Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM • BRAVE NEW FILMS

My name is Brandon Bryant. I’m a 27-year-old
veteran. I was born here. Born in Missoula. I was very much an introvert growing up. Single
mother, two sisters, crap load of female cousins. Um, so I was pretty much alone all the time.
And I grew up with books and comic books and heroes and villains.
I kind of grew up optimistic, idealistic. I grew up in a Christian home. I wasn’t necessarily
too patriotic. I was more of the fact of good guys versus bad guys, making decisions, and
doing the right thing. I decided to get into the Air Force because I was racking up college
debt and I didn’t know what else to do. So when I was talking to the Air Force recruiter,
he’s like, “You know those guys that sit in the, the operations center for James Bond
and gather the intelligence he needs to do his mission?” And I was like, “Yeah, I know
those guys. Like, like ‘Q’ and all them.” And he’s like, “Yeah, you’ll be like one of
those guys”. And I was like, “That’s pretty badass.” Getting into the drone program was weird. The introduction is like, “this is what we
do. We kill people and break things. That is what our job is”. And, like, I worried
about it, you know, like, like, “Can I do this? Can I actually kill someone? Could I
actually pull the trigger?” I mean, I’m not actually pulling the trigger, I’m guiding
the missile in but it’s essentially the same thing. I don’t, I don’t see a difference.
We typically flew in Iraq, between 8,000 and 12,000 feet. And then in Afghanistan, we flew
between 18,000 and 25,000 feet. And depending on atmospherics, if it was a completely clear
day, you would definitely get a good picture. And depending on how close you were, you could
probably read the license plate on someone’s car.
We can see something as simple as people playing a soccer game. We can see individual players
and we can even see the ball. Tariq was the best defender. He was a very funny guy. He was really fond of sports. He loved soccer. It would have been a seven or eight hour trip for 16-year-old Tariq, through treacherous
terrain, through potential Taliban hot spots. And of course, under drone surveillance. It was the first time that the international media, the drone victims, the tribal elders
and the general public came together. It was held in a five-star hotel. The tribal elders
spoke in terms of political implications, how they felt and the drone victims spoke
about personal stories. The drones attack us and the whole world is silent. I raise my voice to take a stand. You press a button an annihilate entire families and tribes. This is a part of the drone, the missile that
was used to kill that child. It was a gathering to get the voice of the
victims of drone attacks out to the general public, as well as the rest of the world.
And that was the main goal. We were gonna use the media to try and establish who had
been killed and also why, where and how. Well, because of the inaccessibility of Waziristan,
it’s very, very hard to compile any kind of credible evidence or evidence that other people
will see as credible. That was part of the reason we organized this conference in Islamabad.
We called it a jirga. A jirga is a traditional tribal gathering. It’s what people in that area use to settle
their disputes. This is simply indiscriminate bombing! There are so many women and children killed. At one stage I came across a young boy, Tariq Aziz. When I was talking to Tariq, one of
the first things that he did was he handed me his cousin’s student I.D. card. And as
I looked at it, I looked back at Tariq, and I noticed that he was crying. He started to
tell me the story of his cousin who had been killed from a drone strike. He had come to
the jirga primarily to inform us a little bit more about what had happened to his cousin,
to people in his local village and find out how to stop the killing.
We sat together all day. We ate together at lunchtime. We laughed together. We became
friends. Tariq was extremely intelligent and funny to be around. He had a nice sense of
humor. He was fascinated by photography and intrigued by western music, mentioning artists
and one that sprang to mind was Lady Gaga. He started to talk about drone strikes in
his village. How he was unable to sleep at night, he was scared, he was worried about
his family, his friends, Tariq was traumatized. He wanted to talk about how he was affected
by drone attacks and basically to give the message that people of Waziristan want justice
against the killing of innocent civilians under drone attacks that are operated by the
U.S. I’ve been to Waziristan and have taken pictures and collected evidence That neither the CIAnor the American government can disprove. But the most painful story that I have come across was of theses children. Their brother was killed in a drone strike. But what they didn’t know was that their parents were also killed. And the
people who had gathered there adopted a resolution condemning the strikes. [APPLAUSE] The outcome of the jirga was a big success
because it allowed people to come together, listen to stories and come to common resolution.
Then we went together to a rally, and Tariq Aziz traveled there with us. We traveled towards the rally and Tariq sat
next to me. He seemed relaxed, he was laughing with his friends. Tariq and everybody else
got out and they went to the rally. Thousands of Pakistanis came to support a
giant rally on Sunday. The protest against the United States’ drone
attacks in Pakistan. The drones are violating the people of Pakistan. as well as their human rights. People from all over the country, irrespective of their ages and backgrounds, came together
to the rally. We want to send a message to America. The more drone attacks you conduct, the more people will resent you. After that, Tariq Aziz and the other attendees returned to their homes. He said the rally in Islamabad was huge, and that it would help our voices get heard. We were preparing for the soccer match the next day. We told Tariq to pick up extra players for our game. Tariq left to tell some players, and we left to tell others. We were listening to music in the car. Tariq’s brother was with me. The car was completely destroyed, and the bodies of Tariq and his cousin were badly burned. We took their bodies out and put them into our car. When I saw Tariq’s body I became very upset and disturbed. Other people took me away because I became faint. It was deeply disurbing to see the dead bodies of our friends and relatives. [PHONE RINGS] Two days later I got a call. When the attack took place, I was in school in Bannu. You know I heard about Tariq a few days later,
after I’d gone back to England We were at prayer when we found out. I got an email. I was at work when we found out.
We got an email and a telephone call. Four days after the jirga, I received an email
from Shahzad. The email simply said “Tariq” as the heading, and I opened it instantly.
To my shock, I found out that Tariq had been murdered by a drone strike.
And that was a shock. I mean, it was like, how? How is it possible? What, where was he?
What was he doing? And it’s like, completely unbelievable. He was just an innocent student. He was my student. They said that [my brother] Tariq has been killed. I could not believe it. My initial thoughts were, this wasn’t happening. This was just a dream.
We didn’t think that Tariq, the 16-year-old kid who wanted to talk about football, would
be killed in a drone attack the same week that we’d met him. I thought… oh God! What has happened to us? There is no happiness, no gatherings, not even soccer. Happiness has disappeared along with Tariq. It was a very bitter experience. We’re mentally tormented. I mourned very much. Because of drones innocent people get killed. In Pashto there is a saying, Let me be buried with your picture, in case I forget you in heaven. Why did it happen? Why was Tariq killed?
If the U.S. had any information that Tariq Aziz was part of a criminal organization,
was planning to carry out attacks on the United States, then our Federal Law Enforcement Agents
should have been working with the authorities of Pakistan to arrest him.
And one really has to ask the question why the government was not able to arrest or even
question him. This is Islamabad we’re talking about. It’s the capital of the country. Population’s
over a million people. Jirga was a real public event. It was at a
big hotel. It was advertised widely. It was an open event.
Tariq Aziz was plainly visible to hundreds and hundreds of people. He talked with reporters.
Everything about him that the authorities could have wanted to know about his location
and about his recent activities were known to the United States.
So it would have been extremely easy for them to approach him, sit down and talk to him
or for that matter, put him in jai. But instead, the CIA chose to go and kill him without giving
him the opportunity to give his side of whatever it is that they thought that he had done.
There is no evidence there whatsoever. And they’ve given him no lawyers, there is no
judge and there’s no jury. Our preference is always to capture if we
can, ’cause we can gather intelligence. But a lot of the terrorist networks that target
the United States, the most dangerous ones, operate in very remote regions and it’s very
difficult to capture them. But what we can discern from the pattern of
strikes is that, essentially, Pakistan has been declared a no-capture zone, um, that
automatically capture’s not considered feasible. If you just look at the numbers, there have
been dramatically more people killed in recent years than have been captured.
They’ve killed maybe 3,000 to 4,000 people in targeted killings and they’ve captured
a handful. There are no CIA agents in Waziristan, so
they rely on local people. And this is where the fundamental wrong is,
because these people are working for you for money.
And that reliance is utterly misplaced and what you see in Tariq’s case and it just pains
me to say this, that you know, without any real room for dispute, that there was someone
in that room, when we were having our jirga, who was an informant for the U.S. Intelligence
Services and that that person picked out Tariq, I can tell you as a matter-of-fact that Tariq
was not an extremist and the way you know what intelligence they relied on to kill someone
is what they release immediately after the killing and in that case they said four militants
were killed. And of course we know that two kids were killed. Um, that’s how it happened.
I asked the CIA about the strike and their response was on that day no child was killed.
In fact the adult males were supporting Al Qaeda’s facilitation network. So, despite
all of these technological assets and human assets, uh, we’re not there, we don’t know.
And I think there is a lot of room for error. Killing Tariq was clearly breaking the law.
In fact, it was further than that. It was just murder.
Tariq Aziz was one of almost 300 children killed. Why are these children being killed?
This is a targeted, focused effort at people who are on a list of active terrorists.
The killing of Tariq Aziz has to call into question the credibility of the government’s
kill list methodology. The vast majority of the strikes here are
against people whose identities the government doesn’t know.
We do not know where targeted killings are authorized to be used. We do not know the
specific identities of people who have been killed.
The constitution empowers the president to protect the nation from any imminent threat
of attack. So how can Tariq Aziz, a 16-year-old boy,
possibly meet that definition of imminent threat?
The Justice Department has defined an imminent threat based not on whether the threat is
specific and immediate, which is what “imminent” means-
So that people pose imminent threats regardless of whether they are actually engaged in any
ongoing, immediate attack against the United States.
We have a responsibility to defend this country and that’s what we’re doing.
Killing Tariq hasn’t made us any safer. It’s taken away a young boy’s life. It’s destroyed
a family and a community. Under the interpretations we’ve heard from
the administration and members of Congress, drone strikes could go on indefinitely, against
enemies that keep morphing into new enemies. But killing should be the exception, not the
rule. Tariq Aziz should never have died. The U.S.
should not have been using military force to attack innocent civilians, let alone children. I would question a policy that says it is legitimate and even sensible to assassinate
a 16-year-old boy. He was trying to be part of the constructive
way forward. Tariq wanted to do something to help. I think
he felt that he had more to give, more to talk about and more to understand. And the
impact of Tariq’s murder on my life has been huge, made me reflect deeply and made me question
a lot of things. He has now become a symbolic figure in innocent children that have been
killed by drone strikes. He was just a kid. There’s two guys in front, one guy in the rear and they’re walking up this path and,
uh, the two guys in front are discussing. They’re like; you can see them having an avid
conversation. They’ve got something slung over their shoulders, which look to be, uh,
weapons. The mountainous portions of Afghanistan are not so un-similar from the mountainous
regions of Montana, and seeing people with guns walking around the mountains of Afghanistan
was like, “Well, people are walking with guns in the mountains of Montana”.
But as soon as we get eyes on them, it’s like, immediately confirm they are weapons, confirm
your cleared target. So place the target at their feet and we get missiles away. Ends
up getting all three of them. But the guy in the back, it ends up cutting his leg off
above the knee and severing his femoral artery. Uh, and he’s rolling around. He’s holding
it, and he’s just like rolling around, but you can see, like, where his leg is missing
and the blood is spurting out and landing on the ground and it’s cooling.
It’s hot, it’s a hot pool of blood and it’s cooling. And we keep eyes on and watch the
guy become the same color as the ground that he bled out on. I can almost see his facial
expression. It was, uh, I could almost see his mouth open and crying out.
Maybe he cursed us, or maybe he asked Allah for forgiveness for us. Who knows what his
last thoughts were? But it wasn’t, it wasn’t pretty, whatever it was. It was shock and
trauma and his ears were probably ringing and he was bleeding out and he was… in agony.
I didn’t know how to react. No one teaches you how to react. They teach you how to do
it. There’s no, they ignore, they ignore the reaction
part. I wished I never contributed further to that. Before any strike is taken, there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed
or injured. The highest standard we can set. The vast majority of those killed in drone
strikes? Over 98% have not been high value targets. The adoptions of signature strikes make indiscriminate killing, you know, a policy.
What they end up with is what I described earlier, the signature strike.
They moved back to a greater reliance on these signature strikes.
A signature strike is a drone strike that isn’t based on the identity of the target.
I obtained classified U.S. intelligence reports on drone strikes. What the documents reveal
are the way that signature strikes are put together and these are strikes against people
who fit, who “fit” the signature of what the U.S. government says is a terrorist.
Maybe they are walking in and out of the compound with guns, maybe they’re getting in trucks
and they’re moving to the Afghan border. And drone operators seated thousands of miles
away from the area affected are looking at video feeds, assessing those video feeds and
based on that, making decisions about whether or not someone who’s walking through the community
is a suspected terrorist. You conclude on the basis of the behavior that they are a
terrorist and you kill them. In a number of cases that I looked at, the
CIA wasn’t sure who they were hitting. The Agency became convinced that it had gotten
so good at watching from above that it could distinguish different groups. It could distinguish
whether a terrorist leader was at a certain location.
But there is room for a lot of mis-understanding when you’re doing something like conducting
signature strikes. A drone strike is only as good as the intelligence
that is behind the actual strike. Anyone who’s worked in intelligence knows
that intelligence doesn’t, quote, unquote, prove anything. It’s not evidence.
So drones hit what they aim to hit, but if they’re aimed at the wrong people, then civilians
are killed. Former U.S. Ambassador, Cameron Munter had
said that one man’s combatant was another man’s chump who went to a meeting.
When Leon Panetta was director of the CIA, uh, somebody memorably said, if Leon sees
a few guys doing jumping jacks on the ground, he thinks that’s a terrorist training camp.
Classified documents suggest U.S. officials don’t always know exactly how many or who
they’re killing. They don’t always have precise I.D.
The apparent targeting of people whose identity not known-
They may not be as precise as many U.S. officials claim.
As soon as those strikes begin, we start to see another steep escalation in civilian casualties.
So that’s what happens when signature strikes go wrong. Large numbers of people die because
they don’t know who’s been killed in most of the drone strikes. On March 17, 2011, a jirga was held in Datta Khel to resolve a dispute over a chromite
mine. If there is a feud getting out of hand, jirga
will convene and everyone has a chance to speak. It really is a democracy and that is
a mechanism to make sure that there is stability in society. There were more than forty people We were talking about chromite and the cutting of wood from the mountains. I was sitting on the ground. They held the jirga in an open space in a
bus depot in broad daylight. The tribal elders informed the Pakistani military.
Brigadier Dogar was in command of the brigade on the border. So he is a key commander. The
Brigadier knew about the jirga ten days in advance. His own army camp was ten kilometers
from the site of the jirga. So this was an open, public event that pretty
much everyone in the community and surrounding area knew about.
So the jirga begins in the morning and about 10:00 and after about twenty minutes or so… EXPLOSIONS Four missiles attacked us at 10:45am on March 17, 2011. Two missiles targeted the group where I was sitting, while two more targeted the other group. There’s smoke and debris and chaos.
It was a huge explosions, so people in the shop, the nearby areas, they rushed
to the place. When the attack took place, it became hell for us. I rushed there and found pieces of dead bodies all around. Some had no head, some had nohadns, some had no feet. They were all dead. Everyone was crying and screaming, asking why do these drone attacks kill our people. When we got there, they said there were countless casualties. All I saw were body parts and charred clothes. When I got there someone showed me my father. When I touched his skin it started to break like ashes. All the elders had been killed, including my father. I became very upset. He was our only source of income. We were all completely dependent on him. I opened the casket and saw him. My father was completely unrecognizable. I couldn’t tell which parts were his hands and which parts were his feet. I feel pain in my legs. My bones were broken so it aches. I have to have surgery again. I have severe pain in my ears and also have psychological effects. The loss of 40 leaders in one day is devastating for that community. It’s devastating in terms
of leadership, it’s devastating in terms of the moral compass and it’s devastating in
economic terms as well. The death of my father was a great loss for us. He used to resolve disputes between the people. He contributed to the welfare and happiness of the pepole in our area because he was an elected councilor. This drone strike is coming at the end of a series of drone strikes. It’s feeding into
the sense of, no one is safe. No where is safe. Nothing is safe. Even a jirga, the most
cherished, the most treasured institution of the tribal areas. So we cannot even sit
down and resolve an issue. That is not safe anymore. We cannot gather together because drones hover over our skies twenty four hours per day. That impact has really affected the population
and their basic sense of security and basic sense of living in that area. Out lives are full of chaos and depression. All our institutions have been destroyed. Thank you very much and good afternoon, everyone.
Thank you for being here today. Three months after 42 civilians died, John
Brennan stood up and said- Nearly for the past year, there hasn’t been
a single collateral death because of the exceptional proficiency, precision of the capabilities
that we’ve been able to develop. High-level authorities tell the American public
that there have been no civilian casualties. They were presumably using this notion that
any male of a certain age roughly between 14 and 60 who is killed is automatically counted
as a combatant. The Vietnam body count as a metric was flawed. It did not really give you a measure of how
successful you were being. In fact it led you astray in assessing that. And the drone
strikes are the same way. They’re the wrong metric. Tell me how we’re winning if every
time we kill one, we create ten? The strikes in Datta Khel caused a significant
negative reaction by Pakistani authorities and by the Pakistani people. Anti-American sentiment in Pakistan reached greater heights.
That very large drone strike really upended U.S. – Pakistani relations.
I was a military guy for 25 years. I’ve done seven wars. I’m not about being nice to the
enemy. But the blowback and the aspect of political destabilization, those things ultimately
do make us less safe. The growing public outcry appears to have at least compelled the country’s top political
and military leadership to publicly denounce U.S. drone attacks.
Violence is not the only solution. You have a recourse available. You can go to Pakistani
courts to take up this matter legally. We know the the judiciary system is available all over the world. to provide justice for deprived people. We are helpless and uneducated therefore we have no voice. I got in contact with Shahzad Akbar. HIs colleagues came to me and advised me to raise the issue in court so that I could get justice. Relatives of the victims have decided to fight a legal battle against the CIA for killing
innocent civilians. When we started with serving legal notices
and starting the drone litigation, my critics, they were saying, “How can you do drone litigation?
Oh, there’s no jurisdiction in the tribal areas.” There were so many issues and there
were so many objections. It’s a common joke in Pakistan that grandfather starts the litigation and then the grandson
actually gets to hear the verdict in that case. But I decided to file the Peshawar High
Court litigation because the 17th March, 2011, strike was a typical example of signature
strikes and what’s wrong with them. But during the process, the most interesting thing was
that in the last five years, more than 1,400 civilian Pakistanis have been killed in drone
strikes. A Pakistani court has declared U.S. drone
attacks in the country a war crime. In a landmark judgment, the High Court described
the attacks as a blatant violation of Pakistan sovereignty.
The court ruled that the practice was illegal. A court in Pakistan has ruled that U.S. drone
strikes on Pakistani territory are illegal and should be stopped. They declared that in drone strikes, CIA officials are committing the offense of murder. It’s not a demand of Pakistan anymore that drone strikes should stop. It’s their legal obligation
that drones need to stop. We have proved that if you really want to
do something and if you really want to get justice for people who have been denied justice,
you can achieve that. The human rights organization, Reprieve, has
filed a lawsuit against the U.K. for its role in drone strikes.
Barack Obama is facing demands in court to reveal more about the U.S. drone program.
The ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of families of three Americans killed in drone strikes.
Drone victims accused John A. Rizzo of conspiracy to wage a war of aggression to commit murder
and crimes against humanity. Can you take the drones out of the hands of
the CIA? Ma’am, let me, let me finish.
Can you stop the signature strikes? People on the ground are saying, “Where is
the accountability for this?” It’s unleashed a global citizen movement. We don’t feel that our government should be killing people without trial, without conviction.
It’s a very, very wicked thing to do. This demonstration, it’s for Obama, for him to transform the current policies of the United
States. Thousands gathered on Monday to condemn the
recent U.S. drone attacks. Protestors in Atlanta say drones are dangerous,
and they want them banned. In San Diego, there are regular protests outside
General Atomics. Killer drones have no shame.
War is not a video game! We need to stop these killer drones from leading
us into a world of chaos and lawlessness. You lawmakers, you senators, enough is enough!
I don’t think the United States has the authority to be going around the world deciding who
to assassinate. Come in to work, told that they’ve found a
high-profile dude hanging out. We’re told that they’re gonna, they have Intel that this
guy is there, and they’re gonna strike him. And so, like, this guy’s a high-ranking bad
guy, like, why not? There was a lot of activity there earlier that day. Pretty much everyone’s
left but the Intel, that, the guy is still there. And so, we fired. And then six seconds before missile impact, uh, something runs around the building. When
I brought that up, the screener who disseminated the video feed said that it was a dog. But
I don’t think that he ever mentioned a dog the entire evening of them monitoring.
I mean, I, I was pretty much brand-spanking new at this. I’d only been doing it a couple
months, so who was I to question? I doubt myself at times. Like, maybe it was, I was
seeing things. But ultimately I believe there was a child killed and that burden is placed
on me. Doing this I had to really think about why
was, why, why? Why was I here? Why am I doing this? I was pretty religious at the time and
I went to talk to the chaplain and under the orders of my commander actually and I got
nothing out of it. He was just basically like, “It’s God’s plan.” It’s God’s fucking plan
for people to die? Like, I don’t want to hear that shit.
I didn’t feel like I was a part of anything good or wholesome or healthy or contributing
to the greater good. I felt like I was Destroying myself. I was taking who I pictured myself
to be in my head and chopping it down, and breaking it down, taking a sledgehammer to
it. And it crumbled. My name is Rafiq ur Rehman. I am a primary school teacher. I’ve been teaching for ten years. We strive to eradicate illiteracy so our children can be educated and have a bright future. This is my daughtetr Nabila. This is my daughter Asma. Zubair ur Rehman is my son. We have our own land and grow our own food. People enjoyed life before the attacks. It was 2:45PM on October 24th of 2012. After school finished I went into town to buy school supplies. After school finished I went into town to buy school supplies. I was in the fields tying up bundles. I got back in the car and bought sweets for the children. I got back in the car and bought sweets for the children. When I got home I was drinking tea, after the first sip the drone hit. The house shook The dust flew. The roof shook and the ground trembled. I ran, then I got hit. I ran out and there was all this dust and smoke. I was hit from behind and wounded. Then I ran to the house. I was bleeding and got bandaged. I knew there would be a second strike. Usually drones strike a second time after five or ten minutes. It’s to kill the relatives who come out to help. Then five minutes later it came again. Then I fell down right there, and I thought I was dying, and i was shouting I am dying. The injured children had been taken to various hospitals for treatment. The attack was on October the 24th. I came from Islamabad and interviewed the family in clinic. In general, the sense was of a family that had a very tramatic experience, they were very upset These are the x-rays of the children who were hit by the drone This is the x-ray of my nephew whose leg was broken in the attack. They operated on him. These are the iron rods that they put in his legs. When I reached the house, I saw my mother’s sandal lying on the ground. When I saw her sandal, I knew that she had died Neighbors told me she had been thrown about twenty-five feet away. That’s when I saw my mother on the ground and I ran towards her but the neighbors wouldn’t let me near her. They said you cannot see this. She had so many wounds. My mother was brutally killed. That’s where my mother was killed. She was, as the saying goes: “like a treasure of prayers.” I used to discuss all my problems with her. She used to console me and I would forget my worries. My family has been destroyed since my mother was killed. Atik and Rafiq whose mother had been killed in this attack You know, obviously as anyone would be, they were angry and they were very upset The blasts were very powerful. They have damaged the rooms badly. This one’s got cracks in it. This needs to be fixed so it doesn’t fall during the rains. Before these attacks started there was peace and happiness in our area. When these drone attacks started and out mother was killed they destroyed our entire family. They have wreaked havoc on our lives and happiness. You have people living in constant fear that they are not safe living in their own homes or in their streets, or in their locality They live in fear that they would be attacked, and they could die, or their children, or their property, or their land could be seriously effected. They buzz around twenty four hours a day, so I’m always scared, I cannon sleep. We’re scared all the time since they attacked us. How can we not be? It has the worst effects on children when they see the dead or injured The number of psychiatric patients has increased The main reason for the increase is that nobody feels safe in North Waziristan I’m really afraid now, especially at night. I don’t go out. I jump at every sound. We thought that if we were not doing anything wrong or associating with the wrong kind of people. no one will think we are terrorists We have not seen terrorists but the radio reported that terrorists were killed in the drone attack. In the newspaper they say terrorists have died or Taliban have been killed but it was small children who were attacked. Hundreds of civilians have died in the US drone strikes, the evidence is pretty clear on that Unfortunately the US media doesn’t seem to want to engage on that Our blood has been shed and my mother was killed and we are called terrorists. The news reports you often all you have to go on is a reference to two militants were killed or three militants were killed And there’s not a lot of evidence as to who those militants were US media outlets have been mindlessly reciting and regurgitating whatever statistic the government disseminates. They incorrectly report that terrorists have died that al-Qaeda has been killed. What they are doing wrong. I started gathering proof to show the real pictures to the world I have taken pictures of the clothes and shoes covered in blood because the American and Pakistan governments always report that they have killed terrorists in the drove attack Later on we would learn that children, women, and the elderly were also among the people killed. Local people compare drone attacks with that of slapping someone in darkness Drone strikes have turned all of Waziristan into enemies We were not their enemy before the drone attack but now they have made us their enemy by killing us with drones I am angry at America and have become its enemy after the death of my mother Thousands will become America’s enemy after such incidents. We the people of Waziristan never pardon our enemies. – Jalal Manzar Khail From their point of view, this is not war, this is murder, and that’s the way they look at it. It is recruiting terrorists all over the world, it is making young men and young women make the decision that the United States is their enemy And therefore worthy of their Jihad We’ll get revenge for our bloodshed and brutal killings. Sami Ullah The US had killed a large number of people. and yet at the same time instead of Al-Qaeda growing less in Yemen We’re seeing in fact the exact opposite, that the more people we kill, it seems the larger infact that Al-Qaeda is growing Faisal Shahzad, he was a Pakistani National who engaged in the attempt to blow-up Times Square The motivation that he put forward for his attack, was he had witnessed a series of drone strikes, so he was mounting an attack on a US city in retaliation. The Faisal Shahzad attack on Times Square is one example but there are other possibilities. This jihadi attack will be the first of the revenge operations against the Americans and their drone teams. The Taliban does not need to train suicide bombers anymore The drones create suicide bomber factories. Defense and aerospace firms which build drones have spent millions of dollars on lobbying over the past year. It is estimated over the next decade, drones will become an $80 billion business. 50 countries are actively using drones, if we do it, why can’t they Now if anybody can develop drones and arm them, mind you there are a few out there who can, is gonna be able to do it and point it at us as the precedent and protocol. Other countries will recognize the utility of drones as a means to attack their supposed enemies. Israel showed off its latest drone British government has spent some two billion pounds on developing attack drones And China is launching some new lineup to its old fleet of drones What if China starts using drones against what it regards as terrorists The decisions we have made in the last few years will come back to haunt us The drones are an excuse to avoid thinking seriously about what the United States should be doing to address Al-Qaeda or more broadly the threat posed by violent Islamic radicalism Well I have actually grown into spending much more time on community based solutions to these problems because they are just more effective We’ve seen a lot of programs that have succeeded reducing violence and reducing militancy when the community gets involved So what we need to do is demilitarize US Policy, in Washington that is sort of an unthinkable prospect because we’ve got
a National Security elite that is so much devoted to the assumption that military power
provides our strong suit. But the evidence says otherwise.
We had a phrase we used in the State Department. We called it, “Drying up the Swamp”. You know,
taking away the environment in which the terrorist flourishes. We’re talking about helping people
rather than killing people. I’m talking about a roof over their head; I’m talking about
a lasting cease-fire. I’m talking about clean water to drink.
The notion that somehow Al-Qaeda is the equivalent of Nazi German or Imperial Japan is, is foolish.
It’s time to recognize that that’s not working and to look toward something else, like policing
and incorporating people into the political process, better programs at development that
will lift people out of poverty and give them alternatives.
If we win the people of tribal areas to our side, we win the war because they’re strong
enough to take away, take care of the militants. The armed people in tribal area are almost
800,000 to 900,000. But these drones and Pakistani military operations are pushing these people
over to the militant side. It is clear that the present strategy to contain
this violence, to contain these militants, these terrible men of violence has not succeeded.
We need to stop letting our public servants be our public masters. My entire left side was injured because of the drone missile. The drone hit our guest house and killed my two uncles and cousins. I feel extreme pain and sometimes I pass out. A lot of us came in as young, bright-eyed,
bushy-tailed, young, young people to becoming gloomy, negative individuals. September 7, 2009 three of my family members were killed and two of us were injured I felt like I deserved- If I contributed to
that many deaths, wouldn’t it balance the world out if I was to be a casualty myself? I was taken to the hospital for treatment where I spent many months. They took my measurements and made me artificial legs. I had…this ideal about myself where [CHUCKLES]
like, I wanted to do good; I wanted to save people’s lives. I wanted to, to, you know,
be a hero. I used to think that I would go to school and become a doctor. But now I cannot do anything. They have cut off my legs and I have lost an eye. Now I cannot do anything. I just sit at home. I had this, this oath that I swore that, um, I felt I needed to follow because I gave my
word and the only thing that’s worth anything in this world, is, is your word. I’m very hopeful that the drone attacks will stop and we’ll have a normal life again. I had to get away as quickly as possible. I would like to give this message to Obama and people of America to stop drone attacks on Pakistan. I give this message to Obama to stop drone attacks on us as soon as possible because it is extremely cruel. It should be stopped sooner. I would like to give message to Obama that please don’t treat us on the basis of religion. but treat us on the basis of humanity. We all are human beings and have the same physical features. There are many people suffering here. We want the drones to be stopped.


  1. Great work guys, very well done. It's going to be up to us documentary filmmakers to tell the stories that the media won't tell.

  2. It's only a matter of time before retaliatory indiscriminate drone attacks begin all across america. Or perhaps it will be a nuclear device detonated in a large city, or several cities for that matter. Terrorism is an american specialty.

  3. There is where "voting for the lesser evil" gets us. Americans, we need to wake up and vote our conscious, no matter how many people tell us that the person we are voting for will "never win."

  4. LOL if you life in a third world country with a majority being terrorists expect drone bombings. Also if the drones are watching you maybe don't dress like terrorists idiots. One more thing who cares about these third world countries.

  5. I would take everything these muslims say with a large pinch of salt …
    deception is sanctioned by the koran

  6. I hate to say this but, the young man they're discussing @5:15 into the video who lost his friend and who enjoys western music like "lady ga-ga", it's no wonder his friend was killed by a drone, as that is one evil bitch and her music is quite demonic and Satanic in nature.  We all reap what we sow and if that sounds harsh or too incredible to believe, God has taken His wrath out on mankind for much less.

  7. When does Obama and Bush get to be put on the mass murderers list? When do the people wake up?

    As an American myself, I can't get anyone to see the huge double standard they promote. And most don't care, it doesn't affect them personally :'(

  8. oh someone please stop AMERICA killing innocent people. Those children its horrific l can't stop thinking of my bbys. lf it were them.

    America keeps records of dates time and where they did drone strikes so the ppl can prove too it happened exactly insync with military records.

    And what about the american JSOC night raids doing exactly the same.!

    wtf is really going on.???? this is war crimes genocide. Obama and hid generals should be imprisoned NOW

  9. please this be the year that this heart wrenching stuff stops. we need to raise our vibrational frequencies so that the low vibrational entities manipulating the rothschilds and rockefellers cannot survive

  10. every reason which ask you or push you to kill… is not the good one.
    do not understand that… is the evidence you are idiot.

  11. Just watched this. 8/19/16. It's a crying shame..I'm citizen U.S. I cry for us and the world, We know not what we do. We are removed and unfeeling of others' suffering. I have come to believe, recently, because of our current election debacle, that we Want War. People make lots of money off war, and much of that goes to our establishment politicians. That is the problem. The system is out of control. Beyond logic or reason. Eisenhower warned of us the military-industrial complex. Lincoln 'trembled' in his boots when he saw the power that corporations were striving for (and that prediction has come true). And all this warring is inhuman and inhumane. Yet I still have to Hope that somehow, somehow, the peoples of the world will rise together (and peacefully!) to overcome the 'monster' that has grown like a cancer. STOP the DRONES. Every strike creates 10 more terrorists! How can we not SEE. Thank you.

  12. i fee really emotional people are worst than animals i cant beleove this us why, stop the violence o belive peace can be achieve if everyone of us come together and work on it. so many human rights have been violated and people stip inventing more weapons instead invent somthing that can make peace in the world.

  13. American government is a real terrorist in my view, because they are actually killing the happiness of innocent families. GOD will take revenge (i.a)

  14. It's a bit annoying the documentary does not note that there were in fact Taliban militants in that large jirga (~30 min in). Even look at the news panel on the screen. But it's not so clear it was worth killing dozens of random tribesmen for a couple low-level Taliban mediators….

  15. i support the use of drones…. as long as they only kill soldiers. how hard can it be to wait untill the terrorist / enemy gets into a car alone or walks away from others… seriously thats crazy to me. still love the united states but get yer shit together man

  16. Its only the beginning, look to the future of drones they will become much much more lethal and effective. They will only get better, stronger ,faster ,deadlier,smarter,etc. In 20 years there will be drones doing everything , including murdering and destroying people and property, be it by governments ,military's, gangs, civilians and company's

  17. 1st of all, did any of you crybaby bleeding hearts know the history of the US?? America was born from war! And the American soldier knows all to well the price we may have to pay and pay it will all the well taking as many of the other guys with him Because of it will to fight all comers Americans FOUGHT from day 1! and we are not afraid of grinding our enemies to the point of annihilation when they attack us (WWII Japan & Germany) Christ we Nuked japan twice do any of you know what the definition is for" WAR"? Nothing is fair,not in live let alone WAR. A soldiers duty is fight and if need be die! You fight with what ever is at hand sticks and stones to nuclear missiles. If you live in a country that is technology advanced (the developed world, USA, England, France, Israel etc… )you have access to better weapons of war 3rd world countries , Not so much. collateral damage are a given with any conflict puts his dirty mitts. I really do feel for those innocents but screw around in a warzone, shit happens! You can vilify the US all day long but, all it takes is a little history class to know your enemy and you will come to realize that America doesn't pull her punches EVER! Neither do we have any problem with using all means available to her either! Then we emphasize our point and do it 1 more time to insure our enemies got the point we even named them FATMAN and LITTLEBOY. And of course some asshat figured out that 3 plain mundane words have brought Death to tens of millions of innocent men, women and children. And is still alive and well today it was then as is now STILL very happy to kill people for 3 words, 9 letters in english can you bring them to mind? But when these 3 words are invoked by those indoctrinated from birth to ignorant open their eyes and to think for themselves try by force of arms to make others live by their rules. Those 3 word :
    GOD WILLS IT! Religion preaches kindness goodwill forgiveness. as long as you abide by that religions members. All others convert or they get what they have coming. Nature got it right Billions of years ago with the beginning of live 'bacteria' and it has worked so well it is the only thing that has never change over in 3.5 of the 4 billion year existence of this planet. Eat or be eaten
    Us in our arrogance have convinced ourselves that natures rules no longer apply, Boy what a shock that reality must be to the self important!

  18. We need to shine light on the darkness, In order to open our hearts and heal this planet we need to educate ourselves about what is really going on. There is no "us" and "them", we are all mothers, fathers, grandparents and children. We are all the same. No human being deserves to die like this.

  19. Connect the dots:  Americans comprise less than 5% of the world's population  Americans consume more than 30% of the world's resources  To ensure that we stay #1 in consumption, 50% of income tax paid by Americans goes to fund our military-industrial complex  No wonder the Third World hates us U.S.
    ~ U.S. imperialism is not justice

  20. I knew all along you are a fuckwith. Most useless pres the USA ever seen. Never had any fucking idea what was going on in his own ranks. a Real puppet. Thank fuck his gone. Seems these days when one farts you are a terrorist. Wonder why the Middle East is in such chaos? I know.

  21. Every piece of bomb used in the war is money taxed from the americans.. a loss for the ordinary american but a gain for the MIC and war merchants..yet the ordinary american is hated especially in the middle east and all over the world..

  22. It works!
    We blew the shit right back up their own arses!
    We blew them into shards of fucking dust!
    Praise The Lord and all good things!
    Now I want you to kiss me on the mouth.

  23. Lets see…. If a foreign nation began using drones to murder Americans within the USA what would you do??? If you fought back after being attacked in your own home and they called you a terrorists for defending yourself how would you react??? We invaded Afghanistan to start growing poppies again to addict US Citizens, so they could fill their privatized prisons and to keep the people busy hunting for their next high so they would not know or care about what the Corporate Government was doing to the world in your name, in the name of FREEDOM, and we all know nothing is quite so free as being DEAD!!!!! Our children were raised playing video games where if you got killed you simply hit the refresh button and started over!!!! Real life is NOT like this!!!! When you are DEAD you are DEAD!!!! For those involved in these drone attacks unless you are a total psycho what you are doing now will come back to haunt you, and when you are aging and your time of passing is near what you and all of us have done will eat you alive, so you must make amends now and forgive yourself for what you have done and know you were doing what you had to to keep yourself alive in a nation where most of us have no choice but to join the military because our real jobs have been shipped so we will have no choice but to join…. Forgive yourself and let the ones you have harmed know you are regretful… We will all answer for our transgressions, but GOD is forgiving, so forgive yourself for doing what you have to in this evil world….

  24. Creating, so called, terrorists was the Bush/Cheney Regimes reason for murdering all the innocent peoples of the world…. Their never ending WARS FOR PROFITS for the few!!!!!

  25. From: Dorothy Reilly <[email protected]> [Edit Address Book]
    Subject: Proof of US government crimes against humanity right on TV
    Date: May 5, 2017 10:38 AM
    This is one of the more important items I have posted…first, it was surprisingly on mainstream tv, second it is an emotionally devastating report and third it is a record of mass criminality on the part of the US. Let’s get something straight…none of the actions the US government has taken against other countries has been in any way, shape, or form, of a “defensive” nature…that makes every single one of those actions immoral and more importantly for the preservation of the planet, illegal. It is mass murder we are talking about and every one involved, all the way through the chain of command, is culpable, up to and including the Commander-in-Chief and quite honestly, including the whistleblowers who are speaking out in this documentary who should have refused the illegal orders they received and kept in mind the principles that came out of the Nuremberg trials that “I was just following orders” is not a valid excuse. And keep in mind what one of the whistleblowers said about the bloodlust of her fellow drone pilots. Voting means nothing while accountability could actually create massive change…proof of crimes is right here…

    PBS Independent Lens “National Bird” documentary

    National Bird follows whistleblowers who, despite possible consequences, are determined to break the silence around one of the most controversial issues of our time: the secret U.S. drone war. The film gives rare insight through the eyes of both survivors and veterans who suffer from PTSD while plagued by guilt over participating in the killing of faceless people in foreign countries.


  26. a cowardly and despicable attacks on innocent people,the real terrorists are in the white house and in No 10 downing street

  27. I understand the point here but the attacks are not done with killing innocent people as the objective. If ISIS or the Taliban or any terrorist has a strong hold next to your house its a good idea to get your family out of there. This is war times and blame the terrorist because they attack and stage warfare from public areas and hide in with the general public to avoid being targeted. They are cowards and do this knowing they put innocent lives at risk. They use civilians as human shields all the time to escape after a firefight or when the coalition has them surrounded. they know we don't go after innocent people so they hide in with them. many dress up as women to escape. The civilians got to comply with local law enforcement and military to rid their communities of terrorists if not, if they let terrorist operate in their communities without saying anything to anyone just minding their own business they risk becoming collateral damage.

  28. The ones missing from these press conferences are the sick minds in command of such drone strikes and massacres of civilians : the Bush , the Clinton & Co ! U.S citizens should have the POWER TO STOP THEM ! Capture those fanatic killers and have them judged in an International Court : this will be the minimum for their victims and their victims families ……AND ILLLCE BEFORE DECIDING TO SEND MORE SNIPPERS ! FERME TA GUEULE PRESIDENT-PEACE NOBEL PRICE OBAMA SHUT YOUR MOUTH ! MAUL ZU

  29. "Peace on earth would mean the end of civilization as we know it." ~ Joseph Heller (1923-1999)  
    And that would be a good thing—except for the 1%, who will go down fighting to keep that from ever happening.

  30. No one in this doc ever condemns Taliban or Al Qaeda. We're not even told directly why the US is targeting the area in the first place. Some vague mention of "fighters" and "militia" is made. That's just extremely disingenuous.

    A documentary that wasn't propaganda might have actually done something. This won't do anything other than move a few liberals who are already crying over this at every turn.

  31. This is the price that is being paid for decades of fraternisation and nurturing of extremist groups by the Pakistani leadership. Unfortunately, the innocent civilians have to pay the lion's share of that price. US government, obviously couldn't care less.


  33. great thanks to jemima khan who makes this….. Every time i see this documentary tears comes into my eyes….and always think y they are doing this….and then how the americans can ask …why people of pakistan hates them….any reason requires after this documentary ….i only can say plz dont do this with any country bcz we all are humans and we have to respect humanity

  34. Drones themselves are not the problem, the shitty intelligence and policy is. It's the same bad argument that anti-gun people use. Don't blame the tool, blame the douche bag wielding it.

  35. And where are all the women and children speaking up in this film? They've been killed. Why is it always a bunch of men who make policies and then make martyrs of themselves? Something to think about. New Mexico USA

  36. I wonder if they were thinking about making a documentary about drone strikes when they were flying planes in the twin towers….probably not. Its sad yes but im sure them watching americans die on propaganda films and terrorist films they dont have a guilty bone in their body. Screw that noise!!! Guess its better strap bombs and plant bombs to kill American citizens!! Piss off….both of my brothers are Marines and I'm damn fucking proud of them!!!

  37. Regarding Drones, i uploaded something people may find interesting , to see it just type in search bar this title……….The guilt and regret of operating drones

  38. Drone operators are not worth be called soldiers,they are spineless cowards,Obama is the spineless coward in chief.

  39. At this point I'm sure the drone program is designed to produce more "terrorist" so the USA can justified endless war.

  40. Oh my Lord this is heart breaking these innocent Families and poor little children and Babies I am so sorry my eyes were closed to long…

  41. That asshole with the heard is the typical coldblooded sociopath who laughs when he says the guy probably curses us and they watch him bleed out and turn the color of earth.. He should be hung slowly and go through that same agony before he dies…+

  42. And the Americans still have not realized, that the whole world hat’s them (except Israel and the Saudis).
    They have nothing else in mind as football and barbecue.
    That’s all they’re be proud of. …. not much.

  43. 17.00 a boy that lived for the game of football (American “football” is a vimp version of rugby) is a treat… 🙄 thats just bullshit.

  44. Funny how this video has never come up as a suggestion. American were lied to daily by our government and MOCKING BIRD NEWS CORPORATIONS. We were only shown pictures and blurbs of American flags being burn in the streets with people screaming death to America! We always that were were the hero’s of the world. Our government seems to be the enemy of the world. Especially the last few administrations. I pray one day the world stops allowing this control on any human anymore.

  45. Obama, the war criminal. This has nothing with security, its about making the weapons industry richer. Everybody gets rich including the media which why they chose not to report the truth. Disgusting.

  46. Do you know what else amazon drones can do besides deliver packages to your front door? Do you know what if youre not with us, youre against us means? Do you understand zionists AIPAC are loyal to themselves ONLY and gentiles in all countries including US are their enemies, especially the ones that protest war. Obama is a gay crackhead dickhead. The drones need to be directed straight at the gentiles enemies, the Rothschild zionists at the UN and ALL their relations. Get rid of the vermin. They live in the white house, the judge at the zionist supremist court, the meet in the senate and house of representatives, they live in Israel and the vatican. Drones can be hacked if my bank account can.

  47. So is that y there are drone attacks? To increase the sales of anti-depressants that DONT WORK??? WTF does big pharma finance the DOD? Sick psycho zionists 🇮🇱🕎✡🔯👹👿😈👺💀☠

  48. The Coalition troops are The colonialists troops.
    They are there to steal natural resources and kill indiscriminately women and children, then call it by standers on their homes 🏡.

  49. No wonder that countries like North Korea, Iran and others want some counterbalance in their military arsenals. The Yankees can direct war from their office chairs and kill everyone they don't like while simultaneously screaming and yawning when other nations equip themselves to defend themselves. This is a vicious cycle that can have unimaginable consequences for all of humanity and those who could end this morbid evolution are the ones who propel it.
    Russia is a living example of this madness that the Yankees and NATO pushed forward.
    Russia has developed more advanced weapons than are stocked in the arsenals of the West, and President Putin explained them accurately. You refused to listen to what Russia had to say, now is the time to listen and take Russia seriously!

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