See More Rare Footage From JFK Jr. And Carolyn Bessette’s Wedding | TODAY

See More Rare Footage From JFK Jr. And Carolyn Bessette’s Wedding | TODAY


  1. Why would MSNBC commentator say that this is “creepy”!!? And bring up privacy (20 years later) as an excuse for her discomfort? Please!!! Why tarnish a beautiful glimpse into the Romantic candle-lit Camelot the Beloved Kennedy Couple that we’re driven to extreme measures in order to deny critical journalists’ their appetite to invade on Celebrity private affair. How hypocritical of the MSM Press!
    Still, I am thrilled that John’s Friend shared the dusty tapes so we can fall in love with them all over again! A True American Love Story!!♥️.
    With (delusional?) optimism, I pray they escaped the schemes of the devil and lived a wonderful protected Life with a Large Family of their own!! ??♥️

  2. Kennedy family is cursed. The family did a lot of bad things in the past. No doubt!! And the demon will finish their family off one by one, very slowly!!

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  4. I question that she felt creepy about watching the videos. It's been 20 years and they were perfectly respectable and tasteful. I'm happy that I had a chance to see them. I still can't believe they're gone.

  5. Why would she say creepy? I think they would want the world to see happy days of them. Given it has been 20 years that is. If it was something bad he revealed in the videos, then yes, it would be creepy. By showing these videos of them happy, it earses the nasty rumours that are out there

  6. Nobody has a negative word to say about him other than he was absentminded. I grew up in NYC in the 80s and 90s I always wish I could have met him.

  7. They are long dead – they needed the privacy so they would get pestered and harassed by the press and/or public. Now that they won’t have to worry about being pestered, what harm is it to share the video of their union?

  8. I read and heard of several accounts she was a real " potty mouth " and was mean to servants and to JFK jr . Also saw a video of her throwing punches and and grabbing jr's neck and he just kept walking away . It was outdoors this happened . Can't remember if the video was on youtube , vimeo, dailymotion, etc . I sometimes think she got into one of her rages while they were flying in his small plane and it caused the fatal crash .

  9. They are alive! ❤️ I too love a happy ending ❤️ WWG1WGA ❤️ POTUS rocks. Love Q ❤️ Love and Light Always. Truth Wins. Shalom ❤️

  10. You should have thrown that segment to Bush, it would have been a complete forward pass. Don't use the word "creepy" when you're talkin about the Kennedys, without the footage, they would not exist, tributes are not menacing, memorializing life, whether in art or music, or in
    Love, should be celebrated, not denigrated. You had a terrific and well produced piece of reporting and then trashed it at the end….dumb.

  11. Awww.. Such a beautiful couple!! One lucky girl!! Both gone too soon!! Wish that didn’t happen!! Breaks my heart so much!! RIP to them & the sister who lost their lives.. Can’t believe it’s been 20 years..

  12. Also the Bodies were not found because JFK Staged his death as Hillary Clinton was going to have him killed. Get your JFJ Jnr Mask because it's just about time for all to be revealed.
    It's more than popcorn time.

  13. This video seems weird. If they knew he was videoing, why wasn’t he closer to them? Up front and visible. I think he took it w out their knowledge. He tried to sell the option to view this video before and got shut down.

  14. Oh plzzzzz. They r dead. They r no longer worried about privacy. U felt creepy watching? Then why did u watch???

  15. If I was him, I would never released the video knowing how important it is for them to be private. It’s about respect and honor. He sold them out and that’s wrong. They’re dead now and he can’t even leave them in peace. They obviously mean less to him than money. He’s not a man of integrity.

  16. This woman claims she felt "creepy" watching, yet she still watched and reported on it?! Come on now…why bother with the story if you felt that way? I watched the documentary and found it raw and endearing…absolutely nothing creepy about it! It was a lovely and tender tribute to his close personal friend and very tastefully done.

  17. Remembering this wedding so well, my sister and I bought every magazine! We were teens. Caroline was so beautiful and elegant in a simple dress and the small church was so dreamy, decorated with lamps and vines. I don't think this is the first time people get to see the wedding. This is just from a different perspective, the wedding was out with photos days and weeks after the wedding itself. Close up photographs! So I don't think it's a really private moment after that, they only went private the day of the wedding itself which was very intimate but after that, the couple already gave interviews.

  18. Please, all they wanted was privacy. Bloody hands of press destroyed all they ever wanted a peacefull life away from dirty shoes of paparazzi. They could manage that. May they rest in peace beautiful Caroline an John .

  19. Right after the news was saying he would win over HRC in NY? How many people have the Clintons killed??

  20. Also, if Carolyn’s family really cared, why did they sue Johns family for reparations afterwards? Really, just like Noonan gold diggers alright. He was sick of the death of his mom, he should never married so quickly, that was a fatal mistake.

  21. Honestly, at first I was creeped out by the video. Because I feel the rest needs privacy. However after watching the video, it made me smile. Because I m pretty sure it was the happiest day of his life and I always remember that summer day when his plane crashed. I was 11 of 12 and it scared me. His family has been through great tragedy and now he might be gone. I like this video because it shed some light that horrible day. I see him happy with his wife. 🙂

  22. Id gotten kicked in the leg by a horse the day before their plane dissapeared. I spent the next 2 weeks in bed unable to walk and watching the non stop coverage on television. It was incredibly sad.

  23. Billy Noonan's book about his 'friendship' with John Jr. was a butt hurt bummer.
    Maybe he has grown up since he wrote it.

  24. Not creepy at all. For those of us who have followed this growth of this young man, I was honored to have the video shared so I could view. I always loved the photo taken outside the little church. But to see the the wedding itself, in its simplicity and beauty, brought me to tears. They could have had a huge wedding, but chose only to celebrate with loved ones. Class Act all the way. England had their Princess Di, we had John and Carolyn.

  25. His wife was a cocaine addict. She was late to her own wedding. It got John Kennedy Jr. sister very upset.

  26. You felt creepy watching the private tapes then you air them. Whatever. I personally think that JFK jnr now would have wanted people to see them. I don’t think he would have liked that they got forgotten gathering dust in a cupboard. What a sad waste of a fantastically beautiful story. It’s no creepy. It’s not disrespectful. It’s honouring their lives. Their wedding WAS private, they had a great day! They achieved that. Nothing wrong with honouring JFK jnr now 20 years later.

  27. Wow I just watched it again. I just think it’s so beautiful. I’m so glad it hasn’t been lost forever. This is just too beautiful for it not to be shared now. I am so sure that John and Carolyn are happy that their wedding can be enjoyed and relived by us mere mortals down here ????

  28. Haven't you heard? JFK, Jr. faked his own death in 1999 because the Deep State Cabal (many top officials, including past Presidents) had a contract on his head. A C-4 trigger device was found on the wing of his plane BEFORE he flew one day. It was at that time that he chose to fake his own death in order that he and his family may live. He, along with the Military Patriots, have been underground for the last 20 years getting Intel on the Deep State Cabal to take them down worldwide. It is happening, hence, Epstein Island, Mueller, declassification, etc. Just wait till the 100K indictments are served to our corrupt government. The MSM will NOT report on this because they are controlled by the failing Deep State. The voice on this video is John F. Kenney's voice and he is going to do the dead man's switch sometime this year or next. He has a beautiful family and they were present at many of Trump's events. Remember, condemnation before investigation is ignorance, so do some research. Here is what our Military Patriots and JFK, Jr. have been up to.

  29. A terrible tragedy. JFK Jr. was destroyed by a narcissistic cokehead. IMO his ill-chosen wife was anything but "drop-dead gorgeous". She was just a classy-looking bag of bones.

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  31. They received the privacy needed for their wedding while they were still living. Now many years later that privacy is no longer needed because they are both gone. We can now cherish the happiest moments of their lives. …marriage to each other. Remembering also the loss of her dear sister!

  32. regarding the gun control ad: self-defence is a human right. consider the countries where civilians couldn't protect themselves:
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    the point is, i do get the idea of gun control. but, please, do not forget to mention what happens in countries, with oppressive and indoctrinated governments, when citizens cannot protect or defend themselves. be objective and do mention all sides of the debate. it's only right. think.

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  34. JFK Jr. lived in New York, and he had many good friends. One by the name of Donald Trump, if our government wanted to hide someone out, what better place would there be but in a penthouse, like in Trump Towers, and especially now they have security 24/7. And if he wanted to go to Florida for a swim, they just fly him out in a helicopter from the roof. Don’t be surprised if you see JFK Jr. celebrating Christmas at the White House this year. Silverstein and Bush and all those other bozo’s are going to have a very nasty Christmas in Guantanamo Bay. Hallelujah

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