our conflict with mexico

our conflict with mexico

Welcome back Tangerineys, coming at you from
Puerto Morelos in the state of Quintana Roo. If you’re new to our channel, our names are
Maddie and Jordan and we are Tangerine Travels. If you’re unfamiliar with our story, we sold
everything we owned so we could start traveling the world starting with Mexico. If you’ve seen any of our videos, you know
how much we love this country, that’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re living here and
staying here now. Today’s video though is a little different
than what we’ve done before; there’s certain things in Mexico that we have a total love-hate
relationship with. And before anyone gets their panties in a
twist, like the Lavanderia here in Puerto Morelos is doing to me, just hear us out, this
list is probably not what you think it is. Do you wanna be in the video? Hola A new friend. So, the first thing on our list are the street
vendors. That’s really not a thing in the U.S. or if
it is, they’re not as plentiful or as awesome as they are in Mexico. In each city, they’re different, they have
different calls, different amazing food… [Inaudible advertisement in Spanish] But something that we hate about it is that
they generally don’t have a set location. Even if we’re feeling lazy, they don’t deliver
like Uber Eats. And the no set location means you often can’t find them
when you want them. Yeah and occasionally the calls can get kind
of annoying when they’re just sitting in one spot and honking a horn or yelling at the
top of their lungs for like three hours. [Vendor repeatedly squeezing a bike horn] [A sweet bread vendor sitting in one spot most of the day with a loudspeaker] [Maddie singing in Spanish] The bread man with the bread. The bread man with the bread. [Laska Talking] The bread man with the bread. [Laska talking] No, you’re a little early. The bread man with the bread. [Laska talking] [Laughter] Perfect! One thing we have a huge love and hate relationship
with in Mexico is driving. What do we love about it? I do appreciate that people are always paying
attention, it’s rare that someone’s gonna be on their phone and not seeing everything
that’s going on, Like people just aren’t on their phones as much in Mexico from what we
can tell. Yeah, I like tha, if you screw up, the other
person is probably going to be paying attention and it’s not going to cause a wreck. Yeah and I think as a general rule, people
are pretty courteous drivers here in Mexico. And by that I mean, if someone needs extra
time to park in a parking space or they need to do – they need to stop in the middle of
the road, people do have more patience I think in Mexico than in the U.S.. Like if you’re taking two extra seconds in
the U.S. to park, you’re gonna have a whole line of
cars behind you honking. Like laying on their horns, not just like
“beep beep, hurry up buddy”. It’s like “meeeeehh, get the hell out of the
waaaay!!” I really like the fact about Mexico that people
use their flashers, their emergency lights like crazy. Anytime there’s something on the road, whether
it’s slower traffic or an obstacle on the road or construction or whatever, if there’s
something you need to watch out for, they’re going to put their emergency flashers on and
I think that’s a much better way to go about emergency flashers than how we use them in
the U.S.. Yeah, in the U.S., it’s just like if you have a flat tire or if you’re being
towed or something. I think it should be the way that it is in
Mexico where people use them liberally which allows people the opportunity to be reactive, or not reactive, what’s the word? To be defensive drivers? Oh yeah. Defensive drivers. What do we hate though about driving? There is actually a lot I hate about driving
in Mexico, like people darting out in front of you without looking, that could be pedestrians,
bicyclists, dogs, kids, motorcycles often just – I mean, come out of nowhere. It’s a lot more chaotic and less orderly than
it is in the U.S. Also there’s not as much standardized signage,
like you don’t always have signs telling you to merge into a new lane or that you need
to slow down for something. There’s not always signs for topes which can
totally – speed bumps – speed bumps, they’ll totally wreck your car. It can be super stressful and when weird unexpected
things are happening, you don’t often have signs telling you what to do. And in addition to topes, you have things
like potholes and stuff like that that you have to look out for. The conditions of the roads aren’t always
as nice as they’re on the US. The next bittersweet feature on our list is
that when you go to shops all throughout Mexico, you’re going to find that the shop owners
are inclined to follow you around everywhere, ask you lots of questions, pick up items and
try to show them to you. I’m not ignorant to why they do this, partly
I think is to try to prevent shoplifting, and they want to engage with you, and of course
to try to get you to buy their products. I totally get that but when you’re just trying
to like look at stuff and have a little bit of personal space, it kind of is – I loathe
being followed around a store. I hate it so much, I leave immediately. On the flip side of this though, it’s nice
that all these shop owners are so passionate about what they’re selling, they’re super
friendly, always happy to answer questions for you about the products, about the town,
like literally whatever. OK, what’s next on our list? Weather and climate. We love that there’s so much diversity here. Before coming to Mexico, we basically thought
it was beaches and desert. Any time we would see Mexico featured in a
Hollywood film or whatever – or a Netflix show Or people coming back from their vacations
and stuff, they’re always going to beach destinations. Yeah, we came here and realized it’s
super diverse, there’s every landscape and climate you could ever want. On the other side of the coin though, the
one thing that is pretty consistent all throughout Mexico is that the Sun is strong! So, I’m from Phoenix and I know exactly how
long I can be out in the sun before I get sunburned. Here, it’s like five seconds… And it could be cloudy. Like the Sun is so much more intense here. Going to Tulum, people don’t really realize
that. We saw so many what we call “lobsters,” people
that are burnt to a crisp. The “lobsters” outnumbered the humans in Tulum
[Laughter]. The next one that is a definite love and hate
relationship is learning a new language, learning Spanish. I wouldn’t go back on this at all, in fact,
I hope to someday be trilingual or whatever the word is for speaking four languages
[Laughter]. But it is like a daily struggle and it’s super
embarrassing sometimes and frustrating when I can’t come up with all the words to say
exactly what I’m trying to explain. Yes. Yes. This video is about Puerto Morelos. And we live in Puerto Morelos now, but.. Our channel is about all of Mexico. Ah, all of Mexico. Are your videos on a national travel level or global travel level? Could you speak more slowly, please? [Laughter] To see the nation (of Mexico)? Around the country of Mexico? Yes. Okay, okay. I’m sorry, it’s that we’re still learning Spanish. Of course. Thank you. Yes. See you later. [A parrot making a lot of noise] Your bird wants to be in our video also! I knew most of what he was saying but there
was like – there were one or two words in there that I didn’t catch but that’s how life
is in a new country learning a new language. Every day is a learning experience. At the very least, that’s what we’re trying
to explain. Is like, these are the type of things where
we almost know everything but there’s that one word that can either throw us off or we’re
gonna answer something or say something that is totally wrong because we missed one word
which makes the whole rest of the conversation more difficult and when you get flustered
once, it compounds, it’s like a snowball effect every new time, every new piece of that interaction. So, at a certain point you just get to be
like “Ahhh!! I don’t know what to do! Help!” Run away! [Laughter]. So yeah, it’s a daily struggle. We will get better, we’re getting better every
single day but I love that I can speak a new language and hate the whole process along
the way at the same time. Oh yeah, I don’t think I would trade it for
anything, I’m really really happy we’re learning a new language. It just opens up your mind to so much and
you learn a lot about life, about yourself when you learn a new language. And about culture too. There’s something so funny, we’ve never shared
this; there’s phrases in Spanish that tell you so much about the culture, like “con los manos
en la masa” which directly means with the hands in the corn dough. And it means caught red-handed. Which just tells you – I mean, that’s so Mexico. That’s such a Mexico thing. Masa is used for everything like tamales,
tortillas, everything. So, it tells you a lot and the only way you
would be able to find out these things is by experiencing the culture and learning the
language. And if you’d like to learn Spanish like we
have, we recommend Rocket Languages, we’ll put a link to that down in the description. Ok, next on our list is the people. In my whole life, I’ve never met people
so honest, caring, loving, hospitable, hardworking, welcoming… I have nothing but the best things to say
about Mexican people and honestly, there’s not really a hate here because the antithesis
of these characteristics don’t really exist, I mean, it’s very – they don’t non-exist. It’s very rare I should say. Well, what is the hate? You have to – that’s part of the video. Umm… OK, if I have to come up with something I
dislike, it’s that there are people in Mexico that try to take advantage of Gringos, they
see people coming from the US or Canada as like super rich with deep pockets, so they’ll
charge higher prices or try to like scam in some way but I just don’t think this is something
that’s only specific to Mexico, I think it’s kind of like there are people who will scam
people anywhere but it does happen in Mexico too. Something we love about Mexico is the lower
cost of living. But unfortunately, there’s some things that
often come with that. For example, it’s hard to find a comfortable bed, it’s difficult
to find consistently good internet, and same with hot water. It’s not to say you can’t find those things
but when traveling around through the country – especially travelling on a budget or trying
to go low cost. Yes, definitely. But going from place to place to place, a
lot of times you’re not going to get all three of those. OK, on driving we forgot to mention one thing
that’s kind of a huge pet peeve but it is nice that people will allow you to put your
flashers on and take a little bit more time to park somewhere, do a little parallel parking
or something like that. But then there’s people who take too many
liberties with that and for instance will literally stop and park their car on the side
of the road when it’s like a two lane street which makes it to where other people can’t
get through. They’ll even do this on the highway. Oh yeah, on the highway [Laughter]. Or they’ll stop and start unloading their
entire car when there’s nine cars or more piling up and you know, you just have to be
like okay with that. Yeah, it’s just like a facepalm moment for
me, like really?!? Yeah, like are you serious dude? Come on. Something else we absolutely love about Mexico
is their open borders or relatively speaking, it’s a super easy country to immigrate to. And at least if you have a North American
passport, I don’t know about all the other countries around the world but I know from
my personal knowledge that I can speak about that. What we didn’t like about that process was
trying to figure out everything we had to do, but we did all the research, we got a lawyer,
and we made a video about all those dirty details that you might need to know if you’re
wanting to come to Mexico. So, we’ll link that right here. I’ll say one more thing on this, I appreciate
that Mexico – should I get political on this? People often ask us about the wall situation. I don’t like politics, I don’t like getting
into politics but what I think is that being inclusive, welcoming people, being accepting
of people even if they’re different than you, even if they have different opinions than you,
I think that makes for a more peaceful planet. I appreciate that Mexico does not have some
of the newly founded beliefs that our home country has, without getting into politics
there, I appreciate that, I love that. If a country is closing off its borders, the first thing I wonder is if they’re closing it off to try to keep other people out or to try
to keep you in. [Dramatic sounds] Glad we’re on the other side
of the boarder! [Laughter]. Something else we love, as if anyone hadn’t
told you this before, is the Mexican food. It is Mmmm. Amazing! But what we hate about that is it’s easy to
get fat. It’s way too easy. No, but in all seriousness, there’s something
more to the food here. Why other than the food being amazing, do
we love it? It does seem to be much more natural, less
pesticides, less chemicals. How do we know this? Not by scientific research but because food
actually goes bad. If you put it in the fridge or if you leave
it on the counter, it will actually go rotten and get mold on it and go bad. And we came here and pretty much all of your
allergies went away. And that! And we’ve heard that story so many times from
other people. I’ve talked about this a little bit in the
past, but before coming to Mexico, I literally could not eat anything. Any food in its most natural state would give
me a reaction except for like – at the very end it was like six foods, basically, that wouldn’t. So then when we came to Mexico, all of a sudden
I had the opportunity to start reintroducing things very slowly and then it was a very
like crazy and exciting time where all of a sudden I could eat vegetables again, I could
eat fruits again and why is that? We don’t know exactly but it does point very
strongly to like lack of pesticides, lack of GMOs perhaps. I would like to point out that I am on a mercury
detox protocol because that’s a very serious health issue I’ve been dealing with for
probably longer than I’ve known about it. Well, definitely longer than I’ve known
about it and then coming to Mexico, all of a sudden, over time and with that happening,
I’ve been able to eat more foods. However, we have learned about other people
having the same experience. Like, they’ve never been able to eat dairy before and then all
of a sudden come to Mexico and then dairy products are no issue anymore. So, it leads me to think logically that perhaps
it’s less – fewer chemicals, perhaps GMO thing. But whatever it is, there’s something about
food in the U.S. that makes some people’s bodies reject it and then they come to Mexico and
they can eat that food again. So, whatever the reason is, I don’t know,
but there’s something going on. 3 pastor (tacos) without onion, again? Two. 2 without onion for her because it’s an allergy. And 4 pastor (tacos) for me. Thank you. And with cilantro is fine. Thank you. Although we love Mexican food, something I
forgot to mention is that it’s probably responsible for sending me to the hospital. How did it do that? Well my diet changed a lot coming to Mexico;
I started eating a lot more spicy foods and many more foods that are on the acidic end
of the scale versus the alkaline end of the scale. And that caused really bad acid reflux
which came up my esophagus and down my trachea, and caused me to have trouble breathing and
a lot of trouble breathing, along with some other symptoms. My name is Maddie. We have a YouTube channel. Called Tangerine Travels and we make videos about Mexico. What’s your name? Alejandro. Alejandro. It’s a pleasure. Pleasure to meet you. And how many years or months old is your restaurant? 3 years. 3 years? And where are you from? Tabasco. Tabasco? How nice. And why do you want to have a restaurant? Business. I liked working in the kitchen and I have worked in the kitchen. When I was young, I worked in the kitchen and liked that type of work. Very nice. Well, thank you for the incredibly flavorful tacos and food! Okay, thank you. We are here at your service whenever you’d like. Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot. Jordan, what are we
going to be talking a-boat next? These are the jokes, people! [Laughter] Something pretty darn common in the U.S. is
going on Amazon, picking out whatever the heck you want and then having it sent to you
in two days or less. That is so ingrained in the culture. I feel
like books are going to be written about Amazon and all of their ideologies, and marketing
tactics, and all this in the future. We always refer to Amazon but it’s not just
Amazon anymore, every big company in the U.S. Is doing that too. But not in Mexico, so that was something,
an adjustment and I really like that we had to make this adjustment because now we’ve
become so much more crafty and content with what we have and if we need something or we
don’t have something, we figure out, can we live without this? Can we use something else to make it work? Can we wait to get this? And therefore, it overall makes us really
less materialistic which I think is a more desirable quality than the mindset that you
so easily fall into in the U.S., and I’m guilty of this too. All right, that’s all of our shenanigans for
today. Please subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already to see more of random
stuff that we have going on in Mexico and the world, all our travels, and our life, and
all that jazz. If you like this video, please share it with
a friend. And one last thing… [Bell rings]… GONG that bell so you get notified when we
put out our new videos… And we will see you soon! [Music]


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    The gesture he have you means "gracias".
    He was thanking you for letting him cross 🙂

  43. the following people around, helping people find stuff, promoting items… they do that alot in colombia and peru… please…if i need something I'll ask… no i don't want to buy that toothpaste right now… even at the promotional price. lol.

  44. Amazing about food allergies! US seems to be a sinking ship, more and more signs of fascism. I guess it makes sense for its borders to close to keep people from running away (we know plenty of nations that kept or keep its citizens from moving freely about). I do feel like people should be able to migrate anywhere they wish, earth belongs to us all. I am looking at channels like yours because after years of living in the US, I am thinking, there must be better options! Corporate interests come before any consideration for individual lives. Meh…

  45. for those moments when you really want to get it right, put Google or Bing translate on your cell – you can do talk2text on it – was in Minsk last week and couldn't even read a menu (so I did the picture thing at McDonalds and BurgerKing). I finally met my contact and her English was poor so her crutch was to use Google translate – WONDERFUL! A crutch but a really, really useful crutch.

  46. Have you or do you plan to travel the Baja Pennisula? Would love to follow that journey, as we plan to do it in the future.

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  48. Born and raised in Mexico, I never heard someone having allergies; on the other side, I always though acid reflux was just a fact of life. The answer is to eat in moderation.

  49. You guys should try to contact LUISITO COMUNICA he is the most famous and successful YouTuber in mexico 24 million followers he will help you in Mexico

  50. Love your videos. I am GF. My brother's children are GF. My sisters children are GF. My children are GF. I was sick my entire life and figured out it was a gluten problem at about the age of 50. Each day after becoming Gluten Free, especially for the first month, my health changed. This was because my intestines were damaged and once I became gluten-free my intestines started to regenerate. Many things, bodily functions, changed. I started absorbing vitamins again.

    My wife and I enjoy going to Mexico. We take public transportation. We shop at the grocery stores. We visit the downtown areas. On our last trip we went on a tour to visit many remote areas in Baja California Sur. Mexico is not as scary as people think. In many ways we feel safer in Mexico then we would walking around unknown areas in the United States.


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  54. very honest video. I hate the cell phones because its try to help to you that it is very disgusting to eite severa times your text because it really don't understand which lenguage you are wrinting on. I speak five lenguages, so after a long time to speak several in diverse idioms, may I suggest to you that don't be affraid to express youuself as well as you can, using your widest repertory on each lenguage. Nobody is perfect, but the only way to became fluent, it is speak, and spaek, and speak again.

  55. Man I am glad I do not live where you guys did, horns blowing would get a punch in the face here. I use my hazards to warn people, I do not want to be rear ended. But using your hazards can be seen as directing traffic which will get you a ticket. It is so nice you have sloowed done walking, thank god. Politely tell the shop owner to give you space to think and you will ask questions. 6th grade science class the angle of incidence of the sun is greater closer to the equator = sun burn. On immigration remember you needed to provide evidence you had money and ability to take care of your self, they do not allow everybody into Mexico. I loved the scene with the restaurant owner, I owned rental property and my favorite renter was Mexican and had only been in the USA for a year. Honest and even pointed out his family members not to trust renting too. The nicest family, our kids spent a lot of time together.

  56. I'm middle age man and I lived in 7 Countries, I notice that in 3rd world Countries there is no driving skills whatsoever compare to western europe ,Camada ,US etc.Also the spanish in this part of Mexico is rough, so dont feel bad.I dont understand them often.

  57. Maddie, what a perfect description of Mexicans. You nailed it, girl. I would like to add in reference to your health issues I am diabetic and back in Canada doctors just prescribed more and more meds. I've now been here without my meds, except insulin, for six months now and I've never felt better. It's the magic of Mexico.

  58. I live in Mexico and commute to the US for work . I don't have a traditional job where i have to be 9-5 M-F,but when I'm scheduled to work I stay on that side of the border just to get more rest ( I work long shifts) and to be punctual . well.. I notice that no matter how fresh the food I get is, I feel bloated and I start to have digestive issues. I cook and Avoid eating out when in the US. as soon as i get back home.. i feel like i go through a day or 2 of detox and start to feel normal again. Oh and Amazon.. its a habit i have been able to get rid of. but yeah m it is a cultural and social structure changing phenomena . Keep traveling .

  59. Manos en la masa is an idiom in Latin America. Though I'm half Mexican, I grew up in a Caribbean home and we the same thing only different accent, lol. Although corn can become masa, the term originally meant bread dough as the Spaniards did not have corn. But masa can also become almidón as well.

  60. The part of Mexico you stay at is different than the part of Mexico I stay at. The people drive crazy & are rude in the area of Mexico I live at. Also when I speak English to someone while in public I get dirty looks. I pretty much hate it & can't wait to go back home to the U.S. I'm Mexican American btw.

  61. Cool ! The food is amazing ! Fresh products, done “ À la Minute” which simply means “ prepared to order” . Everything is handmade too. On the flip side, we sponsored an “Exchange Student” from Mexico, here in Canada. He went to our universities to become a doctor, so he could go back home to help his people. The only difference from this individual to most hardworking Mexicans, he was from a rich family. However, he had great passion for his people and wanted to improve the area he was from. Down-to-earth and he too made us a fresh dish from Mexico.

  62. Keep on with the amazing work! I'm big fan, BTW I would like to assist with captioning or translation, is there any way we can get in touch for that?
    Jorge R.

  63. You know you guys do have a point on the food being Hispanic myself I was always taught to cook with fresher ingredients vs canned ingredients like a majority of Americans cook which makes a huge factor

  64. Cilantro removes heavy metals from your body and as a nutritionist….Monsanto is responsible for poisoning us! Vaccines are the same way….stay healthy!

  65. 9:30 about Mexican people…so, so true!
    I have never met a bad or a mean Mexican.
    They make us Canadians look really bad and mean.


  67. I have to tell you the funniest story..
    so I had been in the United States for an extended period of time due to unexpected medical issues and when I return to Costa Rica I had forgotten the word for bite to tell people my dog will bite their dog because I had an aggressive Golden Retriever, he has since died of cancer, but he was aggressive towards other dogs. I always wanted to warn other dog owners however when I came back after not speaking Spanish for a while I mixed up the word bite and I used a word that sounds similar but isn't.
    Instead of saying my dog will mordir I said mierda…
    So for 3three months I used the wrong word to tell people my dog would bite their dog and then I was repeating the story in the car to my family and they all started laughing and said you've been going around telling people your dog will shit on their dog…not poop but shit.

  68. Great job with your Spanish, I love it! I’m from Cuba and living in the US now, so I can relate with the struggles of a new language, but you are doing awesome! Would love to see more spanglish Videos!!! Good luck ???

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