1. Do not give them beans or sandwiches because they’ll throw it away or if your donating clothes it’s gotta be brand clothes I guess lol

  2. Lol the baby is innocent- it's not the baby's fault so watch your mouths. You even insult children, babys that can't think for themselves yet ….pff u make humans seem so stupid

  3. My father was chosen to be a U.S citizen, he got it legally. There should be a citizenship test in the U.S where the requirement is a high school degree or a G.E.D. An SAT type of test should be implemented, and if you pass, youre a citizen, if you were born here of course, and if you dont, you should not be allowed to vote for Federal government officials like voting for president, and you should also be classified as a resident. I dont know why people think thats hard.

  4. "Several months prior to Malkin's birth, her parents had immigrated to the United States on an employer-sponsored visa" Wikipedia. Is Malkin the right person to be an authority or spokesperson to defend or deny automatic birthright citizenship? She was born by parents who were here on a work visa and she probably got the automatic birthright citizenship since she was born on US soil. Isn't she also classified as anchor baby?

  5. The border wall looks like something outtve Africa 😂 I guess trump was right again, but that’s ok because your taxes will only go up a little bit to support the mom and child 😂 some people are so focused on how some people see trump as evil or stupid, but so far he’s done amazing strides… and it’s not even term 2 yet 👍🏻

  6. This is simple, if any pregnant women gets in illegally and not complete a legal procedure to become a legal resident of United States then the baby won’t be a citizen. Once they both in perfect health to travel send them back to where they came from. How hard is this?

  7. Hmmm I wonder why they are coming over here oh yeah greatest country on the planet and welfare. What should we do send illegals back so we don't become a third world country and a good policy would be let them come over but let the democrats pay for them and house them oh wait democrats only want them for votes silly me

  8. I have a heart and don’t want to dehumanise this women she was obviously desperate but this doesn’t mean it’s right, these South American countries all need to co-operate with the US to stop their most vulnerable, uneducated from hopping over the boarder, their governments failure shouldn’t be affecting the pockets of US taxpayers

  9. Lmao all these "Americans" mad asf but yo bros the dedication and determination to go this far is amazing and shouldn't be ignored. Respect to that women.

  10. should be some controls on that any condition like if the parents going to live in usa legally then yes but if they going to be deported or something should not keep citizenship i saw this woman interview and she said it with such a cynism how proud they were that they wanted therir baby to be usa citizen and they made it

  11. All these people mad about the ''illegal aliens" entering "their" country 😂. I guess karma is finally giving America a taste of their own soup. All those oppressed natives, all that blood spilled, God is just.

  12. SCARY BROWN PEOPLE. OH NO. 😒 I, unlike you RACISTS, do not care if the country becomes majority Latino and everyone starts speaking Spanish.

  13. Y’all know that Michelle is a US citizen because of birthright citizenship her parents were from the Philippines why is she out here speaking against the policy that made her a US citizen in the first place? Hahahaha I’m really dead

  14. I think it is funny that the wall was there to stop raging Mexican rapists. That's what Trump wanted. Instead a pregnant woman was able to scale the wall. Probably the biggest metaphor for how the wall is useless and a waste of money.

  15. How did a heavily pregnant woman manage to climb the border? Pregnant women in the US can’t even walk three days before giving birth


  17. I hate those peeps. Just freakin come in legally!! JEEEEEZ I hate how we allow if you have a child you get to live in America, I hate that!!!!

  18. I honestly don't think a mother about to give birth can scale up a fence..I don't think that's possible..a pregnant mother about to give birth can't even walk straight ..let alone climb a fence..I think americans need medical knowledge

  19. first please Americans have logic..you can't even get a visa to America if your pregnant in Kenya..so how will.our women come to your country to give birth there..so you realise we are on different continent's.. We don't have war in our country..we don't have ships that go to America apart for goods..any Kenyan will like there child to be Kenyan..I hope you know there some Americans in Kenya..who give birth in Kenya for there child to be Kenyan… Now I understand what people say about america..from Africa..never wanting to come to america..thank you

  20. Pregnant women in every caravan invading our country for birthright citizenship need locked up in jail with baby and sent the H home!! OMG!!

  21. the tax payers you , are paying for this anchor baby. you could be giving to your child. An American citizen born of American citizens !

  22. Send them back the problem with this is they come here live off the system this is how use fake names and dead people social security numbers. ..Check them out the names don't match the face how could someone in the middle East have a name like Linda or Jay their "LIARS" pay nothing into social security and think we owe them claim mental issues etc…America this country has been abused enough!You want these lies to continue…They should NOT be allowed to work or collect off another person social security number on big fat Lie!

  23. My Mom came in legally from Australia. We both find it offensive that there are illegal immigrants that think they don't have to go through the same process. My Dad was born and raised here in America.

  24. The baby is not Citizen…
    Because the mother in the USA illegal immigrants, she was climbed over the fence and tried to get in to the US border, she break the law..
    And now the law have do something about that..
    This is why I vote for Trump, because I believe that he protect our country ..


  26. lol, I like how the constitution can suddenly be "changed" and that suddenly 19 year old pregnant women can climb over a 21-ft wall. The United States is going to hell and I hope it's taking Donald Trump with it.

  27. Send her back, send her and baby back, president Trump you have to teach these crooks and let them know America is a sovereign Nation and that anyone just can't come here because they want to,

  28. So if an ISIS woman has a baby here is that legal too..?? A big slap to AMERICA..all these countries just to us as they want..

  29. And now! Our Dumbass Government is going to support this woman and her kid the rest of their lives and I have to pay for it against my will. I strongly disagree with this. And she and he child needs to be thrown back over the wall .

  30. our constitution does NOT say foreigners can give birth to American citizens, it says the opposite. The children belong to their parents, not to the country, we do not seize the children of foreigners and make them citizens. This is a democrap scam. The 14th amendment gave birthrights only to the children of slaves.  FOX please stop supporting the democraps scams.

  31. If to be an american means becoming those assholes sitting in that couch, PLEASE DONT SCALE THE BORDER WALL, you're much better in hell

  32. I'm a male and I can't speak for a woman's body, but common sense would tell me not to strain myself while pregnant.

  33. Those fat bastards are not human. They can scale anything even loaded down. You come into the country and drop anchor. Birthright need to stop.

  34. We have enought people here in america that needs help why is it that we are supposed to take care of the whole world

  35. They are making troble in every country. I feel sorry for them but they will do every bad things for their sake in US.

  36. funny how Michelle Malkin was born on October 20, 1970, in Philadelphia to Filipino parents who were in the United States on student visas…..would that not by her own definition make her an anchor baby?…the irony. AND if you really want to get technical, EVERY single individual born in the US other than the native Americans, are anchor babies. "Based on the principle of jus soli, U.S. citizenship is automatically conferred on any baby born in the United States. As Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amend- ment to the U.S. Constitution states:
    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the juris- diction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privi- leges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws"

  37. She's not legal nor her baby, deport them right away, no citizenship for her baby, no benefits, no nothing

  38. Do not issue birth certificate to those illegal infants. Send all of them back without a paper. This will ensure that their evil plan is dead.

  39. All these emis blamming other emis, the reason why they blame latinos is because we Americans, not these stupid Asians that I bet would cross if a border was share.

  40. The NERVE OF THESE PEOPLE. Like Denzel Washington said, What a job you have, to get out the news, to be first, whether it's right or wrong. Smdh. I'm a descendant of a immigrant that didn't want to live as a slave in this country. Sit down little b, be humble.

  41. Deport them!! Along with the maggot russian women laying their commie eggs in the U.S. including that commie melania trump.

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