TOP 10 FINALISTS On America’s Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

TOP 10 FINALISTS On America’s Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

Ain’t no mountain high ain’t no Valley Low, ain’t no River wide enough, baby If you need me Call me no matter where you are no matter how far Just come on me I’ll be there in a hurry you don’t have to worry No To keep me from getting to you There’s no way No No and a star Can stop me, baby And no There ain’t no Valley low No There ain’t no River wide Didn’t know To keep me from getting too Baby Even inside Do you think you get Do you think you can hi Do you believe the life Twisted up in your mind Ranade I Was 19 when I first developed carpal tunnel and both of my wrists Eventually, I had to quit playing the piano and take what used to be a hobby a Little bit more serious And before I knew it a new passion had ignited Just like Hey tyre, see those guys over there and grab on to it rolling What do you see Can you show it to the camera Or you can hold on to them he said nine right watch the death And only the nines remain know those nine How do those nines this ones do you want I want the night apart nine of hearts Through your wallet One gonna love you just way love the rain I love The cross Chuck Yeah, well what a peep oh, yeah Yo, I met my wife I met my wife in high school theater class we hate each other So the teacher put us in a group cuz that’s what teachers do and we had to do a skit where she played a cop And I played a robber it’s real quick She was just supposed to go put your hands up and I put my hands up then she yelled freeze and I tried my best to freeze and She didn’t know I had Tourette’s so she got pissed off and let me see my wife so mad at my damn life I was walking offstage She grabbed me by the collar put my hands behind my back Threw me against the wall said I said freeze full. I was like damn. I’ma. Marry this woman. I like her passion Where a silly couple that’s what makes this work. I don’t like couples that take themselves too. Seriously I was walking and there was this dude with his arm around his girl and he was squeezing her butt and he made our contact with me and he decided in that moment to squeeze hard and Then he went like this to me as if to let me know. Hey, man, I squeezed buds and I didn’t like that cuz it was like he was telling me that I don’t squeeze buds And I wanted to embarrass him and make him feel unclean the moment. So when he went I just pretended to get shot He was like I said And then this dumbass checked his hand Like he forgot he loaded it He came up to me afterwards he was like, aw be that funny guy he their comedian with Tourette’s, huh I don’t even believe you have Tourette’s I haven’t heard you cuss once I was like, that’s not how Tourette’s works, bro Only 10% of people have that kind. Most people have it. I have two different extreme So when I cuss you out is from the heart It’s cuz I hate you Cuz I don’t like rude people man I really don’t like if you honk at me on the street from now on i’ma follow you home People don’t believe me. This is my job. I don’t do anything from 6:00 a.m. To 8:00 p.m I have a lot of time to follow you home. I Don’t like rude people. I get offended in public when someone’s being rude I get offended for everybody even if I don’t know you so from now on from this day forth and I mean this from the bottom of my heart if I open a door for you and You don’t say thank ya I’m pulling you the hell back in You can stay inside till you get some madness I Don’t like rude people man. The lady came up to me recently She was like how you go to the bathroom with Tourette’s I was like, what the heck that’s a rude question First of all, you don’t have dad with Tourette’s at the end of a question. He’s always there Okay, and I’ve been to the bathroom in like Tourette’s you stay outside. I’m gonna do this. I’ll pick you up after Second reason is crazy is cuz you’ve seen my twitch it’s out there. It’s noticeable, but it’s not insane. My body’s not hearing I’m hitting the judges. It’s not crazy So I don’t know what this girl saw in her imagination, but I’ve never once in my 30 years to live it walked into a public restroom and just be like everybody move I Have Tourette’s it’s about to get messy Thank you guys. Thank you Singing one last time for you Then you read – No, we’ll make Aiden we’re away from Ah Oh Yeah Yeah Now I am so disappointed. I thought the finals was going to be a swimsuit competition Yeah, I’m gonna do it anyway Thank you, I can’t help it I just I love getting undressed My stripper name was pillow Don’t laugh gonna laugh Howie I was good the last time I worked they brought me up on this stage and they retired my pole Of course, they had to his bent it was all bent It looked like a silly straw. I’m not kidding So what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do something that should be illegal more illegal than what I just did. I mean It should be a crime to brag about your grandchild. Okay, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I can’t help it I had lunch today with Timmy and he’s in eighth grade Thank you. Yes. Yes. Yes He’s captain of the track team Thank you. Thank you Academically number one in this class. Thank And you student body president? Okay. Okay. Okay. He’s homeschooled but still We’ve got to encourage him right you got to encourage him, huh? So I’m so happy. It’s football season are we happy? Yeah I cover a big football family. My dad was Pete barber lakh and he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Thank you Thank you. No, no, no stop. No. I’m not I’m not bragging about that I just wanted everyone to know what the daughter of an NFL football player looks like Okay, she never saw one up close before right on this is no padding this is all natural right on So so dad turned 80 and we had his birthday party at Hooters. Yeah. Yeah, right. Yes, and he was so excited He takes off in his wheelchair, right? I had to chase him down to put him in the van and They don’t take reservations at Hooters. Okay, so I have to get there two hours early and I sit down a little Hooters girl she’s like Sorry Simon. She’s She’s like, can I help you? And I’m like no. I’m just here for the job application And she doesn’t even laugh at all because you know, she is that blonde Yeah, I know Heidi, we’re good. I see your roots. I see your roots. We’re all good, right? We’re good So but I’m sitting there for two hours ladies and I’m thinking to myself why Why don’t we have anything like that for us, right? Yeah, right So I want to open up woodpeckers We’ll just call it peckers for short, okay? Let’s get aunt Louise. Grandma. All the girls get down to peckers, right? And we’re not going there for the nice hot packages. Right? No. No, we’re going for the food right? Yep I’ll try that hot Italian sausage Mm-hmm Footlong salad looks pretty good. Now. We’re gonna try that Want to try the shrimp? No, no, no Hecker’s is going to be a shrimp free establishment No trip I got plenty of shrimp at home. Shrimp shrimp shrimp shrimp ever feel like Forrest Gump Trailer Nazi everybody. Thank you so much Enough water slightly under the mud Wouldn’t open yard the vendee cars Oh, ah Sh


  1. Courtney Hadwin. She is amazing. I would go see her in concert. And she's only going to get better. I also loved the group singers/dancers. That was beautiful. But Courtney is my favorite.

  2. It's so obvious that magic is all about hidding places and yes it's a performance and it can be amazing but some of his tricks are already revealed so it's not that amazing anymore so the others are better …I prefer ?

  3. Zurcaroh were amazing. the Duo Transcend were also very clever. amazing strength and precision in all of them. I also enjoyed the opera/classical singer Daniel Emmet, Brian the violinist was also amazing. very hard choice. I thought the magician was very clever but would have probably gone with one of the other acts.

  4. I think this is kinda like the old amateur hour and professionals should not compete, but only be there for show, something to aspire to.

  5. GLENNIS from Holland, my neighbourhood Country Belgium, I Admire her already since 2005 Songfestival …she was/is TOP !!

  6. oh my God. Italian is a language. Opera is not something you discover in America in a talent show. Americans and English singing opera in Italian is the best amateurism I ha
    ve ever seen. Well done Simon. Money will not buy you brain.

  7. Number 1 rly good not gonna spoil btw but i dont think he shouldve won i think he deserved wat he got idk thats my opinion because shinlim did some stuff that makes ppl think magic is real and he controls it idk my opinion feel free to tell me wat u think like this pls

  8. Michael Ketterer

    Duo trancend
    Shin Lim
    Courtney Hadwin
    Samuel j Comroe
    Glennis Grace
    Daniel Emmet
    Brian King Joseph (who should be in the champions)

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  11. 8:55 watch hid finger behind the card! ? and i saw him grab cards from the piano like bro not fooling anyone

  12. the violin player was amazing…..he looks like he could beat vaneessa mae. nice spectacular performance

  13. a card shuffler won the finals..bwahahahaha…….this agt show is a joke……….a boring card shuffler wins it all ..bwahahaha…..imagine watching a vegas stage act for 2 hours of a guy shuffling cards..bwahahahaha….

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  15. ever since im not amazed a magician coz they not from their natural talent but it came from black magic or black spirit like what the finalist made,, sad but true

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