue signaling from the judge. Would the judge afford the same to a well speaking English law abiding citizens. Since when ignorance is a defense.

  13. The law is reason, free from passion ! The law is reason unaffected by desire . Sorry Aristotle, what you said does not apply here.

  14. ماشاء الله عليها والله يبارك لوالديها على التربية الصالحة وإن شاءالله تصير دكتوره وترفع راس آهلها ?

  15. How are you allowed to get a license if you can’t speak English? It’s only spoken in every country except for queerbec

  16. Nobody realized it but there was some serious xenophobs/racists in that room, they are the ones you should look out for ! Just look at their faces when this honest family comes to court and speaks. The Judge, very honest individual, great Human being, good job Providence.

  17. I feel sorry for her not taking a course in English. I did see some rude remarks about people not speaking English. But if you come from another country like Syria and you want to live here, you need to learn the English language.

  18. I got a $200 speeding ticket for the same thing! I'm a American citizen! I wish I was from Syria so I could pay nothing!

  19. Welcome to America! Where if ur not born here u get better treatment than US citizens! U don't have to pay taxes for 7 years!

  20. Shoutout to all the immigrant children who had to grow up faster to help their parents by translating adult matters.

    I understand there’s a need to learn the language of your residing country, but most parents are so busy working, raising children and don’t have the resources to take classes, coupled with the difficulty of learning a new language at an older age and starting over in a foreign land.

  21. I'm gonna be honest, I disagree with the judge dismissing the case. I feel like if she has a license, she should know the driving rules.

  22. what cheap bluff let us see
    1st : her father was driving not her mother
    2nd : she lie about don't know rule sure there are sign for speed limit no need to be genius to know this
    3rd : she lie about why she was speeding cause her daughter sick
    i hope judge reconsider this and charge them 100 $ for trying bluff him

  23. “If you really want to do or learn something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.”

    I speak for myself.


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