1. My wife: Do you know that woman who is friend with you on FB? Me: I've never met her. My wife again: have you ever talk to her over the phone? Me "We haven't been able to confirm that yet". People who believe in me: He is innocent! Me: thanks idiots!

  2. Accusing the conservative movement of doing this when the entire country knows the Left has with full media support I'm colluding to conspire to over turn the will of the people O am a previous Frmocratic supporter and when HRC opened her mouth all of this started when she said someone needs to investigate Trumps bromance with Putin when HRC sold 20% of US Urainium assets in a sale called Uranium One she is the guilty party the Frmocrata have proven the stear away scrutiny from them selves by accusing the right of what they do time after time look even this Ukrainian BS Biden is guilty of what they ate accusing Trump of is so obvious and stupid describes there actions Deep State socialist criminals treasonous coup de ta

  3. Nunes is such a liar. You republicans have NOT outed anything. And the DNC paying for the dossier has been debunked. He doesn't know whether he talked to Parnas? LOL, sure Jan. He is a piece of work.

  4. Time for Nunes to be very nervous. He is involved in the shadow foreign policy ops, he didn't recuse himself from the Intel committee hearings. Say goodnight Nunes.

  5. 4:45 "we don't even know that" when asked if the phone calls were on his cell or office phone. 4:59 "they found my cell number". Cell number! Dude is a liar and is lying through his teeth here. Sad!

  6. It's time Fox decided on what side of the truth they want to be. Nunes should have informed the Committee he was serving on that he had been liaising with others – he didn't so he has compromised himself and he deserves to b held legally accountable – why should he be trusted by others on the Committee ? – he's clearly recognised that lying eventually runs you into legal jeopardy – that time has come for him. Fox will continue to hedge their bets – Nunes should be aware of that – the unquestioning support that he, and others, have had, from Fox is over. Fox, like Bill Barr can only go with this so far – they'll hedge their bets now for a while at least – then it'll be a full about turn – it can only go one way – the evidence is increasingly damning – the FISA investigation outcome from Horowitz simply highlights the deception in the president's narrative. For Nunes to say that he didn't know the Ukraine ambassador while he was on this committee either proves he lied or he wasn't up to the responsibility. His position would have required him to know exactly who the Ambassador was. His obvious discomfort at the questioning by a Fox presenter speaks volumes.

  7. We want to see the phone transcripts between Biden and Petro Poroshenko to see what they discussed about getting rid of Shokin,.

  8. Since Trump is president, americains are so funny! Before Trump, nobody was laughing at the USA… now when we see Trump, Nunes, Gym Jordan, Moscou Mitch… ?
    So funny!!!!! Better then a soap opera!

  9. Wasn’t numnutz Nunez talking with indicted Parnas while sitting on the committee that was investigating the quid pro quo in which parnas was involved in and appears that Nunez was too

  10. Since when is it "criminal" to TALK to anyone? Since when is it legal to SPY on fellow Americans without a warrant? The DemonRats have turned "Justice" UPSIDE DOWN!!!

  11. So, we're really not going to talk about why Nunes number is in the stack. We're going to talk about the fact that he was exposed. Lol!

  12. They are digging into his phone records because he is a RUSSIAN ASSET YOU HAPLESS DRONE.

  13. I don't trust a guy who protects Trump from his pee pee tapes that the Russians still hold., thus giving Russia Northern Syria and letting the Kurds be executed.

  14. Nunes…'You have to ask Nunes if Nunes got the phone calls, I can't recall if Nunes made calls'
    oh please nunes please freaking bring up some lawsuits, we want you the fucken testify in front of a judge!!!

  15. This guy wins snowflake of the year. He faced some stiff competition from the American President but somehow he emerged as the victor.

  16. How would you like your phone records made public? That IS
    Against the Law!!! however its out there and Schiff Know he won't be held accountable!!! He's allowed to break the law and maybe get his hand slapped at the most ! Do he wins right?
    Again no one will be held accountable!! The Democrats Always win !!! They Never get locked up!
    Get ready for a civil war folks ! Republicans too weak!!!

  17. Adam Schiff has been murdering his victims and dissolving them in acid and pouring them down the vent pipe at the standard hotel to the extent that passers by get violently from the fumes.

  18. Michael Cohen was in Prague as well remember? All these people the Democrats say were in these other countries perpetrating trees in on America yet know these people weren't in these countries it's all a lie

  19. Ask him the right questions, did you talk to Parnass and Guilliani, whi are under investigations on Ukrain. The report: BS!

  20. Simply put fool's and liars. So who did they call your wife. The only person should be embarrassed is you. LET America see who's next. The only person sick is you still trying to LIE your way OUT.

  21. His argument is that we should make it illegal for investigators to follow the evidence. Politicians really don’t like it when you take the appropriate way to finding out their guilt

  22. I have finally figured out the least irritating and upsetting way to watch videos with Nunes involved!! As soon as you see his lips start to spew…hit mute! Ahhhh! That's better!!!

  23. Please read the book: "The Plot against the President" by Lee Smith. You will be SURPRISED, you will be disgusted, your eyes will be opened to the truth about the corruption in our Government. And the Clinton"s are the worst. Schiff is close behind them.

  24. "Why is this woman's phone number on your call list at 4am?"
    "We're trying to confirm that honey, when we find out we'll let you know."

  25. Nunes says he cant confirm phone calls??
    "We have to look back on the records " BS
    They were caught!! They need more time to deflect being caught. And you want to Sue the people who caught you??. Curious that you get calls from all over the world? Quess lots of people have your number, but you have no idea how Rudy or parnus got your #. Cut the sh*t
    For every lie these crooked people tell add one more year to there prison sentence. And NO…. pardon for any of them

  26. The reason is simply because you just called the investigation a “Hoax” .. So he’s using the tools at his digression to show that it is not a Hoax .. That you are deeply involved talking to Les Parnes and Rudy Gulliani Why are you talking to Les Parnes??? If he didn’t release it as evidence you would deny it ever happened .. Caught with your pants down ..

  27. The dossier was started by Republicans to investigate trump. Nunez still hasn't denied that he talked with parnas. He fumbles and bumbles and says he doesn't remember. Why is he dealing with Giuliani in reference to omb? If you could sue a news network for defamation, all of Fox's primetime hosts would be living in their cars

  28. Yea nunes wile Democrats was investigatin Rusia colucion. U and ur boos were cooking another colucion this time with Ucrania. What u say don’t remember you sound just like ur boos

  29. The sad thing is that almost 1/2 of the America voted or believed the bullish of this so called president. He turned America into a part of the Russia empire. Very Sad.

  30. When she mentioned to Devin that he wasn't in Vienna , he didn't respond. What a liar. I've never met Parnas. Does he know how a phone works? Lie after lie after lie.

  31. Nunes is one of the most RESCEPT men i ever seen in a long time some of you Democrat are jealous of this wonderful men with so much RESCEPT he has. Some of them Democrat men need to take a lesson and know how to act in Congress. God bless this man and the rest of the Republican and Jim Jordan God bless him too.

  32. I remember when the evil people killed John F Kennedy and his family and i will never for get them. Nixon was inpeached because he helped Israel then the Democrat made up fake Water Gate that you dont here about amy more because it was made up long enough to impeach Nixson. I see that Hillary Clinton killed many babies with her funding Abortion and she killed thousands and nothing was said about this or done nothing to stop it but God knows and sees every thing.

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