1. This is not a time for partisanship. This is a time for censorship of doctors and scientists – Mike Pence, US Propaganda Minister

  2. Thanks Mike. P for taking this on. This is a serious issue and I wish you success in combating and defending people from this. Can't believe DJT is placing blame on others during the actual crisis itself. Hes betting it will pass mostly less than mildly. We shall know within the next 1-2 weeks MAX, what kind of fight were truly in for. I can assure you that. Be Safe Be Polite.

  3. No he won't all he cares about is the elections. I got news for you elections wont matter if the country is devastated by this disease.

  4. Gee Mr Pence great speech but I understand only 400 people have been tested in the US and the many test kits that the CDC have provided are defective. If you want to do well here with this issue of the corona virus you need to be more transparent and not just tell a positive story about how this is being handled…

  5. We all know that smart people are typically Democrats. The cure will be created by a biotech company in a rich city where everyone always votes blue.

    Please note that trump put somebody else in charge of taking care of this pandemic. He knows he's a spineless draft dodging coward. He knows it's going to be a catastrophe and he decided he can't handle it and that's why pence is taking the leadership role

  6. Did the burning of pigs in China contribute to this world wide Corona virus spreading somehow since no one knows how it's been spreading. We're they intentionally massacred cause of the trade deal? I'm little surprised this isn't a subject of possibilities. They've been selling that pork for quite a while also with that Many pigs infected with swine flu(known as a Corona virus) who knows how long? How did China find out those pigs were infected when they don't give a (enter opinion here) about food/animal health standards.
    At all? For that number of pigs to be infected they had to of known for 3+ years. It's also strange how the cross winds literally map the exact path the airborne contamination would of crossed in the upper atmosphere. Upon knowing how long it stays alive for it could easily be the ground zero of the cause. Aircraft especially you should test the outer shell if it's present this could be an easy way to see if it was airborne and a smoking gun if it was used as a bio weapon. Incubation in pigs obviously closely reassembling human mammals to much of a coincidence and the perfect delivery tool burning using nature to deliver.

  7. Thank you sir for the leadership of President Trump and yourself!!!!!! Pelosi and Schumer will work against you, but we have faith you will overcome that junk!!!

  8. I caught the flu 3 days ago, but ever since Mike  Pence and his prayers have come on the scene, I am completely well again.  God Bless Mike Pence;  God bless Donald Trump;  God bless tax breaks for the wealthy!

  9. do they teach math in the US only up to 15+1, last time i checked it was 60 people, so its15×4=you are dead idiot…

  10. There's no way Pence or anyone will be able to be successful taking on the virus. It's a very nasty virus that will be a big problem for a long time to come. Evil Trump wants to dump Pence and he needs someone to blame other than his useless self.

  11. As the fascist Republicans gag the experts from telling the truth so they can politicize, spin, reframe and deflect as people die

  12. Huntington wv here. People are dying from respiratory illness. Our local news is denying coronavirus rumors. This is scary. Wsaz news. No isolation and people gathering for funerals. Yeah I'd say its here.

  13. The Dow has now lost 3,200 points this week, or 10 percent, including declines of 1,031 points on Tuesday and 879 points on Wednesday.

  14. Not a time for partisanship? Tell that to Trump. He places his VP in the top management role for COVID-19. Let's hope Pence just keeps out of the way and at least can correctly report the situation by not politicizing and underplaying things. We need accurate defensible information not the continued "we got this" fairytail offered by Trump.

  15. This is God Nation and this is what happens when you go against God! Can't wait to see the crooked Democrats and their cohearts suffering!


  17. Anyone else remember that Maga Maggot cut LOTS of funding for the CDC and how Maga Maggot took health insurance away from MILLIONS?

  18. Partisanship will always be democrats agenda even when the world is suffering.i believe this is a wake up call from god too put aside all differences and come together as one race the human race.

  19. S. Korea is the only country that welcomes Chineses with open arms at this time.

    Moon, the socialist pro-China president, keeps refusing to listen to medical experts and leaves the border wide open to Chineses. This resulted in explosive outbreaks in S. Korea.

    Currently hundreds of thousands Chineses walk on the streets in S Korea without any restrictions. 70,000 Chinese international students are offered ‘priority’ services in SK – best food, best dorms, free masks, and enjoy more freedom than they do in their own country.

    Moon is currently trying to change S Korea into a socialist country like China by amending constitution. He is dangerous not only to S Korea but also to the world.

  20. "Obama just appointed an Ebola czar with zero experience in the medical area and zero experience in infectious disease control. A total joke" – trump tweet in 2014. Yup trumpers, there once again is the lying hypocrite you worship.
    And pence will control all the news you get about the outbreak, thoughts and prayers.

  21. Wake up people all trump cares about is himself.  If you can't see what he is saying compared to the top scientist and doctors from all over the world including the ones in our government.  You are being lied to.  The risk is high we are not ready!

  22. The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018, so praying is what we have.  
    No protective gear or training for the quarantine team.  One day we will raise to the level of a banana republic.

  23. "This is not a time for partisanship."
    Meanwhile, Trump tweeting about Democrats purposefully making the virus look worse than it is.

  24. I agree it’s no time for Partisanship America needs Edward Snowden! Government should recruit him ASAP and put him to work with his skills and let’s arrest who’s behind this! Thank you Sir for being such an optimistic, thoughtful addition to a team Mr Vice President Sir. Thank you

  25. No health officials in the room at his "press conference." What makes Pence think, for a rare minute, that he can handle this? His credibility is next to nothing. The WH is much more concerned about political fallout than dealing credibly with this impending crisis. When you have a WH that lies constantly, it it impossible to take them seriously.

  26. not to worry..Pence will find the witch causing the plague…in the mean time, he has recommended everyone keep posies stuffed in their pockets to protect them from contracting the virus…just make your kids memorize ring-a-round the rosie so they don't forget…science schmience…

  27. Trump needs to appoint someone else in charge of the coronavirus. Pence will ask you to pray it away. We need real solutions before it spreads in America.

  28. Your administration has disbanded the resources formerly put in place, you are not prepared, and by firing those people you put politics first, and the American people second

  29. Pence, really?! Just another Stupid idea fro m U know who!I’m allergic to stupidity it makes me break out in sarcasm! Vote BlueVoteBlueVoteBlueVote

  30. "Allow me to address the thoughts that are ON our hearts."
    "Trumps only priority is this disease… his golf game, money, hamburgers, Hillary, money, golf, money… and what was that disease thing, virussy thing… money?" Nazis.

  31. Trump's plan for the coronavirus so far:

    -Cut winter heating assistance for the poor
    -Have VP Pence, who wanted to "pray away" HIV epidemic, oversee the response
    -Let ex-pharma lobbyist Alex Azar refuse to guarantee affordable vaccines to all

  32. Doctrine & Covenants 97: verses 25 and 26

    25) Nevertheless, Zion shall escape if she observe to do all things whatsoever I have commanded her.

    26) But if she observe not to do whatsoever I have commanded her, I will visit her according to all her works, with sore affliction, with pestilence, with plague, with sword, with vengeance, with devouring fire.

  33. A realistic and responsible outlook is the only thing we need to get through this as we have in the past ! China has been poisoning the world for a very long time and extreme leftist political tyrants could care less ! This is just another way for them to politicize something that we've been prepared for for decades ! Seperate, confuse and indoctrinate the masses this is how the demonazis, socialists, liberals and islamics in our government work and we all know it !

  34. BE CAREFUL are you ready for an infected person to infect a Trump rally. Quarantining the great Americans that work, are retired
    and vote ???

  35. Pence forgot to say that Trump said there were only 15 people infected, when there are 60 people ! more lies from this idiot.

  36. He's got to be kidding! It is the trump cult that makes EVERYTHING about him!! Those of us who have not drank the Kool Aide, just see things clearly. That's NOT being partisian. To say our President should not be lying to us about a disease he knows nothing about while the experts contradict him in the same interview….is not being anti trump. It's anti-lies. Yes we know they are one & the same as he just can't EVER seem to tell the truth but it is the lies we hate not him. He cares about his stocks more than our lives.

  37. Oh my Satan, this religious lunatic is in charge of dealing with a virus? He doesn't even accept that mutations (evolution) occurs! How can he ve placed in charge?

  38. Didn't trump cut the cdc and pardon criminals and abuse the power of the white house and what about global warming and his tax returns he is a corrupt liar president b

  39. Ooooh a speech. I feel all mo betta now. So warm n fuzzy. 200 test kits for 39.5 million in ONE state. WE ARE READY FOR ANYTHING. I feel SAFE. I trust, I BEEEELIEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEE! And…..the POPE has it now. -_- He meant the AMERICAN STOCK MARKET not Lives, guy can't even read a teleprompter.

  40. "This is not the time for partisanship"
    OK, then why are you talking about this from the stage of a conservative political action group?

  41. This used to be an interesting place for debate, even when it got heated. Now it's 15 paid shills with multiple accounts on each side.

  42. at the direction of Trump all Pence will ever do is deflect and be ready to throw someone or something under the bus should we have a huge outbreak. Anyone expecting Trump to not be a coward and lead will be sorely disappointed.

  43. So Pence will be the gate keeper of all information on Covid-19??? Talk about militarizing information for the support of the regime. Information must be free (like the vaccine). Withheld information that costs even a single life will be blood on Pence’s hands. He will not get the throne when Trump vacates it. This will end his political career.

  44. Trump: … sweep the forest, flush 15 times…' 'corona?.. oh it will go away by April..
    Pence: just pray the virus away.. hey it almost worked for HIV.. what could go wrong?

    at this point even Hillary would have had something more useful to say

  45. F CPAC… not conservative at all but blue blood GOP establishment… you kick Owen Shroyer of infowars OUT yet allow radical leftist reporters to attend… F CPAC

  46. Not a time for partisanship – as he bloviates partisan BS. This is the idiot who prayed and did squat while AIDS got a head start in Indiana. True moron large and in charge.

  47. CPAC IS open borders, cultural destruction, & national fragmentation. Michele Malkin, Ann Coulter, & others BANNED. CPAC is working against Americans..

  48. Mike Pence…?? Really? The biggest problem this presidency has faced and you hand it to Mike Pence?? 😎 Oooh, this is going to be fun 🤣👍🏾 I'll get my popcorn

  49. We're all going to die! Betting on the outcome of Mike Pence versus the Coronavirus, my money's on the Coronavirus! I console myself with the fact that I'm too old to die young.

  50. Attention YouTubers: THE COMMENTS IN BOLD ARE FROM BOT ACCOUNTS. They are NOT from real people, much less REAL CONSERVATIVES. Please do not legitimize them by responding. They are only trying to get us wound up, get us scared, and get us attacking one another. Let's not give in to their bullshittery. Leave the trolls under their bridges where they belong. Thank you!


  52. Now, I'm worried. Trump promised us a miracle come April …. coronavirus is going to disappear. W'happened to that? I liked that idea.

  53. Mike Pence is taking charge of this situation, he knows exactly what prayers will eradicate this righteous cleansing from those of strong faith… Who needs science when we have the bible

  54. I wanna see Pence’s face when they tell him he has to go to hospitals and shake hands to calm fears…..😷🤒💀😇

  55. "All the patient have been treated and are doing well". If doing well is registering 6 spontaneous breaths per minute.

  56. The first words out of Pence and everyone of the scientists and medical team is
    "thanks to Trump's Leadership" when the whole world knows exactly the opposite is true.
    Their "Alternative Reality" and "Science and Truth deniers" has come home to roost.

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