Progress in Motion – KidZania USA Sneak Peek

Progress in Motion –  KidZania USA Sneak Peek

“We have 6 children in here at once.
We have two surgeons, anesthesiologist, 2 nurses and the technologist.” “This is going to be a regional draw.” It’s the first of its kind in the U.S. At KidZania, only children get the key to the city. About 2 years in the making,
KidZania is ready to take off. Like many adventures, this one starts in an airport. Children land in the city built for kids
run by kids ages 4 to 14 or Pre-K to 8th graders. Adults will wait in a parents lounge. “I was blown away when you actually go into the government
office and can learn about what kind of professions you would be good at and
what would be natural fits.” “Fortunately my jacket fits perfectly.” Not exactly. On this day, Frisco City Council members and other special grown-up guests got a
sneak peek as adult guides called zupervisors practice coaching kids in
more than 100 hands-on roleplay experiences. “She is going to show you how to strut your stuff and how to be as confident as possible.” Besides modeling, experiences include being a dentist, a construction worker, a police officer or a firefighter to name a few. “The most challenging thing is finding
the team that can do this and we have an amazing team here. A lot of them are
actually teachers.” And parents, if your kids don’t keep their rooms tidy, this may be the fix. This city will always be clean. We’re told window washing is a very popular job. “We kind of had the expectation that this was going to be magical, that this would be transformative, that children and parents
was just like oh my gosh this is amazing and why why didn’t I have this when I
was younger.” That’s an understatement for these mothers who say they’ll be back. “They were pretty excited. Whoa, looking around.” “I want you guys to look at his x-ray and tell me what part of his body is broken.” “They like getting the bank card and the money and going to the bank to get their card activated. They thought that was exciting.” Amari Singleton’s mom says she’s never seen anything like it. “We’re really excited that we live in a city where they brought it.” The decision to build KidZania’s first U.S. location in Frisco was an easy one for the edu-tainment company. “It’s just a vibrant and growing
community with the right type of demographic from across the board.
Everything about it just lined up perfectly for us. And here everybody seems to engage in a way that says what do you need how do we get it done.” “For kids I think are gonna love coming here and more than anything learn their passions at a really young age.” “I have a 4 year old grandson
that’s really into recycling.” “She crashed the plane and then he put the fire out and he’s just the detective that figured out that she crashed.” “There is no question this would be a lift for the whole Stonebriar Centre and sales-tax.” Located inside Stonebriar Centre Mall, KidZania opens to the public November 23rd.

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