Native Americans Try On “Indian” Halloween Costumes

Native Americans Try On “Indian” Halloween Costumes

– Let’s just get this over with. (pop music) – I’ve never really been
a big fan of Halloween. – I love Halloween. Who doesn’t
love getting dressed up? – I sort of always dread this time of year because of racist costumes. – I’m so nervous. I’m so nervous. – Oh my god, what? “Tribal Temptation”. – Oh sweet Jesus. Well right off the bat the first thing I noticed is
the axe because we’re savages. – “Chief Hottie Body” I
don’t even want to say that. That feels wrong. – Haha, “Indian Brave” and I love the fact that the Indian Brave is portrayed by somebody who looks incredibly like
Arnold Schwarzenegger. – This is ridiculous. It’s
like a little black dress. – I feel like I need a really big shower after wearing this crap. – I cant even- I cant say anything – I feel frustrated that
this costume exists. – What is this even made of? – I think it’s supposed to
look like suede or animal skin. – Accuracy, on a scale of one to ten is like negative four thousand. – I don’t believe there are any headbands that have the feather
in the front like this. – When you see beads on
an actual pow-wow dress every single pattern means something. – A costume like this keeps
Native Americans in the past as if we’re not real people today. – There’s a medicine- a jingle dress- and everything on that
dress means something. They put a prayer into every cone before they attach it to the dress. – There actually feels
like there’s something pretty disrespectful about
wearing a people group as a costume. – You’re not dressing up as
a Viking or an ancient Roman, those people aren’t around anymore and this is still very real to us. – Because it’s so inaccurate
it almost feels like a joke. Like someone’s making fun
of me and all of the things my people fought and died to hold on to. – I actually belong to the Sioux nation and you don’t get to tell me that this isn’t offensive. – I don’t think anybody’s
making these costumes to be deliberately racist. – I actually think I
have more of an authority to tell you when it’s offensive
and that sort of thing because I’ve lived with
this my entire life. – So if somebody of the people group is telling you that it’s wrong that should be enough for you. – Dad, I’m sorry!


  1. Lmao. If you came anywhere near one of us wearing one of those you would get made fun of until you cried. Then we would tell the whole rez how we met some generokee from the Walmart clan in town.

  2. These are the whitest looking native I have ever seen. Next time find some real natives, not the fully assimilated ones.

  3. It's actually hilarious how racist and ignorant these coloured people are. They genuinely think the world revolves around America. How sad.

  4. 1:34 I totally agree with this dude omg FINALLY
    Do people really think this is accurate? Maybe that there are patterns?

  5. How about we stop appropriating each other's cultures. Like every single culture. Vikings and Roman traditions are still practiced today my friend maybe not in America

    Maybe we should stop trying to put other cultures down in other to make our own point bc it's only making things worse BuzzFeed

  6. Wow, I never realised there were so many snowflakes of the viking variety still in existence. Guess we learn something new everyday ?

  7. Crazy video, check out our new Indigenous Fashion website at
    See you on the Red Road 🙂

  8. Makes me think the pain my great grandma, Hedwige Rivet, my grandma Cécile, and all my other relatives who where decent from the Blackfoot Native Tribes in Canada went through when my other European relatives invaded their land. It breaks my heart.

    To break it down, my grandma was French Canadian and Native American and her husband (my grandpa) was British.

  9. JUST FOR SOME UNKNOWLEDGE PEOPLE OUT THER!!! DO NOT WARE OR MAKE OUR TRADITIONAL CLOTHING It is very disrespectful!!? im being over dramatic but this is serious it is not ok!!?????

  10. When she said. You could dress up as a viking a roman. It would still be offencive to people who have descended from them. Because their is still some people who have a religion in viking culture wich is called norse. So when people make costumes of vikings they wouldnt know what they would have looked like. And most vikings didnt wear horned helmets like they are pretrade in costumes. So just dont say that


  12. Apparently people get offended for anything nowadays. I'm hispanic and if native americans put on a sombrero or mariachi costume I would laugh not cry or get angry. Get over yourselves.

  13. I have never met a Native American that hates white people. They don’t hate us they just want us to understand

  14. Native American here. Hmm… Sooo they want to be us. Fine. Lets claim all residence of America Native, this way we're not the minority anymore and this way Maybe We'll all get along.

  15. Interesting & funny!! Thank you for the great info & educating others about a topic important to all of us as Native ppl! Thanks again! ~uniquely Native-inspired designed & affordable gifts, shoes, jewelry, etc.

  16. It's a costume!? What's so wrong with that?! Like it's so effective. How are u so frustrated? Dude seriously negative 4000? WHO'S MAKING FUN OF U??!! OH MY GOSH PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I'M SO MAD AT THIS!!. People these days!!!!!

  17. Omg the half white in me is offended by native people wearing crowns and royal outfits.

    Bruh, a fake headdress is similar to a fake metal that you get in a toy military set and you don’t see veterans getting pissed about that.

    And may I add, these people look mix raced, probably more white that anything.

  18. My people were savages, I’m Norse (Scandinavian/ Viking). I had ancestors that fought against the English in 10,000. My people believed on a war base religion, and when you died more war! Their were even many accounts of them beheading there enemies and prisoners.

  19. Native Americans, the most entitled race, they dont pay taxes, they get a check for something that happened hundreds of years ago, can hunt anytime anywhere whenever they want, yet they're moaning about small things, nice

  20. Mofo’s less than 5% Native American use “facts” from google and get offended over stupid costumes

  21. Donald Trump: doesn’t want anyone immigrate to America

    Native Americans: So when do you leave?

    I am Native American myself and I saw this quote and loved it

  22. If non Indian people want to dress up like indians,I don't see a problem. Think about it, 200 years ago the hatred towards native people was way off the charts. Nowadays the native race of people are admired. Many people like wearing split leather with fringe. I do. I even do seed bead work on my leather clothes.

  23. A native American is ANY American BORN IN America! Around 90% of ALL Americans are native Americans! Stop using terms and words in the way that the anti-American left has hijacked and wrongly created.

    The first Americans were also white. They brought the name, they were the first to call themselves American and they created the country! Enough with the madness and lie of political correctness, another sick and evil thing created by the anti-American left!

  24. Oml, ridiculousness!!!! So offensive, and I agree that these costumes are just a joke and making fun of us like I just cant. In what universe would I wear this type of clothing. Makes me think where in the world did these people get the creativity or idea to make such a heinous costume.. not even close to the real deal. #fullbloodedNavajo#Indigenous

  25. My greatgrandmother's grandfather was a fulk blooded "Indian" man.. I just never understood why if I have Native Anerican in me then why is my skin so dark, but it's just bc of my parent's skin. I have the hair type tho lol.. It's weird

  26. Y’all are not native I am the real native THE SEMINOLE TRIBE OF FLORIDA and they don’t sow medication in your dresses and your not supposed to talk about it

  27. I’m Native American but not fully. I always found it offensive when people say “Indian” because we are not Indian, we are Native American

  28. 1:41 yes we are. The norse people still exist. Wearing horns on your head like some silly gimmick is just as historically insulting as these costume.

  29. Why are they calling native americans indians they are not from india i would know because indians where jewelry and clothes that are not made with animal skins

  30. Everyone is arguing about who owns the land but native Americans believe that you can not own land u can only use it and because at the end of the day the earth belongs to the earth.

  31. I'm native American and you don't speak for me. Please have your kids dress as Native Americans. It would be a great honor and you have my permission. ☺

  32. Disgusting 5 dollar fake natives.
    If you want to see what a Native is look at your local Guatemalan or go to an impoverished rez

  33. Grow up. Yes, nowadays are different. Don’t get offended. It’s for fun. And I dressed as one when I was a child. It’s not racist. It’s for fun.
    Even though people dress as Roman soldiers and Vikings, etc., like you claim, that doesn’t matter.
    We are all human. And you don’t if they exist if you have said that statement.
    You’re a hypocrite.
    I find nothing wrong with people dressing up in Native American attire. Why? Because I don’t have hatred towards anyone. Why should I?
    And YES! You can bet that I am FULL NAVAJO.

  34. No one thinks these $11 costumes are a genuine representation of native cultural garb. Why not make a vid saying no one should play pretend on Samhain anyway since it's a pagan holy day and not a fiesta of liquor and candy.

  35. These costumes are obviously based on 18th/19th or pre-Columbian First Nationals. So yes, this is no different than dressing up as Vikings or Ancient Romans.

  36. "the first thing I noticed is the axe because we're savages"
    Or maybe it's because the costume is titled 'Noble WARRIOR'? I kind of thought warriors carried weapons.

  37. "Like someone's making fun of me and all the things my people fought and died to hold on to"
    Yet we've been dressing our kids as soldiers for as long as Halloween has been a thing, and nobody has see it as mocking veterans, even if the costumes are not perfectly accurate.

  38. I worked at spirit halloween and there was a lady who came up to me (a full blood Native American ☺) asking for a Pocahontas costume while telling her friend that she would make a hot Pocahontas. When the lady left I burst out laughing at just the whole thing

  39. I have Native American in me and I don't know much about it but i can say that those clothes are definitely not the type of material they use.

  40. What's savage about Americans having tomahawks? I feel like this guy is probably disconnected from his own culture.

  41. At least the one costume had a little basis on some mohawk clothes, but yeah all of those were horrifyingly inaccurate too the actual clothing or regalia of Natives

  42. This is late but everyone should try to respect everyones culture. If we can achieve that then perfect. Or we can hunt down the biggest populations and go hunting for population control like what we do with deer and stuff. Super morbid but ngl could solve world hunger and the population crisis together.

  43. So many stupid things were said here.

    1. Costumes aren't ethnic groups. Some corporation manufacturing cheap costumes that look like some generic native clothing is not abusing anyone except possibly the people who buy it.

    2. Just because you say you're offended doesn't mean there are valid grounds to be upset. How can there be any freedom if no one is allowed to disagree?

    3. Being a member of a group does not make you an authority of anything. What if I'm offended by you wearing western, aka white people clothing? Do I have the right to tell you to get those western clothes off and put back on your native clothing?

    4. Most costumes are for Halloween, a holiday where people dress up as whatever they want to, and as adults it's usually for comedic effect. Is a Darth Vader sexy female costume being respectful to George Lucas' artistic vision? Who cares and why are you so easily offended?

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