Thoughts Desi People Have in America | MostlySane

My first visit to America and my first time at a luxury hotel. The hotels in India are so grand, I wonder how the hotels here are going to be. America is better in every aspect. What is this nonsense. Even Vilas Resorts are better than this. From where should I cross the road. This is too confusing. Sometimes people go on Orange, sometimes people go on white. Sometimes people are just standing and waiting. Should I go or should I wait? Sudeep was telling me that if you cross the road without a pedestrian crossing, you’ll have to pay a fine. I think I should go. No no wait Prajakta. Let’s go. Everyone is crossing. Walk casually. No one should figure out you’re a tourist. No wait wait. Lets Go..Run run run run.Run run run run. The local trains here are so quiet and peaceful. No one is talking to each other. I guess people aren’t friendly enough here. The seats are also so small. There’s no place for a fourth person. The train must be so crowded during rush hour. Should I ask her where is this train going? When does the ticket checker come? Does anyone come to check the ticket or not. Oh yeah, we have to scan the ticket while entering. I forgot. Two dollars means… 150 rupees for a bottle of water! Are they selling water or gold? What a rip off. Forget it. I’ll go back to the hotel and have some water. Oh! They also have people singing in the train. Same as Virar local India and America are so similar. Where is the faucet? What am I gonna do now? This just same as eating butter chicken and rice with your hands and wiping your hands with a tissue paper. The butter chicken stains are still going to be there. Idiots. Lets try some local food. Everyone eats Indian food when they visit some place abroad. Hot dogs seem to be nice. 18 dollars. Which means… 700 rupees? 1500? 1400? 1300? Let me calculate. 1300 rupees for one hot dog? Never mind. I’ll try the local food tomorrow. Let’s just eat some Maggi today Prajakta. Should I switch off the lights or let it be. What’s the worse that can happen if I turn off the lights? It’s not like a ghost is gonna come and talk to me in an American accent. Even if that happens I’m not going to understand anything. Turn off the lights and go to sleep. No yaar let the lights be. You never know what might happen. I had to finish off some work before going to sleep.

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