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Embracing Taiwan – Episode 2 In the first episode of “Embracing Taiwan” We’d seen a new aspect of Taiwan with advanced medical technology and breathtaking landscapes In this episode, we’ll look into the other amazing aspects of the 5 + 2 technological innovation program This is Minghsin University, which is the school of 1,300 Vietnamese students And I won’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s have a tour around thte campus The educational cooperation efforts between Vietnam and Taiwan in recent years… have given many young students the opportunity to study in Taiwan Vietnamese students are said to be full of energy and are fast learners Many graduated students decide to develop their careers in Taiwan I’m now at the school’s library Joining me is Ms. Hang – Vietnamese Student Manager, and 2 other students This is the library of Minghsin University, which is 5 stories high On the first floor, there are shelves of magazines and a self-study area There are also computers in case the students want to surf the internet for information These shelves are brilliantly designed They can be opened and there are more books inside What are the library’s opening hours? From Monday to Friday, the library will be open from 8 AM to 10 PM On the weekend, the time would be from 9 AM to 5 PM What’s this room? This is the “Listening” room, it’s mostly use for teaching Taiwanese As most of the students have difficulty with the language when they first come here The teachers will use this room along with videos to teach them the language The capacity of this room is about 90 students Which means 2 classes can share the room and discuss with each other This is our new classmate – Vinh, you can sit over there Hi guys! He must have many questions on his first day, please help him if you can As far as I see, the school is equipped with many modern and advanced technologies Are they relevant to your major? The modern technologies motivate us a lot with studying they also inspire our creativity with the help of useful documents and materials The students who come here really like the campus environment As besides of learning hours, there are joyful of activities like dancing, soccer, and many other types of sports To be honest, Vietnamese students are smart, which results in their high grades Thank you so much! I wish you well and get more and more success In Taiwan, there are plenty of ways to gain knowledge beside of studying in school There are exhibitions and other forms of fair for you to join As a content creator and and culture-lover, Taiwan is an ideal country for me I’ve passed by many kiosks of a exhibition about the novelist Jin Yong For those who like the Chinese pop culture, you must have heard of Jin Yong whose novels are adapted into several famous movies and TV series Each kiosk has its own function There’s a kiosk for learning martial art, and another one with the theme of Xiaolongnü and Yang Guo’s tomb As mentioned, in Taiwan, school is not the only place to learn There are plenty of learning opportunities outside, especially this Huashan Creative Park You can find plenty exhibitions here in various types of field which are also continuously changed We can learn a lot while walking through the kiosks Let’s get back to the martial art kiosk to see if I can learn anything After a few days in Taiwan, I find this country and Vietnam share 1 thing in common, can you guess what it is? It’s can be easily seen that both countries use motorbike as major vehicle Now, I’ll take you to a motorbike shop, electric motorbike to be exact These electric motorbikes are really gorgeous, you would be amazed with their designs Let’s go! In recent years, Taiwan has achieved many great achievements in designing and developing electric motorcycles With green technology for environmental protection and intelligent operation These bikes have soon become the major vehicle with charging stations being built everywhere Furthermore, more manufacturing workshops are establish to export these “e-bikes” to other SEA countries This is the key, it looks just like a regular credit card You just need to swipe it here and touch the sensor to operate Fast and easy And in case of forgetting your key-card You can activate the vehicle with an app on your phone This is the app, please have a look Now, let’s look at the batteries Please come over here This is the charging system All you need to to is putting the batteries into these holes While charging, this screen will show some useful information Like how far you’ve gone, and the battery’s condition Putting the fully-charged batteries back here and we’re good to go Taipei is also known as an intelligent and modern city and these e-bikes can be the most remarkable evidence These e-bikes are really eco-friendly by not causing any kind of pollution As they are rechargeable, we can spot a recharge station every 3 minutes on the road In Taiwan, public transportation is really popular and convenient But many people still choose these e-bikes as their major vehicle as they think it’s more civilized I really want to have a bike like this I’d buy one as soon as they’re in Vietnam In general, Electric Motorbike, or E-bike, is not only a transportation It’s also an effort of changing to electric vehicles instead of fuel Thereby reducing the dependence on fossil fuels Therefore, it can be said that we contribute greatly to reducing the amount of fuel usage for Taiwan in particular and the world in general At the same time, it also minimizes many types of pollution Like air pollution, or the green-house effect I have reasons to believe GoGoRo is the only successful E-bike company in Taiwan Its greatest value is that during use it is not affected by air exhaust or contaminated by waves from the aircraft Most importantly, it represents a new future It can be said that the conversion of vehicles using fossil fuels to electricity is a significant step forward Wind farms along the west coast of Taichung stretching for kilometers are created from the application of science to produce green energy and also an interesting destination for tourists I’m traveling along the west coast of Taiwan And on my way, I spotted many wind farms These wind turbines are built to produce green energy It’s the combination of technology and natural landscape that creates a very special scene We’re now at Gaomei Wetland, joining me in this lovely evening is this lady – Mai Mai is current a PhD student in Construction Management Do you find anything interesting while traveling along the coast? Well, those turbines are the most impressive so far In Taiwan, green energy a concerned matter and it’s applied in many aspects of daily life More importantly, these wind farms not only produce energy but also create a stunning scene I know that Vietnamese tourists all want to come here, fortunately, we’re here today right at sunset – Let’s take a walk!
– Okay! Do you know that Gaomei is also called the ‘Lungs Of Taiwan”? As this is the home of many species Walking on this bridge, we can see there are crabs and fishes down there And since there are more than a hundred types of bird here, many bird-lovers come here to see them And as this is a peaceful area, many local families love to bring their children here And when they’re here, it’s a great opportunity to teach the kids about nature It sounds wonderful, I really want to take my family here Just like Gaomei, many other swampy areas in Taiwan have been rehabilitated and preserved with long-term strategies To improve the living condition, contribute to the treatment and cleaning of domestic wastewater Reduce pollution for rivers and provide an excellent living environment and develop rich ecosystems This is Taoyuan City, an important industrial city of Taiwan Where the hallmark of the 5 + 2 industrial revolution is most evident in the making of robots and the application of smart technology to consumer products I’m sure that you’ll be extremely excited As I’m about to take you to the museum of the most advanced and modern robots in Taiwan Let’s join me to see how they do it! Walking in, I’m really amazed as I’m welcomed by these robots As you probably know, Lion Dance is a famous traditional activity in Taiwan Normally, these lions are dressed by dancers, but in here, they’re all replaced with robots One good thing about coming here is that everyone will have the opportunity to learn a lot more, especially the students Coming here, we’re not only get to see many types of robot but we can also learn many things as there are a lot of useful information I believe that you’ll have questions, Joe here will help me to explain more about these robots Now, for entertainment, we’ll see a special performance of a robot band In this band, there are instrument players, main singer, and backing vocalist Each member of this band has their own “personality” We can ask to reprogram these robots’ personalities as ours So that they can “sing” and “perform” the song just as you want And don’t be surprise that the outfits are not really eye-catching or visually stunning As the purpose is to let us see their mechanic body parts and how they operate That’s why the outfits are not really well-done We’re also allowed to prepare them some outfits and then bring them back home This is such an eye-opening experience for me Let me introduce you to this little guy – an exploring robot He’ll help us to examine the lands where we human cannot reach or have difficulty with Here’s an example, “he” just went back here from the top and you can see the road is really rough And this guy is called “Tank”, like the vehicle “He” can transport a capacity up to 1,300 kg Which is clearly impossible for a human being I really love the idea of using robot in daily life as well as researching Or even in some rescue missions which are above human ability Next, we’ll see an unique puppet performance This type of art can only be found in the Southern area of Taiwan To build this “stage”, the mechanics had to travel to a Southern town Stayed there for a month and learned from a master of puppet performing Then came back here and spent another 2 months to build this “stage” This is our childhood movie – Journey to the West I covered the movie’s theme song long ago Robot manufacturing technology in Taiwan has proved the perfect interaction between human and machines The rapid development of A.I. technology has helped in the making of thousands of robots; hence, support human in many different fields. Robot creation is one of the top priorities of the 5 + 2 technology revolution to compete in the international market I’ve finished my tour around this robot workshop You must be wondering why behind me are not robots but plants This can be the most impressive message in my tour, which is the support of robot in various fields of life And even in environmental development, or eating and other types of daily activities I’m now at Sha Yang Ye Technology Park and in here, we’ll see how A.I. technology works This is a driverless bus which is still under testing here Such an amazing experience, as you see, there’s no driver on this bus …and the bus is still going This bus runs on a pre-set route by computer As you see, I’ve just experienced the driveless bus in Taiwan The bus is also an essential part of building an intelligent city We’re doubtless to hope for a more carefree, automatic, and convenient future life with the help of technology Now, I’ll take you to the Control Room to see how the buses operate Behind me are the scientists and engineers Who are running the buses through connect system and solving the problems faced There’s needless to worry about the bus’ safety as there are about 10 scenarios of problem that are being made and solved by these people In case there’s no other problem with this project, we’ll get to see driverless buses in some certain locations in Taiwan next year I’m looking forward to officially trying the driverless bus next year when I come back During my few days in Taiwan, I’ve got to experienced many interesting features I have such a good impression with Taiwan, the country that develops strongly in all aspects Especially in the application of technology and human creativity to protect the environment and head to a better life I’m really “embracing Taiwan” and cannot wait to come back here

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