Tears pour down groom’s face at bride’s wedding day gift | Humankind

Tears pour down groom’s face at bride’s wedding day gift | Humankind

we said that definitely good connect
with heaven but you have Jake here cannot have my dad here and I can’t do
that and I don’t have those super powers but kind of a really special person here who’s always will give the shirt off his
back with a quick stranger you know we had dinner with neighbors came with the
over there helping them this for the second in their only real big year he
was more than a brother he told his mom before he was you know
worried ever had an accident he just one day other see no mom I won’t be hoarding
over and he says I so never have to me they’ve no sense they’re not helping
somebody else they write what you think her name is Gracie and she received
Jake’s heart and I wanted to feel like he was here I’m glad you could thank you for having
me thank you I had that my brother was like
we’ll help you you have the heart of the champion always be a part of one thing
I’m always gonna be just a phone call away and then on the star over here is a copy
on that EKG so that’s really Jake’s heartbeat


  1. Such an unforgetable moment for both families. A remarkable gift his wife gave to show her love. No amount of money can show that ❤

  2. Wow! Crying already. What a beautiful gift the bride gave him, and s beautiful heart from a champion. God Bless everyone

  3. Someone saved my life too, I received a kidney and pancreas 12 yrs ago , I would not be here today if not for that very generous person, they helped 12 people have a longer life. Thank you to the people who donate their organ's

  4. Thank you. I've seen many touching videos before but this one touched me in a way only you will understand. My wife of 26 years passed on February 11, 2018. She had been sick for a number of years but died one week after entering the hospital. She was an organ donor. Because of the disease, she could not donate. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to receive a loving memory of my beloved wife.

  5. OMG what a story . Makes tears come to your eyes. The listening of his brother ? heart then the engraving of the heart beat. WOW

  6. Its great and all but they turned it into a movie production , how many cameras did they use for all the angles ? Almost like they used it to promote their wedding………kinda takes away from the fact a life was saved by the selfless act from a young boy

  7. Wow! That was awesome and heart loving at the same time. It was a great gift given in return to him. I loved the engraved heart beat on back of the tag. The was wife was truly considerate to give him this moment. I pray they all stay in touch.

  8. Who could possibly turn a thumbs down to such an honorable thing. When saw the heart beat on the back of the keyring I lost it. What a gift!

  9. This literally made me feel so bad what a sweet gift and I hope they live a very wonderful life together all of them including jake and his wife dad and any other of their family ❤️????

  10. Oh jeeze.. I haven't cried that hard in a long time..
    Holy hell ..
    That brought out the ugly cry..

    I was not prepared for that one.


  12. I think we're all ugly crying. I just snorted and choked on my saliva. Anyways what a precious gift and how polite was this girl saying yes sir. Prayers to all

  13. I’m in tears for so many reasons. My brother died this summer and I have a necklace with his finger print on it. So I have a little piece to keep close to my heart. It is so wonderful his wife did that for him.

  14. Omg, this is amazing, what comfort that must of gave him, hearing his brothers heart like that, I'm a total mess by the way …..what special ppl we have in the world today. Brilliant

  15. Why would you do this to me YouTube? I was just here minding my own business and eating Potatoe ships and drinking wine note I’m an emotional wreck.

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