1. Dems and their ultra-violent alt-left supporters do NOT want unity. They support lawlessness and chaos in their demented lust for power.

  2. I dont need to ask anyone why Obama was elected. The Sleeping Giant just waved his hand 'ok' then went back to sleep but was awoken from that slumber and put its feet on the ground. He stood strong and tall when he voted Trump. Now he is stirring around and getting back to work.

  3. We didn't elect Trump and then get galvanized. We didn't elect Trump and then get divided. We elected Trump as a means of self-defense from the CONSTANT bombardment of accusation and PHYSICAL ASSAULT for nothing more than being white. Did you know millions of people were afraid of wearing a MAGA red hat in 2016? We silently went to vote and didn't even talk about it because the left was already that violent towards conservatives. This is a last gasp and quite possibly THE last gasp, last-ditch effort to save freedom and democracy before it is turned violently into a one-party politic ready for one global government.
    Don't tell conservatives to tone it down. We're trying to stay alive here! A guy got fired last week for wearing a MAGA hat. LAST WEEK! FOR A HATTTTTTTT
    Bullies are bullying us and they call us radicalized because we are FINALLY sticking up for ourselves. No… we're not toning it down. We are simply stating we have a right to free speech. We have a right to wear any hat we want and you do not have a right to bully us because we don't agree with you.
    I'd rather die on my feet than live life on my knees. I'm not going to submit because cowards are afraid of confrontation.

  4. We are not divided but the media and communist party is divided the globalist pushing their crap on the rest of us.

  5. Mr Trey Gowdy tulsi isn’t a conservative in the true sense. She doesn’t align with OUR agenda and that of Mr Trump. I loved you at one time. Not saying I don’t anymore. But you know

  6. Do you think our founding fathers were passionate about freedom and democracy? Or should they have capitulated and not been so radical? How hard would that generation fight for the constitution? Would they fight more or less than we are now? Because if we roll over and go back to sleep the constitution will be shreds and it will be because we let evil people do that because we didn't want to stir up a fuss.

  7. Mr. Gowdy, you have a personal relationship with those of varying views on politics. The problem is that most truly have no personal relationships with those of varying views, many likely don't even have many personal relationships at all. I really do believe social media and the news and the echo chambers they have created are driving the wedge deeper every day. Until people learn to connect and value one another on a personal level it will not happen.

  8. The media published what the looser actors say yesterday fox publishes actor Crowley saying blood will run in the streets if the Democrats loose midterms that is what people read the media has to stop

  9. Democrats should have taken Michelle Obama's advice when she said "when they go low, we go high". Trump and his followers pulled American's down to their level. Adults shouldn't argue or act like 8th graders, we should act like adults and teach 8th graders how to act and treat people.

  10. Trey Gowdy does know how to "reach across the Isle" to his Democrat brethren….it is quite extraordinary and impressive. He is a very wise individual and a compassionate one…….could he be a future candidate for the Presidency……I hope so. He would make a great Attorney General to succeed Jeff Sessions after the elections….

  11. The United States is so divided in both "political perception" and "political ideology"…..there has always been a "divide" but never this wide nor as vitriolic……or violent….not even in the late 1960s when I was "growing up"….never this contentious, slanderous and irreconcilable….

  12. wait fox openly says the bomber worked for Democrats till he was caught. talks about the mob mentality of dems while trump causes 2 mass shootings and attempted letter bombing. wow fox what ever you have to do to sell your agenda huh? don't worry, you really don't have to. I really don't think trump has sain and intelligent supporters any more, they left along time ago. you could just come out and say trump did this…because just because…and not say anything else.

  13. Republicans cheat to win elections by seeking Russian help, voter supression, mailing bombs, and deliberate lies. Trump's threats to news reporters is government tyranny. The 2nd ammendment right to bear arms is to overthrow government tyranny. Voter supression is government tyranny. Time for a revolution! Remove Trump from office by force.

  14. President Trump can try to unite America under the flag, military, and economy but if they don't want to be united they won't period. I am sick of Gowdy. I'm tired of the myriad of times you said what you think " My fellow Americans " want.

  15. Please, fellow citizens, pray for our wonderful President Trump to be safe and overcome all the evil being thrown at him. Please pray that he stays on the right path to save our beautiful Christian country. I love you God, I love you Jesus, I love you President Trump, I love you my fellow Americans, I even love you Democrats, even when I don't agree with your divisive actions. Praying for all of us.

  16. Trey Gowdy is a sell-out. I bet he wouldn't even prosecute Hillary Clinton if you had all the evidence. I hope Trey Gowdy gets voted out next election.

  17. Gowdy talks big but in all the investigations of various nefarious goings on like the IRS abuse , Hillary's Benghazi , facebook , etc.,
    not one thing has ever been done or one single person ever prosecuted. All a dog and pony show for the American people to make
    us think something MIGHT be done. He is useless , what a joke.

  18. Obama divided the American people, now he has white people hating white people. He still wants power after 8 yrs, can't be silent like all other previous presidents did. Just keeps on talking and talking, can't take his own advise when he said "One president at at Time".

  19. You guys keep saying everybody is divided but to be honest most of us are not divided like nobody knows who you're referring to when you say that the country is divided we've always been half conservative and half Democrats like that's it's always been like that and nobody is divided you guys are and your little bubbles you're the one who keeps talking about being divided out here in the real world none of us are talking about it

  20. Not really you guys are all pushing the division Fox News to you guys are constantly saying that we are divided every single day over every single thing that happened the shooting in the synagogue were divided the packages were divided those were two people then you have these idiot and Tifa who like to attack people and we're divided these people have nothing to do with us nothing nobody even knows who the hell these people are so how could it be us all being divided when these are a few actors you need to quit pushing it

  21. Geez how many times are you going to say the word divided in one News segment lady I mean really do you honestly think that this is constructive reporting and discussions here negative negative negative

  22. Really Donald Trump's the most powerful person in the world really if that's the case then how come these fake News Channel still keep reporting fake news and nobody does anything about not even the ethics journalists Council whoever the hell they were sociation whatever they just sitting here let it happen we seen it with our own eyes we seen it with our own eyes the media has the power because they are the ones who are telling the public the information not Donald Trump you all need to get your head out of your butt hole

  23. With a RINO like Gowdy leaving Congress, it will definitely help the divide in the Republican party and beyond. Betrayos Gowdy can't leave Congress soon enough. He is part of the problem.

  24. There can never be a coming together, as the loony left are forcing their agenda on good people. If people
    don't agree with them, they are ostracised and if there are no other like-minded people around, they tend to
    withdraw from society. These loony left are evil people. They are deranged!

  25. I voted for Trump because I thought Hillary was worse. After considering Occasio-Chavez is considered the "future of the Democrat party", I will vote for Trump over any Democrat.

  26. Trey reminds me of the mother who always says to the good kid 'just try to get along with your sister/brother'. She never says it to the sibling who's making all the trouble. Troublemakers have learned they get their way by being loud and obnoxious and persistent. I have people on the Left in my life. But the minute they start the name-calling, disrespect and out and out bad behavior…it's over. We can't afford to give in to them and let them bring our country down.

  27. Its sad for me my real name is Christian. And I have a very sad division story. That occured in Johnstown pa and butler pa.

  28. I wish he would get out already he and the house speaker…neocons liked the old time globalism….sorry tooo many people are woke.

  29. No, it's not going to happen for a while. It is power struggling now: globalism vs. nationalism. To be more specific, it is 20 century's globalism vs. 21 century's nationalism. It is a win or loss fight, until that the 21 century's globalism comes.

  30. How do you unify with democrat socialist, globalists? Just how do we breach that divide? Republicans are pummeled daily, and you are telling us that civility is the answer? Sounds more like surrender, to me.

  31. I used to think Gowdy was going to be great, after two years I have learned Gowdy talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk, he is a man of smoke and mirrors who is very good with words, what a disappointment, he could have made a difference, he could have been somebody.

  32. If Trump continues to attack the media, and the right and left stay on different channels, it's gonna cause some real issues. Cuz these opinion shows are mostly full of horseshit that its viewers believe is news…this is what Trump wanted all along…don't fool yourself…that's why he keeps it up, day after day.

  33. Democrat liberal leftists who live in their blue bubble do not care about the working class americans who rely on their trade to provide a home, security, and good upbringing for their children.

    Overtaxation, over regulation, companies sending jobs overseas or outsourcing jobs was very damaging to this country during the last administration.

    Do the two sides ever reconcile and become one America again?
    Not looking like it at this point…

  34. Focus on the Mental Illness treatments that should have been intervened before the crimes. Focusing on victims is what victims do.

  35. Maybe if Trey stopped riding the fence and just stand with the GOP and Trump……our divide would be a bit less

  36. America vs Anti America , Americans aren't divided , we aren't going to give the country and our lives up to the Globalist , slavery and Rulers just isn't for me , Global citizens BS Political divide is a lie , we are under attack hiding in the politic lie . SEARCH Roosevelt tells all before he dies

  37. We are at a point in time; We can make the choice to die of only old age – that knowledge is so real and yet so unreal, but remains a choice – theLAB

  38. WE Republicans need to get out and stop the trump regime and get back to the Republican principles, not Trump is great. He lies to the American people and we can not accept an elected president who lies and then says he will do something nice for a far right group. We need to get back to the Republican beliefs and principles. Vote Democratic and tell Trump (the election is about him like his speeches) and the far right we are not that extreme.

  39. Yo-yo! Gomer go home! We got your number? You know in name only! Yesterday is Today will be Tomorrow! When do leave? Can’t wait!!!

  40. Trey….. Trey Gowdy… Good sir…. I love you sir… I appreciate you……. I admire you and your work… But please lol… PLEASE.. Don't wear that suit ever again lol.

  41. I can't believe Mr. Gowdy says the people have to change when our leader talks a divisive language, yet another example on how conservatives serve Trump, not the people who elected them.

  42. How The GOP Became Fascist and Divided The Nation

    There is a starting point to all of this. Late 1970's, after Roe 'v' Wade, after the GOP adopted a "Pro-Life" stance. After the Religious Right had assumed control of party leadership and started kicking anyone in the party who was even on the fence about abortion. Silencing any dissent within the party. The GOP were now a Fascist political party where no dissent is tolerated, to this day.

    Then through the next 40 years they went state by state capturing those 1,000 seats they bragged about, pushing Religious Fascism all across the nation, taking and pushing that single topic litmus test as went pulling in all the Christian and lying to them about God all the while.

    The rest of the story is our current political & social state if disarray because the GOP do not follow or abide by our Constitution, all due to their faith.

    Abortion is the single point of failure in our check of Religious power in America. Because the GOP don't follow their own God who is fine with any choice a woman makes, God does abortion & yes, it is also in the Bible.

    The GOP, Anti-Constitution means they are The Anti-American Party
    •Trump-GOP Work Against America & You Trumpys Too
    •The GOP Have Lied About God & Abortion For Over 40-Years

    Not An Accusation, It's The Legislative History Of The GOP

    GOP has and IS Working Against:
    •Constitution/1st & Separation
    •Individual Rights aka Self-Determination aka Choice
    •Equal Rights/Equality
    •Equal Justice
    •Oath of Office
    •Their Word

    Conservative America Is Anti-America

    Why would anyone vote Trump-GOP to have our Constitution & Rights undermined by a Religions Fascist political party?
    The GOP work against our Constituion & Rights
    • Anti-Constitution means they are Anti-American

  43. Overcoming the political divide in America? Easy: Entirely do away with the Democrat party. Also essential to overcoming every problem on the face of the Earth: do away with the Democat Party entirely.

  44. None in the media understand how Donald Trump was elected, yet half the country voted for him. There is your problem right there. Imagine if 90% of the media was for Trump rather than against, what a landslide it would have been. The media simply does not represent the people, and their reporting is not in the interest of the citizens.

  45. I can't stand Trey Gowdy and Martha McCallum talking down to our president.I wish they would both be taken off FOX and I will never listen to these two traitors.Only an idiot would suggest that Trump caused this evil act.They need to quit trying to run the show.

  46. Just more gowdy bs! Smooth, slick carefully chosen words but never ever addressing the real problems. Wild willie clinton's boy through and through! The president always does exactly what old trey calls for, is beaten up for it then pushes back – just as he should. The fascists on the left have gotten away with their tactics for so long they throw tantrums when anyone actually stands their ground against them.

  47. WHERE are replacements of Obamacare? It's more than eight years now and repealed more than 51 times in majority republican house.

  48. Yes, Gowdy, it would be nice to re-unite the country, however, public schools replaced instilling the value of civil exchange with ideological preaching – and NO argument allowed. The U's followed.  A standard code of decency cannot exist in the absence of civil exchange.

  49. Trump is stepping into assasinatin zone. Criticizing Fed Reserve will go hard. I am coming USA I love you motherfuckers.

  50. I used to think Gowdy had a huge pair underneath him, but not anymore. I have come to view him as a swamp creature, plain and simple. He’s never came out in full support of the POTUS, and he’s honestly been AWOL from Congress the last year or so. Lindsay Graham finally joined the fight, sadly Gowdy probably never will.

  51. Thank you President Trump for all your hard work and expense to support our Republican Candidates.You’re the first to make such a concentrated effort for the Republican


  52. Plenty of places to exist where everything that goes on is wrong! Like It !, GOOD ! GO LIVE THERE! The USA is not here to b a dumping ground!

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