Over 100 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In US; More Deaths In Washington State | TODAY

Over 100 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In US; More Deaths In Washington State | TODAY


  1. 80,000 people died from the seasonal flu last year alone in the US and roughly 400,000 world wide. Stop the mass hysteria

  2. My school: Don't talk unless it's a 911 emergency

    Student:calls 911 for emergency purpose


  3. I beg to differ …. "MASKS are very effective in preventing catching the disease" .. you ask how, how can this be when they don't filter out airborne viruses? The answer .. wearing ANY mask prevents the "wearer" from touching their nose and mouth .. soon after touching other surfaces and droplets.
    One of the best ways to do exactly what we've been told by the "experts" .. don't touch your face. Cheers …

  4. People can spread this airborne virus when they don’t have symptoms. But hey “don’t buy masks, it’s not effective”? No. They want there to more of the limited supply for medical staff. At least they could be honest.

  5. Sure looks like the globalist plan to reduce populations. It could have been contained in China but noooooooooooo……….. they still are not screening/testing travellers in some Countries.

  6. Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    Romans 8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

  7. Over 5000 people die every year in a residential swimming pool yet no one ever freaks out and demands pool bans. Left leaning media bs

  8. With the polar ice caps melting at an accelerated rate, mysterious bacteria are shedding ice and contaminating the ocean waters, which is consequently contaminating fish. That is why the coronavirus appeared in the fish market in the city of Wuhan in China. There is this possibility that we cannot rule out. If it starts to appear in any other fish market in the world, the world society can already prepare for the worst.

  9. The reason why the doctors need the masks desperately is because they are the ones who fight them, and are likely to easily get infected. If they run out of masks, i expect the situation to upgrade to another level of panic.

  10. Then just close down and quarantine every state and mass produce the vaccine but have like they can go to work still and close transportation from state to state, and like cancel any transportation in and out of the us

  11. Mask is so effective to protect s against the virus. We macau hv enough supply of mask and we jst keep it 10 cases throughout these two months. All found in the early stage (first half month)

  12. At least this virus has for now stopped the attention with world war 3.. this virus is saving and killing us at the same time…. Our world is a mess.. Please god come down and help us!

  13. That is so stupid and selfish telling us Americans not to buy mass to protect us so they can be protected that is inhumane in this is a joke

  14. Media: N95 masks protect healthcare workers, but not the general public.

    I get my news from comedy central, but I turn on the news to laugh.

  15. Coronavirus? you mean 5G that’s going to microwave us all and is making people sick in China, it’s not contagious it’s the latest technology! Don’t get 5G!!!

  16. They are correct. A mask won't protect you from it if you don't have it. A human touches their face more times a day than anything else. You rub your nose touch your eyes. Need I say more. The sick should do all they can to prevent spread. Those who aren't sick should do all they can to prevent becoming sick. Nothing more nothing less. You already know what to do. Wash your hands. Keep your fingers out of nose and eyes. I mean Jesus. How filthy have we become.

  17. trump is asking pharmicuical companies? the CDC and WHO are the ones who will find the cure. this is just proof that humans are a doomed species.Trump the jester.

  18. “the mask is for if you have the flu, and prevent infecting others”
    well, coronavirus is infectious even in incubation period, when no one can be sure if you're infected or not. (proven in China), good luck there.

  19. I live in China and I'd say this:
    even though Chinese gov controls the media and have told us wrong information at points in this crisis, they never stopped us from protecting ourselves.

    This virus can be infectious before the patient shows any symptoms. Do your best job for your own sake.

  20. Wuhan Virus (CoVID-19). .
      It consists of multiple clusters of pneumonia virus as the main stem. It uses a mixture to make AiDS and Ebola virus into tentacles, thereby promoting the spread and expansion of the virus. Aerosol airborne infection is a biological warfare mixed strain virus developed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army p4 and p3 laboratories. (This is the focus of European and American issues and investigations.) China has denied the crime. The official Russian Ministry of Health has reported a virus artificially synthesized by different viruses that barred Chinese from entering Russia.
      There is no complete detox method. Because of the virus's leak in China, China is currently in the outbreak of epidemic prevention, and it is speeding up the preparation of bags for the dead for use by millions of people. What's more, this is the hardest hit area.
      Currently, the use of anti-AIDS and Ebola virus drugs, how to mix and use anti-pneumovirus drugs remains to be studied. Scientists are working hard. At present, the virus has a vector of a super viral vector (super communicator), and it is impossible to determine whether it is a patient by measuring temperature, and the body has no abnormal appearance. Propagation is fast, but establishing fast screening is one way.
      Scientists suspect that artificially implanted mixed strains, non-naturally variable strains will directly invade human and animal viscera, become the source of host infectious diseases, and are mixed strains of biological warfare viruses. Bats and other wildlife are not the main source of the virus, but most types of human pneumonia virus strains. After rigorous screening of various virus strains, experimentally implanted virus strains in patient specimens were tested and successfully screened for extremely strong toxicity. It is suitable for the host of human parasites and can achieve the ability and purpose of human infection.
      Research directions show that governments around the world are integrating virus isolation technology from around the world to find suitable antigens, and first understand the virus variability and the formation of mixed viruses. Can AIDS and Ebola virus antigens be mixed with pneumonia antigens and used in the body? Whether a vaccine can be made is for further study.
      Currently, anti-AIDS and Ebola virus drugs are being used, and how to mix and use anti-pneumovirus drugs remains to be studied.
      Control methods: 1. Isolate and observe, seal the town for disinfection, and prevent virus transmission. 2. Hypochlorous water is implanted in the sprayer to spray the virus. The spray device has a good sealing effect, and hypochlorous acid water is made of water and brine. And should not promote any side effects.
      3. Individuals should conduct self-management health education, wash their hands frequently, and people with illness or respiratory disease should wear masks and be isolated at home. Do not enter or leave public clusters. Pay attention to personal hygiene education. 4. Public agencies and airport terminals, stations, port customs, hospitals, parks and schools must establish temperature monitoring instruments and strengthen the establishment of pressurized spray hypochlorous water disinfection devices to enhance the ability to block and isolate viruses. 5. Bus, airplane, boat and yacht should be disinfected daily with disinfectant water. 6. Everyone has a responsibility to prevent epidemics, and you and I must protect the family. 7. Taiwan has a wealth of anti-SARS experience, has strong medical research institutions and medical researchers, has a strong ability to develop and produce virus vaccines and rapid screening of scientific detection agents, and has good medical management and virus monitoring capabilities. Sufficient enough global regulated energy should not be abandoned by the World Health Organization. This will be a tragedy for all mankind. Taiwan should be allowed to join the World Health Organization. 8. Countries should ban or temporarily suspend all kinds of large-scale collective movements, meetings, closed-door activities, religions, parties and dinners in various countries to prevent the spread and spread of the virus. It is recommended that central epidemiological centers in all countries should postpone all social activities due to the rapid spread of epidemics around the world and the spread of viral incidents in Korean churches. Suspended activities, epidemic prevention operations without exception, the support and cooperation of the whole people, and applaud the hard work of medical staff across the country.
      If the epidemic situation intensifies and worsens, it is recommended to deploy in advance, and local medical staff is advised to conduct on-site consultation and treatment to avoid consultation and treatment in narrow spaces, which can reduce infection and casualties of medical staff. Local township offices have outdoor space for medical staff. Actively deployed to reduce medical casualties and maintain combat effectiveness. For severe and highly infectious cases, a mobile capsule negative pressure chamber tube bed can be set, similar to the experimental diagnosis and treatment bed type of a childcare box, allowing individual treatment of severely diagnosed patients. The equipment is used for static sterilization, irradiation and sterilization of high temperature and ultraviolet catalysts, and the central government will study emergency treatment. When a major infection spread by the community occurs, people across the country should wear masks where possible and reduce outings and parties.
      In the future, it is recommended that governments research vaccines as soon as possible and do research before the first transmission of infectious diseases in the community. Preparations for full-screen screening and inspection for rapid screening can grasp the biggest weapon of the epidemic in time, and strengthen the protection and inspection of the entire population to ensure national health, the arrival of the government, and our support.

  21. Don't wear the masks if you're not sick it's not effective. Then why is every other country you see when they're screening people they are wearing masks you moron They're literally trying to make you not buy masks so they can have them all. Am I the only one seeing this?

  22. I’m literally shaking, I’m so scared I can’t sleep and it’s all I can think of. We’re all going to get this thing…

  23. There is no virous and loose treatment peasent die it as. Please well to it. Nothing is critic as. No addition agry and die as discussion.

  24. 'With great power comes great responsibilty.' it means US or Russia will have to find a cure at any cost.

  25. Corono it's a global problem when we solve it? Who ask it question?

  26. There were more people killed in the Nashville tornado than corona virus…let that sink in a minute …a bad cold that's all this is .

  27. Kindly spread this video and help yourself to protect against corona virus

    कृपया इस वीडियो मैसेज को सभी तक पहुचायें और कोरोना वायरस से बचें

  28. And we all know the source of the virus
    Hillary Clinton and her Mossad gang of assassins & Bio weapon black ops murderer's to undermine Trumps deal with China ….china first nation to Nuke itself

  29. Standard precaution is essential to control virus infection.
    In Japan, it's kinda chaos. https://youtu.be/KCZSSEYHikM
    Hope not to happen the same thing.

  30. North Korea has new highly advanced drugs against the corona virus: KUMDANG 2 and ROYAL BLOOD FRESH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kURx8aGSQsQ&t=64s

  31. I think that they are lying. And that they actually want the killer virus to spread as we as possible. How does wearing a mask,…. That can prevent you from inhaling the virus only work to keep you from spreading it? Common sense tells me that this is stupid advice. I would think that you would also want to find an effective way to protect your eyes and ears, and of course your nose and mouth. And do what you need to do to prepare to stay inside your house for a while. Because the elete want you dead. Don't go crazy in your mind over it. But just know that they are probably going to spray the virus from an air plane. Or do their best to get you sick. I am not worrying about it. Because I am a Christian. And I am ready to die, if that's what God wants for me. I love JESUS CHRIST. And… I also am a survivor of the N-1-H-1 virus. But .. now I have been drinking a gallon of lemon lime water, (1 🍋 Lemon with 3 Limes) every day. And Whenever I feel a virus coming on,…. I feel it go away within 20-30 minutes. And it never seems to have any sufficient time to infect my body. And… Yet I know that I am sick. Because I am sniffing up, and blowing my nose into toilet paper. And my mucus will usually be Yellow/green/brown colored. Which is an Indication that we just need to prevent any virus by having our immune system up to par. Even if it means being over alkaline. and I also have never had any flu shots.

  32. The news needs to stop sending people into a panic. The fact is that it is going to spread around here, just like the flu does. People need to take the same measures they do with the flu. I speak as someone who is immunocompromised, and in the higher danger zone. If you are healthy the chance of you dying from this virus is low. People panicking are causes shortages in necessary products because we tend to be selfish and hoard things. Yes, you should have enough for your immediate family for up to a month, that doesn’t mean you need to buy all the water. They aren’t shutting water off anywhere. I know it’s scary, but people need to read some of the reports from medical professionals and listen to them instead of the news that preys on people’s fears.

  33. Corona is laughing at u God,u gota do something.
    God : let's wipe out few first then will work through scientists.

  34. Stop fear-mongering you jerks. 98% survivability rate. You'd be better of with Caronavirus than you would with the flu. STOP. THIS. NOW.

  35. Ohhh Brother,Cant you see since Trump took away funding from sanctuary cities they need a new form of Federal Money….So of course they are going to push this to the extreme for no other reason than to get emergency funds….this Flu season has infected 29 million,hospitalized 260,000 killed 16,0000 105 where children and thats just here in the USA…..if and when this latest money grab gets to those levels then you can consider calling it a true emergency.

    STOP PUSHING the propaganda every election cycle we get gas lighted AVIAN 2008,SWINE 20010,MERS 2012, EBOLA 2014,ZIKA 2016,EBOLA 2018,CORONA 2020 ….case

  36. Masks finally in stock and ships from the USA Surgicaltoolbox.us
    Wash your hands after touching things public places and do not touch your face. Pediatric and adult masks available
    We have N95 masks that are effective. We also have the one shown in this video. As a healthcare professional I don’t agree that a mask is not effective in blocking airborne droplets. N95 is the most effective. Foreign countries have used this when leaving the house in public places.

  37. The government needs to stop panicking people it’s the flu any worse between 60,000 and 70,000 people die from the flu worldwide every year if people are just alert about what’s going on and where they go they shouldn’t have a problem

  38. https://youtu.be/LKLYzDxKY2U
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    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is becoming more dangerous day by day, Here I am sharing some important general precautions to fight against COVID-19 , Please share with your family !

    Watch here 👇👇👇👇👇👇

  39. Corona virus– Business of Fear Corona virus is not new. It has been there in this planet since eternity. What is new is the diagnostic tool for Corona virus and of course the staging the world greatest reality show to commercialise the new ‘Business of fear-The Corona virus.

  40. A lot of the struggles related to the Coronovirus are related to lack of resource. President Trump cut the CDC operating budget by 16%, deleting programs like PREDICT, and fired the Senior Director for Global Health Security and Biodefence 2 years ago. Cudos but the $2.5 billion congress authorized supplemental funding might be too late. https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/trump-cut-cdcs-budget-democrats-claim-analysis/story?id=69233170

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