Tomi Lahren sounds off after Melania Trump is booed at youth event

Tomi Lahren sounds off after Melania Trump is booed at youth event


  1. Tomi lahren it's freedom of speech .Tomi lahren don't respect anybody that isn't white but than she tells us who to respect

  2. Luckily, Mr. Trump sets a great example of respecting everybody. No disrespectful nicknames for anybody, no lies about political opponents, no race-baiting…. Tomi Lahren, though, is very funny. She does moral outrage really well, certainly well enough to earn her keep at Fox.

  3. They need to give this same disrespect to the Corrupticrat Congressmen and City Council who have them continuing to live in poverty, while they load their bank accounts.

  4. Seems as though God is starting to ignore the USA. USA'S love for Satan has poisonous repercussions. Too many dummies as well.

  5. I could not stand the obamas, but if my kids ever disrespected them, there would have been consequences. That’s the difference between us and the liberals.

  6. Someone gets Booed…………. That's News on FOX.
    Meanwhile……… SHERIFF 'BIG' JOHN WILLIAMS was shot in line of Duty a few Days ago.
    Every media outlet is talking about it except *FOX NEWS. Why is That???? We thought Fox stands up for the Police and that Blue Lives Matter?

  7. Where are they from? Who would own one of these grads? If so, hope your proud. What happened to respect as a whole?

  8. Só it would be ok to boo Michelle? Of course, not. We are much better than that. This mean spiritedness is unbecoming, no matter what your political affiliation is.

  9. Lol I’m thinking if it was Michelle Obama and I laughed so hard that I pictured Michelle being like y’all want something?! *pulling off her weave LMAO

  10. They learned it from the President himself, He reaps of Hate, Divison, Racism and Chaos , So you reap what you Sow ! ?????

  11. this is the outcome of privilege , rudeness , lack of respect , appalling behaviour under the guise of free speech . what goes around comes around . stupidity has its own demise .

  12. Melania Trump is a class act and incredibly intelligent. I love our FLOTUS. When these hateful disrespectful little snots are dying of a drug overdose, I hope they remember the day they booed our First Lady who was there to educate them, before they take their last breath.

  13. Of course kids that are doing drugs, smoking pot, most likely come from parents who also do that etc. will booe someone who tries to tell them not to do drugs. But look at all the other kids that were cheering for her.

  14. Yes they like their opioids and hate in Baltimore. Young people think only in terms of hate , race, culture and socialism.

  15. Respect is not given is earned. The Trump family has continuously disregard normalcy by lying to the kids and the whole world over and over again. I’m glad the children are smart enough to recognize real leaders from fake ones.

  16. If this was a Democratic representative getting booed, the right would be saying that those offended are 'snowflakes'

  17. rather you like it or not these kids have the right to show how they feel about the first lady whet ever happened to the freedom of speech

  18. fox news dose not care about anyone's rights the only ones they ever care about is their self's they all have been brainwashed by our wonder full president Trump

  19. People don't like fox or tomi eather ,just like the trumps they missleed people and lie every single dam day,and real American's are not gonna have it ,,so there??✌

  20. Michelle Obama did get boo'd; several times as first lady, most notoriously in Florida at the Daytona 500 event. It happens. This isn't news. It's Baltimore. They weren't really booing her anyway. They were booing Trump. Who cares? Obama and Michelle got boo'd plenty when they were in power.

  21. 'youth summit' what a joke. They have zero credibility/real world experience… How many have actually worked and pay for their cell phones/bills? They have no real world experience and live in social media fantasyland.

  22. FREE SPEECH is their RIGHT. Just like it was you Conservative's right when you booed at Obama in 2008 after he won. Those people in the audience don't owe Melania Trump ANYTHING!

  23. What… WHAT.. WOW. NOW YOU GUYS FEEL LIKE THAT wow yep a big slapped like you guys do do your own people from this country

  24. No, Tommy! They Lesrned that from her husband. Hell he call people out of their names 24/7, tell people to go back where they came from, make up Comspiracy Theories faster than rain drops falling.
    Did you forget that Freaking Jacket the hoe wore at the Border to supposely help the kids in Cages? I really don't care do you?
    Don't forget while it isn't said "her son" as Donald refer to him as, has Definitely got a disability of some kind. Which wouldn't be a stima, if like Rosie Odonel said Melania could use her platform to bring awareness to whatever?? Have anyone seem his expression ever Change in 3 yrs. He is 6ft tall and still Never wave, look at people, smile, throw a middle Finger or nothing.
    BTW, H

  25. They are uneducated, classless little trolls that are a product of the bias vitriol they hear. This was their moment in the sun! Sad!

  26. Nah people are waking up. Kids know what’s up. Fox does this damage control thing where they ensure their viewers they’re with the majority and that these are just the kids of Democrats but no America is waking up.

  27. Ignorant low life people likes a first lady who is ugly and corrupt. They don't appreciate a First Lady Melania who is Smart, Kind, Honest and Gorgeous.

  28. Isn’t Tomi the same person that disrespectfully told a former FLOTUS to “sit down” on her twitter feed, twice?? Why was it okay then??

  29. I find it hard to believe that students of this age came up with this behavior all by themselves. I would like to know or see who instigated this booing and disrespect of our First Lady. This is disgraceful.

  30. Tomi Lahren refuses to address the obvious. And that is anti-White racism. Come on! 'Gimme a break! If it had been Michelle Obama going to a predominantly white school and got booed, what do you think the media would say? But it gets ignored (the real issue) when a white First Lady is booed by mostly non-White students!

  31. Baltimore and Chicago unfortunately are full of high masses of illiterates, who live in miserable conditions and don't have the brains to understand what Trump is doing to help them climb out of poverty. They are still stuck way back in history where they need to revolt and rebel against any sort of law and order.

  32. In Minnesota they PUSH liberalism in school districts, some of the teachers I had would even bash republican candidates openly in class. And if anyone disagreed with them they would shame the student for having another belief I witnessed it first hand.

  33. Lots of public figures have been cheered and booed. You take the good with the bad when you are a politician. Drugs have been here forever and will continue to be in the future!

  34. Melania deserved EVERY BOO simply because she’s a hypocrite and a poor example of BE BEST. Tomi Lahren is simply stupid asking “where did they learn that, get that” ,,, uhhhh DONALD TRUMP <— King of Disrespect

  35. Trump-inspired booing and screaming and chanting at his rallies against groups and individuals. He set the tone of stoking up negative rhetoric, so are you surprised when the situation is turned turns against them. What goes around comes around. This is why Melania gets little respect.

  36. Pray the rosary daily for all sinners, especially those closest to hell. Pray for misled young people, that they are guided by their faith, not communism, communist teachers and communist organizers. Pray the rosary for Milania and TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP! Pray that TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP becomes a traditional LATIN MASS Catholic and does GODS HOLY WILL!

  37. Melania got the results of what her husband said about Baltimore. What goes around, comes around. I thought that at one time she was supposed to speak to young people about cyberbullying, well what do you know, her husband is the biggest Cyberbully there is. Don't be upset that she got booed, and you thought it was disrespectful, her husband DISRESPECTS people on a daily basis with his nasty twitter remarks. She may not be able to stand him, but she goes along with all that he does. Melania is a puppet.

  38. She talks about cyber bullying but does nothing to stop her husband. She came here on a false Einstein visa and doesn’t care about the us

  39. And people wonder why she stays out of the spotlight and does her job privately without the need to act as a media sensation. She gets ripped apart and she tries to do nothing but good.

  40. Wow so the reason she got booed is because of Democrats and the media. WOW, have that makes sense is beyond me. Don't talk about how here husband called Baltimore Rodent infestation. You just don't respect people, you earn it. WOW!!!!

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