1. The question is why? Why are certain people acting like they are?I guess in a poker game you try many things! It's a game of wits! Fascinating to say the least!

  2. They have happy things to report to Lord Trump so he won't choke them to death…. What an evil Sith Lord Trump is. And a bunch of gutless dudes these are

  3. I think ??King Trump?? watches too much television. Trump is not America's strong-armed godfather? (Thought bubble: I can only imagine what my great-grand kids will read about this dude in the American History books) ?? = flag of Russia

  4. They are so full of it. The guy said he was supposed to be involved in transferring the money to Ukraine and a if a sudden he was sidelined – how is that good for Trump? No wonder the White House is trying to stop everyone including Mulvaney obeying legal subpoenas- you know the way all innocent people do.
    That's the best that the Republicans can come up with?
    If their constituents care anything about the constitution and the law they will be voted out in 2020.
    Trump bootlickers all!

  5. Republicans say it's good for Trump? Somehow I'm not quite convinced. Maybe it's because they've been lying for 3 years. I'll wait for the transcripts to be released before I believe their account.

  6. Pathetic GOP shills. When you are no longer protected by the Secret Service, there WILL be a reckoning. You cannot lie and cdheat us for decades and still keep all your body parts.
    Reminder – once we cut off all your fingers and saw off your arms in a Full Khashoggi, you can't vote against The People any more.

  7. Dear American, from a distance not democrate not republican visioen America is in great danger by this president. Iets claer as wather your president and stuff is currupt, GOP must by annest and impaech working for American and the republic, they operating now as traitors. Stand up Americans for your country

  8. I understand these guys relief. So far evidence against Trump has been damning.These guys think it's a good day when they don't have to come up with some spin to explain away glaring abuse of power. The sheen on their foreheads gave away their desperation. They can now go home and change their britches which were soiled due to the palpable fear they experienced causing involuntary bowel movements…

  9. The real test of today’s good news for the Republicans is whether Lindsey Graham will be able to keep his mouth SHUT after he called the impeachment inquiry “B.S.” and that he wasn’t going to read any of the testimony transcripts.

  10. The Republicans are behaving like imbeciles. They are literally pointing at a white wall and saying it is not white in the hope that people will believe them. The lies are so transparent and they are doubling down on those lies to save their lives.

  11. Are Republicans really evil these days or just plain dumb?
    This is really unbelievable.
    They lost Lousiana state to Democrats like Kentucky.
    Honest people will not believe Trump since he is a born liar.
    Trump voters are selfish like him and really do not trust our laws or constitution or justice system.

  12. More B.S. from Barking Seals , Redumbicans R still spinning the FALSE NARRATIVE OF Trump is Guilty of Nothing…OMG , Party first Americans second . EVIL VENAL BUREAUCRATS .

  13. As usual selective parts of Mark Sandy's closed door testimony have been leaked by those leading the impeachment charge. The full transcript should be made public even though deplorable's like myself couldn't possibly understand it. At the very least Adam shift should recite a parody of the testimony so we can really understand what "it" is.

  14. What is funny isn't the fact that these repubs are trying to fool some feeble minded Americans. It's rather funny that they are trying to fool trump himself into believing that they are working hard.

  15. Bullshit. The cowardly sycophants in the gop are lying. All the evidence shows an attempt by the orange moron to extort fake dirt from Ukraine.
    These life-long public servants have shown the ignorant and cowardly attempts to break the law by the pig and rudy and perry and sondland and lying about it.
    And now the coward in chief has said he did not know sondland when we have records of at least 6 calls between them.
    The former gop has become the orange puppet party and now works against the interests and security of the United States. In other words Traitors.

  16. Democrats have spent the last 3 years trying to impeach the President instead of working for the people of the United States. They should all be fired . They are a waste of our tax dollars.

  17. They are selling hope! I’m not a huge fan of the president but let’s be honest, nothing is going to happen to him. He’s lining pockets and writing checks.

  18. Twitter Troll tRump is not concerned because he is delusional. tRump, little tRump cult trolls and faux news are detached from reality.

  19. Liberal Media beats the impeachment drum since Trumps election, but the noise only progressively gets softer and softer because no one takes what they say seriously anymore. They are not relevant and that's their worst nightmare because ratings equals money.

  20. bunch of snowflakes those russian republicans, they look like they’re on the verge of tears! No wonder even Louisiana just elected another Democrat! LOL… Komrade trump is the black cloud of the Putin GOP!!!

  21. Being a democrat it must be very difficult to learn anything, I'll try to explain it to you. On Saturday Mark Sandy destroyed Schiff's theory about any so called bribery about the 400 million that was held back. So now the Russian collusion failed, obstruction failed, Stormy Daniels failed, Mueller failed, quid pro quo failed and now bribery failed. This whole impeachment hoax gets weaker by the minute. Besides it would never pass through the Senate, Trump gets a 2nd term to make this Country so much better than ever.

  22. "I want to find out who is the whistleblower."

    – November 13, 2019

    "Basically, that person never saw the report never saw the call. I want to know who is the person who gave the whistleblower, who's the person who gave the whistleblower the information? Because, that's close to a spy. You know what we use to do in the old days when we were smart? right? With the spies and treason, we use to handle it a little bit differently than we do now."

    – September 26, 2019

    Trump is bringing back slavery. During the reconstruction period ( Make America Great Again ) and, despite segregation ( Never Trumpers against Trump ), intimidation, and violent opposition, continued to pursue ( Those Americans who watch the news and vote ) equal education in the years to follow.

    Nowadays have become more like the old days in America, because of Trump.

  23. the GOP is working its propaganda straight out of the soviet playbook!! Trump’s own dumb tweets echo the same exact lines the russian trolls keep pushing on youtube and yahoo and so on. Same operative phrases and terminology, unbelievable!!

  24. Boris trump had been flying under the radar laundering money for russia for decades. But his failure in every business venture of his forced him to do Putin’s most daring bid, The Presidency! But neither he or his central asian handlers could’ve imagined the FBI and the CIA would expose them all! Now all he can do is to continue selling conspiracy theories handed to him by the kremlin!!!

  25. Just made a list of trump's achievements. LMAO…
    1- Repeal and replace. Never happened.
    2- A border wall paid for by Mexico. Never happened.
    3- Economic wars are easy to win. Never happened.
    4- A perfect call.
    5- He hires the best people. Most of them fired or in jail
    6- Bring manufacturing back to the US. Really?
    7- The tax break that will create lots of jobs. Ha ha ha!
    8- Drain the swamp. Trump is the new orange.

  26. The liberal media outlet puts out something for America's SNOW FLAKE lefties to relieve their important emotional stress issues with by commenting….."Orange man bad!!" "Trump is ruining America!!" "Killary was robbed!!"

  27. Be careful around democrap friends/neighbors in the coming days. They will likely go batshit as they begin to realize the impeachment is over and it's Trump till 2024!!….MAGA 4 MORE!

  28. If Eric swalwell was a prosecutor how many people do you put in jail for bogus charges if you lie to us here why to the court

  29. Who do they think they are filling. Themselves..All evedence is Facts so, sorry to Reblican's looks bad on you guys..Yes, and more to come Adam & Dems. Keep up the good wrk..? Trump's polls are low 30-40 not good at all. The world See's it know… Espically, the Rancher's that lost their Ranches beacuse of Trump..they, even picked the white house.that says it all..

  30. One trumpublicans opinion cancels out all of our national hero’s opinions that we’re under attack by our own president. McRaven says we’re under attack by trump and the media barely covered it.

  31. Fine standard it UNITED NATIONS
    Housing included.
    "Indonesia's" industrial building collapse
    HOV related or not.
    What the compliant is

  32. Yada Yada Yada … There have been more Witches associated with Trump found And convicted in investigating this President than any other American President in History which begs the Question if He's associated with that many Witches Is He part Of the Coven ? YES YES And YES 🙂

  33. This is not a bipartisan impeachment this is full partisan. The republicans do not support this impeachment and even the democrats d do not support this 100%.

  34. Interesting outlook. "It's a great day for America if it's a bad day for democrats!" Does that mean the GOP wants to get rid of democrats? They're bad for America? I think this republican is lost. He thinks he's in mid twentieth century Germany. That's East Germany.

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