Netsuke Turtle-Dragon Competition Winners & Paint Job Videos

Netsuke Turtle-Dragon Competition Winners & Paint Job Videos

Netsuke Turtle-Dragon Competition Winners & Paint Job Videos right so here we are today and we’ve got
a different kind of video today and this is the results from the netsuke
competition and it turned out great so we have three winners from the netsuke
competition the conditions were once the netsuke was
sent out is to do a little video on how you painted your Natsuki so this is to
let grates so three winners st julian cook fix
princeton and they all sent in videos of their unique paint jobs on the turtle
dragon and they all turned out great fantastic so yeah so like I said we’ve
got three winners Asti from Austria Julian from the UK England and Vic from
the USA America so there’s two people that got their own
channel so you got Julianne cook so you visit her I’ll put the links see that
channels in the description below so Julie and she does all kinds of stuff
mainly arts work and painting with the critics and oils so it’s always good to
watch her videos and fix Princeton who runs graveyard creepers on YouTube and
definitely check out his stuff too because it does all kinds of weird
builds which are kind of on the horror zombie graveyard theme and you got to
check him out because he makes some amazing stuff with zombies and all that
kind of stuff very unique very entertaining and that’s a great
craftsmanship there so yeah with all the three people we will see their different
paint jobs of the netsuke there we go so first up we got Asti let me go Julianne
and then we got Vic so here goes so this is a little turtle dragon that I
won in a competition from drama mask so he sent it through and he said that I
should just file down a few bits here so I’m going to use my diamond-cut nail
file and just literally go over any little sharp bits and file them down
like this do these little toenails actually huh oh
yeah so now I’m just going to put an undercoat on him and I’ve got some paint
ready in this tub I’ll show you what color I’m going to use so it’s a nice
dark green and eventually I’m going to add this bronze color to highlight any
other bits so here we go I think I’ll use the round headed brush like that so
then it go into all the little bits so here we go the bottom still a little bit wet so I’m
not sure my fingers make sure I didn’t get any more so what I’m going to do now
is so I painted with this dark green color that I mixed up another pot I’m
using acrylics the next step is I just want to burnish it with a little copper
it’s called copper copper mint I think it’s called permanent copper mint anyway
it’s acrylic it’s from the system 3 I’ve had it quite a long time and I’ve used
it a lot in other things but I thought I’d just try and see what happens when I
do it so I’ve got a dry brush it’s a flat brush and I just put some paint on
I’m just going to literally go over the edges with this brush I’ll go around the
back I don’t know if you can see let me hold
that up like that so I’m going to just quickly go over as you can see there’s
quite a lot of detail on this so I’m just going to go over all the detail and might need to do it twice I don’t know
anyway just thought I’d see what happens if I just do it this way I just wanted
to do a little dusting on his toenails and just around his cheeks which I
missed I’m using a round brush by way literally just going around the edges
that I missed out so there we have it the last dusting of
my little netsuke total that I won in a competition all right guys what we have
here is a couple little figurines now this is way out of my realm I’m half
blind so it’s hard for me to see anything real small but boy I tell you
what these things are highly detailed I don’t know how well that camera’s gonna
pick up at detail but I mean it is very very detailed I mean the teeth
everything now this is a turtle dragon and this is a friend of mine on YouTube
he makes all kind of cast figurines and stuff like a he does some awesome work
and check out this this is a gargoyle now I love gargoyles I don’t know if you
guys seen my channel you’ll see my castle wall built I got gargoyles on
that but man this thing is highly detailed so I’ve got to figure out how
to paint these and try to make them look good and Bend so small it would be hard
for me to really get in there and really detail every little thing with a little
brush and magnifying glass and everything so I’m gonna make this simple
and I’m gonna show you how I’m going to do this so let’s get this paint is what
I’m going to do is I’m gonna paint this a base coat I don’t pay them both a base
coat then I’m gonna come back and I am going to dry brush copper and
silver on them so probably do copper on the gargoyle and the turtle dragon will
Park dry brushing silver he’s got some pretty detail on the hand I wish I could
see good enough to really get in there and paint every little detail on this
thing because it is it’s a beautiful piece actually both of them are and I
really appreciate him sending me these so I can paint them and I’m gonna put
these in my oddities cabinet with my odd things just because they’re beautiful
and they’re beautifully cast I mean he’s done a real good job on I mean all the
details there’s it’s just it’s just amazing how much detail is in something
this small so let’s let’s paint these and we’ll go from there so there you go guys that’s my take on
the turtle dragon and gargoyle these are absolutely beautiful little pieces and
I’m going to put these in my holidays cabinet because not only did a friend of
mine make them but they’re beautiful pieces and I think the paint job turned
out pretty good I’m not a excellent painter by far but I think the copper
and a black turned out good and I think the silver and black turned out good
they are absolutely beautiful pieces so yeah thanks a lot for watching I think
this is a successful competition if you’ve got any ideas for competitions
and things then write something in the description below I will probably have
another competition at some point I was thinking about maybe doing a fairy door
competition and I actually sculpted these fairy doors so these would be the
whole thing is made by dr of asked evolution so this is Scott from clay and
you can see this kind of made one of these on one of the videos of the
channel so maybe we’ll do a competition with fairy doors at some point so keep
your eyes open alright thanks for watching and see you
next time you


  1. Thank you for the Netsuke i won , I had fun painting it and trying out the bronze dusting of acylic paint.
    I enjoyed watching the other winner Vick & his facsinating effects he did 😊

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