Russia, China, United States race to deploy ‘blazingly fast’ hypersonic weapons

Russia, China, United States race to deploy ‘blazingly fast’ hypersonic weapons

[Music] It’s a very sobering thought that
hypersonics weapons, for the most part, can not be defended against right now. You could
certainly see a launch of a missile booster rocket carrying a hypersonic weapon, but once
that weapon–say it’s a glider–releases from that rocket you lose track of it. Currently,
there are three countries that are vying for the lead in hypersonic weapons development:
China, Russia, and the United States. Let me start by talking about China. They recently
tested the hypersonic weapon called the Xingkong-2. It’s a hypersonic cruise missile. This weapon
was released from a rocket high over the sky of northeastern China. It then glided through
the atmosphere going at Mach-6, six times the speed of sound, bobbing and weaving, riding
the shock waves that it was emitting. Another variety that China is pursuing is call the
Dong Feng-17, East Wind. It is a hypersonic glide vehicle. What’s important is that it
doesn’t just simply release and glide to a target, it can be maneuvered. And that maneuverability
at such high speed is what these countries really prize about hypersonic weapons. Russia
tested what’s called the Avangard, and the Avangard is a hypersonic glide vehicle. According
to the Russian sources, they claim that this hypersonic glide vehicle glided 6,000 kilometers
across the country to the far east, the Kamchatka peninsula traveling upwards up Mach-27. So
that’s amazingly, blazingly fast speed. The United States also very long standing interest
in hypersonics. They have several programs in active testing now. All branches of the
military are pursuing hypersonic weapons, both the glide vehicles and the cruise missiles.
The hypersonic cruise missiles, they are called air-breathing; so they propel themselves through
the air. Now I should say that these hypersonic cruise missiles, for the most part, they are
released at high speed from either a booster missile or from a jet–when they’re released
they’re traveling pretty fast. But then they propel themselves using what’s called a scramjet
engine. It’s basically a tube where the air comes in, fuel is injected, they mix, combust,
and that provides propulsion. Scramjet engines have also been described to me as the most
challenging engine to get to work because of the extreme conditions that they’re operating
under. And the reason is that when air is moving so fast at hypersonic speed into this
tube molecules have fractions of milliseconds to mix with the air. There are other problems,
as well. That has to do with the boundary layer of air that the vehicle is traveling
through at hypersonic speed. This boundary layer actually thickens the faster you go
at hypersonic speed. And in this very complex, kind of physical environment turbulence causing
spikes in temperature, and the spikes in temperature can heat up the skin of the vehicle to very
high temperatures. Traveling at very high hypersonic speeds, high Mach numbers, air
around the vehicle ionizes to the extent that radio signals have trouble getting through.
So let’s say these hypersonic gliders that can go upwards of Mach-25 to 27, you would
have this problem communicating with them. Testing vehicles at these hypersonic speeds,
it’s extremely expensive. So there’s been very limited testing, and because there’s
been limited testing you have a pretty patchy success rate. Russia is already deploying
hypersonics; they beat the U.S. to the punch in that way. It really is a competitive “space
race” in a way. [Credits]


  1. We spend so much time, effort, money on ways to kill each other everyday…
    Imagine we used all that on making the world a better place instead…

  2. lets make something clear, the USA does not have hypersonic weapons that are usable at all, China is only getting their feet wet in it. its only Russia which is the #1 country in the world who has mastered the technology and is the #1 military power in the world right now because of that and many other things.

  3. yes, wars will come, Ezekiel 38,39, Isaiah 17, Joel 2, Psalm 83, Zechariah 12 & 14, Matt 24:6, Rev 6:8,9:15. However God has provided a way for all to be saved through the atoning death of His Son on a cross for our sins, John 3:16. If you knew how much He loves you, and how much you are worth to Him, you would thank Him for His mercies, Psalm 136. The only way to be saved is to put your faith and trust in Jesus ( Yahshua HaMashiach) alone to save you, and accept His free gift of eternal life, Acts 16:30,31, Romans 3:23 -26, and 6, Ephesians 2:8,9, be blessed.

  4. The whole world and all countries with nuclear weapons need to take a long look in the mirror. I remember Reagan and Gorbachev working together to end the cold war. Nowadays, signing a treaty of any sort is a distant memory. It's very sad for us in this world who want to live our lives without ever thinking about such a war.. let's hope these weapons are never used.

  5. I don't believe this knuckle head…..
    Russia is the leader in this tech….I believe is already in service…..Putin said it.

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  9. I like how the Russians have always bragged about their superior weapon systems. Except in every single thing they have ever created, none of it was ever up the quality of American made weapon systems. Every time the Russians come up with something new, we have the uncanny ability to make something to counter it that's generations better. They should stick to making vodka, it's the only thing they do in the world very well.

  10. This weapon should not be invented. It's just the armor of a country that doesn't want to have nuclear weapons. It's a symbol of peace

  11. Neither can Particle Beam Weapons, Scalar Weapons, High Powered Laser & MASER Platforms, Phased Array Platforms, and Tungsten Rods From God. Yeah, you people should be headed in the direction of ascending consciousness and healing your bullshit; Boomers need to go extinct before cooler heads can take over commands. This is absolute lunacy. Just like the US-Space Force ruining exploration with SPACE WAR. Why don't you ask them about the particle beam weapon satellite that can rip the planet in half. Have enough weapons yet you type-0 troglodytes?

  12. Both Russia & China, have already got hypersonic missiles. China also has the DF-21D Anti Ship ballistic missile the US has no defence against. That makes the US navy an obsolete meaningless piece of weaponry today as they can't use any Carrier to attack any country armed with these ASM's today. Where the risk outweighs any potential gain or reward = Obsolete.

  13. Mach 27,thats nothing short of shocking!Hats off to the scientists,Russian,American,Chinese. This is indeed a huge achievment in science and engineering!

  14. Russian Never beat the US in hypersonic weapons America has been having these weapons for 30 years we just don't publicize our goodies American weapons are the most advanced in human history alien origin in my opinion our focus should be developing more powerful advanced lasers like the Star wars program and we should definitely focus on developing a moon base who ever controls the highground controls everything

  15. I'm sure China stole all of our R&D on the Hypersonic missile just like the F-35 and everything else because our military is awfully woefully unprepared for cyber security and i would bet millions china didnt have to look hard for top secrets for sale? This is why the death penalty for treason

  16. How is it wrong in producing weapons especially to make your country more powerful and unbeatable. Those saying is wrong to manufacture weapons should sit down till they are taking by a surprise one day by another country that is when they will know the importance of being a powerful weapon master… I love weapons

  17. Russia has them as the detterent,usa can never achieve such feats,lacketh serous scientists todays!
    Fool man no more god blessed the non racist scientists,China on the otherhand #1 educated kids!

  18. After much efforts and human resources Investment to make life meaningful for mankind, How sad some individual believed producing that type destructive gadgets make them relevant.
    This regressive that thought could be "Maybe End is Time is Fast Approaching"
    Treat other the way you want to be Treated.

  19. So…..The speaker knew practically all of the flaws/weaknesses of the US hypersonic arsenal but Chinese and Russian versions are flawless? Seriously??? Nice of him to show where his allegiance lie. For those that lament the fact that all of this money is being spent on R&D for technology used to kill other humans….Don't be so naive. Do you really think Russia and China are doing this just to counter the American threat? If the US were to one day disappear from the planet, the Russians and Chinese would destroy, in an effort to be the sole rule of the planet.

  20. If all the leaders of the country's know it would destroy the earth why do it its like keeping up with the Jones lol

  21. Love how he said, china is got this awesome weapon, Russia also has an awesome weapon, the USA has one that could fail, hes a hater and wants to create publicity so they can have views, fake news

  22. War is the worst evil to experience. However, there's a timeless truth in the antithetical statement "if you wish for peace, prepare for war." As Thomas Hobbes said that man is evil in nature, and as God said in Genesis after accepting Noah's burnt offering that he will not destroy the world with water anymore for THE HABIT OF MAN IS EVIL RIGHT FROM BIRTH, man, for ego, greed, vengeance or indignation or for whatever other purposes, is ever ready to go to war with fellow man! Given this truth, the only assured way to deter a potential aggressor or a known aggressor, like the USA that bully small small nations across the world, is to be a great military power. If country A knows that if it attacks country B whether by surprise or following a warning, country B is ever capable of surviving the attack and retaliating against country A in an extremely disastrous and unacceptable way, then country A will restraint itself. The only reason there has not been a Third World War up to now, that is, the only reason the United States has not attacked Russia is because it knows that Russia is a no-go-area. Attacking Russia will be the United States own undoing, the last straw that breaks the Carmel's back. Therefore, the competition for hypersonic missile is interesting. When everyone has it, and it is nuclear capable, no one country will go to war with another country and there will be enduring peace, this being the case.

  23. God gave us a perfect planet to live in and mankind spends trillions on destroy and they say humans are the planets most intelligent hahaha

  24. The US also has Super Dog..Faster than Superman, able to leap tall buildings and can charm the heart of any Evil Doer!

  25. Looks like it's time for the people to "go" once again. Seems like we are the vegetables for the rulers. They use us, use us and harvest.

  26. Spend so much $$$ on hypersonic misslie by each three country to evade the other air defensive system to obtain high kill ratio…. is it really necessary after the cold war?

  27. GOD here hey Moses where is my son Jesus come over have a beer watch episode of planet earth these humans I created are hilarious they are the dumbest species I ever created I should of stuck with the dinosaurs they were far more intelligent lol

  28. Makes me think of great firsts that Russians have made…

    A First ! Sputnik first in space.

    Result – Americans step onto the moon… step onto the moon five more times after that, built space shuttles and start international space station.

    Another First ! Tupolev Tu-144 first supersonic passenger plane.

    Result – Tupolev Tu-144 first supersonic passenger plane crashes and another one burns up.

    Another First ! T72 tanks fielded by the Soviet Union, said to be indestructible.

    Result – Creation of A10 Warthog, M1 Abrams and Apache Attack Helicopter with Hellfire Missiles.

    Another First ! Soviet Navy largest and most powerful in the world.

    Result – U.S. Navy becomes dominating force in Atlantic and Pacific oceans with more firepower than any other two nations combined.

    Another First ! Russia builds "superior" hyper sonic weapons.

    Result – Guess we will all get to see once it's declassified.

  29. Who cares if Russia is first? their quality is horrible and recently one of their missiles exploded on the ground which killed several of their top nuclear scientists. Russia is honestly just a papertiger.

  30. 🇻🇪🇨🇳🇷🇺💪🔥⏳🌄🌏🇹🇷🇮🇷🇰🇿🇰🇬

  31. Future AIs would like to thx Russia, China, and United States for creating that weapons 😉 it might be of much help 🙂 just don't forget to make it autonomic 🙂


  33. The United States military better catch up to Russia and China unless it wants to see it's aircraft carriers on the bottom of the sea.

  34. fak fak faf uaü hina und russen nkwd usa nato wir schtark zusamen usa nato keine anks fon diktatuk russen und hina die kamunisten sadisten lad hina rossij fak oich huawei und so weite

  35. The HTV-2 glide vehicle developed by DARPA, reached Mach 20 but it disintegrated after 9 mins. Something tells me that the US isn't too far away from such tech.

  36. If I were the Messiah, i wouldn't even attempt to come back down to this well defended earth….I might be shot down before entering the atmosphere.

  37. nothing new there. perhaps, they should say it: challenges were overcome, by putting the radio antenna at the back, shrouded from any heat, and the wavelength compensated for the high temperature by being vhf. and then of course, guidance was via Russian, Chinese GPS satellites, and perhaps some other hidden system on the ground. there, that'd be news.

  38. This will cause world peace–all aircraft carriers are now obsolete–we cannot project power indiscriminately to threaten any country that has these weapons-the USA is the warmonger of the world and without those carriers we will have to learn to respect other countries or suffer terrible losses-negotiation will result in compromises and World Peace.

  39. He didn't say, "the US doesn't have it yet?" Pentagon got a budget from Congress and indicated it will take a decade. That was a few years ago.

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