Top 10 Reasons People are Leaving California.

Top 10 Reasons People are Leaving California.

What is going on everyone? Please answer
in the comment section below, I love hearing how people are doing of course
unless your name’s Lloyd you’re from Salt Lake City and you can’t quit
calling me a SOI boy I’ve never eaten soy it seems kind of gross I do know a
bunch of UFC fighters swear by it I’m not sure why you think this is an insult
but all right moving on today we’re gonna take a look at everyone’s favorite
punching bag California in case you’ve never made it through US geography class
California is right here it’s on the left side of the United States
California’s known for Hollywood beautiful beaches suntan lotion and the
Golden Gate Bridge ever since some bearded frontiersman
found gold at Sutter’s Mill California has been the destination for people
seeking their fortune after gold kind of washed up it was oil then it was
Hollywood and then there was tech there’s always been a draw to California
the draw is still there for a lot of people the only difference is a higher
percentage don’t see it anymore they don’t feel that draw and they’re leaving
for one reason or another the exodus of California started around the early
1990s the Golden State was losing between 400 and 600 thousand residents
and their kids every single year while during that time they were only gaining
about 300 to 350 thousand so you know depends on where it was but they
could’ve been losing anywhere from fifty thousand to two hundred fifty thousand
it was bad during the late 90s in the early 2000s there was a giant difference
in the loss versus gain some years saw as many as two hundred thousand people
leaving than coming in as we entered the new century there wasn’t much of a
difference it was pretty close to being even but as we got close to the
recession California had a serious spike in the percentage of people leaving furs
coming in until the last couple years the exodus has started picking up steam
again so let’s find out why they’re all leaving in my top ten reasons people are
leaving California number ten traffic if you didn’t see
traffic being on this list you haven’t been paying attention Los Angeles and
San Francisco are in the top five for worst traffic every single year since
forever Sacramento San Jose and San Diego aren’t too far off that list
either I grew up in the LA area and traffic has always been bad I think I’ve
mentioned it before on this channel but I’ve been stuck on la freeways in such
bad traffic my car didn’t move for over 15 minutes like at a complete standstill
I’ve actually had conversations on the 405 freeway with other people in the
cars next to me more than once number nine it’s not business friendly
now you can read different things on why California is one of the best places for
business those things will always seem like
they’re promoting why a company should move to California or at least stay they
will tell you about their educated workforce and how all these other
companies have started in the Golden State but the fact is major companies
are leaving and small businesses claim the state of California is actually
hostile towards small businesses here are some of the corporations that have
left or are planning to leave California now before I get to this list you should
know most we’re heading to Texas Toyota Toyota North America is gone Nissan
North America is gone Nestle USA is gone Jamba Juice is gone even Chevron who’s
been in California forever has moved 800 jobs from the Bay Area to Texas there’s
a bunch of other ones that are moving to Pennsylvania even Carl’s jr. which
started in California and has been there for decades up and left number eight natural disasters
earthquakes wildfires mudslides and Kardashians California has some of the
worst disasters in the country now I’ve worked a forest fire and it was scary
I’ve been in too many earthquakes to remember and I’ve been watched a season
or two of the Kardashians so I’ve seen some pretty scary stuff every year
wildfires and mudslides wreak havoc on the state of California you also have
coastal erosion pull portions of California coastline are literally
falling into the ocean right now I know one area near where I used to live up in
this place Palos Verdes I lived in Redondo down in the lowlands but there’s
an area of Palos Verdes called português Bend that’s been sliding into the ocean
for years and they keep fixing the road so you can keep going through it’s not
moving fast but it’s slowly falling into the ocean number seven opportunity
California ranks 49th in a stat they call opportunity this is when you
measure affordability equality and economic opportunity the only one they
beat was Louisiana you know it’s not saying too much for your state when the
only one preventing you from being dead last in any stat is Louisiana
that’s like coming in second to last in a foot race the only one you beat was a
sumo wrestler in high heels dragging a sofa bed behind him by a strap around
one ankle basically what that stat is telling you chances of you making a good
life for yourself in California are slim at best number six taxes taxes are one of the
biggest complaints anyone has about any state taxes were originally a really
good idea everyone gives a little bit of their money so they could fix things
around town or maybe help support like the town’s lonely old widow something
like that sometime around a day or two after taxes were a good idea
politicians got involved and they’ve sucked ever since California politicians
lost their collective minds they have the highest income tax in the country
and their sales tax is in the top 10 as worst not good and before you say it
stop typing it’s not just the Liberals and the Democrats Ronald Reagan Pete
Wilson and Schwarzenegger didn’t go light on taxes when they ran the state
of California number 5 crime crime may not be the
worst in California but it ain’t good when you have cities like SLA Stockton
Fresno Oakland and even Compton what do you expect it actually would be
considered the worst state on crime if they counted politicians ripping you off
on every paycheck yeah that would be that would push them right over the top
I imagine they blow past st. Louis and every one number for the shine is gone
the dream of California is over now it’s still a great state in a lot of ways
it’s one of the biggest economies in the world which means pretty much nothing to
the average resident the beaches are great the wine is great Disneyland but
the people have realized it’s not worth the cost
the California life has always been somewhat of an illusion when all we saw
were movies and television people thought the streets of California were
paved in gold now that we have like the internet and things like YouTube people
see past the illusion they see the real California and they see how much it
costs to live in this state and all the problems and they’re just going it’s not
worth it and they’re moving out and they’re moving on number three the homeless California has
a lot of homeless people and that’s just a fact you’ve got your standard homeless
people that are hardcore living on the streets and then you have a whole bunch
of people in a lot of these cities that are living in their cars to save money
or they can’t afford their rent they’re saving money for student loans or
whatever I talked about this in a recent video I mean if you’re gonna be homeless
why not do in a place that’s got really good weather you know it only makes
sense but really California does have a lot of homeless now if you watch
anything I’ve ever done in California then you look at the comments section
you’ll see a whole bunch of people left comments about how there’s poop in the
streets of San Francisco now there’s a backstory to that this all
started with a story in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2014 someone did
a story about the streets with the most reports of poop like reported to the
city to have them come out and clean it now the article didn’t say it was just
humans the reports were of all droppings dogs cats humans whatever now this lady
makes a map and puts it online it was sort of in jest you know she was just
making a joke kind of or you know mocking the situation she posts this
thing online story gets tossed around and the map gets tossed around from
different web sites for a couple years and then Rush Limbaugh gets a hold of it
and he falsely claims that the map is a city project that was made because of
the out-of-control poop problem that homeless people are pooping all over the
streets and it’s just bad you can’t even go down a street without and he just
blew this thing out of proportion now haven’t poop in the streets is not a
good thing but the deal is this you are going to have feces in the streets
wherever you have homeless or pets or wild animals whatever it just happens
they don’t have a bunch of readily available bathrooms for homeless people
we all have homes that’s where we go they don’t it’s going to happen
I’ve actually seen it in Oklahoma City so it happens in all cities not just San
Francisco guys need to let it go quit listen to Rush Limbaugh number two housing house and rental
prices are what’s driving 30 percent of the people out of California back in the
80’s 90’s you just moved a couple miles east of the ocean and homes became
affordable that dream popped over ten years ago you have to keep going east to
find affordable housing for the average blue-collar worker now you might end up
going as far east to say I don’t know Iowa or Mississippi to find affordable
housing and slab city doesn’t count quit bringing it up in the comments section
every time I bring up California home prices everyone said not everyone a
bunch of people say move to slab city slab city is where like homeless people
move to or people living off the grid ninety nine percent of the population
would never move there but it is an interesting story so I you know suggest
googling it give an example of how bad it got back around 2000 my uncle’s a
decorator and he decorated and painted this house that was right on the beach
in Redondo Beach California I mean it wasn’t even a house it was a condo and
between you and the ocean was just sand and a set of stairs it was right there
back then around 2000 2001 it was going for five hundred fifty thousand dollars
so we thought that was a lot of money you know half a million dollars over
half a million dollars I looked it up currently it’s on the market the same
place you know almost 20 years later it’s going for 1.8 million dollars this
is a you know almost a studio apartment this is like two bedrooms I believe a
bathroom a kitchen and a living room and the ocean view that’s incredible and number one the cost of living the
cost of living in California is obscene there’s no other way to put it it’s just
gross now granted if you get away from the coast
it does get cheaper like housing but not much besides about seventy percent of
people moving in or out of the Golden State are going to the coastal cities so
really that’s most of the focus on this video and almost any study on California
migration and this is the part of the video where people start leaving
comments about how I’m bitter because I can’t afford living in California more
just to let you know I can there’s a few places Silicon Valley San Francisco
maybe Malibu California places like that Beverly Hills that I can’t but 80% of
California I can afford to live in decently the thing is myself and so many
other people don’t see the value in living in California anymore why spend
that kind of money to live someplace that’s overcrowded has horrible air
quality and standstill traffic most any day in most any city and I’ll be about
to talk some trash stop typing look at your next paycheck and see how much is
going to the state of California when you’re done crying call a moving company
and head to Texas all right so that’s my top ten reasons
people are leaving California hope you got some information out of hope it was
entertaining now there’s one other one that probably should have been on there
because it’s brought up a lot and a lot of people say they don’t want to move
there because it’s too liberal I don’t get that one it’s not like if you move
to a place the Liberals force you to vote liberal you know that’s just like
it doesn’t make sense cost of living you know air quality
crowds traffic that all affects you if someone’s a liberal next door why does
it affect you it doesn’t make sense I mean if you’re bothered by all the
things that happen from their votes I get it but it just doesn’t make sense to
me no one forces you to vote liberal if you move to any place or conservative or
anything else anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video don’t forget to leave
a comment hit that like button subscribe if you haven’t already done so everybody
have a great day be nice to each other


  1. Is there another place in the 49 states that is like California. But with out the laws. Like a psuedo California…
    I have this suspicion everyone is going to just blurt out Arizona or Nevada.

  2. California is doing this on purpose so they move to other states so they will turn those states democratic. it's working they did it to Oregon, Wastington, Arizona. and some what Nevada. It look like people don't learn.

  3. This guy is so stupid. He will defend liberal ideology to death. California can literally say “pedophilia is now legal” this liberal cuck would say “it happens all over the world so whatever”.

  4. Ok for one live in california, corona specific 5 generations here. And my dad counts on me to stay but, i dont wanna live the way people do so i wanna go to Texas i have family out there, and i lived with them for about 1 month best time of my life, and don’t worry Texas i ain’t not bringing noting with me. I wanna start fresh

  5. Don’t over do it. I love California. There’s disasters any other states. I wouldn’t never move out of California. Never. If you know how to manage your money you could have good lifestyle if not oh well. I don’t change California any other state. Troubles there’s every where.

  6. California would have more money for it's citizens if they didn't have to carry basket case states like Arizona, Utah, Mississippi, S Carolina, N Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho etc.


  7. I lived in SF for 25 years. There was a time when I couldn't imagine ever living anywhere else. Now, I wouldn't spit on it from a moving vehicle. The dot com boom killed the soul of the city, pretty much anyone even marginally interesting moved out, and now the only people there are drug addicts and people who literally live for their tech jobs and nothing else. It's amazing how truly boring these people are, and how they have absolutely nothing to say when the conversation switches to something besides work.

  8. Our air will be just a little bit cleaner when you and your SUV take off for greener, soon to be browner, pastures. Adios.

  9. The reason people blame 'the liberals' is because the liberals have a chokehold on the state govrenment. They even changed the way primary elections are done in order to ensure that fewer Republicans even get on the ballot for the general election. Another issue with liberals is their intolerance and hatred. You have to hide your political leanings from liberals just to avoid the verbal abuse.

  10. Please stop telling Californians to move to Texas.. in due time, there will be violence due to the clash of ideologies. Just relish in the hell you've created for yourselves and stay in California.

  11. Good video. We are native to CA and are thinking of leaving to retire some where else. The fires, taxes, and housing prices are our main reasons. Another thing is rude freakin people.

  12. I lived in San Diego and San Clemente from 1986-2015. There are some negatives, but for the most part they didn't tangibly affect me. I guess the primary factor would be the price of gas, but I could/can afford it, so no big deal. The water thing is not such a big thing for single people that don't own homes or businesses, but it is really dumb. The homeless explosion is really dumb, but I didn't live in the city so who cares? When you look at the beaches, the weather, the ability to go from the beach to an area with a lot of snow(if you like winter sports) within an hour or two is pretty nice.

    The big thing for me was the sheer number of jobs available. There is a culture of convenience, shops being open 24/7. I loved that cuz I worked late nights. California has MORE of everything. That comes in handy from time to time. Ignoring the stupidity of environmental whackos and crazy liberals may piss one off, but they aren't that difficult to avoid except at work. I retired outside of the US, but I may come back, and if I do it will be to Socal.

  13. Lived in San Jose for a year because of work two years ago. Couldn't leave fast enough for all the reasons you mentioned.

  14. And when you move, leave your stupid ass voting habits that ruined Cali in Cali! Don't go vote Texas into an over taxed shit hole.

  15. Please stop encouraging people to move to Texas…We dont want you liberal ass clowns ruining our state. You have screwed yours up now live in it. By the way you do know we are armed ,yes.

  16. Briggs, you should include the top ten reasons people are leaving New Germany, err, Jersey, it’s worse than Communist California!!!

  17. California is so liberal, conservatives are trampled at the polls. No they can’t make you vote liberal, but they still can force their agendas down your throat.

  18. No, don't come to Texas. Go somewhere else. Because you will leave the shit hole mess you voted to have and come here and vote the same way and ruin our state.

  19. Why should Californians leave to just screw up another state – We don't want them. They should all be made to stay there to fix up their own problem. Don't come to my state and bring your wacko views.

  20. Another reason he neglected to mention: illegal immigration. There are millions of illiegal immigrants in California which has greatly affected our schools, medical facilities, highways, etc. by overcrowding. Not to mention the whole state is now a "Sanctuary State". And starting in 2020, our tax $'s are going to pay for illegal immigrants healthcare until they're 26.

  21. You describe the serious problems largely created by democrats, then take every opportunity to punk conservative opinions. Interesting.

  22. Rush didn't blow the poop streets of Frisco out of proportion. It's true. I live 100 miles from there and EVERY one of my friends and anyone else who has been there says the poop is everywhere. It stinks. Residents in the city are finding it on their doorsteps. One said she discovered a some luggage full of s#&% on her street. Today, Oracle announced that, after 20 years, they are moving their conference out of SF because of the dirty streets and expensive hotels.

  23. If not maybe earlier!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. California Native right here. You’re a complete fool if you think the demise of CA has nothing to do with politics. Liberals have ruined my home state, their policies are putting people out of business and eliminating the middle class. We now live in TN because we work for one of the companies mentioned in this video. It’s devastating to watch my only home go down in flames, but people keep perpetuating the problems by voting for radical liberals.

  25. Try living in Lawless Angeles. People hit and run, killing people and don't stop or look back. Human life means nothing here. Try the carpool lane, I pass so many single drivers I lost count.

  26. I don't think you are bitter at all! I guess to afford a place in California, you have to go live in the crappiest neighborhoods or cities. My parents and I are leaving the state in 2 years after I graduate from University.

  27. There is a distinct odor with human feces. Yes, I have walked over it while shopping and saw a guy doing the deed. Human feces is a really real thing, and its not healthy.

  28. I'm sorry. Did you you touch on the illegal immigration problem. Let's be realistic; can society, taxation, housing, infrastructure, etc. be realized if thousands upon thousands are let to not assimilate, afford, institute, guide? What began and worked is crumbling.. and you know it

  29. Was born and have lived ny entire life in California. What is being said on here is absolutely true. We are over taxed and over regulated by a state government that is way too invasive toward our people.

  30. I live in the quiet suburbs around chicago and visited california for a few college tours. It was very nice seeing the houses, clubs, and it was alot more crowded then were I'm from. I was hoping I could go to usc but I guess california is kinda like drugs. It's fun until it's not and when it's not it gets real bad.

  31. I'm planning to move to Vegas in 2020 and happy I'm getting the hell out of here and not looking back and yes California is a bit OVER TAXED. The only miserable thing about Las Vegas is THE GODDAMN WEATHER but out here in Cali the bill is just too damn high.

  32. MY top 10 reasons
    10. Too many wildfires
    9. Joke health care
    8. Crime rates
    7. Oakland
    6. Too crowded
    5. Too expensive
    4. Joke legislation
    3. San Andres fault
    2. Illegal immigrants
    Dishonorable mentions: corrupt gun laws, trillions in debt, bad for small businesses
    1. Most of the money goes to the State

  33. I used to love briggs Chanel because I love hearing about other places but I am unsubscribing because in every video he mentions republicans and there’s no need to bring up politics for no reason all he does is bash republicans because a few right wingers commented stuff on his videos as if left wingers never do that. After hearing the ending of this video I am no longer a subscriber of this Chanel.

  34. I’m 62. I have lived here in California for 30 years. That will change as soon as I can manage it, for each and every single reason you mention. I like the people, so I’ll miss them, but not the fires every year, not the hostility to small businesses, and certainly not the land speculation and greed that drives up property taxes and homelessness.

  35. Because stupid ass people want to live in big cities they don't want to move to little cities like Bakersfield Kern County

  36. This population loss from Blue to Red states underscore why Dems want to import more illegal immigrants whom they convert to voters—that is the only demographic trend which favors them.

  37. The People's Republic of California Democrats passed a harsh water
    rationing law and signed into law by Governor Twosome Newsom. Effective
    January 1, 2020, you can only use 55 gallons a day. There will be a
    $1000 fine per day if you go over that limit. If California is in a
    drought situation, it will be $10,000 fine a day! Most of the lib media
    ignored this law when it passed. Probably to protect the Democrat
    politicians in California against any backlash during election time.
    All the Democrats voted "yes" for this law and all the Republican's"
    voted "No". I hate Democrats like you can't imagine! There is also a
    clause in this law that if you use a washing machine in your home, you
    cannot shower on that same day.

  38. The People's Republic of California Democrats passed a harsh water
    rationing law and signed into law by Governor Twosome Newsom. Effective
    January 1, 2020, you can only use 55 gallons a day. There will be a
    $1000 fine per day if you go over that limit. If California is in a
    drought situation, it will be $10,000 fine a day! Most of the lib media
    ignored this law when it passed. Probably to protect the Democrat
    politicians in California against any backlash during election time.
    All the Democrats voted "yes" for this law and all the Republican's"
    voted "No". I hate Democrats like you can't imagine! There is also a
    clause in this law that if you use a washing machine in your home, you
    cannot shower on that same day.

  39. Just in San Fran, poop and needles on every block in some areas. You should go and see, it’s bad. Stop typing.

  40. Also, crime and economics are tied to local government policies, so an area with liberal politicians do impact non-voting liberals. Again, stop typing.

  41. the problem is the californians leaving are the most useless revolting obnoxious human beings to walk the earth. they need to be kept in their containment zone

  42. Lol all you see in the comments complaning are old boomers who are almost ready to die so they move away, or trailer trash people who complain about politics. Literally the people who ACTUALLY matter in california only complain about the cost of living, but the weather sure makes up for it plus you don't have to live in LA, there's plenty of non expensive places om the outskirts

  43. The tone of this video is ridiculous. Cali is not dying. It is the largest state by population and GDP.

    Thousands of companies and ppl still move there but that desire to be In the most desirable state causes inequality.

    Cali has rich state problems.

  44. Lived here for a few years in the mid-2000s. Moved back to the south for a lot of reasons, but the main one being it was just too expensive. Last year I went back to visit for the first time in 15 years, and I noticed the cost of living is much higher, the homeless population is waaayy higher, and yes. . .the traffic is even worse. My old apt which was $900 at the time, is now $2000. However, all of this is not stopping me from visiting this weekend. I think it's a great place to visit, but a horrible place to live.

  45. Fucking conservatives always blaming someone else for their problems. It's neoliberal policies that are screwing you. Both Republicans and democrats they both work for the rich and screw the middle class & the poor it's been going on for the 50 years but you people always blame the victims. Because you're brainwashed sheeps.

  46. Not only that but you will most likely have a part time job. If you get 24 weekly then your lucky. You will also be expected to do a 2-3 person job in that 4 hour shift.

  47. On the news in the Dallas area a few weeks ago sais 89,000 people moved to Texas in the year 2018. The 2019 tabs are not in yet but it will most likely be as many or more. We see new California people every day. Welcome to Texas, just join us.

  48. the people have voted in democrate this is why the state is in shambles meaning the cost of living, controlled heat, and water,, there is poop everywhere just noot san Francisco,,,this was dem ways control heat and water,,and there is , more homelessness there than any other state,, vote republicans in and watch the change.. and needles in streets also

  49. Born and raised in San Diego and we honestly are only trying to survive the rent for another year or two so I can finish school and get some experience before we move out of state just to be able to afford to buy a home. We don’t want to move: my husband has family here, we appreciate the weather, the political climate lines with our views most of the time, and there is definitely more job opportunities for the field I am going into here. However, we just can’t afford any of it. And it’s tough because we make too much money for any benefits like low/moderate income housing. But make too less to survive on our own (currently sharing a 2 bed with my brother who also wouldn’t afford anything on his own).

  50. I live in San Pedro, California… If I wear my MAGA hat anywhere in this town, my life will be on the line. I've been called a racist, regardless of knowing that by best friend was black, RIP Pops, and my daughter is engaged to a black man. Also, every single one of my daughter's teachers rants daily against Trump and she's afraid to voice her opinions as it might affect her grades.

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