Rekordbox DJ Tip: How To Hook Up CDJs To Your Laptop In HID Mode

Rekordbox DJ Tip: How To Hook Up CDJs To Your Laptop In HID Mode


  1. what about when the mixer isn't supported by rekordbox? can rekordbox aggregate the soundcards in the CDJs?

  2. Why I need this.. when I purchased standalone players ……. thats funny instead using cdi as expensive controllers.. better buy controller than.. but thanks for the video

  3. why not using the CDJ soundcard ? No need a usb hub with that (unless you have less than 2 usb on your laptop)

  4. I know a good number of promoters who won't even allow you to do this. If you bring a laptop they will laugh at you. There's very much a USB stick culture that we're in. If you can't use CDJs with USB sticks you're less likely to get booked in a lot of places

  5. you say that 3 usb cables are needed, in the video I only see 2 connected to the hub, which I suppose are those of the cdj-2000, and the one of the mixer I do not see it? Where do I connect it? to the hub? or the laptop?

  6. Hi Joey. You forgot to mention how to preview track on DJM from the playlist ?
    So, in Rekordbox you can set up playlist track preview by assigning Preview Output (in Preferences/Audio) for any the next available channel on DJM (exp. 3 or4) Also this channel input on DJM must be set up as USB. While previewing make sure the fader is down ?

  7. There is literally no advantage to doing this rekordbox is free so prepare your set on a usb on rekordbox and take a USB.
    Were this would be beneficial would be the old clubs that still have cdj1000mk3 installed then I could see how using rekordbox via dvs might be advantageous

  8. What's the difference between this & the LAN LINK ? I was under the impression that this was the Link feature (Hince previous question).

  9. Thank you for the tutorial Joey. This was definitely helpful to help me set up for a big gig.

    Question though, how would you go about setting up a b2b with another DJ that's using strictly USB flash drive on the CDJs whereas I'm using Rekordbox DJ on the Laptop? Would he connect his USB in the HUB; Does the physical display on CDJ mimic how it would show as if it was connected directly to the CDJs? Or, would he connect directly into the CDJ and … ?

    Much love

  10. i do have cdj2000 nex and djm 2000 and when i setup everything as you do it on the vedio I just have one cdj work can you help plz

  11. Hello Joey, Can I view the full wave on the XDJ using HID with performance mode? At the moment I only have the needle search type wave at the bottom

  12. For some reason the mixer will not show up in the preference/audio tab and thanks for the awesome video been looking for something like this!

  13. Hey Joey, your tutorial really helped me when I moved onto a club set up from a bed room setup. However on the night itself, I had accidently selected deck 3 instead of 2 for my second CDJ, and that caused a lot of issues. How do i go about reconfiguring this without disconnecting the CDJ? I did this and the entire sound system shut down hahah thank god I had a usb in the 3rd CDJ

  14. halo i have spiaker mackie c300z – rms, 300 watts – muzic.500 watts –
    peak.750 watts – I want to buy an amplifier and do not know how many
    watts it takes to ask if you can help with which amplifier should thenx

  15. thank you!! but i din't see you plugging the DJM900 into usb hub. just to carify i will plug both cdjs and the mixer to the hub??

  16. Let’s say I have the DJ 400, and I plug my laptop into the CDJ-2000NSX2, would my hotcues and my saved loop also appear in the CDJ?

  17. Hi . I have a pair of cdjs 900nxs ; i was about to buy a djm 450 mixer ; in order to have the same setup as you in here; but the guy at the shop told me i need to get the pioneer timecoded cds in order to control rekordbox from my cdjs .. so i m a bit lost .. so i didnt get the djm 450 mixer ( i wanted to get it cause i like it because of the fxs in it and the soundcard+ the rekordbox dj licence comes free with it ..)
    So do i need these timecoded cds ..? Thanks a lot

  18. Hi
    can someone help.While I connected cdj 2000's to rekordbox I can't scratch or backspin in vinyl mode.seems like jogwheel is not responding?all usb leads checked also cdj's work fine in usb or cd mode.Anyone?

  19. hi joey !! i am also using Rekordbox in hid mode . but this saturday i went to a club but the cdj 900 nexus connect properly with cdj agreegeter but No music output are coming from djm 900nxs 2 mixer ! i was using only two usb cable that time ! but in previous event i went to another club that club hv 2000nxs2 in that , but everything was connected properly with cdj xdj aggregater !!

    i am facing a big problem now !!! please help me out !

  20. Really nice tutorial, thanks a lot!
    So, it's exactly the same than to use CDJ Aggregator Tool on Mac ?

    We could control our software Rekordbox with the CDJ in the both of case ?
    Because I gonna use CDJ2000 + DJM800 after a guy, he's gonna juste play without computer. I would like to connect my MacBook. What is the best way for have no stop between him and me ?

    Maybe your way is better, because when he's gonna play his last track on the deck 2, i could connect everything, do the setting on the Deck 1, and the channel 2. And do the Deck 2 and Channel 2 when he will stop his track.


  21. How a second dj can connect him laptop during a club event or smthing? with no music stop using this hid mode

  22. i have a djm-800 without usb and two cdj2000. How do i make it work? Is there certain things i should select in preferences?
    When i only plugged the cdjs into the computer the mixer didn't work. Pls help

  23. What kind of usb cables are they? are they usb to usb or usb to what?? and is there any particular powered hub you recommend?? thanks for the video!! πŸ™‚

  24. ivan clow

    7 minutes ago

    I got big problem and iam new to play with record box. so I got djm 900nexs and 2 cdj 850 and if I play usb on one cdj and plug in other cdj to laptop I can get it work but then when I stop playing on cdj which iam play with usb and plug this cdj in laptop I get no sound but if i load drivers again then i can get sounnd but music stops for a few seconds not good and so what must i do to go from playing usb to rekordbox and rekordbox back to usb

  25. HELP: I get successful connection to mixer and decks but I dont have the DJM mixer showing for audio output (CDJs do show up) and ive installed drivers multiple times as tried on a couple different mixers. Someone please let me know how to fix this

  26. What is main difference betwen this and ethernet link? I seen video with ethernet link to a laptop, and when playing just like hid..i didn't find any video where they talk about this 2 mode, one vs another

  27. How connect two laptop and move from one laptop to another in hid mode CDJ2000 nxs2 and pioneer DJM900nxs2 without having to turn off the music?, Make a video please.

  28. So I have my sound card plug to my PC, can I connect DJM900+cdj2000 to my computer and then have the sound comming from my PC? I only have one set of monitor and I don't want to unplug them all the time

  29. man idk what's wrong but this doesn't work at all for me. Rekordbox acknowledges that it's linked but doesn't seem to give a shit after that. There's no connection between the laptop and CDJs in terms of sound or control

  30. AHHHHH I get it now, you need to use Rekordbok DJ, not the regular rekordbox! I had no idea Rekordbox DJ even existed until after 2 frustrating hours of research trying to get this to work!!

  31. I'm having problems getting the DJM900xs2 driver to show up on my CoreAudio section in Rekordbox's preferences on my Mac OS Mojave 10.14. 6. When I go to preferences and click on Driver then select and install DJM-900NXS2_M_2.0.2.dmg it says it installed successfully, but I don't see it in my CoreAudio to select it. Can you help me on this issue please? I'm using Rekordbox 5.7

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