Tyler Butler-Figueroa: THE MOST INSPIRING CHILD AUDITION EVER!!! | America’s Got Talent 2019

Tyler Butler-Figueroa: THE MOST INSPIRING CHILD AUDITION EVER!!! | America’s Got Talent 2019


  1. WHOA! You gotta check out Kelly Clarkson's reaction after she watched Tyler's act, IT'S MAJOR! – check it out here:

  2. Quisiera saber cómo se llama la música de fondo que le ponen al niño mientra recibe elogios de Simón i apreta botón dorado ese tema de fondo quisiera saber el titulo

  3. If this doesn't get 1,000,000 likes by the end of the year, I'm going to be mad. This is a very special kid! He has a bright future ahead!

  4. Tyler fought against being bullied at school and emerge strong and my gosh, look at his confidence in the audition. Stay strong stay confident Tyler.

  5. This child is Awesome and amazing and such a blessing to this world. Bless this Family and this child so much more than they can stand in Jesus name I pray Amen and Amen

  6. Малодец, ты супер играещь. Играй ради АЛЛАХ. АЛЛАХ ВСЕГДА ПОТДЕРЖИТЬ ТЕБЯ.

  7. My 7-year-old boy wants to play the violin so we were watching YouTube and came across this. (8am in the morning in Australia and I am crying like I'm this kids mum) My son is speechless. He said he wants to play violin just like Tyler. So off I am going today to get him one! – Also an important lesson to my son on the effects of bullying and the importance of being kind at all times. I wish you the best Tyler Butler-Figueroa XO

  8. One of my favourite songs is stronger by Kelly Clarkson and now I love it even more this little boy is so inspiring and I'm sure this song reflects his thoughts when pushing through bullying and cancer

  9. This is an electrifying performance. The only bad thing about it was that it was too short. Tyler was great, the song was great ……I could watch this over and over.

  10. I am so proud i will give him 9 million $ if i had that kind of money he will go to the mayors place and he will play the violin and he will have soldiers so he cant get bullied

  11. Watching it again after seeing Tyler played in The Champions

    The power of Tyler's moment is stronger and stronger…grow strong buddy.

  12. When he answered Simon
    ( i feel I’m so proud of my self)
    Ill start and nones stop crying
    Because of
    Of the answer

    And i like the title of
    The song


  13. From Australia . Every time I see black men is good singer made me think. The first black call for pray in Islam was black , here I understand Islam is religion of truth … Islam use black voice for good but America and other nations use the black voice for singing !!!!!

  14. Little sweetie beautiful boy-I want names. Just get me those bullies names. You’re amazing and wonderful and your talent is out of this world! 💚🧡❤️💙💜

  15. I love this video so much I watch it. Over and over again, Tyler Butler Figueroa is such a blessing and Amazing!! We love you Tyler!!❤❤❤

  16. Finally a kid who plays something with true skill. No rap no synthesizer. Wish he played Beethoven because I love the violin.

  17. This young man has great talent and a lot of class. I am proud of you as well and am sooooo happy to know you are in remission. I pray you will stay healthy.

  18. I have seen so many violin players before now but none is near this!
    So much energy.. so much passion…so much positivity!! Love you Tyler !

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