1. A 12 year old child could have served as trumps attorney.
    They are simply stating this is a coup against President by leftist globalist swamp

  2. american soldiers were injured in the iran retaliation….trump said there wasn't. then the draft dodger admitted their were head injuries but he doesn't think that is bad so who cares….trump lied about american soldiers being injured.

  3. american soldiers were injured in the iran retaliation….trump said there wasn't. then the draft dodger admitted their were head injuries but he doesn't think that is bad so who cares….trump lied about american soldiers being injured.american soldiers were injured in the iran retaliation….trump said there wasn't. then the draft dodger admitted their were head injuries but he doesn't think that is bad so who cares….trump lied about american soldiers being injured.

  4. american soldiers were injured in the iran retaliation….trump said there wasn't. then the draft dodger admitted their were head injuries but he doesn't think that is bad so who cares….trump lied about american soldiers being injured.

  5. nothing from faux news….way to support the men who defend the country. saudi arabia has missiles to protect them sent by trump, the injured soldiers in iran had nothing because of trump

  6. Jay Sekulow is an ACE attorney. He makes the Impeachment Managers look like amateurs. It's emotionally satisfying to see the TYRANTS GETTING SHREDDED!

  7. Want to know about our President?
    Look at who he surrounds himself with.
    Example: This friggin CHEESY NEW YORK LAWYER. Hes the kind that would sue your mother.
    Trumps guy.

  8. Sekulow is a GREAT PATRIOT and Trump could be GOD in Human Form come down from Heaven to SAVE HUMANITY from Obama's MADNESS and SOCIALIST POLICIES

  9. Politicians, lawyers and political lawyers…..all professions well known for being truthful and ethical.
    Im tired of both sides gaming the system and lying about everything.
    Theres a damned good reason that of the registered voting population…republicans and democrats are the smallest minorities. (In that order)
    Next election, Im voting for my dog.

  10. I had no idea just how badly the President cheated with Ukraine. I feel remorse for voting for Trump now I will right the wrong….

  11. Media protecting these Democratic Rats that are Guilty of High Crimes ! Its Sickening watching the Rabid Media going after a Innocent President for a Crime he didnt commit ! Nancy was going for impeachment after President Trump got inaugurated 3 years ago !

  12. This impeachment trial is more about political and personal matters ,. The Johnson impeachment was political the Stanton firing involved it's all to prescripted by the Democratics and it's obvious.ukraine was invaded under the Obama administration aid was withheld , if you said past meets present it would be correct the past administration left a mess for the present administration.

  13. Jay Sekulow, some advice get yourself some heavy hydraulic lifting gear because you will very soon need to shift a bus off you.

  14. Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani are true American heroes! Rudy will be our next President!!! Or maybe Don Jr! These men are patriots! We need more strong men leaders!

  15. Do you guys remember when Trump was walking up the stairs to air force one , the IDIOT had a peice of tissue stuck to his shoe…my God what a MORON…dems2020!

  16. Letter: Don't fall for Trump's lies – The Salt Lake Tribune
    Dec 16, 2019 –Letter: Don't fall forTrump's lies…Trumpmadehisson-in-law, Jared Kushner, a senior adviser who oversees … Submit aletter tothe editor.

  17. Atty. Pat Cipollone and Atty. Jay Sekulow, like Mavrick and Goose– these guys are the TopGun whom would enjoy eating popcorn while the Schiff Team struggles to prove their redundant lies.

  18. Trump lawyers should Call all the past witnesses and cross examination them since they were not allowed in the house judiciary committee. As you can see that democrats house managers were repeatedly played videos of those witnesses as an absolute truth. Call them up and we will see lots of contradictions with their answers. Who knows that those questions and answers were created only by Schiff. Do it and pass the message to them republicans patriot.

  19. In 1982 trump hired a windows contractor for his casino, he convinced the contractor to hire workers from a third company, to lower the price. The contractor accepted. Trump didn't pay contractor and threatened with a complain to the department of labor because the contractor hired undocumented workers…From a company he himself owned, one of may companies he bankrupted used to launder his own money…..
    This Cheat is your president

  20. The GAO and every honest person in the world says trump committed a crime by illegally holding Ukrainian aid.

    He violated the Impoundment Control Act of 1974. There is no argument, it's a crime. There are no mitigating circumstances, no special authority, no contesting it.

    This law was put in place specifically to stop a president from holding back Congressionally authorized funds.


  21. How much of the America's taxpayers has been wasted. These corrupted politician's are out of control. Take note Australia.

  22. I guess I can't detstand him defending Trump after all lawyers will represent killers and rapists no problem. According to many women Trump is a rapist racist.

  23. For those only watching FOX. The other channels will explain how many lies he told in his presentation. It was a lot!

    Unless you want to stay gullible of course.

  24. Did they cut the part where he lied or is that is another video? Trying to find that one…

    Nvm this is the video, its the part before his audio cuts in

  25. I live on the other side of the world and even blind Freddy knows you must have witnesses and documents at this trial. The world is watching you make history for all the wrong reasons.

  26. Trump's fingers have been meddling around his farty botty again, and it seems quite clear he woke up smelling his fingers.

  27. The leftard trolls are losing it big time in all the comments. TDS is reaching its peak and heads are going to explode. Can't wait. Trump 2020!!!

  28. Today's politicians and cops are the problem because cops enforce today's politicians laws and the laws passed by today's politicians are unconstitutional unjust and immoral what does that say for the people enforcing them.

  29. The defence team that helped Jeffery Epstein. Donald Trump had them on speed dial from his days roaming with the child rapist.

  30. fits right in the trump world…another con man grifter….
    The Guardian reported Tuesday that Jay Sekulow used his nonprofit, Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism, to direct more than $60 million to himself, his family and their related businesses since 2000.

  31. No matter your party, our house has been Republican for over 22 years , we want to see and her the evidence . At this point its clear and only a fool would see something is being hidden and its obvious as hell ! We know what is , and innocence and truth doesn't hide fact ! No wonder you didn't want the average citizen seeing or hearing this . You are a snake Suckyoulow ! Anyone with any intelligence smells this and only the supporters left that don't care about crimes or acts against the country don't matter,speaks to who they are as Americans. Many of our family's generations have fought in 2 wars against others who tried to cover up their crimes and now its in our backyard ! PATHETIC ! Real Patriots don't hide or run from facts but WE ALL KNOW WHO DOES !

  32. Dems proceedings are like mandatory policies you have to revisit year after year in your job, even if you've been their for over 10yrs. Their arguments are boring with no substance much like policies you already know????

  33. Trump…..your lawyers are almost as dumb as you are but Im sure at least they realize that the wheel was not invented by an American……LOL LOL LOL …..I cant believe that moron made that claim on international TV

  34. Seculow is full of BS. Typical Criminal payoff Trump lawyer. Deflect from Trump's Criminal activities.

    Show us the documents that Trump is keeping away from the American People.

    Let's hear from the witnesses, the ones Trump is blocking these witnesses.

    Is that the behavior of a innocent man. To hide the documents and witnesses that can prove his innocence???

    No! Only a guilty Criminal will do that.

    Seculow is full of SUK.

  35. I'm unable to Trump, Moscow Mitch or Sekulow without flushing the toilet repeatedly. The lies are nauseating.

  36. Trump and Republicans:

    Americans People want to see the documents

    Americans People want to hear from all the witnesses.

    Otherwise, Trump and Republicans are involved in a Cover-up!

    Trump's crimes stinks to high heaven.

    If GOP refuses to show all documents and bring all witnesses…

    RIP GOP!!!

  37. Trump and Republicans are hiding the evidence and witnesses that prove Trump's guilt.

    That what you call a Trump and Republicans Conspiracy and Full blown Criminal COVER UP!!!

  38. Thank you Republican lawyers. We finally will hear the truth. Shiff will never get away with this stunt. You six Democrats lawyers are probably going to get 卯ired.

  39. If sekulow was smart he would walk away before the final shoe drops and everyone involved is implicated. Trump, Giuliani, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Pence, Perry, Nunez, Morrison, Duffy, Gowdy , Sekulow and Barr.

  40. " We the American People" are going to Impeach the DemonRat Democrats come Nov 2020!! And we will Re-Elect President Trump Four More Years Nov. 2020!!毋蛤樹蛤樹蛤樹蛤樹蛤樹蛤樹蛤樹蛤

  41. Jay Sekulow was in the loop, because Impeached Donald Trump's use every one that round him, he is a unlearn lying crook.

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