Salesforce CRM Training for Beginners Videos 1 – What’s App +91-7702843287

Salesforce CRM Training for Beginners Videos 1 –  What’s App +91-7702843287

now see guys if you are a person having
no much plans on Salesforce if you are a person having no much plans on
Salesforce then understanding Salesforce started the journey at the CRM tool then
it move to sales then marketing then shipping in finance and now Salesforce
CRM healthcare infrastructure automation education Salesforce is everywhere if
you are person having no plans on Salesforce this is enough for your
knowledge this is enough for your knowledge but when you are trying to put
your time your career your money in Salesforce then you should not stop here
then you should not stop here you should understand why Salesforce is so much in
demand in the market what exactly Salesforce is giving to the IT world or
any other domain because of which all big companies like Facebook coca-cola
Google on the all are using Salesforce for their internal business process and
how exactly Salesforce is solving the problem of all these big companies so
the same thing you can do in your company to make your employer or to make
your manage to make your client happy in short we are going to see now 101 of
Salesforce in short I am going to take a topic now to teach you the 101 of
Salesforce ok so be ready for the topic now I am going to start some training
process to show you what kind of teaching methodology or what kind of
picture quality I provide in my syllabus so let’s start understanding with the
concept called as what is CRM a question may come in your mind this is the class
of Salesforce then why we are talking about CRM now please the guys it is
because Salesforce is nothing but a CRM tool or CRM application now
another question may come in your mind what do you mean that the reason why
Salesforce got so much pain and success is because of crm yes
CRM is one of the very important requirement in the business world and
that is the reason Salesforce automatically got the benefit of that
how let me tell you to tell you all these things let me take you to the
history somewhere around late 1970s and somewhere around early 1980s where IT
market was growing their I D market was new no competition was there everything
was going smooth what happened suddenly some small companies started giving
their service in the market with comparatively less pricing be
comparatively less pricing because of this what happened those customers of
this existing companies started getting confused that what should I do now
because new companies are charging me less old companies are charging me high
what I should do and this way these customers started getting distracted and
then these existing companies realized that we are losing our customer now if
this is going to continue we will be out of the market very soon then what they
did they planned some kind of brainstorming activities and finally by
thinking in various angle they realize right now the way we are working the
base functionality or process he is our center point we are focusing on that
only we should not focus only on that much we folk we should focus on one more
thing that is nothing but call as customer so there is one more entity
called as customer and we should focus on that
because each and every customer is different the customers requirement is
different for example there will be a customer the name of the
customer is let’s say Sandeep is Sandeep is coming from a very big company
they don’t have any money problem and they need a very powerful or strong
application which will be useful for their customer let’s say then I will do
a package number one for Sandeep this is another person next the name of the
person is let’s say aman and he is coming from a startup company so they
know they can’t put much money in the in the project so they want a simplified
version of project and they want or less like a comparatively less costly project
so I will give you back I will give package to forum on because each and
every customer is different so say so it is required that each and every customer
should be treated differently now so the purpose was to keep eye on each and
every radius of customers his past requirements issues which are plans
budget and capabilities and this way CRM came into the market because people
realize that now we should focus on customer more then the process and all
and that way CRM came to the market with the concept
CRM – customer relationship management to ensure our customers are
going to be very happy that level of service we are going to provide to our
customer so the purpose was this and what was the result amazing
this ensure complete satisfaction of the customer and because of that only it
became the core of current IT world or any domain okay so you take any fortune
500 company you did any mid-level company or you take many small level
companies they are definitely a CRM to team with them there are some group of
people dedicated for CRM work because they want to ensure their customers are
getting happy with their work or service and this way CRM became important
element in the market now please note mobile is a concept this is mobile
Mobile is a concept now that company or those companies which
realized that this concept is going to be a very important need of mankind in
future those companies who realized that this is going to be a very important need
of mankind and they started the service very early now they are millionaires or
billionaires for example Apple for example Samsung okay similarly that
company which realize that CRM is going to be the need of business world and
they started very early that company is billionaire now
ok and this way Salesforce made a strong entry in the
market taking the advantage of CRM ok I think there is a question in the chat
box let me open the chat box and let me see it so there is a question both admin
and developer domains include in CRM yes in CRM many things are already
present in each era many things are already present ok but when the things
are not present in the CRM application you have to do programming and you need
to generate your requirement ok I hope you got answer so this way
Salesforce came in the market because of the importance of CRM ok now let me tell
you something more a common question which people ask me regularly can you
tell me why Salesforce is so much different that when we have big
companies like Microsoft or Oracle or SAP skiing Salesforce is behaving as a
market star what is the reason now please note guys being a normal
CRM application player apart from this Salesforce is giving us one more service
that is called as cloud platform cloud computing and because of this only
Salesforce is behaving as a market star so regular of CRM benefits plus cloud
computing benefits equal to Salesforce the markets not a question may come in
your mind again what do you mean other companies don’t use cloud
computing which are competed to sales force no they use that
then how come you how can you say how can you say that this is happening
because of cloud computing now see let me tell you the interesting thing if you
see the market let’s say just before to you let’s say when I current market if
you in the current market if you ask a school going child also it’s the school
board child and you are asking him that tell me what is the future of cloud
computing even a school going kid will tell you that there is no future of IT
world without cloud computing cloud computing is very V is going to be one
of the very very important thing in the future but if you see your history let’s
say very short has to lecture somewhere around 2006 or 07 where
you if you are regular reader of IT magazine you might have observed that
there where many people in the market who used to think who used to say that
there is no future of cloud computing cloud computing is a flop concept it is
going to vanish from the market very soon people used to say somewhere around
six thousand two thousand six seven now if this was the negative scenario any
imagine how much negative scenario could be in two thousand five or three oh
sorry four or three or two or one or simply 2000 absolutely we get you right
now just imagine this amazing bold decision taken by CEO of Salesforce who
decided to launch a company by leaving his very high salary job to come to the
market on CRM application with the cloud computing when almost everyone in
the world was negative for cloud computing
he started the things at that time and now because of this bold decision he is
making billions of dollars every year the CEO of sales force Marc Benioff so
that is the reason it is always says that great people don’t do different
things they do same thing but when different style so to all these
companies which are doing the things right now
he did in 1999 only when he did this in March 1999 and now today is 2016 from 17
years Salesforce helping the market and that is the reason it’s very difficult
now for any other competitors who recently joined the market to survive in
front of market of Salesforce because Salesforce almost cover all the market
in the entire industries okay so this is the reason why Salesforce is so much
different they started cloud computing solutions early one of the advantage of
salesforce now we are going to move to the last side of the day please note one
advantage of my training process you will see that at any point of time if I
feel that even a single word which I am using in my class may be not clear to my
student still then I speak at least two three more lines about that word and I
try to make all that all this special or important words clear to each and every
person because I want each and every person message I should feel he should
be 100% clear okay so let’s see that is the reason and we’ll do explain your
next slide assuming that the word which I used cloud platform or cloud computing
may not be clear to you so the last slide of the dáil here we go
so now we are going to see here why salesforce is getting how to Salesforce
is taking advantage of cloud computing we have to learn this by comparing
traditional application with Salesforce application building process okay
addition of liquid process versus Salesforce so let’s see now as of now we
will forget about this for two minutes and let’s focus on this assume that we
are going to focus on Java just for example okay so assume that there is a
person the name of the person is Satish Satish is in USA and there is a person
the name of the person is Aman he is in India for example okay
now on one fine day that is called aman said hey aman I came to know that you are
a very good Java person Java programmer I have company in USA I need a software
for my company can you create that aman said ok No problem
and this way Aman started the work but Aman realized that his laptop is very
very outdated so what he did he went to the market to purchase the processor or
RAM or something like this buy because he knew because he knew that his
laptop is not going to solve the problem ok so he went to the market upgraded
laptop by spending hundreds of dollars and he came home with a very upgraded
powerful laptop step number one finished by Aman next now he know very well that
to do some kind of thing of Java project and all I need a Java software he again
went to market to purchase the CD of for example NetBeans and came home by
spending hundreds of dollars install the NetBeans started working but he realized
oh I don’t have a database where I am going to store the data again he went to
the market again he spent hundreds of dollars came home he installed the
database takes over I called and connected this all the same server
connected all these things and finally ready okay step number two finished after few months assume that project is
finished and he is calling Satish he said Satish my work is done
my work is done please tell me the next step
so this said okay do one thing come to USA install the software
show me the demo if all fine I’ll pay you money so this way Aman went from
India to USA he installed the software there any kind of issues are coming to
client system he made a debug testing and updating of blank system and finally
sir Satish is happy so they spared the money to Amman and come and a man came
back to India okay now assume that after a few years
there is a big problem in that software it’s not working and sub-niche is
calling back to back to Amman and saying that my system is not working my
software is not working my whole business is down because it is relying
on this software to something quickly come to yourself assume that during
those days let’s say amongst brother is getting married okay this is the
marriage time of aman’s brother and Amman is literally not interested to
travel here and there it is on him but one of the important
event in his life but still looking at the very big problem of customer he had
to move to USA it stayed there two three days to solve the problem and came back
to India but he is not happy now because he missed one of the very important
event in his life brother’s marriage now please note this kind of adjustment
these kind of compromises or this kind of headaches we don’t have in the
journey of Salesforce how let’s see assume that after a few years a person
called a Sundeep called Aman and said hi Aman I hope you I hope you know Satish
and actually paragraph Satish and we we are going to create now the thing in
assets was the same project we want to in Salesforce so can do that same
software in salesforce let’s say i said sure I recently learned Salesforce
I can do that and let’s say Aman started the work now please note here Aman was
focusing on upgrading RAM processor memory in this case Aman will check
only one thing is my internet working fine that’s it
here aman was working focusing on purchasing NetBeans and Oracle CD
and come to home and install and connect and configure here AMAN will see only
one thing he is my internet working that’s it
here Aman was travelling to India to USA again some problem again USA and so
many things here among will give entire solution to the customer at right hand
side but by only checking one thing his internet working fine that’s it so just look
at this guy’s how dramatically the things are getting simple now in the market
that such an headache such a hectic approach
he is simplified now where you can just do entire project just by arranging
internet how this is happening because of the magic of Salesforce which is
taking that which is how it’s happening because
Salesforce is bringing the magic in the world by using three important pillars
of cloud computing is the SAAS PAAS and IASS which means IAAS says to
aman that aman you don’t worry about having the processor
upgrade and RAM on servers and all I have all in setup ready you just focus
on your business process and rest of the things I’m going to take care by my
infrastructure is a service who is saying to aman assume that Salesforce here
Salesforce saying to aman that I have platform as a service facility with which
you don’t need to worry about purchasing NetBeans and a CD and Oracle and install
and all these things everything is ready for you simply you just start working on
your business requirement I am going to make everything ready for you and please
note guys the platform in which we work in Salesforce he is called as
and the programming language that we use in Salesforce is called as APEX which was
introduced on sales by Salesforce which can run on cloud ok world’s first cloud
programming language this the gift of Salesforce to the IT world ok before
that it was not possible and finally here Salesforce saying to AMAN that
SAAS facility no matter your customer is in USA UK Canada or
anywhere the application will be completely on cloud on internet so you
can access from anywhere from your home from internet cafe anywhere from mobile
you can also access that application and do the needful and this way the life
becomes very simple with the help of SALESFORCE because just by running
internet we can have entire solution so please note there is a reason why our
Salesforce is Florida admins developers the customers employers business
analysts everyone is happy on Salesforce and the final point of the day if you are
going to work as salesforce develop admin you are going to work at this level if
you are going to work as salesforce developer then you are going to work at
this both level at this level we don’t work because this is managed by of jobs at this two positions okay and
that’s all with my demo Welcome, everyone to the session. And thank
you for the whole. and here the target of this topic is let me
just write on the screen the target of this topic is steps steps to follow before starting any salesforce project. So, this is target of this session by which you will understand that suppose
if you got any kind of job in Salesforce or someone like you a new person, in the salesforce
industry having no back ground salesforce No idea about salesforce what says first no
knowledge about salesforce , that person is going to plan to start any kind of project
as salesforce far as how you should begin. Okay, that is what you’re going to see. And
here for that learning, we haven’t also have some assumptions and then only we are going
to proceed ahead. So for that we are having some assumptions. First of all, let’s get
aware about that assumption of those assumptions as well. And assumptions are like this assumption
number one, they will assume that we are college passout people. So, that is point number one we haven’t resume
means we just completed our college we are this college passout people. That is point
number one second thing we’re going to assume We got a campus job that is second assumption
you are going to have third assumption we have day one of job today okay. So, this will be our assumptions and we are
going to move by that direction. So now here a question come in your mind that why you’re
going with these assumptions or what is the purpose of these assumptions? So, let me tell
you first of all, what is the purpose of this assumption. So, when they went to proceed
with this assumption when you say as A college person then you know very well what kind of
knowledge of college passout person will have absolutely no knowledge about this market
or about the industry. Now, hear that kind of background, we are going to actually proceed
with second thing here we are going to ensure that you got a job a campus job. So, we are
going to also learn that suppose if you got a job in Salesforce, what kind of activities
you need to do on a real time project. So, our learning we are going to ensure is going
to be based on real time project next, and third, we have a day one today. So in our
course, we are going to see from the day one till the day end or it’s a project end what
kind of activities and responsibilities you need to follow. So from that zero level to
the advanced level We will be having our journey in the entire syllabus. And that’s why we
are taking this background. And now as it’s a day one, and we have to be now on the time
in office, so let’s proceed and reach office on time. And let’s see, we all went to the
office, very strong the time assume that some relatives or some seniors told us that in
the first job or in the new job, generally we don’t get any kind of work initially. So
to relax time for you, nothing to do on a day to work so we are also relax, we’re also
enjoying assuming that five, six days nobody will be there. But after some hours of joining what we saw, there
is an email from managers with subject, urgent meeting, Everyone gather in the meeting room.
Now you’re surprised we just joined before few hours. And many people told us initially
there will be no work. And still actually we have been given the work or we have got
a mail policy asking for a meeting. So what’s 05:15
going on? We are surprised. But anyways, we don’t have any other option. Manager asked us to come to the meeting. So we have to come
to the meeting. And everyone gathered in the meeting room at one o’clock and just thinking
what’s going on? And just thinking why manager called on the day 1 only of the job. And now
after some time manager came and manager said to everyone Hello guys, welcome to the meeting
room and welcome to your first job. So you’re all college passout. first job first day.
Great.. So let me first of all tell you immediately why we are here. why I asked you to come for
the meeting. So we’re seeing this manager. So, Manager said that see guys, first of all,
we are having some issue of major issue in the company. That’s why this meeting is conducted.
See actually our company as you know, is a software company, we work project not
on our project, we work on PHP project, etc. We work on various projects and here now what
happened that we are actually like having some kind of problem, actually before some
months, some days I would say, I got one customer. And he said that I would like to actually
have a project on Salesforce platform. So here I say I was I said him. I was about the
same him at the time, the meeting That No, it’s not possible. We don’t have any sales
force team working with us. So it’s not possible we cannot give you any service. I was about
to say him that only. But during the discussion at the end, he also said that I would like
to start from the month of June 2019. He said, I would like to start from the month of June
2019. I was thinking, Oh, that’s a good time because I don’t have right now anyone in the
company in our office will know sales force. So I will hire some people, to three people,
more expert people, I will. I will create a team and that’s it we can start working
on the project. So I said okay, fine, sir, we will take your project agreement signed, everything is done. Now, yesterday, he called me and he said that
because of some issue in the business or some policy changes, I cannot Wait for June, I
can wait for that June, July month. I want to actually start from tomorrow.

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