1. Italy is a populated country and ruled by ignorant and corrupt people, I hope it ceases to exist because it is a fake republic. As an Italian, I invite you not to visit it because all the money you spend in Italy will go to corrupt people.

  2. Seriamente ? i vari don'ts sarebbero "don't tip?" , "don't share your pizza"? Ma tra tutte le cose di merda che i turisti fanno quando vengono in italia questi sono gli unici consigli che quest'uomo è riuscito a dare ? Venendo da Venezia vedo solo maleducazione e gente irrispettosa che occupa fastidiosamente la città e la sporca, senza nemmeno spendere 1€ per una bottiglia d'acqua.

  3. I've seen a few of your videos and I gotta say… Great job… But, I don't know where the idea of "the non sharing the pizza and eating it with knife and fork" comes from. I've seen it before in other videos. It's just not true.
    Again… Great video

  4. Hold up.
    Everything is fine but as an Italian, I've always eaten pizza using just my hands, and so do all my relatives and friends. I've never seen anybody eating pizza with fork and knife (except in tv commercials).

    What is this story?

  5. Are you serious? Did you want eat pizza ? n Pisa?
    Well, I want eat a real American hamburger in China then.
    Pizza is not an Italian product but Neapolitan (made and was born in Napoli). Every other version of Italian pizza are good like a hamburger in China ( I’m sorry China, it’s just an example). Listen to me my friend, come in Napoli and I’ll guide you to eat the real pizza and not Italian fake pizza.
    If I can propose you a suggest: you need to visit (not only Napoli) but whole Sicily, land of huge historical heritage, here it was born the Italian language (Dante confess it). The colors, the smell of Sicilia you won’t find in whole your life.
    After Campania and Sicilia you can continue with Puglia and Basilicata. Believe me you have jump the best of Italy.
    I’m sorry for this huge comment and my bad English… (if you was there maybe I should used my hands)

  6. I am from Rome and I have never eaten pizza with knife and fork. Maybe because here we have a lot of "pizza al taglio", but I always eat classic round pizza with my hands also. At most I cut it in pieces with knife and fork but nothing more!

  7. I visited Basilica di San Marco with jeans and a shitty tank top.
    Also I eat pizza with my hands.

    And remember: positive racism is still racism. Stop with the "Italians are great, Italian are so nice" bullshit: some Italians are shit, and a lot of them actually hate Americans.

  8. Fantastic job at explaining Italy. Basically everything I have said to family! And thank you for sharing that drink. I saw it everywhere but didnt know how to order it. Will get one next year when we go back!

  9. Wearing muh flip flops eatin' McD's in Naples next month!
    Presecco aperol? Did the Viennese get the aperol spritz from Italy? I think I can guess the answer.

  10. Go visit the South of Italy! Puglia, Sicily Lucania Sardinia are beautiful. Food is fantastic! People are so friendly! The Mountains in Calabria! Matera! Just go and be happy???

  11. The "coperto" does not substitute the tip! As a waitress who is Italian and works here I must tell you: tip your servers as you would do where you live! The thing is that we don't have a standard way (like 15% of the bill or whatever calculus is done to determine it) to tip waiters and waitresses, so we give the service how much we feel like giving.
    Ps: we do eat pizza with our hands!

  12. 5:32
    Me, living in Rome: Excuse me WTF

    (Dude in Italy you can’t eat pizza with forks is like I’m gonna drink my coke with my feet

  13. Waiters are going to hate you forever! RaVAYna? Never heard of it! Pizza is eaten by slicing it, then picking up the slice, if you want a taste of your companion's, that can be done. Ask me, I live here!

  14. So sorry to post in an old vid. But can I ask what other Italian places that not many tourist go will you recommend? Any near train lines?

  15. It is NOT TRUE that Italians don't tip. We don't tip at 15/20% but we always leave a few euro or round up. The coperta/service charge does not go to servers and often waiters are given low wages (most earn around 22k a year max) so gratuities are always appreciated.

  16. god ,about tipping, and i couldnd go any furtheras italian, let me make this clear……. service is included, thanks god, but we ( italians do tip), that's a way to show we appreciate GOOD service, and friend, you are sooooooo lost….. you pay a coperto for service for every guest who sits at the table to the restourant, not the waiters, that is a COPERTO YOU DUMB STUPID AMERICAN PRETENDING YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS COUNTRY, instead you are just showing how little you really know, becouse if iou had really been anywhere and if you really spoke any italian required to UNDERSTAND ANYTHING about this or any other country you visit, you would know , AND YOU DON'T, that if and when you ask for a copertA, FINAL A, YOU'RE ASKING FOR A HOOKER……… YEAH BABY, A COPERTA, A BLANKET, THE COMPANY OF A HOOKER…… NOW FUZZ OFF, BUT DO NOT PRETEND YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS COUNTRY

  17. I'm italian, I agree on everything except the tips. Very often the owner of the restaurant doesn't give to the waiter the money of the coperto

    Oh and EAT that pizza with hands?

  18. This guy is a buffoon. 50% of these 'tips' are ignorant and insulting to most people who are smarter and more informed than this Mario Batalli want-to-be (not that Mario Batalli is anything to seek to be).. even more so because he tries to act so informed. The other 50% of the "tips" he presents are flat out wrong. If I want to split a pizza with another person, then Italians will just have to get used to that since I'm the one paying for it.

  19. Italy is not a nation, We are not as divided as we were before the Italian kingdom, but we are better off divided. We just share the same flag.

  20. Go to Naples no other city compare. Food, art, architecture, people seascape and landscape do not compare with the north. This video is misleading. Naples no one say any thing yet there are more tourist going there and return. Naples is the "Cinderella" of the Italian cities, destine to be the queen of them all again. Turin, Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Venice is not Italy it is Padania. Italy is the peninsula. Florence over rated, Rome a big mess and publicity is exaggerated, the food is bad and expensive. From Naples down the peninsula to Sicily or Sardinia the food is excellent, prices are good, the art, architecture, history seascape and landscape are breath taking check out the path of the goods on the "Amalfi coast" as example and you will see what the real Italy is all about, palaces, archaeological sites, there are more sites listed by "Unesco as world heritage"in the south than in the north. You will not regret it.

  21. I want to go to San Bonafacio, Verona

    cause I have a custom embroidered hat

    with part of their arms on it

    but changed from a shield to a banner!

  22. It is the same for restaurants in every tourist city just everybody please just ask locals orr find local food it will be so much better trust me

  23. That's wrong, the "coperto" is not for the service, it is only for everything you need for eat. the tips is usually given directly to who has just served you and OFTEN it's not splitted between employers. I have to say that italian people don't use to give tips except for very special situation

  24. Italians actually do eat pizza with their hands, it's just a bit unpolite in a restaurant setting. They litteraly fold the slice like a sandwich.

  25. I WAS Hungry when I stayed with Italians!!!! Although I loved the expresso….! and the gas stations that had food for breakfast….My family was Paleo and there was something about way less fruits and vegetables! But I loved the feeling of being with family in ITALY!

  26. …You did not mention the way they try to sell water at the Colosseum! They are forceful. I clearly had a huge bottle I brought with me and they were in my face, trying to sell me water!? And of course watch how you carry your purse/wallet. And allegedly there are people who act like disabled, groveling on the floor and then they get up and run away with your valuables?


  28. Don't visit Italy if you are black ,Asian , or have darker skin colour. Its become openly racist very very corrupted police and some restaurants will ever serve you. Please be careful you could be harmed.

  29. I was born in Napoli. I grew up in Napoli. I am as Neapolitan as they come. I ate pizza all my life…with fork and knife. All the people I know eat pizza with fork and knife. They are all Neapolitans. The only time you don't use utensils is when you take the pizza to go and eat it while you walk in the street.

  30. Spaghetti bolognese does not Exists in italy, that is a name invented by americans. In italy you go for spaghetti / pasta a la ragu!

  31. Actually the “coperto” means tableware + breads, which ends up in the pockets of the restaurant’s owners. Perhaps the coperto is NOT tips. So if you appreciate the service of the waiters, and you wanna make them happy, giving tips is recommended!

  32. It is always Canadians and Yanks who make 'advice' videos about European countries –
    enough said, really. You're stating the bleeding obvious or what is not worth your gabbling breath…

  33. Qualcuno dovrebbe informare gli americani che, anche se sei in vacanza, pantaloni corti, calze bianche e scarpe da tennis non sono un abbigliamento adeguato ed è considerato irrispettoso in molte culture.

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