Visible Tattoos vs. Employment

Visible Tattoos vs. Employment

Okay. I can’t have… I can’t have this portrait in the background because my camera thinks it’s my face… which it is. But not in this video. So there! Back on my face. Tattoos and Employment. Employment and people who can’t shut the fuck up. As you guys might know, this is my new office. I haven’t fixed all the set-ups yet. So, we’ll see what happens with that. But… Like my neighbors, that are working here next to me, are currently having lunch. Which makes it very fucking difficult to film. Let’s stop with the complaining and get into the video! Today, I’m going to talk about tattoos and employment. And what you should consider when it comes to employment before getting your tattoos. In regards to employment, there are six scenarios when you get your tattoos: Or not… Because the first scenario is that you don’t get tattoos. And you don’t risk not getting employed because of them. Problem solved! Scenario number two is getting tattoos that are very easy to hide, that no one will ever see. And you won’t risk not getting employed because of them. Scenario number three is that you have no idea what you want to do for a living. So you get tattoos and you just hope for the best. Scenario number four is that you don’t know what you want to do for a living. So you get tattoos that are easily hidden until you figure it out. And then, you can get more visible tattoos, if your employment allows it. Scenario number five is that the field of work you are going into is very open-minded and doesn’t really care about getting tattoos. In which case, go ahead! And finally, scenario number six, is that you don’t even want the job. So, you might as well tattoo your entire face. No. Of course, it’s not okay for a employer to discriminate you based on tattoos or any other body modifications. But, there is a time and a place to challenge this and it might not always be worth risking your career over. As for me, personally, my personal experience, because I’m in an industry that is very open-minded, like the media industry is very open-minded, and I’ve never had any issues with my tattoos when it comes to getting a job. I’ve never been denied a job. Period. But I’ve, also, not applied to that many. Umm… But I have, also, never been discriminated against because of my tattoos. And I mean the latest interview I went to, the guy interviewing me had tattoos of his own. So, I have never struggled with this. Which is why this video– I know some of you might have hoped for advice and how I deal with these situations. But the truth is I’ve never been in a situation like this. So I’m just trying to give you objective advice that you might be able to apply to your situation. So the truth is that I am happy to take this battle because I am in a position where I can. I work for myself. So I can go to a job interview because I’m not dependent on the jobs I’m applying to and I can, kind of, challenge their perceptions of people with tattoos. Maybe, they want to judge me. But I show them who I am and the skills I have and maybe make them rethink. If not for me, then for the next person who comes in who’s an amazing candidate for the job, who, also, happens to have tattoos. So I am happy to do that because I can. But if I dreamt of being maybe a surgeon or a lawyer or maybe work in a senior home or anything like that where it might still be a little sensitive to have tattoos I would, honestly, leave that fight to someone else because if this is my passion, and I really want to work with these things, my other passion for tattoos might have to take the backseat. At least, for me. Of course, being happy with yourself and being who you are is the most important thing in life. But the sacrifice of giving up visible tattoos to be able to work with your passion, in my opinion, is equally important because you can’t go through life working with something your not happy with. And if being a doctor or a lawyer or something that very “strict and very old school and very serious”, if that is your passion and you would love to work with that your entire life don’t let visible tattoos stop you from doing that and let people, like me, who have the opportunity to take these battles without it risking our careers. And maybe, we, all together, can lift this judgment on people in the body modification industry, or community rather, and in the future maybe you can have visible tattoos and be very, very heavily tattooed and still have a very serious job. Not that my job isn’t serious, but you know… umm… uhh… I can do this and I mean nobody is going to care. While if you are in surgery, you do that people might be like “the fuck are you doing?” So I hope I got my point across. I just wanted to share– I mean the scenarios I mentioned in the beginning are basically what you have to choose from if you want tattoos, but you also want a job and maybe you don’t know what job you want. Maybe get visible or not visible tattoos. Bleh! Bleh! It’s always going to be up to you. You’re always going to have to weight these things against each other. Is it: how much do I want this tattoo and how much do I possibly want this job? If I don’t know what job I want, is the risk worth it for this tattoo? You always have to weight these pros and cons against each other. And only you can decide what the right thing to do is. So that’s all for today’s video. I hope you’re not disappointed by the way I made this video about tattoos and employment because this is the only umm.. genuine way I could make it. I can’t sit here and pretend that I have experience with being discriminated because of my tattoos. Because this has never happened to me. So these tips are the only ones that I’ve, personally, from my heart, can give you. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. And don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date with everything that I dooo. Until the next video, have a super duper good one. I’ll see you later. Good bye!


  1. I have to cover my tattoos for my day job but my night job I can have them showing. I love hand tattoos but won't get one because I am thankful for my day job and need it more than I need a hand tattoo

  2. To us normal people it looks trashy and like criminals or thugs. When I see people with tattoos I look the other way. Can't stand to look at them. Will look bad when your 40 50 and 60 years old. Ruined your beautiful face and body. It's not too late for you though you can take all that junk off and you will still look great.

  3. It's not that we are judging you it's because it's not normal and it's ugly. Not you you are beautiful but the tattoos and abnormal earrings subtract from your appearance. I wouldn't hire a person with tattoos.

  4. I wanna be a high school teacher here in California. Do you guys think it would be a bad idea to get full sleeves done? A vice principal I had had two full sleeves but idk what the odds are of me getting a teaching job are if I have visible tattoos like that.

  5. i work at a hospital as a certified nursing aid and we can have visible tattoos and crazy colored hair, just no piercing sense they are open wounds and it for infection control.

  6. I'm in IT and tattoos (and piericings) are pretty acceptable there. Of course you have to be slightly careful if there's external clients around but amongst co-workers people already assume you're a bit quirky so tattoos (or piercings) aren't really a thing they mind. In my 20+ years in that business I've never really had anyone who took offense.

  7. it's a big thing in America, no visible tattoos in most jobs! (the general populace from years ago that had tattoos were delinquents… that's why it's been such a big deal is because of our history, not so much that tattoos look bad on people, but just cultural bias here in America! kind of annoying!

  8. Your beautiful hello from England i Don't care what people think i do what makes me feel happy inside that what matters to me

  9. I want to be an attorney. I have since middle school. I'm 19 right now and am pretty sure I'm getting my first tattoo next week on my rib cage. I'm too worried about getting it on my arm/visible leg, so I figured I might as well get it somewhere that the clients/employers would never see.

  10. Having tattoos doesn't make you a bad person or mean you went to prison. Now, some people who are of questionable nature have tattoos and have done wrong things but there are also people who are perfectly decent human beings that don't do wrong things. Whoever or whenever this stigma started really was an ass hole and anyone who discriminates or denies employment because of tattoos is also a shit bag

  11. i love the way you say leave the battle or challenge to people like you whos got the ability to do it cause since young ive always been the one who stands out and fight for myself and things people judge but not understand. now that im living in a foreign country – japan, i have to tone it down 99 percent and i feel so judged and lost and having to watch your videos and hearing you say that just made me feel calmed and at ease.

  12. I work as a tech support representative in a call center so they don't really mind as soon as you comply with your job, in fact one of my managers has a sleeve tattoo, however I've been discriminated and fired from previous jobs for having tattoos, I have both arms sleeved up though, is cool but kinda difficult to get a decent job (unless is a call center or if you're lucky enough to find a place that doesn't care about tattoos) in the country I'm from even though it has become trendy, if you get discriminated for having tattoos and you're white nobody cares but if a black or indigenous (specially black) gets discriminated for tattoos people go outrageous about it and I'm not racist or anything (I'm not caucasian, I'm hispanic white) I just see how double standards people are these days, greets from Panama👋

  13. I disagree. I think we should combine our two passions and show those judging people that they should not judge someone by their appearance

  14. Just don't get visible tattoos if you're thinking about making a career in finance for example. Companies, whether small or big, are allowed to expect their employees to fit whatever profile they have to some extent – the tattoos are a choice so we can't call it discrimination. I work in fashion and have visible tattoos and it has never been a problem… but I could imagine if I one day applied for a job in a bridal shop the tattoos would MAYBE be an issue. That is life.

  15. I think it’s usually bigger pieces and sleeves that get judged harder in these situations. I can understand why in some regard as you would want everyone (meaning: including the people who are “anti-tattoo”) to take you seriously, like you wouldn’t wear a tight cocktail dress to go to work as a lawyer. But it is still unfortunate because really the only reason you would refrain from getting them would be for other people’s sake and not your own, which is sad. Also though, if you’re someone with a full sleeve and you are a lawyer, wear full length sleeves, problem solved for court dates and meetings 😁

  16. In my job tattoos are no big deal but in my case I’m still getting something you can’t see on my foot that way if i Need to change jobs it won’t be a conflict of interest

  17. Everyone has tattoos these days. More people have them vs those who don't. I know nurses, teachers and police officers with full sleeves, chest tattoos, etc. Now…. you're on your own with face tattoos.

  18. I want to be a veterinarian. Do they accept tattoos? Im thinking of getting a tattoo on my lower right ear. Nothing big tho..

  19. Im number 4, I got my arms done and want a small tattoo on my neck and my hands done but imma wait a couple years and see because I want to get into Accounting. But I want the tats now so its a pain in the ass

  20. I have one visible tattoo I on wrist I never had problem with that so far but I only have one tattoo tho.

  21. i dont need to be like everyone else i dress my own style, dont need to conform to wearing tattoos, beards, piercings, being promiscuous (which is typical of men these days), listen to loud and obnoxious noise, dress in cargo shorts (yuck), horned rimmed glasses, hate geeks and nerds, dont have my nose glued in a phone 24 to 7.

  22. I want a tattoo on the underside of my arm, but as a future Geologists, I am afraid I will be denied jobs because of it.

  23. I work at an airport and have a half sleeve. I am planning to go full sleeve. At the moment there has been no problems, i just cover it with a nude sleeve under the work shirt and thats it. However, hands, neck, face and legs (would be weird if i wore coverups everywhere) are a nono. So tattoos for me have to be above my knees o easy to cover

  24. This is the complete opposite of what I was hoping for . I'm laying with my husband rethinking my career choices and I'm heavily tattooed and thought this would be a pep talk . Lmfao

  25. Girl in the video you could get hired anywhere with or without tattoos because your absolutely gorgeous now if your ugly and unattractive you would never get a job it is what it is walk of life!

  26. I do receptionist jobs, basically a lot of office work and my new tat is on my inner wrist. It’s about 3 inches long of 2 seahorses, I thought this was pretty concealable at the time 😅

  27. I’m going to make my own company and when it happens, my “job vacancy” will be like: Having any body modifications such as tattoo and piercing will become a plus point.

  28. Oh by the way, I have visible tattoo on my back palm. My company has no written rules about body modifications and my colleagues know that I have tattoo. But they see the way I work so most of them are okay with it. On the interview, I said “If the company doesn’t like me because of my tattoo, not my ability, then the company doesn’t deserve me.” The interviewer just laughed on my statement. I’m hired!

  29. I'm a studying Makeup Artist at College, I've been to many companies who have makeup artists covered head to toe with tattoos both male and female. I have no concerns when I get my own tattoos as I'll probably stay in the makeup industry who are generally very open minded people

  30. Love this video,
    My personal advice and what I am personally doing may not work for anyone but it’s worth a go: all of my tattoos end before my wrist so that I can wear long sleeves and hide them

  31. Currently at scenario 4! i have lots of blackwork on my forearms and am working my way further up my arms, but all are covered by a long sleeve shirt.
    I love the idea of hand tattoos but i face 2 main problems at the moment!

    1- I work in security, both corporate and as a door supervisor. i HATE that 'old school' security staff and the negative shit seen in the the media gives people like me a stereotypically thuggish reputation, despite doing my best to change that. Too many still associate tattoos like this with said thugs

    2- I currently have a contract working security on the property of actual royalty, and the company are so afraid to lose favour with the VIPs that they avoid employing anyone who looks 'different'!

    Honestly cant wait to find something permanent to settle into and get hand tattoos!

  32. im so torn. ive always wanted a forearm tattoo, but my job has a "client ready" policy which basically means tattoos need to be covered.
    personally, i dont care for long sleeves. whenever i wear them, i push the sleeves up so its 3/4 length…and most of my shirts have no sleeves at all or theyre short sleeves and i wear sweaters over it. i feel like if i get the tattoo its going to be more of an inconvience than anything else, but at the same time its something i realllly want. i know i wont be at this job forever..but this problem could arise in future jobs as well.
    i seriously dont know what to do. someone please help!

  33. Its funny because I always hear that older people are always the ones to have negative opinions about tattoos. But the first person who ever complimented me in public about my tattoos was this 75ish old man. I was walking into a gas station and he was walking out. And when he passed me and saw the tattoo on my leg and he snapped around and was like “yoooo sick tat man” 😂😂😂 then he lifted up his arm and shooed me his faded tattoo blob I was just like cool man 😂

  34. Times are definitely changing and tattoos in the work place are becoming more widely accepted. I don't let my potential future jobs determine my tattoos. Other than neck and hands, I would wait on those until I was very certain about my future. I have accepted that some places will not allow me to show them. And that's their prerogative. I am okay wearing long sleeves and long pants every day if it's a job I want.

  35. With 30 years in the corporate world and recently retiring from a C-Suite role, I can tell you that visible tattoos are a glass ceiling in the corporate world. I spent my last ten years in the board room observing the Board's recruitment and hiring of senior management and I can tell you that an executive headhunter had never presented an illustrated candidate for consideration.

  36. I have a full sleeve and work in the mortgage industry. Definitely acceptable now as I work sometimes showing my tattoos with no stigma or judging. I do think you have to to be coverable still. Hand tattoos and neck tattoos won’t get you a job still. at least a good job. Only time neck and hand tattoos are acceptable is if you’re a tattoo artist or barber lol

  37. if an employer doesn't hire you because of your tattoos, it doesn't necessarily mean the employer him/herself is against tattoos, it depends on the job, if your job requires working with people then the employer might think someone with tattoos isn't the best candidate since non-tattooed people are more likely to not garner negative attraction from the general public, mostly from the older people.

  38. I work as a social worker in germany and here having no body modifications at all in that field is suuuper uncommon lol

  39. What I can’t help but wonder is how much (or little) of a problem this will actually be for me by the time I get around to getting into my desired career path. I want to be a music director at a high school, but right now I’m only 18, and with the way culture in America (and in especially left leaning states) is changing, I don’t know if I’ll have to worry about this kind of thing within 6-7 years. My school has a decent number of teachers that are tattooed, and my band directed even recently got a kinda large one on her inner forearm, but she’s also been doing her job for a long time so idk. Ahh if only I could peek into the future

  40. I wish tattoo discrimination would just completely disappear and people can get any job they wanted while also have beautiful art on their bodies

  41. Straight up reality is fuck being employed who fucking cares !!! Yes I work I don’t have tattoos but I do work part time !! One day a week I’m 45 years old you want to focus on setting up your own buisness, I also invest sharemarket here in Australia/ American stock market etc !! Seriously though think about it I know in America only job you will start out with is some minimum wage fuckhole of a job for $7.50 or whatever it is in the states !! Fuck that I know the drill !! Then the world or employers I should say treat you like you have no brain to put in real input to a buisness lol yeah fuck em 👎👎 go entrepreneurial and fuck em all 👍👍😂

  42. your odds of getting a job are inversely proportional to the amount of bible-thumpers in your immediate proximity.

  43. People fell for it . Don't worship false idols…in other words don't kiss celebrity bum . Let them use toilet paper like everyone else.

  44. I'd love to get tattoos but I know I'd look at it one day and think "I wish it was a different size" or "I wish I could move it over a tad", so my indecisiveness stops me from getting one

  45. Would it be a better idea to get half sleeves instead of sleeves if I want to go into law enforcement? (They are Native American cultural tattoos)

  46. Would it be a better idea to get half sleeves instead of sleeves if I want to go into law enforcement? (They are Native American cultural tattoos)

  47. My jobs ace, the company love them because it’s a conversation pice with customers, we even have a guy with the words F**k off on his head and that’s fine we just don’t want nazi or naked women on show then your fine 👍

  48. I don’t understand why people are still so judgemental about people with tattoos but are so accepting of people who think they’re 20 different genders

  49. I think everyone in the comments is saying who cares what people think or say just cause you have tats all over and say you wont get this job blah blah blah ignore them and be proud of who you are. If it comes down to it make your own job instead.

  50. I stick with the option of getting tattoos that I can cover easily. Whenever I get sleeve tattoos, I wont get them past my watch wrist so I can cover them with long sleeves. I would not get my neck, face, and hands tattooed. My tattoo artist refuses to do neck, face, and hand tattoos anyway.

  51. You know not for nothing… But cops have sleeve tattoos…I don't know how in the holy fuk I didn't get a job at a restaurant just because I have my son's name tattooed on my hand!!! Lol

  52. I just don't understand this world, corporate image of tattoos and piercings is still in the stone age despite most people accepting it in modern society. Yet just like the legalization of marijuana the small minority seem to control the narrative. A sex change is far more invasive and disgusting to people yet that is something employers aren't allowed to discriminate on by law (not that they should be able to). Here in the U.S. we keep saying we're free but in my eyes it's the corporations who control us, from the wars to the lobbying in congress to our own individuality.

  53. I struggle because i want piercings and tattos but my dream is to work in business accounting and finance which is a verry professional carrer. Im not sure what to do about this. I want to wait until i get a steady accounting job and ask about the rules on it

  54. Today i went for an interview at Indigo airlines which is currently the india's largest low cost economy aviation company and as soon as i entered and met the interviewer he saw a tattoo at my hand and said this is not the job for you…. I mean they didn't even took my interview and i didn't even got to prove myself………It is sad that there are many talented young person here in india but they never ever get any chance just because they have tattoo

  55. My husband is a global director of a big company. No one could take care of the problem but he could. Maybe smart people do have tattoos 😂
    The best realtor to sale my house was full of tattoos ( I didn’t know until he took her jacket off).
    All the rest? Was a moron!
    I keep hiring the same realtor. I
    Did get 1 tattoo. Is a guitar. I do play it. I was never discriminated. ❤️

  56. I have tattoo both forearm and they are visible, im not working yet but i always think if my tattoo's can affect my job :// im so negative

  57. i hqve tattoos on my both of the arms and i am going to join housekeeping department.. is dermacol foundation going to work for me for about 13 hrs

  58. Speaking of face tattoos. Scenario number seven is why work for someone else when you can have people work for you. Find a purpose and fill a need

  59. I was told at my work I had to cover my sleeve even though 3 other people there always show off their tattoos and nobody has a problem with it.

  60. I've worked in gamedev for 10 years now. We have people pretty high up with tattoos, dreadlocks, ear extensions, people with multi-colored hair, piercings etc. It's a creative environment. Wouldn't change it for the world.

  61. I know this video is old as hell and I highly doubt I'll get a response but I wanna get a small black rose on the top of my middle finger (for my friend/ little brother Oliver who died of brain cancer at the age of 10) and I was wondering about employment, like would it affect my job options even if it's small

  62. I’m from Argentina and I have 4 tattoos 2 on my legs and 2 colorful ones on my forearms haven’t had a problem working at hotels at all as long as they’re covered

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