Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall

Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall

America’s political system has been hijacked
to ensure those with power keep it. If you look at American politics and think
everything is fine, this video is not for you. To the rest of us, things seem pretty broken. I mean, our forefathers created a beautiful
system and we live in a magical country. How the hell did things get so bad? These days, just 2% of Americans trust that
our elections work how they’re supposed to. Congress has an approval rating of 20% Our leaders are locked in partisan warfare
and they aren’t fixing anything. And we’re angry. We’re angry at the system,
at each other. Our country’s getting poorer, sicker, more divided and our families are
paying the price. We don’t even talk to each other anymore! America’s political system has been hijacked
to ensure those with power keep it. And for the rest of us? Well, it’s not so
good. I’m going to show you exactly how today’s
political system is creating the problem, exactly how we fix it, and how the solution
ultimately depends on you. This Venn diagram shows the relationship between
an elected official doing what the people want, and their likelihood of getting reelected. Ideally, they’d serve the people, and have
a high likelihood of reelection, But a recent Harvard Business School report
by Professor Michael Porter and Katherine Gehl show that the relationship looks more
like this. They found virtually no correlation between
serving the will of the people and getting reelected. In other words, if our elected
leaders do their jobs, they’re more likely to lose their jobs. How is that possible? The report blames it
on two privately held, gain-seeking organizations… America’s two major political parties. In 2019, both major parties publicly threatened
to blacklist candidates and contractors who veered from the party lines. They control the money, the debates, the primaries,
they even draw their own voting districts. A full 61% of Americans want another option,
but any third party or independent who runs is seen as a “spoiler.” So year after year, we choose between the
lesser of two evils… Democrats. Republicans. Republicans. Democrats. In any other environment, a new competitor
would swoop in to better serve their constituency — You hate your cable company? Here comes
streaming — but the two parties have rigged the system to block competition. But it gets worse… In 86% of House races, we now know which party
will win the general election before it even starts.
That means all of the competition is in the primaries. Where as few as 14% of voters participate. And primary voters tend to be more partisan
than those who vote in the general election. So the most partisan candidates win the primary,
they’re virtually guaranteed to win the general, so you can guess what happens next. Over time, the parties move further and further
apart. This graphic shows members of Congress who
worked with the other party to pass a law in 1953. The gray lines represent their collaboration.
The more lines you see, the more times they crossed party lines to pass a law. This is how it looked in ‘67. In ‘81. Look what happened in 1995. And by 2011 it represents where we are today. Hardliners are rewarded. Collaboration is
vilified. Congress is so gridlocked they can’t even
pass the most basic laws to improve the lives of everyday Americans. For the first time since the Great Depression,
life expectancy in the U.S. is actually going DOWN, while it goes up in the rest of the
world. We were once ranked top in the world for education.
We’ve fallen to 27th. We can’t afford life-saving prescriptions,
and medical bills are forcing families into bankruptcy. Almost HALF of American families can’t even
afford basic necessities like rent and food. What I want to know is, how do we fix it? You know, I think I’m getting a little carried
away here. I’m gonna bring my friend Josh in while I calm down. We need to take our government back and make
it work for us. So much of what’s failing is a symptom of
our failed elections. Look, this isn’t about giving the power
to the right or the left, or asking Congress to fix itself. Because frankly they won’t. So we have to go around Congress.
And the good news is, in the U.S., states run elections, even federal elections — So
when we pass election laws in a state, it affects the federal elections. And get this: A Bloomberg news study showed
that throughout American history, passing state laws has been the key to creating massive
federal change… And the law we need to pass? It’s called
the American Anti-Corruption Act. It fixes the system so government can work for you
and your family – not just a handful of special interests and political insiders. Here’s how it works.
We have independent commissions draw voting districts.
We make it illegal for lobbyists to donate to politicians.
We give every voter a $100 tax credit they can use to support the candidate of their
choice. We put reasonable term limits on elected officials.
We implement Ranked Choice Voting to allow independents and 3rd parties to run without
spoiling elections. And finally we enact secure, Automatic Voter
Registration and vote from home ballots — so now you’ve got more people voting and it’s
easier to vote. This is common sense stuff. It creates a Congress that’s more responsive
to the people, and can finally get stuff done. Look, we’ve polled this law and it’s incredibly
popular across party lines. All we have to do is pass them in states across
the country. How do we do that? MICHAEL, to camera: Aha! Thank you Josh. That brings us to this simple pie chart. It shows the percentage of a population required
to create real and lasting change. Researchers looked at movements from all over
the world and found that when 3.5% of a population actively engages in fighting for change, they
win. Every single time. In America, 3.5% is 11 million people — and
it needs to be conservatives, progressives, and independents together — America is roughly
divided into thirds. That means no one group has the power to do it alone. And here’s the best part: millions are already
involved in the movement, and together, they’ve already racked up more than 100 victories
in cities and states across America. But we need millions more. And that’s why
I’m talking to you. Here’s what I need you to do right now. Go to Represent dot U S and sign up to be
part of the next anti-corruption victory in your state. There are already people near
you fighting, and they need your help. If that’s not for you, join the CommonWealth–
A community of people giving whatever amount they can every month to support local anti-corruption
campaigns. Every single dollar goes to the front lines of the fight, not to overhead
or organizational expenses. All I’m asking is that everyone who watches
this video needs to do something. That you do something. Because you can be damn sure
if you do nothing, nothing is going to change. I’m here to tell you that your voice does
matter. Join us.


  1. Andrew Yang has over 160+ policies with dozens to fight corruption such as breaking up DC, congressional term limits, the freedom dividend, democracy dollars, ranked choice voting, ending partisan gerrymandering, etc. And that's just to fight corruption. He's got plenty more policies to improve the lives of Americans including medicare for all, single parent assistance, free financial and marital counseling, etc. Yang2020.com #MakeAmericaThinkHarder #HumanityFirst

  2. Vote for anti-lobbying measures. Vote against gerrymandering. Vote against the politicians who continue to allow lobbying and gerrymandering. Find out who takes the biggest bribes, vote them out first; find out who takes smaller bribes, vote them out next. Stop equivocating: It's not all equal, even if it's all bad.

    Vote against politicians who allow legislation to pile up: We elected you to vote "yes" or "no" on things, not collect our money while wasting our time. Speak up, after you vote. If voting is starting to fail you, take to the streets.

  3. Alright people! We know who we should support. We must support Andrew Yang because he's anti-corruption. Unlike the other candidates, he has plans and policies. That means he's already better than most candidates. Vote for him so he can go up against Trump.

  4. Trump is the only one willing and able to drain the swamp. An 87 yr old retired schoolteacher told me that when he was in the city school system "they were bringing in communists to teach our children. That has not changed." I'm convinced we were all raised as little communists and told we are democrats. I was until I listened to Ron Paul's message. When I saw what they did, break one of his guy's legs to get them out of the primary win, I knew. Now we have "metro" and traficking and sanctuary cities where illegal aliens are given priority over american citizens. Thank you for your lofty goals, but the comments don't make me feel like you are getting through…

  5. Ranked Choice Voting helps prevent the spoiler effect. STAR Voting (being campaigned for in Lane County, OR) and Approval Voting (being campaigned for in St. Louis, MO) are even better! Let's end two-party domination and make everyone's voice matter!

  6. This is funded by SOROS and democrat/DNC money and is meant to further divide the VOTE. Considering the group’s funding from wealthy left-wing foundations, Represent.Us’ claims of bipartisanship are at best a stretch.
    Despite the Represent.Us’ vague goal of removing money from politics, the organization is openly funded by proceeds from groups that are notoriously active in funding political advocacy and causes like the Tides Foundation, Park Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, and many other left-of-center groups. In 2016 alone, Represent.Us received over $5 million in donor contributions and grants.

    Ironically, Represent.Us’ own principles mean these groups should personify the exact “money in politics” problem Represent.Us claims to fight against.

    Each of the foundations and funds listed above have contributed over $100,000 to Represent.Us. Funding from these groups also goes to support the work of Black Lives Matter, Media Matters, Demos, Planned Parenthood, and other like minded organizations.

  7. Money in Congress is a National Security Risk . Whips and Leaders are the crux of the corruption. A true disruptor in Congress. They were created during the height of Government corruption in 1899 (leaders) and 1900 (whips). They were NOT implemented by the framers of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Congress is manipulated by Whips and Leaders to broker the bills in a profiteering manner to 501c's, corporations, globalist and other countries (never waste a crisis to make money). The myth is Congress is a weak victim overpowered by the large money lobbyist. But the truth, Congress is the tyranny understanding they have a monopoly selling bills and are aggressive at it. You want a bill passed you have to come through them, so bring your American Express card. There is no defensible argument, Congress betrayed their Fiduciary duty. Whips and Leaders should have been eliminated with Antitrust in the early 1900's. Whips and Leaders front run our republic. This isn't a Democracy, it's not a Republic, it's a coup d'état and the Whips and Leaders are the party of guilt…. The most corrupt era of the US Government was in the late 1800's and early 1900's. It was when Americans were in revolt of our Government in collusion with giant monopolies (Antitrust). Names like JP Morgan , Rockefellers, Vanderbilt's, etc.. These guys bought and paid for the election of President McKinley in 1896. Then President McKinley implemented Whips and Leaders into our government to assist the large amounts of lobbyist money, campaign contributions and special interest group monies in a profiteering manner. It was a terrible, terrible time for America. Six months later in Presidents McKinley's second term of Presidency he was assassinated. Antitrust was finally passed around 1914 but they forgot to get rid of the corrupt Whips and Leader position that assist in this corruption. Benjamin Franklin said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

  8. Love the message, but having it delivered by people who get paid millions and millions of dollars to pretend to be people they're not kind of lessens the impact for me.

  9. If we had one person one vote why would we want to even bother with voting districts??? Why do voting districts even exist? I really need to understand this what's the purpose of them?

  10. if you give $100 tax credit for candidate support, then only people who are currently employed will be able to support candidates. Some say good. But EVERYONE should have a say.

  11. 6:06 looks like RepresentUs likes Andrew Yang's democracy dollars. If they're serious about this I don't understand why they're not at least talking about the only candidate talking about this.

  12. Outlaw political parties. There is NO reason why unelected officials in the RNC and DNC should decide how our elected officials should vote on bills and laws.

  13. Most what you said in the video are in Andrew yang's policies, like the $100 democracy dollars for individuals so I don't understand why cannot you join forces together to fight the corruption? Isn't it more powerful if you unite together?

  14. It’s amazing that when it comes to voting time things like “are you for or against abortion “ come out and so on . All this garbage comes from the 2 parties Who divideThe people in meaningless issues while they ransack your house . It’s like if someone was pointing at a dog pissing in your grass so you won’t notice that your house is burning !

  15. Bernie will actually push through the constitutional amendment nullifying Citizens United, and he is the only candidate that will

  16. Oh boy…I hope you guys are supporting Andrew Yang because you guys literally just listed the data points and all his policies on how to fix our problems (ie–Democracy Dollars, Ranked Choice Voting, etc.). He has been talking about these things, and so many other problems, for awhile now. The best part is he openly states how we're going to fix all of them. Please give credit where credit is due, or I'm going lose all respect for the people in this video. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/

  17. This was a good video. I must admit though I'm disheartened at how thick the comments always are with more partisan support as the take away from your video. That's clearly not what you called for and yet the cognitive dissonance is in full swing. Perhaps you need a video directly aimed at how people hear what they want to hear and only non partisan politics like George Washington called for are going to see us through. (Admittedly you said a lot of that here. But some folks need to be hit over the head with it.)

  18. How did you how Michael Douglas? Talk about wow. I wonder if he actually believes what he's saying. The system is a lot worse than described here. It doesn't end with politics. It ends everywhere. There is so much corruption going on it's endless.

  19. Term limits? yup "1" one ONE term!!! If politicians have more then one term they are wasting that first time gettting reelected. They should get elected one time then spend that term doing what the heck they got elected for!!! Nothing else!!!!

  20. Start with the corrupt Democratic members of congress, who are trying to overthrow an elected official by hiding documents and not allowing the minority side to call witnesses. This is jury rigging and illegal. I see comments on here supporting Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders, who is a devoted Socialist. Are we going toward Communism? The MSM are blind, deaf and deliberatly telling lies and misleading the public, those who don't take time to watch the news and learn. The World is not laughing at Pres. Trump. They are laughing at the Congress and the Democrats who have taken our country hostage and are putting their hatred for Pres. Trump before the will and needs of the American public who voted them in in good faith. Election day is coming and there will be a price to pay.

  21. Had to wait until the "hair/makeup" and "wardrobe" credits to see women's names. There were a few more as assistants. There should/must be more thought given to gender balance in these kinds of messages – the basic idea is great, but it's coming from a demographic that is already locked into power, both by sex and by economics. Having a woman narrating even just a part of this would have been a very good idea, guys.

  22. It’s a fantastic idea to offset the power of corporate lobbyists in our current system! Thankfully one candidate is actually taking up the banner with Democracy a Dollars as an official policy (i.e. doing something about it) – https://www.yang2020.com/policies/democracydollars/

  23. If these steps help us avoid a Constitutional Convention, I’m all for it.
    I do question the wisdom of home balloting if it involves mail-in-ballots, because of the ongoing attacks on the USPS in favor of private companies like UPS, FedEx & DHL, by the GOP. Hopefully there can be a secure method of optional electronic balloting.
    The Electoral College needs to be abolished, but if voting districts are created in a non-partisan manner, and Electors are not made up solely of the donor class, politicians and elected officials, perhaps we can avoid that debate. Perhaps Electors can be elected by their local constituents, rather than anonymously appointed by Partisan Leaders, or by inheritance from their slaveholding ancestors.

  24. That's sounds reasonably good. The poison pill is automatic voter registration and voting from home. The LAST thing we need is more people who don't take the time to inform themselves voting!
    I don't care what side you're on, if you are informed I want you to be able to vote (one time). But if you haven't paid attention to the issues, do us all a favor and stay out of it.

  25. You and I give trillions every year to foreign countries while Americans starve. The lion’s share of our taxpayer dollars are hoarded by corrupt foreign leaders, never reaching the people who need help. Our “representatives” take a massive cut, I.E. Nancy Pelosi. Look at her net worth vs the quality of life in her district. Literal poop maps and medieval disease. Term limits and temporary closed borders while we remodel, temporary cutoff of all foreign aid. Every single American would be wealthy.

  26. Hey “nonpartisans”: Remind us how much of your funding is provided by Tides Foundation (who received 3.5 million from Soros) and how much did you receive from Rockefeller Brothers? Asking for a friend.

  27. Are you nonpartisan or did you receive money from Tides Foundation and Rockefeller Bros? According to your site it’s the latter.

  28. For once I’d like to see actors like Mike Douglas, Jim Carrey and Mark Ruffalo put their millions where the mouths are. Lead by example.

  29. The Democrat Party along with Hillary Clinton paid Fusion GPS, who colluded with Russia and Ukraine to help the Democrat Party in the 2016 Election. These long time Hollywood pedo's think their opinion matters… They can FK themselves… try to stay away from children pedo's

  30. adding to my previous comment: someone that slurrs their speech is either drunk, has a speech impediment or is high as a kite…..since i know he had an operation on his neck i will give the benefit of the soubt here…..nevertheless, i feel many will not and it will take away 90% of the effectiveness of this very important message….sorry Michael but gotta be honest here and you as an actor should have known better……dont you ever hear yourself talk?……

  31. Andrew Yang has a lot of the policies you mentioned on his platform: Democracy Dollars, Rank Choice Voting, Term Limits, prohibit President, Senators and Representatives from working for lobbyists after their terms yang2020.com


  32. Great ideas, and they're not new. Generations of political reformers have tried and failed to enact REAL campaign finance reform, anti-gerrymandering laws and term limits since at least 1980. All have failed. It doesn't mean we should stop trying, it just means we must be aware of past failures and have a solid plan for why this time, we can win.

    Extremely powerful interests oppose these ideas. And while Michael Douglass sounds like God, he's nobody in the grand scheme of things. I'm looking forward to examining the ideas and particularly the ACTIONS of this movement to see if it's legit. I can't afford any more wasted time and energy on a failing system.

  33. All you have said about your forefathers was simply / KRAP / only you did not want to know it – They did / NOT / create a magical country – they created a / CESS PIT / – don't believe me – Go read some American history – then respond – ok

  34. Uh-huh, from home voting, OK. How about verifying voters' IDs instead? Automatic registration, same thing. Who's stopping you from voting now? No one. Automatic registrations = dems bussing multiple voters around, voting multiple times on all these automatic registrations who don't vote.

    Fuck the fuck off.

  35. As a non US citizen, I wish you all the best with that, and I hope you succeed.
    It's becoming quite obvious that the world is sick and tired of US hubris.

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