‘The Five’ reacts to Pelosi threatening to delay impeachment trial

‘The Five’ reacts to Pelosi threatening to delay impeachment trial


  1. "Newt Gingrich Pulls Back Curtain On Pelosi – Reveals Nancy’s Reason For Withholding Impeachment Articles
    by The Times Of America

    Sorry, Nance, but that’s not how our system works. A person is innocent until proven guilty. You need evidence of a crime before you convict.

    Yet Pelosi charged Trump over non-crimes and is stalling. All to find new evidence to nail the president.

    Do Democrats even care about our laws? Do they even understand how the Constitution works?

    Apparently not. They defied many House rules and norms to push their partisan impeachment.

    Pelosi has done everything in her power to ignore the will of the people, all to take down Trump.

    Does she really think she’ll get away with it?

    2020 is around the corner and Americans are ready to speak their voice in the election."

  2. whoa, Foxy Girl in Red says this isn't a criminal trial against TRUMP. I beg your Pardon, Pelosi is hoping for Trumps' impeachment which ultimately seeks a guilty conviction, while also seeking Trump to be sentenced to a prison term of 20 yrs. By their seeking that 20 yrs, that in itself requires every legal remedy to be used in his favor by his supporters (GOP Senators). That means his right to a speedy trial (6th amendment) must not be infringed upon. Point blank…Pelosi MUST deliver those papers & if she doesn't the GOP Votes immediately to ACQUIT. & to deny his right to use every tool in the TOOLBOX seeking his acquittal is a choice to convict without DUE PROCESS

  3. Nancy, all the Democrats, and at least one person on this video, need a very blunt reminder why we have three branches of government. Checks and balances. They don't get to run anything outside the branch they're in.
    Sitting on those articles, attempting to control another branch of the government, and even attacking people in the other branch's character and saying they're not impartial, calling for resignations… Is not something you get to do.

    & The not impartial bit is so ironic that any Democrat would mention it.. Dems have been screaming impeach since election day!
    Far as faults of character, Dems need to go look in the mirror so their own faults they're projecting can reflect back and smack their selves in the face, hard. Trying to espouse the Constitution, a document every last one of them hate with every fiber of their being and would love to see abolished, as why they're impeaching, then conveniently forget there's 3 branches of government.

  4. It's a Democrat diversity thing.

    What a diverse team of cronies.

    Have a old white women try to stick it to the business man.

    Things were going so well they had an impeachment pity party.?

  5. Pelosi and other leftist leaning socialist Dem conspirators don’t want it to go forward for it will be revealed there was NEVER a whistle blower. Schiff, Pelosi , Schumer, Mrs Nadler, and their white privileged friends will meet their day for their lies to we the people. They conspired behind closed doors, closely editing “ testimony “ , till they had a majority vote on what would be more sensational for Communist News Network to feed blind faith Dems and non-voters. Vote for change. Vote, vote, vote ….

  6. Biden was never a prize. He was laughed at numerous times. He was considered weak and selfish. Yet we defended him. Vote for change.

  7. The USMCA is a trade agreement brokered by Trump, and the House has been sitting on it during their impeachment trial shenanigans! Now they take the belated vote on Trumps bill and it passes and guess what , the Democrats are saying they are hard at work focusing on the needa of the Country! Hypocrisy and hubris all rolled up into one unbelievably corrupt Party. Time to set term limits on members of Congress! I suggest five yr max!

  8. Wow this is to good to be true Demoncraps just destroying them self's lol its shocking to see the criminality of Demoncraps Republicans are not innocent but just not this dumb lol

  9. They had a trials in congress and impeached. Trump has right to speedy trial in Senate. Or after a few weeks the Congress case is void missed chance to impeach. Anouther show trial has to happen

  10. My kids & their friends were all brainwashed at school & uni to hate our President Trump. But with all this garbage going on the Mueller & deep state pressure to impeach him.. I’m seeing it all turn around they actually all support him now.. so first hand I believe Trump will win 2020 in another much larger landslide win..

  11. She is a Woman Scorned vile horrible spiteful person. UK opinion Trump might say stupid ** but he has a heart unlike her.

  12. Just admit demos were wrong before all your criminal things is brought out into the open. Republicans could not call any wittiness in your sham emplacement against president trump

  13. Just admit demos were wrong before all your criminal things is brought out into the open. Republicans could not call any wittiness in your sham empeachent against president trump

  14. D E M O N C R A P S are highly concerned that American Voters will interfere with the 2020 re-Election of POTUS TRUMP.

  15. 0:20 – LOL nancy. That USMCA Bill has been sitting on YOU DESK for a YEAR you dipshit ! She's just a useless old horse who's ready for the glue factory. TDS SORE LOSER HYPOCRITE dems have been "Obstructing" AMERICA for 3 yrs. and there are countless numbers of FACTS to prove it……….IMPEACH THEM ALL ! 2020 = a GOP Landslide SWEEP Victory…….FOR America.

  16. Yes, I m gonna wait till my hangover subsides….what did I just say? Did I say that out loud? Are the cameras on? Oh shoot! Where's the exit? Where's Chunck? …l wanna go home..".

  17. Nancy Pelosi, “”THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST” is trying to control both houses of Congress, she has lost her mind, and is in “DESPERATE NEED OF A PSYCH EVALUATION. How “ASSININE” the DEMONCRAPIC leadership truly is.

  18. of course she wants to delay… now the world can see she has no standing… she's waiting to see who she can bribe or blackmail in the Senate to get her shoddy trumped up charges approved… now who's obstructing justice? an old saying 'when you dig a ditch for someone else; you fall in it yourself'… bury that Demonrat and her cronnies with her… We the people will decide who stays in office not Pelosi… we hold the power of the vote.

  19. This black dudes a idiot , the senate will not enter new evidence, the Democrats will not get 66% of the vote needed to make this stick

  20. President is just an American puppet. USA is run by the people, very rich people. Trump dont run the country, rich people do.

  21. Pelosi has forgotten about Californians……go take a look at San Francisco……no one cares that the Democrats are still crying about not getting there way move on dems. Fix the country stop being bitter!!!

  22. her tactic is very simple, abuse her power to hold on the the articles until the next election when she hopes the liberals will take over the senate, thus giving them the final amount Partisan power they need to impeach him. Simply because all of the independants and republicans will vote to shut down the false charges against the president.

  23. My guess is democrats think they can get a Democrat lead in the Senate come 2020 elections. They forget you need a 2/3rds vote to out President Trump

  24. I think it's about time we dig a grave for the Democratic party? ? Never did anything good but talk and make things seem like a big deal from fake news to real news

  25. The left are so brainwashed I’ll bet they are still cheering for no reason. In fact I know they are still cheering. Every time I turn on CNN it’s all about impeachment but they never mention how it has to go through the senate.

  26. My question is under the constitution we are granted a speedy and fair trial. So in delay is Pelosi violating Trumps right to a speedy trial which would cause impeachment to be thrown out by Supreme Court under due process violation? I believe the president has the same rights as all Americans

  27. The democrats and their love of socialism want to make a UϟϟA out of the USA. They are against freedom of speech, they are anti-semitic, they support terrorism, they are against traditional western values. The world has had enough of socialism which is responsible for millions upon millions of deaths.

  28. Fox is promoting Trump's personality cult. You are responsible for brainwashing the americans into believing that Teump is a providential saviour which he is not.

  29. She should be forced to step down get on with it or pull the appeacment and get out of office the fear trump being reelected so bad there getting desperate

  30. These insane,leftist, corrupt political clowns, have put on the worst, most disgraceful,”Show on Earth.” The thing that makes it even worse is the fact that with the help of their lying corrupt propaganda, media machine, they put it on television for the whole world to see!! The rest of the world must think we’re all NUTS!! Too bad we can’t demand that they repay the cost of this fiasco out their salaries!

  31. I'm so amazed to see how all of this is being unfolded just to make Trump reelected in 2020! But, I have a question for NANCY PELOSI: who do you have to replace Trump?

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