Trump says Iran will be hit ‘very fast’ if they strike American assets

Trump says Iran will be hit ‘very fast’ if they strike American assets


  1. Please don't stop fighting with Iran now ..because we also want to see now how Americans go back America ofter start war

  2. Removal of Soleimani okay. Bombing cultural sites in Iran reflects an unhealthy mind, sick, sick, sick. Our President wants War! Remember the Mental Health Professional Community diagnosis "pathological narcissism" and "sociopath". We the people demand, demand all witnesses at the senate trial.

  3. I pray for the citizens in iran that just want to live there lives and hope war does not break out between our nations. I also pray for the young men serving on the ground are kept out of harms way.

  4. Meddling in foreign affairs again… The globalist are pulling the strings harder now.. Vietnam 2 coming up.

  5. You can warn Iran but you are not sure who will strike America more powerful than Iran. Offense like Killing always requires a consequence. Subhanallah! Allahu'akbar!

  6. Iran Don,t Estimate This President He Not One To Mass With, No Body Wants To Die, Put He,s No Coward , He Not Obama ,Bush Or Clinton, He Love America And Will Protected It At Any Cost,Stop Your Threats, Stop Being A Democracy, You Talk But It Has No Meaning, Stop,🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Fun fact: there are hundreds of thousands Christian Armenians live in peace and harmony in Iran for centuries. Never oppressed or bothered.

    You started a war with them, I figured you should know a fact or two.

  8. It’s funny how no one got upset when Obama “assassinated” terrorists , even if they were US citizens. Where was the outrage and demand for investigation then?

  9. then he will surely loose much too. Such idiotic threatens and murdering people have no sense, it is no way

  10. Thank God we finally have a President who didn't win the "Wuss of the Year" award!! If those fools are insane enough to attack American assets they deserve whatever they get!!

  11. The simple fact is, if we don't want to leave Iraq they will simply have to tolerate our presence. What are they going to do? They certainly can't evict us by force! That's laughable!

  12. Iran only understands force. Most Americans do not want war, but the Iranian regime has been aggressive for decades! They want a fight. They hate Israel and the West. They cannot be trusted at all on any agreement. They've been offered peace many times and clearly do not desire it.

  13. Twitter is probably blocked in Iran because they discourage free speech and thinking. So they can’t see Trump’s tweets.

  14. While Pelosi is trying to keep the President from making any decision on war with Iran. She needs to go live in Iraq and Iran and see how good she has it in US. She needs to shut the hell up and let the president defend the American people. After all thats what a president is suppose to do right.

  15. i know USA have 5,000 nuclear bombs ready at any moment to vaporize enemies i don't think no one will win against USA as of today

  16. Mr President May I suggest go to congress now and have congress pick which of the 52 targets to hit. You than put the politicians on the spot!!! Better to fight Iran now than when they have nukes!!!


  18. schiff according to schiff's political views! why does he know better then We? FEAR TRUMP! DEM'S FEED THE FAKE NEWS! never watch fake news ever again or democrats! we are better americans by unifying against fake news. dem's never win. dem's take freedom, tax us DO NOTHING! EotS

  19. Do you know Democrats the Republicans have an ace in the Hole our president Donald J Trump God protect our president

  20. Proud of killing ppol? Animals says that not human…ser trump you send young soldier Americans why? Just to save ur * …brng urself in there and do the war or ur sons first to do the move ….for ur war💔

  21. Since I’m seeing Obama name dropped so much in this comment section, why was he bashed for continuing a war that was placed in front of him by the prior administration, yet trump actively poking the fires of conflict is praised? Also the sheer amount of racism here is baffling haha. And to make things clear I think both situations that I’ve referred to are improper ways of going about foreign relations

  22. If the M F demorats in office can't even back are country in the time that this country needs solidarity,they need to leave this country,if they don't want to! Make Them!!!!!it is plain to see,all that they want, is the dirt,not are Freedom,all of you true, American Democrats, aren't you sick and tired of those who claims to be your leaders.?

  23. It should be if we take out anyone it should be cause we had assault. The show should be over. If not we make some other choices. We love our freedom.. That works better. I hope we all make the right decision.

  24. No negotiation when it comes to humanity and one's values. If a person treated others like trash, he or she will get trashed

  25. The living write the story ,Uknow what i meant. Now he's dead ( Irans general ) already which is we dont know what th really happening

  26. These demoncrates just wants America to play dead and let these people who killed so many innocent people in the 7/11 as being: "somepeople who did something" and just walk away NO-way!!! Don't think so!!!!

  27. As the heat rise you see claerly who was the big blocks like Obama and his democrats. Press Trump is the best that america could get.

  28. TRUMP😂
    THIS IS IRAN🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  29. Remember when Iran struck American assets and Trump didn't do anything about it? Don't get me wrong, I'm tired of Jewish wars for Israel, but come on, they destroyed assets.

  30. Over 75 million people lost their lives in WW2 from war and genocide. Fast forward to 2020 and Trump supporters are labelling everyone who doesn't share their opinion as 'lefties' or 'liberals' and calling them 'traitors' and either calling for their elimination, incarceration or deportation. What does that signify?

  31. Immigration ICE make sure you do not allow the Pilipino Ophirian Conservatory religious group. Their encouraging pilipino against President Trump about US and Iran strike with Soleimani. They are US enemies. See their YouTube bible teaching under the two witness.

  32. Iran have 10000 jet fighters some where, ready to fly around the world destroying everything, no country is a match for iran ,i don't think any powerful country wants to wake up the lion .

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