The Worst Fish in America: Asian Carpocalypse

The Worst Fish in America: Asian Carpocalypse


  1. I got an idea we get the biggest fresh water crooks and alligators (lol) and release them where ever the fish are.

  2. This can be solved so quickly, just hurdle a bunch of Asians, open up Chinatown night market and in 2 years are so, it'll be considered an endangered specie.

  3. One solution: cook them, canned, and then export them to China, where these canned food may become popular one day!

  4. Why do they throw the fish back into the water after killing it?
    Doesn't that create a hazard for disease, all those dead fish in the water?

  5. I fish carp before back home a day work would just earn me less than 10$ a days work…can somebody from this states hire me to catch this fish i would love to do it ill be happy earning more than that and i will fish all day…as we call it back home the more you stinks the more bucks you get…

  6. We cook Carp with mustard spice…and we love it the most. If you don't cook it with Indian spices, you definitely wouldn't like it.

  7. 5:27 to 6:55
    Asian carp are filter feeders. They simply vacuum up what is in their way.They completely suck out the column of life.

    The silver carp is a filter feeder and possesses a specialized feeding apparatus capable of filtering particles as small as 4 碌m. … Silver carp, like all Hypophthalmichthys species, have no stomachs; they are thought to feed more or less constantly, largely on phytoplankton. They also consume zooplankton and detritus.

    There are 4 kinds of carp:
    1. Head carp. Eats plant detritus and agricultural wastes.
    2. Trash carp. Eats plant detritus and agricultural wastes.
    3. Planktonic carp. Eats micro-algae or phytoplankton.
    4. Grass carp. Eats aquatic plants.
    Better to have all 4 types to have the required natural genetic variations and to have a genetic firebreaks between each specie of fish.

  8. Asian carp are quite edible if you're poor and starving they're delicious let them all up and take him to the homeless shelters and the old folks homes and the prisons and feed people

  9. Asian carp is so misunderstood. It is highly prized by Chinese people. You might not understand the dialogue but at least you get to see how it's been well-prepared and becomes a delectable dish. Look! All I am saying is knowledge is power.

  10. Growing up in China all we were eating were carps, all of those species are extremely edible, the big head carp was prized especially for its head, bloody Americans just too lazy to eat fish with bones!

  11. That fish is sold at $2.50 per pound in California. You guys are killing it for fun and throwing them back in the water.

  12. Americans don't know how to really really cook this fish.. we Asian steamed it and so many ways of eating it.
    The fish head is a delicacy of you cook curry with it..

  13. Having a pajama boy "wimpie" as the 'reporter' makes the entire content into a low rent comedy; farce- instead of a report on some ecological mistake by the governments' "so-called biologists". Does someone think that having pukers do interviews out in field settings makes for good video?

  14. wow. i did not know the problem was that bad. too bad we cant feed the hungry in Africa with these fish and the obnoxious Canadian geese. Here in NJ the Canadian geese are everywhere.

  15. To the guys at the beginning of the video: You need to drag a net behind your boat, dumbasses.
    Obama and his fucking czars. What an ass.

  16. killing as a hobby, tipicaly american !
    playing with lives, no respect about nature …

    in all the other parts of the world, you kill, you eat, you try not to waste food and life, and you take care about your environment, even if it's invasive species
    in America, the culture about respect over other species is abscent …

    I hate the american so much for all of this !
    and the rest of the world is on my side
    retards !

  17. Catch alot of asian carp , send it to africa and poor countries , they feed the poor – hunger problem solved and asian carp invasion solved

  18. Catfood Industry? ABSOLUTELY. Fish Meal (fertilizer) industry? ABSOLUTELY. Having Asian Carp follow the path of Yellow Carp? ROFL…well, we've had Yellow Carp for over 100-years…AND WE STILL don't eat them! So, bad, BAD example there…like trying to sell 'eating rats' to Chicago and New York people…just not happening, and not going to happen!

  19. Fertilizer. I would harvest, get the easy meat and make the rest fertilizer. All natural. Fried, same as chicken.Yea, it is time to coles off the Chicago river and S&S canal.

  20. This is good food for animals…I would set up a plexiglass screen and have a baseball carp with a bat or machete!

  21. Anything that has become food and or worth any amount of MONEY, it鈥檚 almost EXTINCT…figure out how to make money on these they will ALL me gone!

  22. just an idea….how about massive trawler boats that harvest the carp and sell it in China?

    Trawlers were pretty good at decimating pretty much all fish over the world

  23. I'm the most peacefull, chilled and balanced dude there is but I really think the reporters face looks extremely punchable

  24. i tried to give this guy a chance. i remember him being pretty good in another vice doc. but he sucks really bad in this one.

  25. Fish Ethnic Cleansing, Fish Nationalism, Fish Radical Extremism, Fish Immigration, Fish Asylum Seekers, Fish Refugees.


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