Roundtable Talks ‘Barstool Moment’ Founder’s Remarks To Female Staffer | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Roundtable Talks ‘Barstool Moment’ Founder’s Remarks To Female Staffer | Megyn Kelly TODAY


  1. Political correctness has become so extreme that it is used as a weapon to shame and control people.
    In this case, though, I agree with Megyn.

  2. Meghan…..womens looks have also been used FOR them in a special way that a mens have not. Lets not pretend.

  3. Does Megyn think that her looks had anything to do with how she got on tv? This is not saying she is dumb or anything or unqualified. But the truth is looks are important on video.

  4. An attractive woman who wouldn't have a job in television without her good looks complains about being judged on her looks

  5. For the last time, it's not hurtful or rude to make fun of hot people. The target of Portnoy's supposed insult is definitely hot, therefore the comment is ok.

  6. Megyn "Black face may be ok on Halloween, but dammit, NOBODY can make fun of a hot woman's looks" Kelly

  7. He literally said both the girl and her boyfriend would age a lot over the next 5 years lol but the media is only mad for the girl and not the guy

  8. Matt Iseman just went up on the respect scale.. he is the only one that knows Barstool culture and has a real valid view.. Ria defended the whole scenario and still loves her job and El Pres.

  9. Apparently you cant crack a joke on a women because shes cut from some imaginary royal cloth? Lol I will always remind myself that they take massive dumps too and they're not as royal as they pretend to be

  10. The problem with Dave is he is a bit of a troll. I think he inhabits a character. But it is so hard to tell when Dave is being genuine and not, the lines are so blurred. Like in his hockey challenges. They are ridiculously unfair. The distance he places NHL players to score on him are just impossible and Dave wins every time (if you can call a below 700 save percentage a win) and then he gloats in their face. It's all part of the joke or is it? Dave is so good, it feels real.

  11. First of all, if you can’t take the heat why would u choose to work for an internet company? Everything you do will be praised by some and ridiculed by others. Second of all, if you can’t laugh at yourself…well…you have got other issues to worry about. I’m just tired of this whole “I’m offended” bs that we have to see/hear every single day. Toughen up.

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