Wandrd Prvke Camera Bag Review

Wandrd Prvke Camera Bag Review

so this is my new travel camera bag this
is the Prvke from Wandrd This is how it all begins 3 cool brothers from america startup a brand called Wandrd In 2015 they Kickstarter project gave birth to the Prvke or should I say the award-winning Prvke and then the rest is history… And at last with the awesomeness of distribution we now have it in the UK. And it’s a 31ltr backpack well designed I’ve cut it out for
probably about an hour now and configured it to how I use it out in the
field and then it feels like a great piece of kit it’s been well designed the
material is amazing it’s like a military-grade tarpaulin the branding is
very minimal but the functionality is just amazing slope it can transform into
so much it’s like the Optimus Prime of bags it does everything yes but I want
to really take it out field and actually give it a good testing wear it on my
back for like two or three hours and you know put it for its paces so let’s get
on with it so to start with the material again it’s
a military-grade tarpaulin these zips I assume would be YKK and their heavy
weight and their water sealed whether they’re water resistant or not or give
it a test later on it’s well stitched as well I can feel how heavy it is it’s got
a lifetime guarantee on it as well so that’s worth looking into the design of
the branding is very simple it’s just the finish of it feels really good you
know it’s good quality piece of luggage so from the front here we’ve got one bag
entrance point here this is literally a pocket for possibly magazines or you
know books or you know your diary or whatever it is I pad that’s nice and
simple and I go down to the next point next point we’ve got a strapping block
here and with an alligator so you can probably put a small tripod onto here
and this also doubles up as a water bottle holder as well so you can you
know put whatever you need to do in there and I’m going to flick around to
this side again another strap system here which you can use to hold whatever
it is this is your entrance port into the main compartment so if we have a
little look in there you should see my camera which is just sitting there
waiting to be used I’ll show you how that’s configured in a
minute so just close it up everyone feels good you know it feels like it’s
really good quality you can trust it and so I’m gonna move to the back here so
the straps straps themselves are you know really and really nicely designed
so obviously fits around the side and very snug onto your and shoulders
you’ve got some military loops in there which you can put whatever bits you need
to you’ve got a chest support system here which is maneuverable as well and
it’s just so many different places where you could put things you know whatever
you want stickers badges bits of gear so yes and
then obviously the adjustments are all here as well with the waist straps these
are detachable so you don’t have to have these on at the same time I like that
stability to keep the back from rocking around and with this you get nice padded
sides and a nice little pocket as well and it’s all adjustable so so let’s go
to the front so on the front here obviously these this scrapping system
very handy it’s magnetized so they stay together which is quite cool right here
we’ve got the buckle system which allows you to get into the top section of the
bag I’ll show you how that works so if I basically just pull that off there like
surge let it go down and butterbean butterball there’s your section where
you put your coat and all the other stuff that you need to put in there I’m
shut that over there so and this is obviously configurable to however you
want to be depending how much gear you want to take out of you basically so we
need to do is and just reapply that buckle time up a bit and it’s back to
what it was on the back of the bag on the top of the bag I should say there’s
another pocket so that’s kind of down your neck and in there I’ve got my phone now other thing on the back on the back
at the base here you’ve got a passport holder or possible area there and then
you can fit other things in there as well
another thing you’ve got on the back where is it back
on the side on the side here you’ve got another little compartment which for me
it’s got a key holder which is very handy because otherwise those keys will
be somewhere in there I don’t know that again same same as it’s different
systems nice and wood pros ifs and yes let’s get round to the main back section
so this is the back section of the bag so these straps are attached to the main
piece on the back not on the body so actually when we do we undo it it all
comes down from there so it’s much easier to manage basically
here in the top lid we’ve got space to put your iPad and your you put your
laptop in there which is very handy and this is the main compartment so this top
section here links direct to the open flap which I showed you before which is
yeah so if I undo the zip scar what you’ll see there this bit here is the
phone pocket which is obviously an internal but this here holds things like
now you know my batteries it’s like an Evo book which is because I’m not from
the bag itself my car’s my backup mics my clothing but this essentially comes
out here so and it’s got an airflow system so it’s just like nothing gets
damp in its night let me just roll this back down and then you’ve got this main
section here now this is the most important thing to me is this is a
cube system here so if I undo the base here so for me I’ve got you know a lens
there my camera and my lens and other lens triggers flash units whatever is in
there adapters now this is all changeable you can change everything
within this you can manipulate this to your heart’s content basically you can
also take this whole cube out and have it as a separate piece and have molding
cube so you can have you know you like have add a cube or night cube and then
you can just keep putting different cubes into here but for me it’s very
easy just to keep everything here and you know pretty happy that everything is
safe and it’s it’s very sturdy it’s not that sort of soft foam it’s it’s
everything it’s kind of hardness to it which is really good obviously this part
here is the side axis as I showed you before so if I just put this now so
that’s the side axis into here which is do that back up again so yeah it’s
really good it feels really good it’s really well made they’ve put a lot of
thought into do not just the design process but as a photographer what you
need to do and how easy you need to access it and you know times when you
need to expand that space because you’ve got your coat and it’s getting too hot
you stick it in the top here I see you’ve got change of shoes you can stick
them in the top you know it’s just so much configuration in this top section
but at the same time this part this is your most important thing most expensive
parts in here and one less you’re buying Gucci shoes of course but this here is
separated and it’s an its own compartment which is really well
protected and overall again say the overall feel
you have got this quality finish to the bag itself but on the bass you’ve got a
zip compartment which holds a fly sheet so that can be put over the entire bag
on your back and that just gives you extra waterproofing when you need it
basically these little loops on the side here they’re used in conjunction with
the strapping system that you get with the photographic bundle so you get a
cube and you get these little straps which are very handy on the base I use
it to clip my tripod in place so the bag looks pretty good in the studio
environment but let’s get it out on the streets and see what it can really do
you can’t be a good Sunday also in town especially when the weather is this good I’d have no issues wearing this bag for
a few hours it’s so comfy the back is flexible and yet the straps hold it nice
and tight so it doesn’t rock and roll gaining access to the gear there’s no
issues at all you can even go in the side or the main back panel if you need
to meet lightweight and flexible this bag does it so they provoke as a travel
bag it’s an amazing bit of kit I love it probably one thing I wouldn’t
use it for at the moment is my wildlife set up because that’s got this all
my bigger lenses but I do believe they’re bringing out an pro Cube or an
XL cube which could take up the whole side so I’ll be
interested to see how how big that is and whether it can accommodate my bigger lenses you can’t really fault this bag from a manufacturing point of view it’s
very well designed it’s very well put together they’ve kind of thought about
everything but the shape of it is really important to me
the straps are really comfortable the shape of the back and the sturdiness of
the back is really it’s really important as well I wore all day yesterday in the
city and it was really really comfortable especially with the waist
straps as well they held it in place and there was no sagging and nothing’s
hanging against my back so it felt really good as a travel bag and the
functionality just is great like the roll-top
it’s just brilliant, so yeah well recommended

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  1. Oh that's nice. Used to have a bit of a bag fetish and I also used to sell them as part of my job.
    Would the "PRVKE" be the disemvoweled version of "Provoke" maybe?
    It seems to have all the bells and whistles and the build quality looks excellent. Having seen how bags like this are made it's a huge amount of skilled work to put something like that together.
    I also like the subtle colouring and branding. When I've been in some less than welcoming locations it's nice not standing out from the crowd, especially when carrying expensive kit. In fact we'd often kick the bag 'round the ground for a few minutes to get it dusty and generally look poor so we wouldn't be worth robbing. Especially like the hidden document section in the lumbar section for passports, documents and memory sticks so that they can't be stolen by folk slashing the bag in a crowded area, though that fabric laminate would be really hard to get through anyway.
    Excellent review, will have to see if I can see one and tempt myself into getting one.

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