– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV Producing the best breed documentaries
on YouTube. (dog barks) (mid-tempo electronic music) – Hey, My name’s Mike Moore, I’m from Big Bear Lake California. I have three Boerboel Mastiffs. They’re a South African Mastiff. I had years of life with a (chuckles)
Rottweiler, Chow dogs. And I love the Mastiff, you know, and both those Rottweilers and Chows
are considered Mastiff dogs. They were getting older
and I looked at different dogs and I thought I was gonna get
a Dogo Argentino and I found it just not to fit my needs. It was too drivey, too much drive but on the same page
there was a photo of a Boerboel. And I said, man that looks
like a really good dog. And I researched him
for a couple of years. Then a local girl up here, she says, “I gotta show you something, “I got in my van and I said,
“What’s that?” (dog grunts)
Hey, hey, hey, hey, settle down. And there was, she opened the van
and there was two Boerboels in there and I was just in love, you know. And she promised me a dog
later on when she bred and we worked out a deal. And I did some work for her
and she gave me Jade, over here. And I got Jade, my female, locally. And then about a year later,
year and a half, I got Odie from Karen Yorkheart
from South Africa. She’s a… Her family founded Mizpah Boerboels
in South Africa. And he’s now an Authentic Mizpah. Mizpah was founded by Lucas van der Meer. He was one of the people that actually
traveled around South Africa looking for representatives of the breed ’cause it was being lost due to
out-breeding with other dogs for protection and what have you. He was the number three
founding member of SABT, South African Boerboel Association back in the 80’s,
about ’83 or so. And after his passing, his daughter,
Karen Yorkheart she reopened the kennel under
Authentic Mizpah. They kinda lost the name Mizpah
to another breeder but that’s a long story. But she continues to breed
in the manner that her father taught her, you know, the original Mizpah
breed of Boerboel. To me, it seems that the Mizpah
are more moldable, more amiable, they’re more easy going. Not as an aggressive type Boerboel. They’re more, they handle odd situations
better than some of the Boerboels that are being bred here in the States
and in other places. They were a true farm working type dog. A leaner, taller, not as heavy
as some of the ones you’ll see here in the U.S. and Australia. They’ve got some real
heavy boned ones over there. So they had to be able to handle being around different people
and different situations and such. And it’s always good for any
of the Boerboels to be socialized. All of the Boerboels are supposed to be
really good with kids and children. And I think the Mizpah line,
the Authentic Mizpah now, is still being bred in that manner. They’re not focused on personal protection or maybe show ring, or whatever. They’re a good rounded farm dog. When I got Odie, I had hoped
to breed him with a good registered dog here in California or wherever,
somebody that I could get ahold of. And both Jade and him were not fixed
and she went into heat and I kept her locked up
during her season and put her in a crate
and I put her a bedroom, behind a closed door. And one day, I went in to take a shower
and I came out and they were tied. And I went in to check the bedroom and the door hinge was askew and the doorjamb was busted and the crate,
I don’t understand the crate. It was just open. And I don’t know if she squeezed it open or he pulled it open, I don’t know. But it’s a heavy duty crate but accidents happen,
no matter what you do. I know a lot of people say,
I’ve owned dogs for so many years and never had an accident. Well, sorry I had an accident. I contacted the vets and stuff
and they said they could do an emergency spay and abort and I just didn’t
feel comfortable with it. So we went through the pregnancy. And looking back, I could say… it could’ve went either way. ‘Cause her birth
and whelping was horrible. It went on for three days,
she nearly died. She had two stillborns inside and then two passed afterwards. And it was no fun and it was going on
during a snow storm. And I had to take her to the vet
on the third day. ‘Cause I just didn’t feel
like she was 100% and I didn’t know if she had
any more inside or whatever. And the vet did an ultrasound and checked
and she was empty. And he didn’t feel a need to purge. There’s an injection that they
can give to help purge ’em. And he just, since there was
two stillborns, he put her on anti-biotics and stuff for her stomach,
for the anti-biotics. Probiotics as well. And I ended up keeping Crusher
from my litter, I sold all the other pups as pets. No registration, but just pets. (food sizzles) Well we, in the mornings,
we get up and laze around for the first couple of hours,
I get a coffee. And the dogs, half the time,
they don’t even bother to go out and go potty
in the morning. They just get and they crawl up
on a couch or on a dog bed and lay down and wait for a while
and I’ll open up the doors. In the summertime, I just leave the doors
open all day long. And they go out as they want. And after couple of hours or so,
I’ll break out some meat and clean up their bowls and stuff and portion out their food,
their meals and set ’em up. They eat a lot of raw meat. Chicken and beef and pork. This morning, they had a lot of red meat. Gave ’em some chicken too
but they had enough red meat, they didn’t care for the chicken. And they get a little bit of kibble,
not much. (dog chews) – [Man] Skyline. Gear. – Let’s go, go for a ride,
come on. There you go. On good days, it gets hot, I’ll take ’em up here, go hiking. We’ll go hang out in the creek,
let ’em cool down and drink the cold water
or lounge around in the creek bed. And they really like it up here
in the hillside and the hiking trails and stuff. We do have to watch for bicycle riders. They get excited
when they see bike riders. I gotta watch for that. I like to ’em out
of the main hiking areas where people like to ride
their bikes and such. The Boerboel was originally bred
for farm protection to handle life in South Africa, protect the family
against predators. The wildlife in South Africa
is pretty formidable and so they bred these dogs with… The story is that the Bullenbeisser was the original Mastiff stock
that they started out to. And I believe that dog eventually
became the Boxer. The Bullenbeisser, I think that was
what our Boxer was brought down from. All the Mastiffs are ancient breed. So it’s hard to say exactly
where they come from. They’re history wasn’t well-documented,
the Boerboel. They could’ve been,
the Bullenbeisser could’ve been bred with native dogs
or just more dogs that the Dutch brought over with them. Different breed types. You just can’t tell for sure, you know. It’d have to be a total DNA breakdown
to figure it out, I think. I think their life in Africa
actually prepared them for a great life here in the mountains. In Africa, they had different types
of wildlife, you know. And cats and dog,
different type of dogs, wild dogs and what have you. And we have the coyotes and the bears and mountain lions and bobcats. And I think the Boerboel is well-suited
for mountain life, you know what I mean. They can handle heat extremes,
from below freezing to over 100 degrees and they seem to strive or thrive
in those environments. Then, I’ve never seen, my dogs
have never shivered in a snowstorm. They go out in play in rainy snowstorms. And run around in the backyard
like it’s a rain day for kids. And they love it,
they have no fear of the water. The thunder and lightening
sometimes, they kinda… One will come running and say,
hey man, the sky’s making noises. But for the most part,
these are a solid dog and I think they’re fit. They’e fit for mountain life. Jade, over here, she’s taking care
of my property and chased off possible burglars
and thieves, wildlife. Has jumped my fence. And she’s actually fought
two coyotes. Pretty much damaged one pretty badly. The other one got away unhurt. And then another time,
she fought a bear right in the front yard. Climbed over the fence, she went after the bear
and gave it a couple of good bites on the backside and sent it runnin’. And she came out unharmed both times. If it hadn’t been for her,
I could’ve walked out in the front yard
and been face to face with a 400 pound black bear. Or my two old dogs could’ve got smashed. They were 12 and 13 years old
at the time. They couldn’t handle an animal like that. But she knew exactly what to do. She had the instincts and she circled it
and pushed it out of the way. They alert me any time somebody’s
in my driveway. I can tell if there’s somebody there. Different type of bark. If there’s other coyotes and stuff, Jade makes a specific sound
when there’s coyotes and I know, oh, there’s coyotes outside. But if there’s people,
they make a sharper bark. And it’s a warning,
get away from my place. (dog grumbles) They’re good at it. These dogs can hear and smell
farther than any other dog I’ve ever owned my life
and I’ve owned quite a few breeds. And I mean, three, 400 yards away,
somebody could be talking or not talking and they’ll alert me,
there’s somebody coming. They have different dynamics
in the hierarchy. One dog may be an alpha and you got other dogs that are beta dogs or just mellow dogs,
they don’t care about it. And I think since I got Jade first,
she’s always kind had an upper rung on the ladder. Or maybe as a female. You know, females are more bossy
than males. But she seems to be the boss,
the big boss of our pack. Odie is so laid back,
he doesn’t care about hierarchy. He doesn’t care who’s the boss or who’s the big cheese or whatever. Well Crusher, he keeps wanting to move in. He wants to be the pack leader. He wants to get in there,
so he pushes Odie around a little bit. And Jade sets him straight. She’ll get in between them
and make them stop. If Crusher’s pushing Odie around too much. ‘Cause Odie just doesn’t care. Once in a great while, he’ll turn
and just give Crusher a look. Like, knock it off. And Crusher obeys,
he backs off. So it is one, two, three. Or one, two, three. Jade, Odie and then Crusher. But Crusher’s just a baby,
he’s only 19 months old. And Odie’s almost three now. He’ll be at his maximum
at about three, three and a half years. He’ll be completely adult. He may get to a point where
he wants to be the boss. He may change,
you just don’t know until it happens. And I try to curb Crusher from climbing the ladder right now. He’s just too young to be doing that,
to his papa, his dad. And even though he’s bigger, it doesn’t mean he’s badder.
(chuckles) Or he has the know-how, you know. (stream babbles) These dogs are part of my life here, now. And I mean, I don’t have anybody
that I live with or anything like that. These are my kids, my family. They take care of all my companion needs
most of the time. I get people, we go out sometimes but I’m always happier to come home
and hang out with my dogs. It does restrict some of the things,
my activities. When I drive down the road,
I gotta be real careful and watch for people, you know, that they don’t get too close to the car. Or if I go to the store, make sure the windows are up right
and things like that. But those are the things you have to do when you won a dog like this,
this kinda large dog. They’re very protective of their stuff. But I don’t know what I’d do without them. They’re my dogs. I don’t know, man, I don’t think I’d ever
get a different breed again. Thanks for checking out
my little family of dogs here. And our life in Big Bear. (slow electronic music)


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  6. Hi Dude, thanks for the clip. I am a South African. Did own a Boerboel at a time. Wonderful dog Peter was. He was a Big but very gentle dog and also with an assertive personality he had. Something interesting was that I did not cut the tail. Then I learned how sensitive this dog is. For example he would tweak his tailpoint slowly if he is insure. He had yellow yellow eyes, like a Lion has. Ja, I also experienced him sleeping on the lawn in the winter. The Boers used these dogs to hunt Lions in the Kalahari are in SA. ENJOY THEM.

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