1. I disagree, America had vicious colonial expansion. The interior of the modern nation was originally inhabited by many Native American Nations that were exterminated/subjugated. America has the same terrible colonial past as the rest of Europe.

  2. This is a very naive and rosy picture of US economic history. Just take the Banana massacre of 1928, the siphoning of Cuba, the coup in Chile, the Vietnam War. I can go on forever.
    I've always had a hunch this guy doesn't really know what he's talking about, now I know. Glad I found out so I don't waste more time watching these videos

  3. Sure nothing about the parasitic Imperialists raping and pillaging Latin and South American for the last 100 years or their globally socialized fiat currency living off the backs of the rest of the world… nice propaganda CIA approved.

  4. 0:45 "Strong independant nation that dont need no colonies" ?

    Yeah suuuuuure… You forgot all the arab states, where USA has puppet governments and uses their numerous military bases to get what they want otherwise…
    Just check Iran in recent years… USA is trying their best to start a war with them. USA may not have any "official" colonies, but they certainly tend to backstab and terrorize numerous nations and steal their resources.
    USA should actually be renamed into United Terrorist States, because thats what they are!?‍♂️

    Just compare 700bilion military budget to ridiculous 20billion NASA budget… War and terrorism is OBVIOUSLY far more important than actual science.

    I should also add, that stolen oil that runs USA economy will inevitably destroy the planet we all live on through climate change, so… No matter how much wealth USA accumulates, we will all bare consequences of their irresponsible greed.

  5. Dog $hit analysis. If your conviction is handed down like a birthright, your subsequent actions will strengthen the convictions and deeper down the rabbit hole you go. The usan as an economic empire came and went by the late 60s, and they never were or will be a military empire.

  6. Alone dragon frozen in a stone shell, sleeping in its everlasting forest. One day a hawk comes from the sky and breaks the dragon’s scales. In a mighty furious roar, the dragon awakes. Breaking thru its stone, and annihilates the hawk.

  7. Forgot to mention that everyone country in the world has to buy and sell their oil for dollars or they get a knock from Uncle Sam like Saddam & Gaddafi. This bully tactic is what allows America to print trillions in fiat yet not suffer hyperinflation that and the fact that the dollar holds the world reserve currency status. In other words the inflation is spread across the entire world, also offshoring your industry with tyrants & relying on tech monopolies aren't good things.

  8. An empire without boots on the ground is still an empire…

    What else would you call a 'nation' in which the media and 70%+ of the businesses (100% of the large businesses), are owned by one foreign nation? What else could you call that other than a colony? Sure america took most of its colonies without invading, either via coups, or by buying the means of production in foreign countries and hoarding it to themselves.

  9. I'm surprised that you didn't mention the massive shift of wealth from Britain to America that happened during WW1. Before WW1, Britain was still a larger economic power. Since WW1, it's been America. The loans that America provided to the Allies (mainly Britain) propelled the antic American economy to world dominance.

  10. I'm not sure on that part about the US making more tanks than all other countries by the end of the war. Just to put things in perspective the Soviet Union built twice as many T-34 as the US did M4s. Even though the T-34 stayed in production for longer I find it hard to believe that the US had that big of a lead

  11. USA still has colonies today.
    Puerto Rico
    US Virgin Islands
    Northern Mariana Islands
    American Samoa

    Also has uninhabited territories in the Caribbean and Pacific.

  12. This is something many Americans (including me) really show our pride in and is one of many reasons why Americans are so patriotic. We as a nation (despite many bad things but yet many good things) have done this and brought the world up. But as of now, we are in a situation of turn because of this such continuation which in itself can be both good and bad.

  13. Ridiculously one sided. America colonised its interior and west using human capital from Europe. How was that not colonisation?

  14. The US wasn’t „dragged“ into ww1 they were motivated by money. The US had one of the most expansive arms exports till this day. If Germany had won, they wouldn’t have been ensured to get payed back. That was one of the most important factors for the entry in the war, money is in the end much more important than idealism, that was just the casus belli for the public

  15. "I know neo colonialism sounds bad, but actually, it isn't!"

    There's just too much to unpack in this idea of "the most wealth for the most amount of people." I guess like, as a starting point, consider the staggering and still growing inequality of wealth, particularly in the global context. Looking at that and saying "yep, this is the best we can do" is just callous. I'd be really interested in what you have to say about that. You know, if you can get the boot out of your mouth long enough to speak on it.

  16. "It can't be seen as anything other than great success"
    It is run by a primacy of american interests, so I don't understand why you would say that.

    It's like saying that we can't have functional economies which produce and trade between themselves without american hegemony.

    The people who are at the centre of directing and making decision about it are americans who view the world through an american cultural lens, and wield power towards the end of changing the world to what they would like to be, and this "what they would like it to be" is not some shared global vision, but a vision of the most privileged subsection of western/american worldview.

    I wish you had covered Coca-colonisation in this video about colonisation

  17. tfw you slaughter millions of indigenous people for their land and resources but it's not imperial colonialist exploitation please trust us

  18. I really want to watch this video but there are no subtitles. If you or someone can add subtitles to this video, that’d be amazing

  19. In addition to the Philippines, we also colonized Hawaii before granting them statehood, and we still have colonies of sorts in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

  20. Thank you for the eye opening. There’s more unfilled job openings under the Trump administration. We need to re-educate our citizens to compete in the future for sustainability.

  21. America is a colonial power. Perhaps the most clever of them all. It’s the modern version of a European colonial empire. They have military bases everywhere.

  22. Could you do a video on the economics of monarchical systems and the little ice age. Also great video, the United States never ceases to amaze me.

  23. Hmmm, so American companies have generated a lot of their wealth from adding value to current resources. If only we could devise some way for the common American people to benefit from this…

    Andrew Yang has entered the chat

  24. I enjoy this series and the breakdown on how you added value to useless materials. I initially thought this video was about the facts that war put the US on the forefront of manufacturing. Ether way this was a great video keep it up

  25. We were the first nation to abolish slavery, dont kid yourselves. We broke straight into the moral high ground, human history is testament to that.

  26. In your video on automations you said that consumers aren't as important to the economy as we are led to believe, I would love to see a video about that!!

  27. Android is American
    IOS is American
    Google is American
    Bing is American
    Yahoo is American
    YouTube is American

    No matter how you watch this video, you’re still contributing to our economy. Thanks guys:

  28. At the moment I am studying economics in a macro and micro state. I would class the US as a failure and a success at the same time. It has a very large economy however very few benefit from it thanks to monopoly and oligopoly influence and the lack of market regulation within the US economy.

  29. you need to work on your microphone levels you peak many times during the video had to turn down and up the volume serval times

  30. America did have its colonial empire, the Philippines, Guam, Cuba was an American satellite for several decades also Puerto Rico. There were also many in the United States who wanted a colonial empire, before the civil war their was a movement to full annex Cuba. Also in the early decades of the US it did undertake massive expansion westwards into the modern central and western US. I’ve also seen an argument that the reason why America adopted relative isolationism is because they had vast territory to expand into in the first 60 years or so of its existence in the west and in the Mexican empire.

  31. Really hope you’re continuing the series, maybe with consideration of cultural hegemony (as with Disney’s monopoly situation), it’s attracting of scientists and innovators and of course it’s general world policing which are a stark contrast to their former isolationism… (I’m thinking of actions like the Marshall plan, operation Condor and general military interventionism that tend to assure favorable conditions for American trade, while not so rarely being morally dubious …)

  32. Oh sure, start the story in the middle. Just being capable to revolt and win against UK means your stats are off the charts. Second, having the option of isolation at a time of colonialism speaks volumes. It's Demographics (migration again, good economy) + Geography ( distance far enough to make invasion and outsourcing costly) + sociopolitical heritage (british colonialism has its perks). Imagine a US colonised by Russia first with age old ethnic diversity and "quarrels" (cough Balkanization cough)
    Next: Understanding the Gaza strip through entrepreneurship.

  33. You could fit in more ad breaks and boost your economy while you explain economy to people who like to economy about the economy.

  34. The recent coup in Bolivia (preceeded by many others), pops a big hole in the notion that the US 'doesn't need to coerce' other nations to streamline its globalized corporate economy.

  35. Really? The US was never a colonial power unlike the UK or France? What alternate version of history have you been exposed to? The US started as 13 colonies. Now there are 50 states in the US plus Puerto Rico and a few other territories. How did the US go from 13 to 50? Let me guess. Could it be down to colonial expansionism? May be. Who knows.

  36. We like to act like the world is going to shit but if we figure out this climate change thing I can see humans colonising the solar system within 300 years

  37. "on a computer that is most likely powered by an intel or amd cpu"
    Has stock footage of ARM based devices regulated by [edit:and pay royalty to] ARM holdings headquartered in Cambridge UK, who have a listing on the London Stock Exchange, has its income reported in Yen, and whose parent is Japanese conglomerate- SoftBank Group

  38. Isolationism is making a return. Less than 8% of the US GDP is from imports, half of which are just from Canada and Mexico.
    We’re tired of policing the world to protect supply chains that do not benefit us. We would rather use our wealth to maintain our own infrastructure.

  39. You completely neglected Puerto Rico, the large land grabs of that effectively colonized the native American territories and the exploitation of Latin American counties

  40. Explain the end of the American dream & the 40 million us citizens below the poverty line, they will never be able to sell 1 product to every Chinese & Indian but these two will be able & already do in some cases sell more than one product to every citizen of the U.S.

  41. Conservatives want to listen to God Emperor Washington, Liberals want to go against our founding father and be involved all over the planet. (stay in NATO, stay in UN, get back in Paris Climate Accord etc)

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