Trump Embarrasses US in Wild Press Conference

Trump Embarrasses US in Wild Press Conference

So Donald Trump, you have to see this. Donald
Trump said during a strange press conference in India that, uh, he said a lot of different
things and I want to review some of the highlights or maybe I would call them the low lights
with you because there’s just so much here. And where I want to start is that Donald Trump
asserted that two Supreme court justices should recuse themselves from any case that in any
way involves Donald Trump or his administration. It’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg because she didn’t
support him in 2016. Therefore, she should not be allowed to be part of any decision
at the Supreme court that has anything to do with Trump or his administration. And then
Sonia Sotomayor should also recuse herself because of an inappropriate comment she made,
which Donald Trump when asked about this won’t actually cite or name. This is a couple minutes
of video, about 90 seconds. Let’s take a look at it together. Mr president, did you just address coronavirus
um, so I will put that aside for the moment you tweeted about justice Sotomayor, uh, yesterday
saying that she and justice Ginsburg should recuse themselves from future cases dealing
with the administration. What is the basis for your opinion on that? Well, it’s very
obvious. I mean, I always thought that frankly that justice Ginsburg should do it because
she went wild during the campaign when I was running. I don’t know who she was for. Perhaps
she was for Hillary Clinton. I couldn’t believe it. But she said some things that were obviously
very inappropriate. G later sort of apologized. I wouldn’t say it was an apology, but she
sort of apologized. And then justice Sotomayer said what she said yesterday, you know very
well what she said yesterday is a big story and I just don’t know how they can not recuse
themselves or anything. Having to do with Trump or Trump related,
uh, the right thing to do is that now is the Supreme court justice is a different standard,
but at the same time, I think it’s a higher standard in a certain sense. So they’ll have
to decide what to do. But her statement was so inappropriate when you’re a justice of
the Supreme court and it’s almost what she’s trying to do is take the people that do feel
a different way and get them to vote, uh, the way that you would like them to vote.
I just thought it was so inappropriate. Such a terrible statement for a Supreme court justice.
What was inappropriate about the statement? I’m not an attorney, so I can’t really look
into what these bed was. John, she seemed to criticize the white house for running to
the Supreme court at the drop of a hat to seek, no, I don’t think that was it. But I
think what she did say is she’s trying to shame the way I look at, he’s trying to shame
people with perhaps a different view. So understand that on this basis, Brett Kavanaugh
and Neil Gorsuch should recuse themselves from any case involving Donald Trump and his
administration because Trump selected them. How could they possibly be unbiased interpreters
of the law? How could they merely apply the law to the facts when they know that they
are only there because of Donald Trump? If the case has to do with Trump or his administration,
they should recuse themselves as well. Right, and the point I’m trying to make is that you
can’t have it both ways. Either the personal opinions of judges don’t matter. They are
simply conduits that apply the law to the and the facts that come before them or they
are biased. Partisan actors whose biases have to be sort of monitored and babysat and they
must be pulled off of any case where their personal lives intertwined with the fact if
it’s the former, then Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sotomayor are allowed of course to be
on the court when the case is relate to the Trump administration because Gorsuch and Kavanaugh
are allowed. If it’s the latter, then any justice selected
by Trump would be too biased to be in on a case that involves the Trump administration
in any way, shape, or form. It’s illogical as are most things involving Donald Trump.
Continuing on with the press conference in India, I got many emails from people saying,
Trump appears to be high on something during this one that that’s not unique sentiment.
I don’t know. We don’t know at this point what the guys on Trump at one point was asked
about. Harvey Weinstein. Trump has partied with Harvey many times, but when asked about
the Weinstein guilty verdict, which we’ll discuss on today’s bonus show, Trump says
he was never a fan of Harvey doesn’t like them, and sorry for the poor audio, so some
of these clips have very, very distorted audio. I apologize then with the daily I was wondering,
do you think justice was served in the Harvey Weinstein case? So I was never a fan of Harvey Weinstein,
as you know. In fact, he said he was going to work hard to defeat me in the election.
How did that work out? By the way. I’m trying to figure that out. Uh, he, uh, he was a person
I didn’t like in a light. I don’t know too much about the case. Bring traveling and being
at meetings almost every hour of the day, every minute of the day. I haven’t been able
to really see too much of it, but I was just not a fan of his, I, I knew him a little bit,
not very well. I knew him because he was in New York. Uh, not, not a person that I like.
I will say the people that liked him were the Democrats. Uh, Michelle Obama loved him.
I loved him. So definitely downer. Trump at this press
conference, doesn’t like Harvey Weinstein. Then Trump got into the phase of the press
conference during which he brags about war crimes, saying that we took oil and gas. We
took oil rather not oil and gas. We took oil from Syria and we have soldiers guarding the
oil. Oh, Al Qaeda. Last week you saw what happened
there. So nobody’s done more than what I’ve done. And, uh, but I, at the same time, Russia
should do it. Uh, ranch. Dude. IRAC should do it. Uh, serious. You do it in a, we’re
in a different part of the world. We’re doing it. Everybody says you’re the only ones that
can do it. Well, at some point, these other countries, I mean, a ranch should do it. Iran
hates ISIS and they should do it. And we’ve done a great job. We’ve taken our soldiers
essentially out of Syria, except a little hotspots that we forget. You know, we’ll do
that develop. But, uh, we’ve taken the oil and the soldiers that we have, they’re the
ones guarding DOL. We have DOL now understand that every time Trump says
we’ve taken the oil, he might be lying. Like it might just be another Trump lie. But if
it’s true, it is considered a war crime. If us troops or us corporations take oil from
Syria without Bashar Al Assad’s permission, it is a war crime that is called pillaging
according to legal experts because the land and its resources doesn’t belong to us. It
belongs to Syria. Now I don’t like Assad, but if Trump takes oil without Assad’s, okay,
that is pillaging and pillaging is a war crime. Trump regularly admitting if he’s telling
the truth to a war crime, he might be lying though. Then it gets really funny. Now, I’ll
tell you, I am concerned about Corona virus. It’s serious. We’re now up to more than 80,000
cases that we know about. China may be hiding tens of thousands of additional cases, 2,700
deaths as of this morning. 27 Oh seven was the official death toll as
of this morning, but Trump is a hypocrite on coronavirus just like he’s a hypocrite
on most things. Back in 2014 during the Ebola scare, which had a huge political component
and it evaporated the day after the 2014 midterms, it was used or Ebola was used as a proxy to
attack Barack Obama, and in fact, Trump did this tweeting back in 2014 quote, Ebola patient
will be brought to the U S in a few days. Now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent.
Keep them out of here in all caps. During this press conference in India, just hours
ago, Donald Trump hilariously had that tweet read to him by a reporter and was asked, coronavirus
patients are coming to the United States. Isn’t this a double standard? Listen to Trump’s
answer again, I apologize for the audio breakup. Some of these clips, just something wrong
with the recording, it’s not on our end and Trump wildly claims that back in 2014 no one
had even heard of Ebola, which is obviously untrue. [inaudible] coronavirus specifically mr president,
2014 when the Ebola situation was very concerning to so many Americans, you tweeted, Ebola patient
will be brought to the U S in a few days. Now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent
and all caps. He wrote, keep them out of here. More than 20 Americans have now been brought
back to the United States with Corona virus. By your own measure, does that mean that your
government has been incompetent? Are you pleased with the response? In case you didn’t know
between Ebola and coronavirus? Big, big difference. It’s like day and night. And I felt that we
should bring them back. They’re Americans. We should bring them back with Ebola. Uh,
it was, it’s very explosive. It’s very terrible. We’re making Trump try. Johnny Bolin with
the things that we’re doing is, you know, isn’t some of the money you’re led? Sorry,
please answer the question, but there’s a tremendous as a vast difference then around
14 or 12. Uh, and at that time nobody had ever even heard of Ebola or ever conceived
of something where you basically, people would disintegrate and uh, it was still working
on Ebola. Listen to that. No one had even heard of Ebola
in 2014. What is he talking about? These are the sort of off the cuff rants of an ignorant,
mad man looking to justify his own hypocritical behavior. Now the reality is, yes, Ebola is
different than Corona Corona virus. Ebola has a higher death rate than Corona virus,
but Corona virus is passed. It’s transmitted much more easily because Corona virus can
be passed through the air through droplets sneezes, coughs. Ebola spreads only through
direct contact. So it’s much easier to transmit Corona virus than Ebola. I’m not suggesting
that Americans with Corona virus not be allowed back into the country. What I’m pointing out
is Trump’s hypocrisy and really the differences. Obama was president when it was Ebola. Trump
is president now when it’s Corona virus. That’s really the only difference. So another day,
another embarrassing press conference for Trump as we showed you earlier, the India
trip, not going super well, a massive Indian crowd of 100,000 literally running to the
exits, crowding the exits. As Donald Trump spoke yesterday, that video is hilarious.
The press conference is disturbingly odd. Another bad trip for Donald Trump, figuratively and literally depending on your
opinion of Donald Trump’s, uh, possible drug use. Bad trip takes on another meeting. Let
me know what you think. I’m on Twitter at D Pacman. Quick break back after this,


  1. Trump has no self awareness or empathy. That is frightening. And definitely not presidential. I just can’t listen to him drone on and on and on anymore. All lies and bullshit. He talks about how everyone else is terrible and should be ashamed of themselves. Look in the mirror you “chosen” orange.

  2. If Trump manages to establish this whole "judges must recuse themselves if they don't like the president" thing, that'll make life a lot easier for Bernie, in a years time…

  3. Dump is a Debbie Downer. Definitely not a comforting and encouraging “President.” Bad mouthing our country all over the world for his own political gain. For shame. Yet half of our country are being mind controlled and believing this b.s..

  4. Trump is the definition of what the Bible warns us about all the evilness in a man the book of proverbs is explaining why trump is like he is and the book of revelation is witnessing all what come out of trumps mouth. Trump is guided by evil…

  5. Grow up whiner! You sound stupid as you rightfully are. The only one who shamed himself is you. The good thing is that your lies are catching up to you by your own actions !
    I like how your stock market is dropping and it’s because of you and the lies on virus!
    Stop those drugs please it’s becoming more obvious up and down.
    It’s impossible to have this big orangutan not go without insulting someone on any given day. If he looked in the mirror that thing looking back is the largest insult.
    Now he thinks he has a brain which he does but it’s dead .

  6. No wonder this guy has went bankrupt numerous times ??? The man is clearly off his fecking head !!! What a reflection on the USA having this turd as POTUS !!! I wonder how long it will take him to bankrupt the USA !!!!

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  8. Before trump even ran for president I heard him suggest that what we should do is go into the
    Middle East and take possession of all the oils fields since they were the only thing that matter at all. What he wants to do now shouldn't surprise anyone. Who has actually listened to what he's
    said over time, and has a functioning memory. He really has
    Always told us who he is and what he plans on doing. You just have to remember it. Too bad I never knew he would be president one day and that I didn't always have a tape recorder set up because you
    Just KNOW that trumpets will deny that.

  9. DONALD TRUMP is telling other officials they should live up to a higher standard. The lack of self awareness in this guy is incredible! 🤦‍♂️

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  12. When asked whether justice was served in the Weinstein case, Trump makes no mention of the rapes: he just says "he was never a fan of Weinstein".


  14. Wow and you have NO High Standards at all. You have no filter on
    That Mouth if yours and call out people all the time, You LIE all the time. And You shame people everyday!! Your so two faced and you should Resign! Because neither you are your family are liked! It’s is so disturbing having you as President and America suffers everyday at your hands

  15. Oh PLEASE! trump should have the "highest standard" since he is 'supposedly' the president of the USA. YES trump appointed judges should definitely recuse themselves since they are totally biased.

  16. What else is new, he's just an embarrassing azz. His so called family should tell him to quit. Tired of seeing him and all his corrupt henchmen. He's soo dumb….listen at him ummmmm sad. Eww listen to that ugly voice. Incompetent and mentally deranged imbecile.

  17. Just partied with him but he didn't like him because he would come over and take trump's 12 year old girl ,who Jeff gave him at the beginning of the party , off his lap!

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  22. So you shouldn't arrest criminals if you don't like crime? Iran hates Isis so Trump assassinated Solomali because Trump likes isis? I guess my 168 IQ is too low to understand a genius of his caliber.

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    Adding: …and the biggest and dumbest A-HOLE the US had ever seen

  29. Talk about not even understanding the meaning and purpose of the constitution and entire structure of the American democratic system! He doesn't even understand that keeping the executive (and legislative ) branches in check…in balance… is one of the express purposes of the judiciary branch. Not only is it not wrong for them to not recuse themselves, not doing so is their designated job and sworn duty. The independent three branch system was created specifically to block and prevent one branch/one party/one person granting himself the powers of an emporer or king. He is whining about the "unfairness" of the court not allowing him to be unfair (or to be "unfairer"…if you're trump). He is literally pig-ignorant about how and why the system is designed the way it is. Sorry D, but the founding fathers saw you coming…

  30. Trump should recuse himself from life. This idiot is not worthy of being alive on this earth. His demented and conman brain is evil through and through. He is not decent or reasonable at all. The diarrhea that spews out of his mouth is full of falsehood, arrogance, and hate. Hope the coronavirus takes him quickly.

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