Our Dream White Christmas in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland | Santa Claus Village

Our Dream White Christmas in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland | Santa Claus Village

I swear this is one of the most
magical places in the world. Oh my gosh this is amazing and just look where we are.
Just in the middle of nowh… The little tail wiggles the moment you
guys have been waiting for. Hi Santa Good morning guys and welcome
back to Finland. As you can see, we’ve had a bit of a change of scenery. We said goodbye to Helsinki and
we’ve just arrived in Lapland. So this morning when
we jumped on our plane, it was the very first time that
they’ve ever had to defrost the wings. That’s how cold it is. And
then we flew over, landed here, and once the doors opened we had
arrived in a winter Wonderland. Oh my God, this is is so cool. Just arrived. Look at the view outside
the airport. It’s insane. Look what’s picking us
up. Hey mr. snowman. So the area that we’ve chosen to come
to here in Lapland is a place go to Rovaniemi because it is the best place
to kickstart Christmas because Santa lives here. This is basically the
North pole. So you can come here, you can meet Santa, you can even go to
his post office and see all the letters. If you’re sending a letter to
Santa, this is where it goes. And to top it all off, we are
actually staying at Santa’s village. So we’re going to be spending
the night in one of these cabins. When the snow, falls outside you can hold me tight. Seriously how magical is this village? Through the night, we’ll stay warm inside. My gosh. They look amazing. Oh, did
you get the extra, extra marshmallow? I mean he asked if I
wanted it and I said yes. Oh my gosh. Pop them
down. This has to be done. We freezing already. Oh my gosh. Is That like an
artic squirrel. Look at his ears. They are like super fluffy. So check into our room isn’t till four
o’clock but that is fine because there’s so much to do here in the village. But the very first spot that we want
to go to is Santa’s post office. So they get about 500,000 letters every
year from over 200 countries and they’ve read over 20 million wishes. Look! It’s like, letters
from all around the world. So we have letters from Egypt.
Just, here, Ethiopia, Croatia. Wow. Japan! This is amazing. That was quite cool because what you can
do is you can buy a postcard and write it to yourself or to someone
and they’ll send it next year. So we actually wrote a letter for all
the little babies first ever Christmas. We don’t even know his name yet. So what
did we call it, baby Parry-Valentine. And next year on their first
ever Christmas, they’re
going to get that postcard, which I think is so cool. And you
can also order letters from Santa. So we’ve also ordered the little baby a
letter from Santa for next year. Yeah, we’re cute. We kind of put in a good word to the
little postal elves in there and we said we’re expecting a little one think
he or she, she’s going to be good. And they said, okay, we’ll chat
to Santa and send the letter out. That’s another cool thing about Santa’s
village is that it’s right on the Arctic circle, so. We’re going to cross the line into
the Arctic circle. Are you ready? Yup. Oh yeah. If you guys aren’t
entirely sure how cold we are. It’s negative eight right now. We were looking all around for this. The
moment you guys have been waiting for. I think the time has come. Got
to see a big important man. Yes. So we walked in at 2:30
and it was sunny, uh, 3:30 and it’s already nighttime.
But that was such a cool experience. We officially met. Santa’s got our photos and I think it’s
time that we can finally go check into our little cabin. Oh, the Christmas lights are on. I didn’t know this but they’ve given us
our own little outdoor Christmas tree. See, I’m ready. Yeah. Oh wow. I didn’t expect it to look like this. This is so exciting I love how it’s
all Red. Aww and you can see all the cabins outside. Oh, it looks so magical. I love it. This is so nice. We have a full on kitchen. I
didn’t realize we had that. Oh yeah so we have a bit of a dining
area here, Kitchen. Just in there. Oh, this is so, Oh wait. There’s
one thing that it said we had. We haven’t checked that
yet. It does have it Steve. We have our own sauna. This is the really cool touch. Private saunas. Is it hot or do I need to get it ready? We have to get it ready and then you
know you have to do what you know in Helsinki or you had to
jump in the Baltic sea. Here, you have to jump in the snow.
It’s a Finnish tradition. Okay. Yeah. Oh yeah. Look, it tells you exactly
how to get it already. Oh my gosh. We’re going to do this. Let’s get this nice and hot. I think after tonight,
negative 10 I saw it got to, I think we’re going to want to stay in
hotels that have our own little private Sauna. Alrighty. Just hopped out
of the sauna. Oh my goodness. It is so cold. Oh my
gosh. Oh my gosh. Jess, what am I meant to do? Oh my gosh. I feel so bad.
Wait, let me steam it for ya. Good work though. I still can’t get over how dark it is. It’s currently 7:30 still no sun
especially. Yes. Good morning. We’re currently having some breakfast
down at a Santa villages little restaurant, and we’re
working on what to do today. And I’m thinking it’s
Reindeer time, right? Yeah it’s Reinder time. You’ve upgraded your clothes? Yes. We’ve officially rugged up
and we’ve come to say the reindeer. Wow. There are literally
hundreds of Reindeer here. Hey guys. Oh my gosh, they’re amazing. I feel like this could be the
first one we’ve ever seen Reindeer. This is the first time. So we basically come to a reindeer farm
where there are like over a hundred reindeers and he’s just come in with
a snowmobile and in the back he’s just putting out food. Then all the reindeers are just
lining up and eating all the food. What a way to serve breakfast! Oh my goodness. How cute
are the white Reindeers. So this is the male just here. And they’re saying that only need 10%
males to breed with all of the females. So you find this like one or
two here amongst all the rest. Alright hop on/ Excited for your first reindeer ride? Yep! I can’t believe it. We’re actually
doing it our self.. So come on in. Come on. You’re controlling it right now! Hey buddy. Its cool because this is how they
used to get around. Oh my gosh. This is amazing. and just look where we are just
in the middle of nowhere… The little tail wiggles. Wow. It’s amazing because this entire thing
is made out of wood. My gosh. Oh no, he’s okay. He’s eaten a bit of
snow and now we’re off again. You should show them what it
actually looks like, the sled. Yeah. This is what the sled
looks like. All made of wood. A little bit of warmth over here. Yeah. Thanks buddy. Okay. I think that made us extra cold so to
warm up cause it’s currently negative 15 out here outside of the city
and we’re going inside a Kota, which is how they would traditionally
build the houses in Finland and you can see is like super pointy so then you can
build a fire inside and let the smoke go out. You cold aswell buddy? Berry tea and gingerbread cookies! Why did the puppy’s come up to you? Because I have all the cookies. So nice to be able to warm up in here
with some hot juice and some cookies. What checking out in Finland Looks like. Okay. It looks like that we can officially
say that we are reindeer sleigh riders. That was Seriously amazing. We’ve never
been that close to reindeer’s ever. And they were telling us that they’re
actually more reindeer in the wild up here than humans. So that’s kind of crazy. But we’ve fortunately checked
out of Santas village, but that doesn’t mean we’re leaving yet. We still want to get as much of our Santa
fix as possible and there are a lot of gift stores that we still want to hit up. We’re going to go buy a lot of things
for our Christmas tree. Actually, I don’t know if I’ve ever
told you guys, but we, every time we go to a new country we try
and get a decoration for our Christmas tree. So we have to get one or two or maybe
three from Finland because they can be really cool here. and then hopefully and like, you know, a few years time when we
have like a family and stuff, we can have a Christmas decoration
from everywhere in the world. That’d be so cool. I swear this is one of the most magical
places in the world that this is the end of, I think the most Christmas
vlog will ever produce. Yeah. I really hope you guys enjoyed it, but we are all going to be in
Lapland for a few more days. I hope you enjoyed this Santa Claus
village vlog. If you are knew around here, make sure you hit subscribe. There are a bunch of European
fun Christmas stuff coming away. We’ll see you guys. Next time. bye. We’re going to go out and try and
see the Northern lights. Okay. It is currently 10 30 at night
and we are out in the wilderness. Yeah. Whoa.


  1. Yep, it is so weird when here In Finland like everybody has a own sauna, and then see People Who come here some other country and they are so exciting about sauna, reindeer, snow and northern lights. And yea I live there In Rovaniemi just there where Santaclaus live??❄️❄️? I have bad english, but hopefully you are going to understand☺️☺️

  2. I was dreading the winter for a second last night because it was -35 C and i was like here we go again with that horrible -50 approaching in few weeks arghh but you just reminded me of how beautiful winter can be so i am happy again even though it gets dark at 4 pm LoL !

  3. I have a friend from Australia. He was visiting Russia for 3 months back then and by the end of his journey I showed him this tradition of going to Sauna (we call it Banya) and swimming in the snow. He said that it was one of the best experiences he had in his life =)
    Few tips how to make this experience awesome: 1) don't just lie in the snow – swim through it as much as you can, let the snow to cover all of your skin, freeze your a## off 2) after the swimming – run in the building and jump into cold pool or take a cold shower (you'll feel it's hot) 3) then run into sauna and get warm 4) repeat this process 4-5 times 🙂 Extra tip: you can drink some beer in the middle of the process – it will relax you 10x more 🙂

  4. That looks like SUCH a wonderful place! Too bad you only stayed for a one day! You should have stayed longer, at least for one more night. You guys looked so cute in your new winter gear. Loved the video, thanks!

  5. Reality endearing video you guys. You make the most adorable couple. We are going there in 10 days….your video will be so helpful as a reference point – thank you for that

  6. this video really throws me back to the days when I was an exchange student in Rovaniemi, miss my winter wonderland soooooo much.

  7. I also collect ornaments for my Christmas tree and am wondering if you were able to find one in India, which is where I am going soon.

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