Official Preview | Native America | PBS

Official Preview | Native America | PBS

(dramatic music)
– Ancient civilizations (birds call) from North to South America. – These buildings are
all celestially aligned. – [Narrator] With unique
systems of science, art, and writing. – [Man] This knowledge
has been accumulated over thousands of years. – [Narrator] Connected by
shared knowledge and beliefs. – [Man] The past is also
part of the present. – [Narrator] Discover
a remarkable new view of Native America.
Premieres Tuesday, October 23 at 9/8c, only on PBS.


  1. I used to love (& blindly swallow) all that PBS had shown me through the years. I acknowledge that the content is highly entertaining, i.e. beautifully narrated, photographed & illustrated, not to mention romanticized & idyllic but that's all… it is just "pseudo" technically explained (rather just digested "knowledge") without really challenging the viewer to ask questions & guide them through finding answers on our own. There is plenty of content out on YT, FB, etc to challenge the notions of established science and academia in regards to what we know or have been told as "our history" or "origins". Sure the original tribes may have arrived in the continent x thousands of years ago (no contradiction at all with the DNA evidence) and spread throughout the lands but the oral history of the native people's origin and the establishment of their cities acknowledge (Teotihuacan, Machu Pichu & other "great cities of the past" nobody know their original names ) that by the time they arrived at the location, the main structures had been already built and abandoned; they just built on top of it/them. (The megalithic "architecture" of the foundations of most of these cities, where the "newer" culture's construction methods are obviously substandard ( look up the work of Brien Foerster in Peru about the Inca for example on YT to begin ).

    So if these tribes were "new" to the land as they traveled across from the north, the question begs; " who built those structures they found already built and abandoned if no one had supposedly been there before?". Also, science/knowledge just does not happen overnight, people are not hunters and gatherers one generation and next generation down the road they have managed to address problems such s circumnavigation, taking into account the concept of latitude & longitude ( not discovered /solved until accurate clocks were invented just a couple of centuries ago) so they could just know when to plant corn (which they had already been doing for hundreds/thousands of years already, & therefore perfected) They also knew about true north and precession of planets/stars (which takes a few thousand years to understand if just being observed & noted ) in order to exactly locate a point/location on Earth (again, not possible until recently) the list of questions which are not being addressed is bigger than just those items I mentioned. Don't be afraid, dig up into it, dive into YT and those whacky "conspiracy people" out there & know that not all of it is garbage, it just takes time to distill garbage out. Just food for thought. (oh, and following the money, I became a bit suspicious when I began looking at who the main sponsors of some PBS biggest science shows (i.e. NOVA) being funded by questionable entities ( i.e. The Koch Foundation).

    At the very least, PBS should offer these additional items of information which although it may in turn perhaps contradict their story but at the very least they would show they are being unbiased & respecting the viewers' prerogative of free choice of thought offer us a real opportunity for a real POV (i.e. let us make up our mind once we explore all available information out there and not suppress or conveniently ignore it). Cheers from Sunny SoCal.

  2. I tell jokes for a living, but there's no joking about the financial crisis here at PBS. Our lines are open, so please call the number you see on your screen.

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