Pence calls out ‘assume the worst media’ amid whistleblower fallout

Pence calls out ‘assume the worst media’ amid whistleblower fallout


  1. Oh Polosi- shut up! Go cleanup SF, then you may have proved you're still a capable player…
    Right now, you and quite a few other Dems. & Reps. are simply enabling sellouts pretending to care about American Freedom while it's your purchased votes that created & maintain the problem…
    Obvious Adult Children at play with OUR AND FUTURE AMERICAN LIVES not wanting to relinquish their puny concept of what true power actually is… while hoping to force their imagined, dysfunctional fantasies into actual reality – NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
    Go home Dinasaurs, make room for true Americans!
    Consider going to a Primal Screaming Full week -or longer, retreat.
    (Maybe get better rates with group participations … Go let it all out amongst yourselves!)

  2. Yeah, let's investigate Biden too. But we need to take these new allegations seriously. 1. The intelligence community Inspector General, an appointee of President Trump, was BLOCKED by this administration from disclosing the whistleblower complaint. That is a violation of law. 2. The President ADMITTED that he asked the president of the Ukraine to investigate a political rival. It does not have to be pushy or involve quid pro quo to also be a violation of law. Conservatives who love the constitution should be concerned about this. Ladies and gentlemen, you may be looking at your next President here.

  3. I thought AMERICA was about being INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY? FACTS MATTER! No red flag laws, no pre crime, and NO to trump impeachment. HAIL THE REPUBLIC, HAIL TRUMP!🇺🇸✊🙏🏻👏🏻🐸
    these dems are so mentally deranged they think their going to think and speak this accusation into reality if they believe it hard enough. Your power of suggestion will not work this time, way to many people have their guards up and find the dems completely untrustworthy and desperate!

  4. Democrats can't stand they have lost control of America finally and can't rip off our country anymore and get rich off Americans thy are desperate because they know Trump will win 2and turm, Democrats are socialist wanting to control their evil agenda

  5. Best thing Trump could do is have these Democrats investagated ithe top leaders liks Pelosi i know he woud find alot on these crooks

  6. After 3 years of Treasonous Trump corruption how are we not to assume the worst. The boy who cried wolf only had to lie twice before the village thought the worst – TT is in the 10k + range.

  7. Lol Hannity the Trump family best friend former good friend of Cohen and Mannafort giving his BS opinion on his "opinion show". Trump just showing once again what a self serving, treasonous moron he is and how he has surrounded himself with like minded people.

  8. Joe Biden Bragged on TV that He Blackmailed the President of Ukraine. He threatened to Withhold a Billion In Aid unless the Prosecutor That was Investigating his Son was Fired.

  9. When Pence speaks people listen because he's not a smoke and light show kinda guy. He just speaks the truth. I think HE should run after Trumps 2nd term. He's trustworthy and is seeing first hand how Trump gets things done with his boldness, business savvy and uncommon presidential manner.

  10. Trump is allowing these Democrats to expose themselves for what they are. I hope those that vote for these people will see them what they are.

  11. The difference between Republicans and Democrats… When Democrats hear something on the news they actually research it and fact check it. Republicans run with what they hear instead of investigating.

  12. If they can't get him on this there will be something else and something else. When will the left understand they work for us , and this is not what the American people voted for.

  13. The demograts don't need to o way for fact, because they were the ones who fabricate the whole thing about the wisorblower. That just are in panic mode. Because they know what Biden are his had doing.

  14. the Democratic party of criminals, Hillary the traitor email scandal, Obama the traitor that tried to set up fraud on Trump, AOC committed fraud married to brother, Joe Biden committing fraud for his son threatening other countries. excetera excetera excetera I don't think you'd find a Democrat that doesn't fit the bill as a criminal

  15. Nobody remembers when this beautiful lodestar wrote the op ed damming Trump? No? I'd bet a pretty penny that Pence instructed the whistleblower to blow. Keep on believin in the potato you call Mr. President. Thank God the GOP in office have standards and are working internally to get Trump out.

  16. Look at that arrogant face, Lyin Mike Pence is an Embarrassment to Christians the world over. He KNOWS he's lying. Quid Pro quo?

  17. What innocent Men do is ring up Nancy Pelosi to "make a deal" about their own innocence. These ppl can LIE to you all because you WANT to believe a lie just as the Word of God days. Spirit of Delusion

  18. Hannity on June 4th "Inspector General Michael Horowitz could be released “any day now” and that “it may now have already been handed over to the attorney general.” STILL WAITING FOR THIS HANNITY

  19. The old orange turd, seems like he`s starting to loose it. I thought, that would not happen, until NYS goes after his crime family, and criminal kin.

  20. There are certain factions of our government that I would not trust in keeping secrets However I do trust OUR PRESIDENT and what he talks about to other world leaders

  21. So why is pence plotting against trump? Is it because trump is still reluctant to invade Iran or Venezuela? The war profit complex seems to be tired of trump.

  22. Covering up for the liar with more lies, he's part of the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States. Fake patriots, fake Christians, traitors. The GOP should move to Russia along with Fox State TV

  23. Mike Pence is the cheerleader of the porn Presidency. Hannity Insanity lies every time he opens his mouth. Fox propaganda is fake news.

  24. Compare the Executive branch crime total over the last 53 years, before Trump took office. Republicans have had the Presidency for 28 years, with a total of 120 criminal indictments, 89 criminal convictions, and 34 prison sentences. Since Trump took office add 37 criminal indictments, 7 guilty pleas, and 5 prison sentences. Democrats have had the Presidency for 25 years, with a total of 3 criminal indictments, 1 criminal conviction, and 1 prison sentence. Republicans are the party of corruption. Facts matter.

  25. Has anyone else noticed how the evil doers are looking like used up juice boxes? Pence is too. I don't think he's a patriot at all.

  26. I considered that Biden did not want to run for the presidency. However, since Comey was fired, Sessions was fired and Barr was confirmed as Attorney General, the democrats are trying everything possible to protect themselves from prosecution for their involvement in the Russia treason. Once Barr started to look into how and who was involved with the dossier. The democrats have concocted the new Washington scandal to set up President Donald Trump. Biden knowing his actions were an abuse of power, bribery, money laundering he needs to protect himself. Biden enters the presidential race. The democrats, are now twisting the telephone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President into a Russian scandal that was not proved. However, I believe impeachment issue currently is Biden allowing himself to be used under an immunity deal that the Complaint "prepared" by the pretend whistleblower be used to trap President Donald Trump. President Donald Trump has a right to ask any country's leader if Biden or ant body else used United States monies other than for it's intended purpose. President Donald Trump has his cabinet members going through the books and finds discrepancies not in the United States annual or fiscal  budgets. It sounds like Biden was money laundering to me and trying to influence a country for personal benefits. Biden's comments are questionable to say the least. Under the Obama administration, Biden orchestrated that the United States provides billion dollars to Ukraine and Ukraine sends $83,000 a month to the Biden Foundation. I'm sure democrats pressured the Ukraine ambassador Volker to do their dirty work, because has apparently resigned.

  27. Every time they attacked the president it backfires and it shows how corrupt they are and it's all coming out the witches hunt, is now the hunt for the witches we going to get them all every single last one of them jail time, and endless interrogations

  28. The FBI and the CIA and everything like this why are people able to attack my president like that and use fake press to do it I want to know that I don't care what the procedure is I don't want nobody continuously making false charges against my president and you're not defending him, you have to have control over the Cyber Psychopaths that the type of activity that they plan to do you got to be on top of this game I don't want nobody attacking my president with a bunch of bulshit even if he's wrong he's right it ain't doing nothing wrong that's a man of God you're going to realize that s*** after a while it's fetty problem here

  29. After I looked at some of the news agencies that I trust it for many years I see a hatred in the evil towards something that has been given to us by God y'all better use that president cuz he is there for you and he showed in every aspect he don't need money from afar and he ain't taking no money from afar he's let's real solid do you want to see people like this in government cuz it's so much b***** and now I can see why

  30. We can't have communication companies and people that are not operating in the aspects of the Constitution and a violated their the use of Federal Communication rules and regulations and allowed a continuous attack to be sustained on our president

  31. You're the FBI the CIA and the National Security Agency y'all better stop these people attacking our president with social media and you better do it now you better do it now

  32. We can see the malicious intent and harmful history of the people that are the purveyors of these attacks and this should stop I don't care if they're in the Congress I don't care where the f*** they are, don't let nobody attack your president that way do your f**** job

  33. Cheap shot groups, Fanning the flames in the main media y'all m********** you're really f**** up your allowing people to manipulate the social media and manipulate your thoughts without having even rational understanding or what the f*** is going on

  34. So if I spend enough money or I'm corrupt enough I can attack your president just say wrong things about him and make his whole country believe it

  35. Everything they said the president was doing they are doing it, and it is well documented that they're doing something this just doesn't make sense this whole transaction everything

  36. And by the way when you see Donald Trump, respond to the b***** questions that he's getting from the fake media, he knows how to expose you, when you accused him of being a racist, and you'll keep bringing up the race thing and that didn't work oh, and for the people that did work for I feel sorry for you

  37. And I want everybody in the world to know when he gets on a reporter that reporter earned it because they lied on him or they miss line something they didn't report the story accurately and that's the reason he tears up press people, they come with unfactual stuff I wouldn't dare ask the stupid questions that they ask in this all bias and f*** up and gassed up by the internet oh, so that's why you see reporters ripped to pieces by Donald Trump because they're saying wrong things they're doing wrong things and they're following a wrong agenda and all of it is just pure stupidity if your calculated and doing this type of thing you're so on treasonous is what honest treasonous

  38. And another thing is the people that attacked him, every time you attack a righteous man you're going to expose your own inequity in this is what's happening

  39. If they haven't been so evil in diabolical and really really scary you know we didn't have this before we didn't have this type of element that's in the country before and they're in a congress and they're sitting here systemically day after day what am I going to do today while we got to figure out a way to attack the president United States because we can't militarily and he's doing the right thing if you want to start doing the right thing that's when they come after you

  40. No actually honestly honestly the attacks and the nature of them done it's Unholy it's Unholy yeah I'm telling you that one thing that's one thing about the whole thing I could tell you it's Unholy what you're seeing coming at the presidents and the attacks that are coming out the president's is not wholly

  41. Especially at a time that they're dealing with corruption and here's the prosecuted the guy that's going to put people in jail and you put him in jail are you getting fired from the job

  42. Did he make a press conference and say tonight because of the disturbance of the activity I decided to withhold American 8 military aid funding for the Ukraine did he say that??

  43. I hate the fact that that information had to come out and the Ukrainian president was put on the line because of some uninvestigated unnecessary b***** and it's hurt this is as sharp blow to our integrity internationally even though he said yes it's okay to release it fortunately it wasn't something that could have been taken out of context and used on the news and everything like this in Russia or whatever to go against them and he was sweet to do that and I really like the

  44. And they're from inside the country, in other words they're not supposed to be foreign intelligence but they delivered a blow to us sufficient enough the Russian in in the enemy intelligence agency services around on Wednesday, in other words they're not supposed to be foreign intelligence but they delivered a blow to us sufficient enough enemy intelligence Services would love to make a blow like this to us, but we it happened to us from the inside our own country did this blow to our International relationships one blow and they're in our country and they're in our government

  45. If they knew this since January 2018 then why didn't they look into it right then? Why wait until the campain starts and get themselves in trouble for asking to look into an opponents wrongdoing when it could've been done 18 months before?

  46. Here's Mike Pence takes his whole family on vacation on American tax dollars and then had the nerve to stay at one of Trump's hotels a reporter asked him are you helping Trump make money he did not answer that question this is a religious person who can't tell the truth give me a break

  47. Lies, lies & more lies from a Christian. How can an Evangelist work for a serial Liar? The 'Gang of 4'( remember what happened to them in China"?) are complicit & they deserve to rot in jail!

  48. How do Pence’s supporters feel about Trump throwing him under the bus? Because that’s exactly what Trump did. He’s taking everyone down with him.

  49. Let's have a double impeachment hearing. In the end, the true quid pro quo will be shown in the side by side hearings as the evidence is compared. Why can't Republicans in the house start an independent investigation with their own resolution for impeachment against biden

  50. The only way they're similar is if you ignore half the facts. I guess we shouldn't expect anything more than false equivalency and wilfull ignorance from Hannity.

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