The California Stereotype Experiment

The California Stereotype Experiment

>> ♪ California ♪ >> Shut up! >> Hi, we are here at the beautiful Santa Monica beach. In L.A. In L.A. Yep. And what I’m going to do today is a little experiment. You know, I’ve been asked a lot of times since I live in California, I’ve been asked by a lot of people, out of the state, do you live next to a movie star? Do you surf? I mean, everyone in California always gets that. So what I’m going to do today is I’m going to prove that stereotype wrong. I’m going to go out and I’m going to ask just random people out here on the beach if, you know, if they do actually surf or live next to a movie star because I know that I’m going to be right and all those idiots are going to be wrong. The people that stereotype. Okay. Okay, I think I see — I think I spotted someone over there. They do not look like they surf. >> All right, let’s go. >> Okay, so do you surf? >> Yes. I do. >> He surfs. All right, let’s try to find someone else, I guess. We’re standing here with — >> Steve. >> Steve. Okay, Steve. Do you surf? >> Yes. >> You do? All right, we will try to find someone else, I guess. Hi, we are here with — >> My name is Clay. >> Clay. Clay, do you live next to a movie star? >> I sure do. >> Who do you live next to? >> I live next to Kiefer Sutherland from 24. >> Dammit. All right. Let’s find someone else. All right. We are here with — >> Paul. >> Paul. Okay, Paul, do you surf? >> Yes. All the time. >> All right. I think I see someone over there. >> All right, let’s go. >> What’s your name? >> Paul. >> All right, Paul. All right. You don’t look like you live next to a movie star. So you probably don’t live next to a movie star, do you? Any kind of celebrity? >> I actually do. >> You do? >> You. >> Oh. Sorry, dude. What’s up? >> How’s it going? >> This is my buddy. This is my neighbor. Oh, my God. >> Yeah. >> That’s awesome. Well, I will check you later. All right. Later, dude. >> Hi, we are here with — hi, we are here with Michelle. Do you live next to a movie star? >> I do. I live next to George Clooney. >> [ Bleep ]! >> It’s all right. There’s plenty more people. We will find someone. >> God, it’s like everyone — I thought that no one surfed and no one lived next to a movie star. >> Look at all these people. There’s got to be one of them. >> All right, we will find one. All right, we are here with Nick and Josh. And — do you guys surf? >> Yeah. >> You surf? Really? >> Yeah. I went surfing with Owen Wilson the other day. >> He went surfing with Owen Wilson? God dammit! >> We’re going to ask some people over here. I think we will have better luck. Let’s see how this works out. I think it should do pretty well. People look like they sure as hell don’t surf and they don’t live next to anyone famous. All right, let’s go. >> I’m here with — >> Dan. Dan. Do you surf? >> Yes. >> God dammit. >> It’s all right, man. Dude, there’s more people. >> Everybody surfs and lives next to a movie star. >> It’s all right, dude. It’s all right, seriously. We will find more. It’s all right. >> Hi, we are here with — >> Ryan. >> Tyler. >> Ryan and Tyler. You guys look like guys who don’t surf. So I’m just guessing you guys don’t surf. >> We do. >> Surf’s up. >> [ Bleep ]! Dude, everyone [ Bleep ] surfs or lives next to a movie star. >> It’s all right, dude. Seriously, it’s all right, dude. >> God. No. This video is totally — it’s — we can’t even release it because everyone — everyone that I’ve asked has answered what I don’t want them to answer. >> It’s all right. We will — no, dude. >> No, I’m out of here. >> Dude, we will — >> I’m out of here. >> It’s all right. No, it’s all right. It’s all right. Get back here. Get back here, dude. Ian. >> No. >> It’s all right. It’s all right. Ian. What the hell? Ian. What? [ Laughter ]


  1. I surf the internet and live next to a movie star (which is my furniture, considering furniture always get showcased on all movies)

  2. This came out ten days before my birthday, this is what people did… ?, though I do love Ian and Anthony.
    P.S. video quality is better than Pewdiepie’s camera in 2019

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