Robert Ray discusses Roger Stone’s sentencing, AG Barr

Robert Ray discusses Roger Stone’s sentencing, AG Barr


  1. Equal justice under the law does not exist anymore.
    During the eight years of the Obama Administration high positions in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSC and others were flooded with radical socialists that still continue to work for the former rather that the present Administration.
    These traitors have turned our most powerful agencys into smaller versions of the Russian secret police.

  2. Corrupt Judges MUST be removed under the CODE OF JUDICIAL CONDUCT.

    A judge shall uphold and promote the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety. A judge shall perform the duties of judicial office impartially, competently, and diligently.


  3. Roger Stone was found guilty by a jury. Period. People caught with a nickle bag of marihuana gets tougher sentences than that Stone got. Once again, the Justice Deparment have failed WE THE PEOPLE.

  4. this is clearly a political bias against stone for having a lifelong friendship with our president and we the majority are not gonna stand for this one way behavior by these democratic followers

  5. tell them all loudly bill barr is dragging his feet Democrats have him scared and it has affected job and willingness to enforce the laws of the land that his oath demands

  6. these cases have to be thrown out and the defense money returned to defendants immediately and prosecutors have to be investigated for misconduct, they have to be disbarred

  7. Whitewater/ Ohhhh……..when those original documents were being sent to DC for the intial investigation, in 1995, they were being stored at Fed Murrah in OKC. May 1995, how AWFULLY convenient for the clintonoids, a white PATSY and EVERYTHING, too.

  8. Lou! Barr knows what he is doing and so does Trump! They will take care of justice in their time.. they have a plan I believe.

  9. What a scam impeach the judge she is a disgrace to the profession. The President is right to interfere with ongoing DOJ cases as these people are traitorous scum and they cannot be trusted. If the President doesn't stand up for us who will?

  10. If the appeals process fails to deliver justice Mr Stone must be given a full pardon. We must repudiate the judge and the DOJ for this blatant biased miscarriage of justice.

  11. We are in SERIOUS TROUBLE when we have JUDGES handing down SENTENCES based on party affiliations,and NOT based on the LAWS VIOLATED.

  12. This Just In…

    It has been conservatively estimated that over five million gallons
    of hair dye has been spilled over the heads of the men and women television
    journalists covering the Nevada caucuses, and a half million barrels of the red
    greasy kiddy sticky stuff made homes just on the lips of the women.

  13. It's amazing how many Republicons are ready to dismiss our justice system for friends of the Impeached Trump. Every day Republicons shred the constitution just a little bit more.

  14. Obama landmines are planted all over. The Obama administration worked hard to reconstruct America with Godless left wing Socialists.. This judge that Obama appointed should be reviewed and removed if needed…

  15. There was not there there, thus EVERY SINGLE MUELLER act is ABUSE of power, malicious & TAINTED. NO ONE should be allowed to go to jail for anything MUELLER/Comey TOUCHED! ALL legally should be FREE & repaid ALL FEES! It's insane BARR hasn't stopped this nonsense. Manufactured process crimes when no predicate…NOPE that is not justice!

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