Things the USA can learn from Germany(and the EU); Americans in Germany!

Things the USA can learn from Germany(and the EU); Americans in Germany!

are you sure everything’s right that was
hilarious what is up guys there’s always X’s plus
key cut fonts back again we are Americans in Germany hey y’all once
again we are back for your video today’s things the u.s. can learn from
Germany Germany or or cows case I noticed it and we’re just gonna over
talking but I noticed it in my previous country um and I know he noticed it in
his previous country some of these things as well I’m sorry they would say
it’s a you good danger may use them that this sounds about right
sure first thing number one I know we keep going to it what number one
recycling you know we’ve said it before and we will say it again
people recycle here they pay attention to it do right um do it right yeah they
pay attention to it it’s just like the buyback program you guys have here I
mean yeah that’s icky that’s the only thing I don’t like is the added taxes on
on to the item when you buy it that’s the only thing I really don’t like but I
think for Americans that there’s an incentive to do that yes yeah
if you’re if you’re gonna get you know eight fifteen twenty five cents for a
can it’s an aluminum canyoning at twenty five cents back yeah do it or you know a
2-liter bottle you’ll get people collecting those things and then tossing
them back and they won’t end up in landfills
being recycled so thing with Americans like you can’t you can’t do it by force
it’s almost like it has to be some sort incentives and I’m going to have to get
something out of it yes they it’s I don’t work best I would you do it you
know anything in the states that will also sit there and you’re paying for
usually like a recycling service you know in some neighborhoods and stuff
least where I’m from you know that you have to pay for recycling suburbs it’s
not you get paid to recycle you know which is which is different you know I
mean it is something that I think that the US should definitely take this
number to and I know this kind of this kind of Kyle’s yeah I think Kyle was
fascinated by this but I love the windows windows actually the ones in the
rooms where you just turn the handle all right for me personally I love it where
like when you turn it all the way up and that the windows the window from the top
end comes out like isil’s towards you the top tightens down a little bit
towards you Wow it’s just enough airflow see it’s that’s perfect you just just
enough you’re fine but your windows open so if it rains you’re you know you’re
not getting wet inside the house or anything like that but at the same time
you can also turn them sideways and turn the handle sideways and then they’ll
just open up and it’ll be this huge window tons of air I just wish they’d
open up from the from the bottom a little bit that’d be nice every nice
three number three hmm utilizing I would say the public transportation system um
I feel like at least in America most places in America outside I would say of
like major cities Chicago Atlanta you know any real downtown area a little bit
more don’t do it quick oh he’s got me so haha boys the other
heading style but you know everybody in the states I feel like you know what and
the people that do have a car the ones that can afford it cuz gas is also
really expensive over here and you’re talking about saying you know 140 a
leader you know like that’s ridiculous but yeah so you Indians suck how so the
major cities obviously it’s all just transportation they’re looking for any
any possible way to you know to get from A to B in different ways within its bus
subway you name it but I know for my case living in Ohio I know for years and
years it’s not just the bus but for years they keep talking about high-speed
rail between some of the major cities Cincinnati Columbus Cleveland and take
that from Columbus all way to Chicago and just be able to do that yeah you get
the Chicago enlightenment waiting an hour and a half or something like that
from Columbus and Columbus planet it’s dope we taught that for like you know 10
20 years would that be but it’s I think it’s it’s slowly becoming a thing in the
u.s. at least for growing like major growing cities now but there I just feel
like Germany is way more efficient with it I mean they know how to they need how
to break everything up properly and then that’s but I feel like that also has to
do with how they you know they built towns over here you know yeah we do the
fact that everybody lives in the city you know it just it’s weird cuz like
Germany is so well connected whether it’s just road rail anything is just
playing planes yeah don’t say Europe’s pretty well could
I’ve been good the thing is flights are cheap rail is cheap full and I’m about
to start a war with this one this is good
let’s start a war and I’m pretty sure whenever go back to the States
I’m gonna get a crap-ton of you know flak from everybody else that is beer I
don’t care what you say Americans beer y’all gotta learn and
this is two videos how to do this on y’all gonna learn on how to make beer
I’m calling you out – but I forgot you keep buying up my favorite brands back
home and making just terrible oh yeah Germans have the purity laws and
everything else out here and it’s just not only that I think it’s okay that’s
in their heritage yeah they just they they brew beer man it just they do
German beer that’s just that’s something that’s been not just bread for a couple
generations that is like centuries they’ve got it right yeah it’s different
here it’s good yeah and it’s it’s it the stuff in the States doesn’t convert no
that even even right now even in the US the big things going on is the craft
beer kind of revolution if you want to call it that there is just so many of
those popping up everywhere I know in Ohio there’s festivals and stuff yeah
it’s not at least in Ohio they said that a lot of more craft beer sales have
declined because there’s so many options right now and in the market so that the
consumer don’t know what to buy yeah oh if I went back home we can either go to
Kroger or go to JD you’ll I mean there’s a whole just huge frickin wall of it and
people are like oh yeah suddenly option number one but I mean at the end the day
I’ve tried a lot of those beers and then obviously coming over Germany
I’ll try like the basis popular beer out there and even that it’s I mean it’s way
better number five number five over here I
would say well we due to the fact that Europe’s older like there’s been
civilizations that have been here you know a lot longer than
you know the states was ever even around you have some of the older buildings
from way back from a thousand years ago around maybe not necessarily in
Paderborn because a lot of it was destroyed but in other you know
countries in Europe you know you end up with a lot of of the old history just in
the middle of just randomly he was turned down the street then bone like
old wall or the old part of a castle or a castle or he knows I feel like in the
States if you get like a like an old classic McDonald’s in the town you know
and it’s been the classic McDonald’s like your your parents and grandparents
all went to that McDonald’s and look the same but it covers under new management
instead of just like renovating it to make it look the same as it did before
with just me newer stuff if you know wherever it needed it yeah it is
completely tear it down and just make it a new good look and that doesn’t make
you know just like everything else and just like try to keep some of the
history you know just change the appearance you know I just learned how
he took history don’t turn out with Donnell’s
don’t forget your history my Papa hate there don’t forget this is uh this is
what really kind of bugs me about the u.s. more than anything else it’s I’ve
noticed it I think now at least in the last two or three years they’ve kind of
slowly I think they’re coming to terms like hey let’s not do that let’s just
kind of take the existing building and make the best of it I think they’re
starting to realize that but I grew up over in Kansas City where that I think
about early two-thousands they started tearing out all these old buildings
there was kind of a fight to take down one of the pres old presidential hotel
where I think Harry Truman used to say same thing there the thing about turning
that down or almost almost completely gutting it and so laughs you were like
don’t do that keep the same there’s history here just just leave it so I
think eventually a lot of lot of parts of Kansas City now they’re just they
they build everything within the old exteriors and it looks a lot better now
but that’s starting to come across now in the u.s. like hey let’s not be so
quick to to do it and so things are because I for me personally I’m a
history buff I love any old buildings from eighteen hundreds you know that’s
that’s far you’re gonna get with us 1804 cities or Savannah st. Augustine said oh
yeah I saw old places that’s like 1300 type
stuff yeah yeah it’s had everyone’s older than that like so it’s just you
know it’s it’s crazy I just I would like to see not everything trying to be new
you know and look new or renovated more like just keep everything it’s nice you
know or if you’re gonna renovate it make it look the same as it did before
you know certain buildings and stuff like that versus just tear it down yeah
for me like my favorite one of my favorite places to go to is and and it’s
kind of been this way for years and years is Boston I love Boston if you can
go down certain streets in and you could tell like they were like revolutionary
like Ward rows because they’re very narrow you know obviously they have like
the was the brick streets and everything it was in Boston
yeah the Boston and you could tell like those old like townhouses the ones I
just stepped let me take one step value go right down to the sidewalk stoop the
stupa those those streets stuff like that I freaking love it so you have it a
savanna Oh Webster Savannah’s my Sam is awesome man is an old poet time yeah
that’s yeah you get that a lot in the u.s. old port towns they look just like
that those narrow tracing Savannah so much
history in New Orleans New Orleans yeah yeah so much history those are five
things that the u.s. can learn from Germans slashy all right idea that
backwards like wow so I was gonna be a homeboy
come did that bad you deserve back there yeah I know that’s why I did it both
ways oh good otherwise called socials we’ll
be at the bottom or on screen because I just got yelled at for it yeah and it’s
it’s this may be my last video we’ll find out it’s is this video company you
caught up on my videos and he’s angry at me I’m very angry he talked know that
like like him like that guy


  1. 1. You pay for recyling but that system doesn't work in the US. Its only because you can say "we recyle" but it doesnt change anything. If you want that something changes your shops and gouvernment need to force it. Else there will be no change. The same thing is with your high criminal rate – you sell weapons to everyone with higher age and say "we just protect us" but you also give dangerous poeple the chance to do some withz that weapons.

    2. My home town in Thuringia was build in 1033 and in the middle of the city an old fountain tells the story of a great fire 200 years after city was build.

  2. It's not a tax, it's a deposit. It is made to be annoying, because than you want to bring the bottles back to get your money. If there wasn't a deposit, there would be no reason to bring it back. We are good a recycling, but no saints.

  3. Basically what you are both eluding to is that rugged/rabid individualism and the pursuit of money above everything, can be harmful and work against having a modern functioning society. Aligned to this is the belief that any government regulations and taxation are inherently bad.

    However unless there’s acknowledgment by US citizens that regulations (e.g. for clean water, the environment, food safety, mandatory annual/sick leave) are necessary to protect people from corrupt and unfair corporate practices there will be no improvements. So knocking down old historic buildings (if not protected by laws) is often cheaper than renovations for property developers, the use of high fructose corn syrup is cheaper for food producers (if there’s no minimum standard on food quality) etc…

    Also in Europe we consider taxation to simply be a price everyone pays to live in a civilised, cohesive, contented country with a good quality of life. Whether you pay a lot or a little in taxes everybody benefits because it’s a society where roads are fixed, public infrastructure is built and maintained, high quality education and healthcare provided.

    Unfortunately the lack of consideration for others, this cult/doctrine of selfishness is destroying America.

  4. The windows are the number one thing Americans are flabberghasted about. Basically every American coming to Germany and who is present on YouTube has one video about German windows.

  5. It was really interesting to hear that my German parents and grantparents have visited Mc Donalds in Germany. I was born in 1954, my parents in 1917/1921, my grandparents in 1893/1897.
    My grandparents have never visited Mc Donalds since they have died before Mc Donalds has opened the first store in Germany in 1971.

  6. This cash back thing for returning bottles: isn't the amount refunded added to the price when you buy the item? You'd merely be getting your own money back.

  7. Let me give an example of how mass transit works in America. The city I grew up in, PIttsburgh, decided they needed a subway system. It took many years to build and cost one billion dollars. It's length is 1.1 miles. That works out to almost one billion dollars a mile. It runs north-south from the Allegheny River in the north to the Monongehela River in the south. A person can walk the distance between the two rivers where the subway runs in maybe 20 minutes. It actually takes longer to cover that distance riding the subway. Another example of American exceptionalism.

  8. "The problem with these rosy predictions is that plastic is one of the worst materials for recycling. Glass, steel and aluminum can be melted and reformed a nearly infinite number of times to make new products of the same quality as the first. Plastic, by contrast, significantly degrades each time it is recycled. A plastic bottle cannot be recycled to make a plastic bottle of the same quality. Instead, recycled plastic becomes clothing fibers, or slats for furniture, which then might go on to be road filler, or plastic insulation, neither of which are further recyclable. Each stage is essentially a one-way ratchet towards landfill or the ocean. “The future of plastics recycling is still a total mystery”, the University of Wisconsin engineer Robert Ham said, noting the limited number of things that plastic consumer products could become.

    For the companies that recycled more profitable materials, such as aluminum, recycling plastic had limited commercial appeal. In the 1980s, as it became apparent that plastic recycling was not going to become a booming industry, the public sector stepped in. Recycling became largely state-funded, and plastic was hauled away along with the home rubbish pickup, while the industry continued to pump out more and more plastic. As congressman Paul B Henry told a hearing on container recycling, the plastics industry “claims to be big recycling advocates” while “curbside recycling programs rely almost entirely on government subsidies”. In other words, the government was stuck picking up the tab for the industry’s previous big talk on recycling. And the public was happy as long as someone was taking out the trash. To this day, some environmental campaigners refer to household pickup as “wish-cycling”, and recycling bins as a “magic box” that assuages people’s guilt without really helping much.

    Even if recycling rates were to miraculous

  9. Restoring a McDonald's instead of building new ones. What a creative and thoroughly American answer to generate historic buildings. Love it! That's brilliant. Oh dear, I'm toast! 😂😂😂 Can't breathe!

  10. All of you can see the strip of related videos to the right of this screen. My entire list is of videos in German. Now do you people realize the sacrifice I make to hang out with you? Or maybe it's a learning opportunity.

  11. Talk about history. When they were developing the area where I now live they found four Roman milestones dating back from 151AD to 250 AD. There used to be a Roman road here and a Roman settlement just a block away from my house. The milestones were placed during the reign of four Roman emperors (they all had their own milestone). The original milestones are now in a museum. They replaced them with replicas. The picture is of the replicas.

  12. To open just the top of the window, by turning the handle upwards is called "auf Kipp " like
    Mach das Fenster auf! – Ganz oder nur auf Kipp?

  13. Agree about the bier, not only in taste and variety but also being far cheaper , $12 for a sad excuse of a 6 pack, not even a pint 😞 per bottle.. in comparison to a German case of bier…

  14. Be proud of your heritage, so you can look up where are you coming from. That should help you to understand who you are and where you are heading.

  15. Recycling: You need the added tax, otherwise you don't get people to actually do it. It's actually saving money, though, because nobody has to clean up the streets as much as it was in the past.

    Windows: Apparently the reason why we have those kind of windows and you don't is the stability of our walls. Meaning: Out stone walls are easily able to carry the weight of the frame and the tilted or opened up window, while the typical walls in the US are thinner and therefore wouldn't be able to handle the weight in the long run. The reason why you usually can't open up the windows from the bottom is security. It is way too easy to just jimmy it open that way. It isn't quite as easy to break a tilted window open.

    Public transport: The reason why gas is so expensive is the so called environmental tax on it. But we also had public transport long before everyone could afford a car.

    Beer: You know, the purity laws aren't an actual law anymore, but no brewer in his right mind would just ignore them. The customer would notice the difference.

    Old buildings: Thing is, some of the "older buildings" aren't really that old, because we have rebuilt a lot of them after the war the way it was beforehand. It's sometimes hard to tell the difference.

  16. BBC (english language) documentary about a british family getting germanized … to the brink of … 😈 … enjoy!

  17. i wouldent say we get paied for recicling
    but you dont get that money back if you dont do it
    when there is a (eu)football/soccer game people let the bear bottles on the streat so poor people can pick them up and get that money
    but thats the only situation where you actually get money out of it

  18. you two are getting more an more better.
    Has anybody heard from Nalf. I saw him 2 weeks ago in Schwäbisch Hall, but no new videos, why is he so busy

  19. I can only think of the windows and the general German technology: "German Alien Technology", the best in the world.

  20. The stuff you mentioned is typically German and not EU. UK is an EU member but is not the same as the rest of Europe.

    In that respect, UK is like the USA in terms of transportation, infrastructure, recycling, and they definitely don't have a clue about making beer and or building windows . 😂

  21. Gentlemen, thanks for the tips and pointers about that Germanic life.

    You guys rock!

    By the way, Zac – is that an optical illusion I'm seeing or have you been pumping those weights with your left arm far more than your right arm, dude?

  22. In Germany you don't only have buildings 1000yrs old but some nearly 2000yrs old dating back to the roman empire who founded many of the now the days bigger cities in Germany.

  23. It's not only that the gas is expensive … your car always has to be TÜF (Technischer Überwachungsverein/Association for Technical Inspection) proven !

    Because if it's not "road safe", the police will shut it dow!
    So … buying a car for a few hundred bucks that is driving, but otherwise falling apart, would not work … at least not in Germany!

  24. Just one thing: the EU is not Europe. There are quite a few European countries that have never joined the EU. Europe is the continent, the EU is a political union.

  25. American windows, and
    generally building system is 30 years behind compare to new German, Poland building system. Zero eco-houses. In Europe you have hitting floors, automatic windows blinds to save energy, in USA walls made of plywood and plastic. Germans would die because of laugh if they could see how Americans build houses.

  26. The guy on the left has way more storytelling skills than the other one. The right one with the rabbit teeth just serves as additional weedhead and laughing companion. And I have a hard time understanding what he's telling much to fast.

  27. The Windows are safety windows, so you dont have to risk faling out of the window, cleaning them., I Norway, the same windows are called Norway, or Norgers-vinduet. It is a trade Brand. But,- We have the same windows mounted inside/out at the Norwegian West Coast. If not,- the wind pressure will blow the glass in to the room. By allowing the window to be opened outwards,- the wind will only press against the rubber lockings. Pressing the window locked. One( or rather two thing to praise Germany for; !600.- and sailships. The established two trade cities i Scandinavia. The Hanseatene. One in Sweden,- and One in Norway. That became the old city" gamla stan" in Stockholm,- and Bryggen , in Bergen, Norge. And so; The trade company, owned by citystates in Germany, gave Norway and Sweden so well functional trading networks, that both the Swedish, and the Norwegian Kings, used them as their main capitol. Until Norway made Oslo as their new capitol,

  28. You would think that not increasing the number and strength of hurricanes, tornados and wild fires any further would be incentive enough to implement a recycling system, but obviously it isn't.
    Trump rather rolls back their light bulb efficiency laws and loosening their fuel efficiency standards. You really have to wonder sometimes, what's going on over there.

  29. there is actually a reason why the windows open at the top and not the bottom when you tilt them. When it rains and its a bit windy raindrops can end op on you window where they slowly trickle down. Would the opening be on the bottom the water would drip inside

  30. Always interesting to see US-Americans stepping outside of their bubble. Not that Europeans don't live in their very own bubble.

  31. #1 Loose the caps….if you absolutely must wear them, have the shade forwards and the locals won't treat you a lot better, in all of Europe.

  32. the oldest, still producing brewery in germany is: Weihenstephan
    they produce beer since 1040 a.D.
    if you are in the business for about a millennium, you have to be good at what you do.

  33. Would the benefit of saving the planet not be enough to start recycling??? Will never understand why you prefer of throwing all the ressources away…

  34. No hope for you guys any more. You got germanized or europeanized. That causes a permanent change in how you see the world.
    Welcome to the crowd (•‿•)

  35. What's about the election system? Health care insurance? Solid brick buildings? Free education system? And of course gun control?! These are all reasons for making us more relaxed, make us feel safe, keep us healthy and offer education for anybody!

  36. I would love to know if you've had any experience with your Health Care/ Medical Insurance in Germany? The differences that you have noticed….

  37. If you want to see a cool old City visit Dresden, and then go to visit Prague (its just 1,5 hours away from Dresden), Prague is the most beautiful City in Europe in my opinion.

  38. Man, if you love the "stewp"(?) you gotta visit West Central areas of London (Notting Hill, Kensington, Chelsea, etc.). Those types of steps are EVERYWHERE!

  39. You looking for REALLY old historical buildings and ruins not so very far away from you? Go to Trier and see what the Romans left behind.

  40. the thing i miss about Germany is the autobahn! well, i still live here and it's now the staubahn! 20 years ago i'd rip my Bmw M3 down the A5 toward Darmstadt and it was uber awesome…forget it about that today!

  41. the thing i miss about Germany is the autobahn! well, i still live here and it's now the staubahn! 20 years ago i'd rip my Bmw M3 down the A5 toward Darmstadt and it was uber awesome…forget it about that today!

  42. „German public transport is efficient“ boy, by our standards the deutsche bahn sucks balls, just ask any german about their last trip with them that was a catastrophe. Every german has at least a few horror stories to tell about the deutsche bahn.

  43. I just found your channel and watched 3 Videos of your VLOG… and what should I say other than: YOU guys are soooo welcome! It's a pleasure to have you here and I hope you'll stay a lot longer than planned! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Please forgive me: I'm not interested in what you're doing for your money, I don't even got any sense for your Sport, BUT: you Guys are so kind, openminded, charming and honest… truely the opposite of what most europeans think of northern americans! Believe it or not: in times after the Bush-Dynasty and (even worse) Trump, YOU are the best possible Ambassadors for the US! Stay as you are, true to yourself, enjoy yourself (and us) as much as possible while you're staying here! 👍🏻👏🏻
    I am an atheist, but if there is any kind of a transcendental GOD, he really should bless you! 😉

  44. Lmao talking about expensive fuel in Germany. Dutch people who live near the German border will actually drive to Germany because it's much cheaper there. We pay €1.80 per liter, so about $2.10 per liter or about $8 per gallon.

  45. Hey guys really enjoy the vid's so far! got into you via your dad video xD Just one thing on this video… I am an german architect and there are actually a lot of laws for preserving buildings and the general look of the strret and the area so it very often in my projects that eaven if we wanted to which we usually dont want anyway we couldnt corz the laws prefent us from changing the appirance of the street when you walk though it.
    As an architect I have mixed feelings about it… corz we need to save and preserve thouse old buildings but here its a noather site since we have so freaking many of them and we cant eaven or only bearly and with a huge expance make them liveble again only corz of laws prefenting us from tearing out a seartain wall or sealing… so yeah i like that we save so much but as an achitect you get annoyed by it at some point 😛
    How ever nice watshing ya guys and peace out… btw greetings from Trier ~ Ace
    ps.: the oldes german city btw 😉

  46. Come to Prague, Czechia. If you love history and beer, you're gonna have orgasm here lol. Besides, most things here are sooo cheap for Western Europeans/Americans.

  47. We pay in Europe to recycle our stuff every bottle paperclip and plastic container gets charged. We are issued with bins that are put out on certain days they are connected to your ID card. They also pick up the non recyclable trash on a different day. We pay along with our municiple rates, according to how many people in the household., and other utilities. If you do not put it out on the correct day in the correct bag, they will find you and fine you. Why do we do it? What's the pay off? We'll the planet is drowning in plastic as are the oceans. Americans why can't you work that out in your own minds. For those who don't care about the environment in Europe you will have it forced on you, rightly so. So you guys days you have to pay to recycle. Yes you do… You're somposed to be a world leader not dumb destroyers!

  48. Do not start recicle. Because in Germany they burn the normal trash and the Plastik. It meke no sence to seperate it first

  49. If you dont put a tax on the item, germans wont recycle too. Because germans love their money more than environment. And you get the tax back when you recycle. Bring your bottles and cans to the supermarket, and you geht the whole tax back.

  50. american beer should not be considered an alcoholic beverage! fresh apple juce inthe e u may contain more alcohol legally (0.5%) than some american"beers"!

  51. If you want beer that is done as craft beer, only that it is done for serveral 100s of year now, you have to visit East-Franconia. We have more then 300 little breweries. There is an average of 1 every 6 km. So, take your time. It is the highest dense of breweries in the world.

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